/hoc/ PULJU

Pulju live stream.starting in 10 mins


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Hey yall who is your favourite player in the World Cup?
Mine is Big Ben he plays for team NA

well boys. my gfs sock smells really good. connor mcdavid will outscore sidney crosby in the bettman bowl

poolparty is literally a reddit player


stop posting this fucking bust in every thread. come up with a decent meme for once /hoc/


Looks like you're the one who needs to go back.

>decent memes
Pick one. /hoc/ has turned to shit but they'll pretend otherwise. The freshest /hoc/ memes are math, haikus, and an AHLer.

A shame too, since /hoc/ was once the meme master of Cred Forums. The tides of change spared no man, I suppose.





Daily reminder.


poopoopeepee can't keep on his skates, bust confirmed

>what is sustained zone pressure


why would you need that when you can RUN N GUN?!

so I've decided to get so drunk tonight that I'll lose vision and pass out.

>audio in charge of being in sync







>that ultra meme replay with the studder

>marco roy

et tu brute?

Meme replay for a meme goal by the meme player on a meme team

>missed Pulju's goal
>rewind the stream
>''Did he score the goal?''
>''Jesse'' he did

cantpucks getting 100% bullied here
memelainen looks good out there

And that's why I hate Oilers broadcasts


lmao it wasnt even gene this time either

Juolevi is smooth as fuck. Some canucks defense has some problems with handling the puck.

When the Oilers got McDavid the first thing they should have done is get rid of Kevin Quinn and Drew Reminda and hire chris cuthbert and ray ferraro to do every game as their regional team and kill gene principe. He's a douche too, I once went paintballing with my sister and her friends and Gene and his family was their telling everyone that he's important and he should be able to go ahead of everyone because he works for the Oilers. Needless to say he never got in.

subban is the one that keeps losing it at the blueline

Do you and your GF have matching outfits?

gene is more important than you or your whore sister though

>watch oilers rookie game
>all these fags who will play in bakersfield for a week before getting called up due to injury

Can't blame him. It runs in the family.


just become a fucking oiler fan dude



No we didnt have an appointment either but Gene was trying to convince the manager that he was more important then people who had an appointment. Its the principle of the thing. He also butted in line at a movie theatre but thats another story

tfw kings fan

>blindfolded but with gopros

neat idea, lets you see what you should have seen

>yfw he's the villain in those Eberle ATB line cutting commercials


>ben betker
lol this fag was riding the AHL bench last year

Nah, he was in the ECHL

canucks subban might be the worst player ive ever seen at this level of hockey

>mini-cantpucks getting memed on

Vancouver future looks bleak

he had a cup of coffee in the AHL

probably have the worst future in the nhl

Doesnt the goalie subban suck ass too. I think the nashville one is the only decent one

along with the >rags


imo the mild, >rags, snes, and detoilet are all worse

i know the kangs were ranked 2nd to last IDK who the worst prospect pool was

hes not terrible

edmongolian goaltending

Not even close. It isn't bright, but we're nowhere nearly as royally fucked as the 'nucks.

We actually have a few good youngins. Larkn, AA

Exactly but he spent 49 games in the ECHL so while he might have been a pine pony in his call ups, he was in AA most of the year



I'm starting to think Juolevi is elite desu


Shit owner, shit captain, shit fanbase

Wild has better young players on their roster and much better prospect pool. You don't know anything about them do you?



Ah, so now he is wrong about multiple teams.

>into the trash it goes


>It hangs to the left

oh good call, totally forgot about the kangs. that prospect pool has to be near empty after all their runs and especially after hemmoraging all those picks and prospects in failing to make the playoffs. must be grim.

larkin is good, AA could be pretty good, but imo neither of them nor anybody else in their prospect pool looks like they can do the heavy lifting that Z and dats did. defensive future isn't good either.

snes actually draft and develop well, but a cheap owner is a crippling problem that simply cannot be overcome no matter how well you draft or develop. i honestly think they will trade karlsson at some point.

he's just a hater


Cheering for this kid to make the NHL and play against Monahan

none of their young players on the roster look like they have star status written on them, they look to be the same middle-6ish players that vancouver's best prospects are. defense definitely looks better for sure. their big problem imo is having a whole crap load of cap tied up in old, declining players and shit center depth.

>tfw you remember the ducks rehired carlyle

I don't think they'll trade him. I'm afraid however that he'll walk when the time comes to re-negociate his contract because Memenyk won't pay up

They might trade him at the deadline in 2019, he only has a limited NTC

if melnyk won't pay up, why wouldn't they trade him for assets? no reason not to. i mean surely they will have an idea where their organization is going before his contract is up.

the parallel i have in mind is something like st. louis trading pronger way back in the day, or somewhat more recently with atlanta(rip) trading kovalchuk

Roadrunners will win the calder cup




He doesn't cradle like Eberle, he just shoots. Exactly the player McDavid can pass off the wing to on the PP

>playing the swarm

That's because Eberle has little girl hands

supposedly eberle practiced his one timer extensively this summer, but i cant imagine its easy to change his dusting the puck habit

at one point a few years ago the new york islanders had their roster mark streit and brain strait, frans nielsen and brock nelson, and colin mcdonald and andrew macdonald, and a play by play guy who was always seconds away from a stroke, pic related




>mfw putting myself through this meme game just to see Pulju

I apologize for the recent lack of math.

I actually spent several hours today doing optimization in several variables.

>saddle points
>saddle points everywhere

Do you think they actually look good or is just because they're puck bunnies?

Anyone do/learn any cool math lately?

wanna creampie the girl on the left in all 3 holes t.b.h.

Id pick girl on the right. She looks like she'd enjoy Camping and then letting me pitch a tent

no, sorry man, i am a history major. did read a whole shitload on the japanese colonization of manchuria though, as well as jesus' younger chinese brother




nah she looks at least halfway to being full blown fat, if she ever gets pregnant her body will never recover and i'll have to skip town and change my name

Wtf is with all the people taking sweden to win the meme cup. Are they that good?

>jesus' younger chinese brother
That's just Chinese propaganda. Everyone knows Jesus had a family and died in Japan.

Nice image.

I also have a strange affinity for maps.


Can anybody find the critical points of this surface? I tried like three times but kept fucking it up.

lol, recently became aware of this maymay. still,i was talking about the taiping rebellion which was all sorts of hilarious nonsense.

in all seriousness, swedish defense is going through a golden age. amazing options anywhere on their blueline.



not familiar with most of the Swedish team, but they are the only team besides Europe that didn't try to go lights out and get/ nearly get injured during any of their prelims

>props to Crosby for sneaking out tho.


pulju with a solid 2+1

If only they could have had Lidstrom.

well lads, who's it going to be in the first game tomorrow? USA or Europe.

I think we can all agree on the good ol' US of A.

Eu won't beat anybody except the shit teams like na and Sweden

The yans of course. We're just too good for them


Where the duck did mt k go



Good post


>laffs dynasty check em



>b-but pulju wont be able t-to adapt to the smaller i-ice
>h-he'll b-b-be a bust
eat shit and die

oiler dynasty incoming, pledge allegiance RIGHT NOW


Making a stop to Tim Hortons. What do you guys want?

>yfw the Sabres win the Stanley Cup

old fashioned plain

A dui

to kick the tfw's out

nvr evr

mango slushie and a red velvet cookie


Who is going to win the vegina trophy for best goaltender this season?

Is he Cell key material?

>"Did Puljujarvi score?"
>"Jes-se-he did"
What a meme thing to say...

Has this been discussed yet?


Cred Forums is mainstream now, boys

Daily reminder Pulju is the best player to ever play in the NHL

She should be wearing a whalers jersey.

>tfw Quick is elite and there is nothing any of you autists can do about it

Then why wasn't he in the NHL last season?


Pulju will win the Calder

>americans will vote for a rags fan

Does he own the rags?


wtf I hate trump now

big improvement

This is the Saddest I've seen him be.

You'd be sad too if you were a hasbs fan

>trump with his gold digging bimbo 8th wife
>based justin taking his kids to a hockey game like every good canadian father should

He didn't become a billionaire by making shit choices like buying the >rags
You didn't hate him when he wanted to ban your entire religion?

Armenia is Christian m8. We're safe.

then take away the white kids and add a black man

>a canadian talking about never winning a cup

Sorry, just assumed all you sand niggers were muzzies



>3 games
>0 points
this nigga better turn it on in the real cup or he is officially a BUST

Can someone post angry pulu please?

omg...fuck European hockey. fuck all your players and teams. it's Canadian or American hockey or nothing. You have always sucked and always will. I RUE the day that eurofags or rusfags laced em' up. FUCK YOU ALL AND GO TO HELL

Cannot wait

Mick Bust.

So I heard Bulju did something last night, nice!

dumb frogposters exposed

about time


Did he speak his rallienglanti in interview? Already legend!


SM-liiga started yesterday and i didnt even know

dead league t b q h

hahahaha absolute madman
Only play play play




will jokerit ever return?

>less than 10 hours until hockey


>cut marks on thighs

thought my screen is dirty

I see Pulju did well yesterday, any bad stuff in his game?

hockery starts in 50 minutes

Showed off >dat speed and >dat shot but not once did he flash >dat cock

Maybe next game


Why is Malmö pronounced Mal-mö when it's actually Malm-ö?

>there are still people who thinks Pulju will bust even after yesterday's performance

Must be >rags fans

it's pronounced malmö

Because Skåne swedish is an absolutely abhorrent rape of the language

Is that Marian Ponderosa from Always Sunny?

Its Maureen you fucking casual

>puck drop
Ayyy Canasmiles

Thought it was Malmoe

Hokkei in roughly 6 bongs


Hokki? Where?

Redhawks lead 1-0 against Frölunda

Can we relegate the Canucks to the ECHL next year when the Las Vegas Crimson Knights join to keep the number of teams in the league at a nice, round 30?

The uneven amount of teams is really triggering me too.

Quickly give Canada a new team so we have another team to laugh at


jesus christ i didn't realize the fan jerseys were fucking billboards too

How long until the nhl does that

Bettman recently said the NHL isn't going to do it.

I think the backlash would be massive.

>there are 3 teams in the SHL that are from cities at least as far north as Iqaluit

What a meme country Canada is

WCoH jerseys say otherwise

WCoH is an NHL endevor

WCoH is normalizing ads on jerseys the way Trump normalizes racism and violence

Dumb response. World Cup of Hockey jerseys have no history.

Watch larkin skate a little bit and watch Eichel stand there like a goof


He isn't a billionaire.

>get mom and dad and myself tickets to a game
>$200 for upper bowl center

do those seats come with pizza?


>unironically playing your home games in a pizzarena

>tfw can get 3 good tickets for around 45

I'm aware of a few games that are cheap as fuck, but it's my dad's birthday and I dont want him to wait forever

Well, what is money worth if you can't turn it into good memories

Dan Cleary given a PTO by the Wings. I hope he makes it. Really heartwarming if he does.

dan cleary will try out until he's dead

>not faking being crippled to get free tickets

Concerts and festivals is when that should be done

>get a piece of free space with good visability
>get to sit down

So far:

Matthews > Puljujarvi > Tkachuk > Laine

What about Aho

He gets a participation ribbon.

People do this? Get a job and grow some morality.

guys is pulju elite
they told me he is a top prospect

Elite? No, He's a fucking legend.

hokkei when?

hokki on monday brother

4 bongs, 15 bings

>You're what you eat
Guess what Bulju eats?

who /teamyuroshits/ here?

>the city of chara

>dat pulju
Based as fuck nigga

Because Artturi isn't there


He destroys cunts

Second shift he took a big hit and fell to the ice, he immediately got up and tried to throw a retaliatory hit, missed, and fell on his ass which gave up coverage and allowed Stetcher to take a shot on net.

Other than that he was solid. 2 goals, a help helper, 2 hits and 3 takeaways

Faking? No, I would guess that it's pretty rare


I wonder how much pussy Pulju has got

he's one of the better(read: normal) looking finn hockey players iver ever seen, maybe that large mouth even turns girls on

Did you even read the names?

>normal looking
are u pulling my leg friendo

Is pulju a gay? Please say it ain't so

sweden is gay
foreigners pls look at my funny donald duck images

normal for a finn

Pls look

finland is gay and shit at hockey

>the state of the comments on his instagram

not really

Post face when Donald Duck is called Kalle Anka in Sweden



smile.amazon.com/Portable-Walking-Chair-Stadium-Company/dp/B0026RSREQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1474130656&sr=8-4&keywords=cane chair
>not buying a cane/chair

What a funny picture! Thank you for sharing :)



>mfw I'm black and traded to Nashville

dude as a canadian all I have to say is while they'll be an uproar on social media, my fellow countrymen wouldn't do shit in the actual real world and still buy jerseys

People can bitch all they want, but the fact of the matter is rich people are the ones who go to leafs games, what do they give a shit if the night out costs them $1,000 and includes a sponsored jersey? They're literally buying IRL memes and give no fucks what it is, they're there to do what it's expected of them to do, buy beer, buy jerseys, buy expensive food, shoot the shit and make golf tee off appointments

It's hockey in Toronto, they've been shit for years and they're in a full rebuild and never once have you heard "the Leafs are losing money" their ticket prices are sky high...they keep selling them

The rest of the country's teams, the fans are too die hard to not buy jerseys...

As for American teams...either IRL memes or original 6 die hard fans, none of them will blink when mcdonalds is on their jersey

>team yurop
Needing a whole continent to make a subpar team

What will you do when they BTFO team US A today

USA has a meme coach

>implying it wont be a 3-0 shutout for freedom land

>mfw getting two tickets for upper bowl center at the same price for my dad and I

Fucking Bell Centre

Fellow leafs how are your tryouts going?

Anyone into second cuts yet?

>team usa
needing 300 million people and hundreds of millions of dollars in athletic programs to create a totally mediocre team

Who is goaling for you? Quick?

>selling out to the country you so despise and win them tons of championships while going on 24 year losing streak

>buy attack twice rinkside tickets for me and bf

>thinking canadians win cups for America
What a stupid argument

I scored 5 touchdowns for the tampa bay lightning

>denying the past 23 years
A girl and the man she cheats on

I play rec now :(

That's a solid deal how much is food?

reminder that if you dont support team na your literaallly reddit

>buying arena food ever
I pass like 30 restaurants on my way to the arena. I also just pour a tall boy into a steel water bottle and drink that in the parking lot

>supporting a twink team

i would say that if you dont support the world cup you are reddit
>based gary bleeding the retards in toronto of even more money all while giving us earlier hockey

>its going to be another leafland absolutely dominates the world at a hokkei tourney episode again
never gets old 2bh. dont think >we will be as dominant as in sochi tho

>he actually thinks canada will even medal

Why does Raleigh need all those fences?

>He lives in the country that created reddit

there is no gold medal. >we will be receiving a trophy instead

Death to america

Lmao, is that a real fact?

Holy shoot

is that a thread


powerful words, how will obama respond?

if you kill the fins, they win

By sending an angry letter to the people of Finland


use palemoon

I hope they all sit for the anthem


based torts already said he wasnt taking that shit. this isnt a nog sport.

le epic beard man

I dont see the big deal. It's a fucking flag song

fuck it. If you want to call attention to your cause, thats a way to do it

baby boomers and non combat veterans can suck a huge dick for being offended

>I mooched off of your tax dollars to get free food at applebees YOU WILL RESPECT MUH FLAG

Fuck you communist



>Buff scratched

This is why I'm rooting for North America instead, just fucking stupid decisions one after the other with USA

>yfw torts benched the only black player in team USA to make sure no one sits

if he wants to protest he can go play in traffic like other hippies do. why does he need to make the song about himself?

>if you talk about a thing, you're making it about you


Why is Big Buff benched?

is there another meme on tonight after the 3:30 usa-europe heat?


Cze-Can 8et

This thread is becoming off-topic, can we go back to talking about /pulju/


/pulju/, aka Poolparty, is literally a reddit meme. please go back there

we had /hoc/ finns memeing about poopjarvi before reddit ever heard of him


Is quick actually starting?
Lmao he is garbage now

Oh, you think the /hoc/ is your ally, you merely adopted the /hoc/. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see reddit until I was already a meme; by then, it was nothing to me but blinding! The /hoc/ betray you, because they belong to me. I will show you where I have made my home, I will be preparing to bring justice. Then, I will break you. Your precious armoury, gratefully accepted. We will need it. Ah yes, I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit, or your body?

people like this just need to shave their heads, there's no saving that hairline


Does anyone else find it funny that during last 35 years there were only 2 teams that lost in Stanley Cup finals and managed to win it the next year?

Lmao he has gone full lexplorer

>It's pulju and kane posting edition and meme cup hockey starting
Fucking great

>the colonbust blue jackets drafted a fucking qmjhl shitter instead of pulju
lmaoing my ass off right here

>Finnish GMing

Who /fancy beer and waiting for the game/ here?

How long til KEKalainen suicides

>blowkackets have sucked dick for years
>prospects can't beat the wings prospects who have had later picks for 25 years

Is it saying something about the blue jackets or wings

im drinking coffee and eating cheetos

probably didnt even know the q is the statpadding league

Good enough

Bulk beer.

Does sweden have good beer or is it like all modern euro beer


I'm being a faggot

finland has been posting his face for going on 2 years. if the first place you saw phil kessel or pulju memes was reddit then you should have just stayed there with your own kind

Can't blame Finland for being Finland

We do have some pretty good ones, and we're getting better at it. But good beers are not really a strong tradition here, no.

Well, someone has to be that too!

sweep your fucking floors jesus christ


Both prospect pools are dogshit especially the wings

I've made a mistake by getting a gf if not

when will we have our first ftm trans nhl player

Leave Pulju to me


hopefully never, it's disgusting to even consider

It doesn't make him a girl if you put a dress on him.


umm yes it does. Banging traps is totally straight.

what if it looks, smells, and acts like a girl, but has a big hard throbbing cock

whatever, enjoy living in a pig pen

Tell that to your dad

it does if he has a feminine penis

I guess you could just imagine it being just a really gross vagina.

I fucked yer mum last night. It was the first time she fucked a real man instead of a Swedish sissy.

Post a picture of your feet.

I can already imagine the thick shoes you're wearing.

Jesus Christ that is disgusting

No, you sat at home, alone last night. Like you always do.

Your projection is sad. I hope you'll find a gf one day.

Why are they so mentally ill bros?

>says the guy who brings up peoples parents first chance he gets

I hope you get a parent one day I guess


Dude, you fucked up. You brought it up. What a freudian slip, my dear orphan.

So I did. But you brought up my mom.
So I guess we're both withoug a parent ;^)

>dust on the floor
>the place where my feet go

>Swedish banter

Bro. Better luck next time. I still like you.

You like that, naughty boy?


I always assumed Buff was canadian and Subbans cousin

>looking like a down syndrome hit and run victim
>a real man
bich pls


spend the half hour before the game starts sweeping

>thinking you won


this may surprise you but your feet are part of your body and should be kept clean along with the rest of it

Because you live in an unhealthy environment you autistic weeb faggot

I am the meme master of /hoc/. Will anyone accept my memeoff challenge?


>tfw you'll never be a finnish shitposter


Sorry, no one licks my feet and i shower daily, so that's no concern


there is literally nothing better on the planet than some pale soft girl feet






incorrect OP

Swedish sissy, pls.

I guess i just wanted it to be true


Anyone else want to watch the Bolts vs Caps rookie game with me? :3


Fresh Pulju coming through.

Because Torts has family in the army

and this has become a BLM thing

what do you mean by this

>fast and up

>playing Fury Road music during pregame

pretty good man

The Euro jerseys are so much better than USA's

white USA > white EU > blue EU > blue USA

why didn't they make some sort of champions league-style anthem for the tourney instead of playing national anthems. save the national anthems for the medal games

i hope europe wins ybh

>NHL theme on ESPN again

yes yes

get those melanoma spots checked out son

they are moles you fucking idiot

fuck off kippers i hate oyu i hate you i hate you i hate you

why so angry dude?

i'm just worried about you people

The fuck is wrong with the USA defense? Where is Big Buff?

Kipshit btfo

Kesler looks like hot garbage


Burgers on suicide watch

>getting memed on by a living meme team

I want off already lads

just root for the other meme team


I don't feel right rooting for a continental land mass

>living meme
>has better America players than Team USA
>dat speed
>young guys want to beat the old guys so they try harder

It's fun m8, and the "real" USA team hardly counts as one anyway since they don't even have Kessel, Faulk, Johnson, etc

I suppose I'll give it a chance

Good night /hoc/

100% serious right now.

What went wrong for the USA?

mostly that they left the good players off the team and picked a shitty coach because MUH GRIT

>2016 team usa is literally 2010 capitals



How will the american'ts ever recover from this?
Will they ever be able to post here with that flag in peace again?

except the 2010 Caps were fun to watch

I'm talking about getting stonewalled by Jaro

America's worst September in 15 years

Fair, he memed on the Pens too though

So can Kane now finally and ultimately be confirmed to be literally the most overrated player in the franchise?

I miss 2010 habs playoffs
>losing to the Flyers after all this

Yep, I'm a hasbfag so I have font memories of 2010


what is the likelihood that torts is fucking a dog right now to relieve some stress?

Alright lads, who are you officially Abandoning Ship™ for?

I'm going to Finland



North America was always my first choice as a team since I can't resist a good meme

Should have started Schneider

Schneider would have gotten lit up too
Mcdonagh is trash

>meme tournament
Who cares. At least that's what Canada told me

He is garbage

This guy kicks asses of your top players
What do you do?

I'm talking about Tyler not Jack or Erik

unless you're memeing, I can't tell tbqh

>w-we don't care
It wouldn't be an international tourney without americaitlyns damage controlling

It's even more embarrassing if it's in a meme tournament

>38 points
Correction, he's garbage and a manlet

Holy shit I fucking tripped last night when I smoked weed while drunk. I felt like my life rolled backwards and like I was seeing everything like it was a scene in a movie like hardcore henry. For a moment I thought I was in hell or something.

This is literally what Canada does when they lose

Duude weeeed lmao

sounds like salvia

>Canada loses
Lmao did Cred Forums even exist then?

I've sever had a reaction like that. Did not expect anything like that, maybe I was too drunk for it or something.

>team USA




>I was seeing everything like it was a scene in a movie like hardcore henry

you normally have a 3rd person view of everything?

I tried to warn you USA
I tried to tell you that Quick was terrible as evidenced by him having a worse save pct than the Sabres backup.
But you just got butthurt about it

>yfw Europeans are better at hockey than burgers

Sure is awfully quiet around here

Whens bullyou

Monday, he's taking tonight off

I think Quick is the worst goalie on the US roster, and even I would say he was the least of their problems tonight. No player looked good. Torts manages to bring the worst out of players even if they are his type.


No but the feeling was surreal and fisheye lens-ish with shaky cam.

guys why don't hockey players dab?




Benik - Butcher - Russell
Shirley - Stadnyk - Descheneau
Christoffer - PLatzer - Chase
Bauer - Foster - Soustal

Defensive pairings:

Jenkins - Irving
Betker - Doetzel
Jones - Beaning




Didn't Team USA dab at world juniors?


elbow pads are pretty inflexible
it's why they take them off before fights

>tfw only Canacucks care about this meme tournament

Oh shut the fuck up, if USA had won you'd be shitposting like gangbusters right now

ah boo boo uguu~

Go back to Canada Gord


>bulju :D


Had some family over and cooked dinner for them so I missed all the fun/memes

Just checked the score of the first match of the Bettmanowl

How can one country consisting of high-payed NHL-players lose to a team with Bellemare being a topscorer?

Team Europe, FUCK YEAH
Let's meme it up to get this fucking drinking cup

and on top of it BASED Pulju scored 2 in the first rookie scrimmage


Is that really you?

you look like one of those chloroform rapists

cool pic

>this is what the posters of /hoc/ look like

I don't think this semen slurping general is for me

Super jelly that you got to touch him

This was last CHL (Champions hockey league season)
I got my beard trimmed and my hair cut and after that I really got a fucking baby-face

But yes it's me
He played for Kärpat against the Vienna Capitals (Kärpat BTFO Vienna) but I got the chance to get some pictures and a selfie with him
>pic related, the selfie after warm-up

as I explained, yes

Thx Finland


No need to be jelly, but I gotta say, that guy is fucking comfy and I had a good chat with him in his broken english
He even anticipated that he will be drafted to edmemeton

Wonder why, one would think training games are really valuable for him right now to get the feel of NA hockey


how old are you?

Who is Pulju?

no bully please I already know I am fucking young compared to many here

>it's a "the resident 15 year old pretends to not be underageb&" episode

Haven't seen this one in a while

Your future Conn Smythe Trophy winner

and that's why I hate shaving
really makes me look fuckinge underage

I'm 20, mate. No sweat

No pubes, either.

Want a pic love?

Describe them to me first.

Dark/brownish, pretty curly, rather long. Sent you a picture. Check your inbox ;)

Yeah sorry I was hoping for hairless



When will the Oilers change their name to the Puljus?

His flops are ready for the first squad







I know it's legit but thanks for further prove
I met the player everyone loves to meme about and got the chance to touch him and talk with him

truely a blessed day it was



Just wait until the Home Opener. Looch will run Tkchuck through the boards

>mild """"""""""""""""""prospects""""""""""""""""""

>yfw da canes win da cup

>flim flams


Literally who can stop us?

post your feet please


what do people usually do when they're bored

post ass

do coke and drink beer
then smoke weed before you're out of beer

no bier :(((

coke without beer is awful
i get too talkative, just smoke weed bae


>a post early

why cant you just fucking wait until the current thread is over you fucking retard