/cfb/ Week 3 thread #2

Big Ten bro hug

here's to hoping the Big Ten goes 3-0 in their 3 big games Saturday:
>Oregon at Nebraska (ABC)
>Ohio State at Oklahoma (FOX)
>Michigan State at ND (NBC)

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2nd for Rice Owls

Glad to give our Big Ten bros a hug. They need it especially with all the constant crying they do about how they don't feel appreciated

nth for Rice winning the nattys next year

The point is that Herman wasn't starting from ground zero or something as far as program legacy is concerned. Houston is a top 20 program in overall FBS wins from 2006 to 2016, and yet they couldn't get a half decent crowd for their season opener with their brand new hotshot head coach, hired just off the heels of being the OC for the National Champion.

This is literally pathetic for a team that claims they deserve to be in the big leagues.

What college m8? Baker here.


>the city of arizona state

Rice grad school represent

>unironically being beat by a commuter school not from Houston

You're actually believe this shit?

wtf this entire time I thought you were trolling

Did you see what happened to the team after Sumlin left? Do you have any idea how trash the program became under Levine?

You legitimately seem to be perceiving this issue from afar. I'm telling you from a 1st person perspective. I saw how far we fell from the Kolb and Keenum days. I totally understand why the city lost interest.

I can also say with complete confidence that the buzz around the city has literally never been greater.

>The State of Arizona


To be fair UH getting to BigXII is mostly about TV money not filling up stadiums. They can get 10k stadium attendance and get like a 12 TV rating.

And when they get in the p5 and get matched up with Texas and OU (assuming they don't bail out) people from said unis have a big following in Texas

They used up all their meme plays last week against Texas Tech

>Arizona State

Will they ever be good?
I feel like they are always "supposed to compete in the PAC 12 South but are never quite good enough

ASU getting memed on.

The problem is that college teams don't survive on "buzz," you mongoloid. Your fanbase can't fluctuate more than a college freshman girl's waistline based on how good or bad your team is.

For fuck's sake, look at Iowa State if we're talking Big 12. A literal cellar dweller in every way, no real program success, and yet they consistently fill Jack Trice up. Do you know why? Because they actually have a fucking fanbase. They would commit human sacrifice on-field for the kind of success that Houston saw under Briles or Sumlin or Herman, and yet they still go and watch their team lose 70-80% of their games season after season.

And yet all it takes is a few bad years under one bad coach for the half the fucking Houston fanbase to jump ship? Fuck off with that noise.

They were good in the 2000s but not now.


inb4 "no shit Iowa State fans go to their games, we have better things to do in Houston than watch football"

This, my school could lose every game 5 seasons straight and the stadium would still sellout.

:no shit Iowa State fans go to their games, we have better things to do in Houston than watch football."

>that fucking pinata

That's a phenomenal athlete.

Did anyone of you actually go to a UH home game? The parking and traffic before and after the game is atrocious

He's gotta give it to his man

Did anyone of you actually go to a (insert team here) home game? The parking and traffic before and after the game is atrocious

never even heard of UTSA. had to Google

University of Texas at San Antonio

No, the actual argument is that UH has primarily been a commuter school. That isn't the case anymore

You seem to be more upset that UH is having the success it has in spite of the crowds. As if filing up your stadium in a shit ass college town is some sort of fucking accomplishment.

What's funny is that I see none of this BS levied against Cincinnati when they get brought up. They could even sell-out last night's nationally televised game against a top ten opponent when they are literally supposed to be going balls to the wall to get into the big 12

And why are we even having this stupid ass argument? Have the coogs not filled up every home game so far? Are they not setting record numbers in the city in terms of TV viewership?

This is literally not a concern anymore. You're just looking to pick a fight and are butthurt about our success.

This is Houston we're talking about, one of the worst traffic cities in the world


they are a new team. just 6 years old

I don't give a shit about if Houston is seeing success despite crowds right now. It's the exact opposite, in fact; it's pathetic to me that they've had problems with crowds despite their success over the past decade.

>What's funny is that I see none of this BS levied against Cincinnati when they get brought up.

Am I talking about Cincinnati? No? Then why the fuck are you saying this all of a sudden, as if pointing at another team with a shitty fanbase does anything to change Houston's awful turnout?

>And why are we even having this stupid ass argument? Have the coogs not filled up every home game so far? Are they not setting record numbers in the city in terms of TV viewership?

Yes, because you're good right now. What happens when you have your next down period, though? Does the fanbase jump ship just like usual because the team doesn't have "buzz" around it any more? Every team sees their down years and up years, it's not normal for any team out there to never have a dropoff or a down season or a bad hire here and there. So, where does your crowd go when Houston isn't hot?

If the past is any indication, they jump ship.

You'd think Ariz State would have the added bonus of how it's 8pm in Arizona right now, while its 10pm in Texas, so basically bedtime for this UTSA football team and it's not even halftime yet

>ASU is literally losing to the US Tennis Association


And this is why they're football players and you're posting on a Burmese wheat farming image board

The centerpiece of that trash Tony Levine's tenure at UH is losing to UTSA 7-27 in the first game at the brand new stadium

Either that or getting spanked 13-30 by fucking Texas State the first game the season after Sumlin bolted and UH finished #14

Dark fucking years

If we could all stop bitching about Houston for a minute, let's talk about Southern Miss vs. Troy. Who wins?


Southern Miss
>predicted to win C-USA West and repeat visit the conference championship
>looking to regain their dominance in as the top G5 program in the Deep South
>Came back to beat Kentucky and forced their first shutout since 2009 against Savannah State


>played a tough game against Clemson, almost won
>one of several G5 schools that have ramped up their football program efforts in the past few years while Southern Miss has been on the downturn

>that fucking TD catch

my pick is usm

>arguing hypotheticals
>comparing trash C-USA and FCS opponents vs big 12 and better ooc P5 opponents

There is no helping you. You are definitely arguing for no reason.

UH has ticked literally every box. If the big 12 doesn't admit them, it's their own damn loss.

Have a good night, go fuck yourself

The pac 12 south is always up for grabs

Once Colorado makes their comeback any of the 6 teams could win the p12 south every year

Whether they'll beat the north team in the championship depends on whether there's an elite Stanford team

>literally happened just a few years ago

Also, if you can't get a half-decent crowd for a season opener, no matter the opponent, and you think that's a NORMAL thing, I don't know what to tell you.

> can't get a half-decent crowd for a season opener
> think that's a NORMAL thing

I literally don't know what you're talking about

I can't stop betting overs.

Lost on Baylor, gonna lose on ASU game total and team total.

And of course I didn't go with Utah State -10 which was a fucking lock. Idiot.

>can't get a half-decent crowd for your season opener
Tadah. >think that's a NORMAL thing
You're the one who claimed that I was comparing trash C-USA and FCS opponents to better competition, despite the fact that it shouldn't matter if you're playing fucking Savannah State for your season opener when we're talking about that piss poor turnout.

Also, I thought you were leaving.

Got any room in the hug for me, boys?

You were better as an Independent. I refuse to let you join the B1G hug.

It doesn't matter if you refuse boy

We have rather obvious concerns about you hugging anyone

Penn State won their natties as an Independent. They only joined the Big 10 after.

I'll let you look up the attendance numbers from the season openers during Levine's tenure and figure out why I know you're talking out of your ass.

You put words in my mouth, I had to fix that

Sup lads

Congratulations on going raw on Cal for me.

kek. /thread

Start up a new one boys, this one's peaked.

Texas Tech fans like
>b-but Ari St is actually really good!
>t-they have an elite RB!!

Gambling is an evil created by the devil and his Jew schemers

Thanks trips man. Just waiting on that top 25 ranking now

UTSA is a top ten program. It's a quality loss for Tortilla Tech.

Kill the Boise State meme for me man.

Stockholm syndrome smdh

>all these excuses

Is Arizona State even trying to play defense?


UTSA is objectively better than Texass and could beat your team 42-13

>that QB run
Holy brass balls, Batman

>pac 12

Lol arizona state.

>won their natties
Reminder: USC was stripped of their title for shit that everyone does, while Pedo State ruined countless lives over several decades but they can still claim their natties

>all this damage control
>all this delusion

Like I said, your fanbase can't jump ship after just three years of one bad coach. It doesn't matter if those home openers following the Sumlin years had crowds if those crowds left after a few bad seasons.

The fact that the stands were so pitiful by the time Herman came in says more about the lack of loyalty and fandom in the Houston crowd than anything else. There are teams that go through bad hire after bad hire, entire down decades, and yet those fans are still loyal and still show up year in and year out. You don't see those programs vacating after three years and one coach because they're actually loyal to their school.

You still haven't left, user. I'm starting to feel like you're lying to me.


I thought this was a Big 12 meme.

>I unironically go to this "school"


is UTSA elite?

I came for some #pac12afterdark

I'm not going anywhere

You can't make proper leather from a Longhorn

Shoulda gone to Arizona and dealt with RichRod and sluts.

How elite is UTEP?

Well then I will make a Shofar out of their horns and blow the sound of wins.

The horns don't have the proper angle

The thing about Penn State is that they are OBSESSED with the Big 10.
Only college campus I've ever seen that actually has other schools' banners hanging up because >muh big ten
When they played Pitt last week, all the Penn Staters were trying to shit on the rivalry and pretend like they didn't care because >muh osu and >muh michigan
It's baffling how cucked by the B1G they are

Elite enough to give C-USA some half-decent Texas recruits from time to time.

>Only college campus I've ever seen that actually has other schools' banners hanging u
Most every stadium I've been to has had flags for each school in their conference.

I can't anyway. It's against Jewish law.

They honest to God think that their rivalry with OSU is two-sided and that Maryland is beneath them. Delusion

Precisely how elite UTSA is

Not the guy you're replying to, but what is this faggotry? This is serious SECSECSEC tier autism.

Is UAB decent?

They, along North Texas, will never amount to anything in C-USA.

Terps gonna beat that ass this year

God no. That pic is not even a meme, it lists the shit teams and the dominant teams in the conference.

the program was temporary shut down. they will resume play next year

the OSU - Penn State games were better in the late 2000s than OSU - Michigan

But my first school was called the Blazers and they have three natties so they can't be that bad.
Thank you Alabama.

Couldn't have described it better

I've seen it in the Big 12, the SEC, and now the B1G.

I think you're just being paranoid.

Buisiness major fampai plus theres plentiful sluts here aswell

Has North Texas ever been acceptable even? Like 6+ wins?

Let me put it this way. They removed the upper deck at Legion Field. The State of Alabama paid money to remove seating capacity from UAB's stadium. What the actual fuck.

Are we talking about banners (for championships of other schools) or pennants? Cause pennants are completely normal

Are we talking like a wall with banners and photos from old games, or like banners on light poles? Are we celebrating history with enemies, or just celebrating enemies?

Not that I recall, I actually knew a guy who went to play for North Texas. He was complete shit but they gave him a full ride anyway.

Only 12 hours until louisville gets btfo

Not since they moved to C-USA. Sun Belt maybe, but not here.

A high school friend of mine played for UAB and they did the same. They must've been begging for players.




ASU bootyblasted

UTSA will win 8 games this season.

I'm talking flags or banners outside the stadium that just show each of the team's conference opponents, not championship banners or some ridiculous shit like that. Usually flanked by multiples of the team's own flag/banner and a conference flag.

UAB brings in so much research money that Alabama owes them.

Bama may be a powerhouse on the field, but Alabama owes a tremendous amount to UAB and its med school

oh my god

They were 9-4 in 2003
Lost there bowl game to Memphis I believe



toot toot

Well then that's not weird at all.

Banner-style, but more like pennants in content. Just logos and shit.
Still seems weird as fuck to me.
Why are you hanging up shit from your rivals?

Penn State's aren't just outside their stadium though
They're in their dining halls and common areas and shit

>Texas Tech


Yall know that feeling when you try to slap your butt but your dick and balls are hanging there between your legs and you accidentally hit them instead of your ass.

Hurts like hell. Roll tide

THE arizona state university

I like UTSA's uniforms. The jerseys make me think of the Chicago Bears' throwbacks.

This game is making my dick tingle


Okay, yeah, that's excessive.


ASU offense sucks ass.

ASU doesn't deserve to win. If they even do.

>hey guys
>pick your head up
>at least we beat Tech
>they're like 3rd in the Big XII... right?...right?..

>the city of Ballage

I have to admit, UTSA is seriously punching above their weight.

>while Pedo State ruined countless lives over several decades

But no one in Alabama gives a fuck, all the state senators and governors went to Bama.

Why does Arizona State as a program never materialize? It always seems like there's optimism around them and then they start their seasons like this.


can someone give me a texas schools power ranking with HCC and UTSA over TTU?

1 game a year they always show up and play hard. It's the other 11 that are a problem.

How is there ANOTHER Texas school emerging?

I'm unironically asking what the fuck is in the water down there

Yall ever just slap your own butt to see how it feels. Doesn't give pleasure but its fun.

Roll tide.

It's quite simple for ASU

>start with high expectations: 8 wins max
>start with low expectations: 10 or 11 wins
>gain expectations over the course of the season: beat a top ten, maybe top five, team and then lose to a team like Washington State or Oregon State

ASU is the biggest meme in history. They're seriously good, until they have to be


>PAC 12

Well that's kinda expected with a young program. They've only been around for 6 years. They do show potential.

It also helps their cause that asu is an insanely young team playing on the road for the first time

artificial optimism because there has been no else in the South division to talk about since USC went to hell

>every big hit is a targetting
shut the fuck up you bitch made faggot

They keep reminding me of Syracuse


Although they don't have the History of Syracuse.

>put up almost 70 pointso on Texass Tech
>getting held to FGs by a literal who Texas program
>best team going to get blown out tomorrow(OU)

The Big XII is straight garbage.

It's a shame they're an Adidas school, that design on a template that doesn't suck and that actually lets them do full shoulder stripes would be fantastic.

texas is the best team tho

Holy shit, UTSA is faking injuries to slow ASU's offense

I really can't wait til you guys start conference play. Gonna be a great show watching LA Tech and USM whip that shiny Texican ass.

The big 12 is straight garbage

And it's working. Not like you can blame them

My favorite Big 12 conference game last year was Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State.

wtf, who let the samoan out of Utah

This is how the Pac 12 South finished last year

I like these

How the fuck didn't Utah win the PAC12 South?

I think they lost to USC so they had the tiebreaker

Who here /ready to die/?

That sucks. Utah would have at least kept it competitive against Stanford.

scorekeeper literally cheating

Oh yeah. They're similarly built teams too. Huge linemen on both sides, amazing running backs and skill positions, and mediocre quarterback play.

Just think of the good old days man. Certainly there was once a period of time where ASU was legitimately good.

Yeah...there was but some dickhead reservist shot him

They had Devontae Booker you Cali Sun faggot nigger

Arizona State was 21½ point favorites in this game vs UTSA

delet this please

You are now the AD for USC. The boosters give you five years on your contract to make the school a legitimate top ten program again. You will have the unlimited amounts of booster and alumni funds to hire coaches, who do you hire to turn it all around?

Ed Orgeron

Pete Carroll

ASU mascot here.
Can someone please come to my house and fuck me to death?

Tom Herman or Chris Petersen

Hand onto the current faggot until SF inevitably fires chip kelly

Contingency plan is lure Shaw from Stanford.

Double contingency plan for when both of those fail, which they will, is Kliff Kingsbury


>I make a very strong drink
>ASU immediately stops looking like they're competing in the paralympics
Looks like I'm getting drunk boys
This is best option

Joe Paterno

>Arizona State's remaining schedule.
How many games do they win?

HC - Chris Petersen
OC - Tom Herman
DC - Greg Schiano
AA - Stephen Sarkisian

That OC from Alabama. Seems like he's been doing a lot of good for that program, he'd probably be a good up-and-comer.

they win the pac 12


Colorado, that's it

Possibly Cal, depends on which team shows up.
USC not, even though USC is shit, they still have better raw talent to win.
UCLA yes.
Wazzu yes.
Oregon yes.
Utah yes.
Washington no.
Arizona yes.

sturm is all heart

W, they a shit
W, no offense of defense on that team
W, Jew quarterback throws three picks en route to ASU win by 20+
W, Sefo Liufaualolsu succumbs to the sustained pressure as always
W, is wsu
W, literal FCS quarterback
W, again, QB throws to wrong team more often than the right team
L, I can't even meme that one
W, 60 point blowout

We're litteraly winning the natty

You and I both know if you had to go against Bama or Free Shellfish University you would be destroyed.


>commentator talks about how this would be UTSA's first ever win over a Power 5 team
>Arizona State immediately starts coming back

Thanks you fuck, you jinxed them.

Yes we are user, one way or another this is finally our year

Any of you using kodi to stream games this season?

If so, did you pay for a channel and was it worth it?

He jinxed them back when he stopped calling them USTA

Check this shit out



Could NDSU beat Iowa tomorrow?

Fuck off Sparky.

No, this is friday night lights meme magic

But they just won like 5 straight natties. The Bison could easily beat them.

Fuck you sparky is a saint

>almost losing to Grambling state

user I'm not sure if you've noticed but we're currently fucking losing to UTSA. Glass houses

Ahh another year where the week they hit top 10 they go to shit and completely fall off the rankings.
Just end it for me already.

>have tight end with incredible hands
>also is gigantic
>UTSA consistently running press coverage and bringing pressure, leaving said tight end wide open
>never. throw. at. him.


>Meme formations

Oh thank you fucking jesus


Why did ASU name their mascot Sparky?

When you look in the student handbook it says:

>because fuck you, he's cute and he's sparky

I'm sorry, UTSA. The second I wanted you to win, you were doomed.

Pls root against ASU all season

they have 3 minutes to make something happen


is that manziel

We better pull this win out of our ass or I'm fucking done for the season.

lmao, that was Rice

he plays for rice though




WELP, FUCK. See you all in 11 hours

Can someone gif the fat mexican in the utsa shirt for me?

don't tell me what to do


he was out

oh no

doesn't matter for defenders at least it didn't the other night


We're going to destroy you 50-16

You said that last year too


>freshman browning
>freshman gaskin
>no ross
You're getting bootyblasted

These commentators are fucking awful. Could they care less?

>These commentators are fucking awful. Could they care less?
At least that we can agree on

browning a shit

this play calling is awful

So where does this legendary victory rank among the all-time greatest wins in Arizona State history?

bootyblasting UT?


what a GRITTY win against a FEISTY team


Good commentary:
>excitement during the play, calm during analysis between plays

>excitement after the plays talking about random shit, dull mumbling during the play

fuck them


>expecting anything more out of a Friday dead shift game between a shitty ASU team and UTSA

Damn, I used to live in San Antonio (not really a huge fan) but I love to see G5 teams overcome. It would have been nice to see UTSA pick up their first P5 win, but the Sun Devil defense stepped up in that last quarter and they deserve the W.

I'd say it's right up there with that win against notre dame. Or the jael mary. or the roseb owl

ASU didn't really step up, UTSA's lack of conditioning just showed at the end.

>shitty asu team
you're talking about the 2016 national championship team user

ASU was penetrating the pocket on the regular at the end of that quarter. Conditioning isn't as important for the line, they were just getting pushed back and failing their blocks. Hell, one of them got pushed INTO the quarterback.

see you fags bright and early

Two of them did user

That should've been happening all game though desu

Good night, friends.

Is this a new meme I'm seeing?

Good night user good luck against idaho state tomorrow

Yes. We're meming them to the championship

>my face when people actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the country will miss the playoffs this season

>Luke Del Rio (objectively and statistically the best QB in the 2016 recruiting class, it isn't even debatable)
>Jordan Cronkrite (best RB in the game who will be 100% healthy, unlike the entirety of last year. he will put up 1200+YDs/10+TDs/5.0YPC)
>DeAndre Goolsby (top 10 TE already going into this season, 400+YDs/6 TDs)
>C'yontai Lewis (literally a DeAndre Goolsby-clone)
>Antonio Calloway (a top 3 WR, 900+YDs/5+TDs)
>Jabril Peppers (a black guy trapped in a black's body, one of the smartest players in football, elite measurables, incredible upside)
>The Whole Defense (caught more of Drew Barker's passes than his own wide receivers)

>Best pass rush in the SEC
>Best LB corp in the SEC
>Best secondary in the country
>Best D-Line

Barring major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Gators are missing the playoffs this season

The Florida SEC championship drought ends in 2016-2017

You can't prove me wrong

Cap it

but you don't have tebow. No tebow=florida not good

Everyone knows this



t. someone who has never set foot in ann arbor

>Dat crooked signage

During the undie run we broke it a few years ago

>>Jabril Peppers (a black guy trapped in a black's body, one of the smartest players in football, elite measurables, incredible upside)

what?? jabrill plays for michigan

I was at the home opener this year. I'm always in Ann Arbor.

t. never enrolled at Michigan

Hi walmart wolverine

This stadium actually looks lit desu

>Tortilla Tech
why is this so funny

Rate this mascot

unoriginal, at least three schools have it off the top of my head

>i want a sweater like this and I've never been to Kentucky

was born there

Who the fuck is in the power 5 plays games at a C-USA stadium?

>I'm always in Ann Arbor

pic related.

You guys remember that time the fourth place finisher in the SEC West beat the Big Ten champions by six touchdowns? Good times.

Why is UTEP in the Panhandle?

The R in University looks like it's going to fall off.

Has there ever been a UCLA fan on /cfb/? Has there ever been an asian college football fan furthermore?

Post yfw it happens again

Dantonio literally got a heart attack because of this :'(

Yes, and yes. I've been here for years, I just don't post much. There's been anons too, some of which statistically have to be asian.

Well yeah. 83% of your student body is asian and 16% is arab. Not like they care about football so of course they would be asian

You're exaggerating, but they don't call us yoU Cee Lotsa Asains for no reason.

>all those fucking aliens
uclayy lmao

No we call you University of Caucasians Lost among Asianss


Alright guys, the UC system is officially lost. Time to move on

That too, there's multiple nicknames for different schools. We're also University of California's Lousy Athletes, and I'd guess a few others.

>20% latino
>13% illegal immigrants
UCLA is majority mexican. A university in the United States has more mexicans than whites or asians. This is actually...really sad. UCLA used to be an admirable school. Jesus dude. Just...shit


It's a
in a
>large urban city
located in a
>heavily liberal state
on the mexican border, what else did you expect? All the signs are there, and they're written in both english and spanish.

USC doesn't have that problem

this was so ballsy

Neither does Arizona State

Well you meant plurality not majority, but yeah that's true. I bet they counted some of the mexicans as white too if they self-reported that way due to the whole race/ethnicity split on those forms. I guess mexicans are supposed to be counted as white hispanics, because black hispanics exist in places like cuba and the dominican republic.

UCLA is still considered a top 10 university in america by most relevant metrics though, so it's not all bad. I do think they inflate our rating too much based on research value, though.


>mfw those demographics

God I love my 85% white university. Literally 11,000 beautiful southern white girls.

You can't defend it. It's pathetic. Our university has become politically correct U. We admit people based on the color of their skin over merit. If you're not white UCLA is easier to get into than Arizona fucking State. It's disgusting that we've sunken this goddamn low

t. class of 2004

>tfw a good friend from middle school just came out as trans

What do? Used to hang out with him (her?) several times a year. One of the few buds from my youth that I genuinely kept in contact with. That's not to say I'm surprised, I saw this coming for a while... but I just think things would be way too awkward now to hang out.

Help me spee

God dammit. The California-Mexico border might as well be a door into the US. Californians ruined their state and now they're gonna be spreading to the rest of the country to ruin it too. We need to quarantine the west coast.

Well the skew for USC is a bit different yeah, but the demographics still aren't all that different from the local population in general. As for ASU they're from a considerably more moderate and at times conservative state than here, so that and having a party school reputation makes them more white. I'm pretty sure they're still probably about a third hispanic+illegals, though.

You can look these up yourself by just googling a school's name with "forbes demographics" by the way. It's kind of neat to see where my assumptions are wrong about other places.

Illegals aren't allowed to attend universities in Arizona. You need to have an American birth certificate to attend a school sponsored by the state of Arizona. That's why they're 60% white. Meanwhile our alma mater gives illegals scholarships

I didn't say I was proud of it, but I do accept that it's the reality. Class of '11 here and there was definitely a bias even among the student body and university life in general, but I still enjoyed college life while it lasted regardless. Personally, I doubt UCLA will retain its top-tier status in future decades the way California is heading, the whole state in general seems pretty fucking incompetent in everything they do, not just education.

It's non-resident alien, not illegal alien you illiterate fucks. As in if someone from China or India comes to your school on a visa, they are legally a non-resident alien. Completely legal

Unless you're an abroad student. Should've mentioned that
No, you illiterate fuck, those fall under foreign students and aren't counted under enrollment statistics

Guess my school



Why isn't it easier to get in as a white person now that you're a minority?

Oh right.

Actually I just looked it up and ASU has an 11% population of non-resident aliens. I'm pretty sure that the whole term "non-resident alien" is used in the whole country as something that was created for tax purposes though, so I'm guessing not all of them are necessarily illegal border hoppers. I'm not exactly an expert on the subject though, over here it's just a common fact of life that those people exist and you're supposed to treat them at least the same as everyone else, if not better at times.


No way, have you seen how many asians go there?

Jealous, liberals? You could have this too if you weren't, you know, liberals.

Actually yeah it turns out you can go to arizona schools as an alien, but if you get pulled over/asked for ID and can't provide proof of residence you get deported as per sb 1070

The majority of students classified as "non-resident aliens" are probably ching chong exchange students, not Rio Grande swim team champions

Honestly, I've moved on past that issue in my life. From a macroscopic perspective, I'm more concerned about degree inflation's impact on the work force, and the reliance on having an economy that runs off of debt by necessity. Those are real issues that have much more damaging effects both short and long term, while focusing on identity politics does not add in social awareness enough for what it detracts in divisiveness and infighting. It only really serves well as a distraction, which some groups make very effective use of.

Fuck her boi pussy fampai

Shut the fuck up. You could just say that too many people are able to get degrees and it detracts from the value of them. This isn't a midterm

>too many people getting degrees is a bigger problem than America turning into Brazil 2.0

I like showing off how many "big words" I know because I'm an attention-seeker, as all tripfags are. Don't let any of us tell you differently. It's just my gimmick, which I drop when I post as user. It's not like you're much better, seeing as how you're posting on a kazakhstani pottery signal fire on a friday evening. Or saturday, since it's past midnight now, but that doesn't make it sound any better.

No I am better because I'm not an attention seeking tripfag piece of shit who uses a full paragraph to say what could be said in ~15 words

Who here knew that the iconic Churchill Downs horse-racing track is literally right next door to Louisville's football stadium and campus?

Who can offer a better recruiting tool than that? Churchill Downs hosts the annual Kentucky Derby ("the greatest two minutes in sports") which is one of the top must-see events of the year and brings in celebrities nation-wide (for example, Tom Brady shows up every year in a flamboyantly gay outfit with his tranny-looking wife to make it obvious where he stands on the in-or-out of the closet thing)

Note Louisville is a 3.0 hour drive from Ohio State in Columbus and what does Columbus offer besides great football facilities? And just being a 3 hour drive from the Kentucky Derby in Louisville?

God damn you're a faggot

And holy hell whats up with these two nobodies getting in a very public bitch-slap fest? Just say fuck you and move on. Slapping each other around like little bitches in public is not something any one thinks is neat

The other recruiting tool Louisville has is that Papa Johns was founded right there in the Louisville metro area and Papa John (guy on all the commercials) is a massive fan of Louisville (there are even pics of him publically loaded/trashed celebrating Louisville's recent national title in basketball.

3 hours away, the guy (Dave Thomas?) that founded Wendy's in Columbus never gave a shit about Ohio State that i know of

Louisville is sitting right there as one of Ohio State's biggest regional competitors saying "bring it on, Ohio State/come at me, bro"

Meanwhile down South, we've got a full-scale war on our hands Saturday night in primetime on ESPN2 between LSU and Miss State

Pro Football Focus is all over it:

"the Miss State Bulldogs lost the season opener against South Alabama. That being said, they rebounded with a much better performance and a win against South Carolina, and have a pair of pass-rushers that can make life very difficult for anyone ... In short, Miss State can and will beat LSU if those two pass-rushers are as productive as they were last week. ... Both made our SEC Team of the Week, and one made the national one too, because they were two of the very best pass-rushers in the nation last week.
The concern for LSU fans is both their tackles are inexperienced...so this is an area that Mississippi State can exploit (like Wisconsin did with T.J Watt, who is our 23rd highest graded edge rusher so far this season)
Based on last week, this is a matchup that strongly favors Mississippi State based on how Miss State did last week"

Rice's logo forced UTSA's over, which forced UTEP's up. Texas could have handled all of them if the logos were a tad bit smaller.

First for FSU trap game

Why am I still watching GameDay?

Tennessee is literally losing today

Do they had to broadcast this kind of documentaries EVERY FUCKING WEEK?

they eat steak at osu, not shit tier fast food

If Miss. State wallops LSU, then that means that the Tigers are a dumpster fire and Southern Miss stands a pretty big chance of walking away with a W in October.

Game Day at the Rock motherfuckers!!!!


Rise and shine boys

>Lamar Jackson
>19 years old
Pick one


Mississippi State @ USM last year.
LSU played Tulane when their stadium was the Superdome.
Kentucky will play Southern Miss in Hattiesburg next year.
USM has also hosted Nebraska, Illinois, Cal, and Kansas.

Those are just off the top of my head.

>Harambe for Heisman
Can we please kill off millennial now?

Troy is a much better team than Kentucky and Savannah State, brochacho.

This one worries me some. Gonna be sloppy field conditions. Mullens doesn't have room to be making some of those first half mistakes.


>Hates Millenials
>Browse 4chin

>Complaining about a stupid meme
Can we please kill off Jebus Matoi now?

I'm already dead. Inside.

Won't happen

I would prefer you dead outside too.

Who /top10/ here?


When Michigan wins another championship is when I'll kill myself.

Who's the most likely upset today?
Bama/Ole Piss

I feel good (but not cocky) because I think Mullens and Jay Hopson both know that. I think they're going in to this game thinking its their biggest challenge so far.

Also, Lazy Magnolia is shit. I've tried 3 different kinds and it all sucks. Shiner all the way here.

Louisville looks legit.

>mfw misplaced Texan In NY
>missing shiner


My money is on Ole Piss.

Nigger you have Amazon. Order it.


I would feel a little more confident picking Ole Miss as the most likely upset but field conditions are going to be absolute shit which generally favors a run game. Alabama has that in spades, Ole Miss does not. Alabama is extremely pissed off about losing to Ole Miss twice in a row. Also, the bad field conditions will negate Ole Miss' offensive system which has been so effective against Saban the past two years.

It won't be a blowout but Alabama wins.

Ole Piss. Bama Struggled against WKU. Granted, they aren't complete shit, but still. Bama should have rolled them easy.

>not playing a ranked team this week

Fixed pepe.

>Guys why are people so ashamed to say they're from Penn state?
>I don't know, but Im happy we're spending a Saturday to honor a football coach who looked the other way for decades while a pedo on his staff feasted on unsuspecting boys

Penn State should follow Joe Paterno's example and stay quiet. Don't say anything about the guy and just focus on football.


Not desperate enough to order beer online apparently

This is what morons believe

So I put another 200 on Michigan this week at +20.5.

I don't know much about the Buffs, did I fuck up?

10 minutes till kickoff. WAKE UP FRIENDS.

>tfw your school will never be this large of a disgrace to the conference, sport, and human decency
Feels good

They shouldn't be honoring a man who allowed a pedophile to run around his school and destroy lives. He should have done something more. Anyone else in that position (besides Briles maybe) would have done something. He had a moral and legal obligation to report about Sandusky and he didn't. He was a great coach, but not the great man everyone at Penn State thought/thinks. Move on from Joe and look towards the future.

What are we watching for the noon game?

FSU vs Louisville

FSU @ Louisville I guess.
With a eye on Miami @ App State.

Btw how is North Dakota State this year? Could they upset Iowa?

ohio gonna whip vols

It can be both

North Dakota State is fucking GOAT, they are the Bama of D2 if Bama was somehow even more consistent.

I honestly expect them to win.

Why do you know this?


penn st temple

The Horseshoe at tOSU has pennants of each team from the conference lining the wall of the stadium


>supporting a celebration of child rape
Piss off boy fucker

>>muh michigan
Wait..Penn State thinks we have a rivalry?

Nothing wrong with letting a known pedophile rape boys for 30+ years at the institution where you are head football coach and and look the other way?

>bring our A game

so when do you bring your B game?


>mfw i thought Louisville was still in the AAC for some reason




>FSU Defense

ahahah how do you miss a throw on busted coverage that badly


You would think the closest game in terms of rankings would be the late game.

OU OSU will get way more eyes.


Did he die?

My bad. It's USC Stanford. Ummm. That's a west coast game?


So is Kansas bad intentionally?

Who /RICE/ here


They should just save their money and give up football.

They'd lose a lot of money if they dropped football because they'd have to leave the Big12.

Let's do this faggots



The Big 10 would pick Kansas up.

But then they'd have to have football again. There are no basketball-only associate members of the Big10, just lacrosse and hockey.

Why the hell would Iowa schedule a game with NDSU?

>There are no basketball-only associate members of the Big10

First, rules can change. It depends on how the board votes.

Second, Kansas wouldn't likely want to be an associate member; rather, it would be a non-football full member. This happens throughout the NCAA.

This is true, they are all hanging in our student building where it has the most traffic, and there are some places downtown that have them all too
Even in the campus icecream place

>6 minutes into the 2nd quarter

Stop it Clemson

>yfw Clemson actually puts 100 on the board and South Carolina St decides to disband their football program
Clemson confirmed for murderers.

So who here was very very wrong about Lamar Jackson not being the best player in the nation?

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