Will he be the first MVP to never make it into the hall of fame?

Will he be the first MVP to never make it into the hall of fame?

hall of fame?
lets try playing a whole season first.

Yes. First MVP in jail too

He was the first MVP to get completely shutdown by LeBron in the playoffs.

He won't see jail time, bruv.

Wasn't Iverson in jail?

But not the last.

>civil case


Is he the new wew Kobe?

If he makes the hall of fame I will stop watching basketball. There's no reasonable way he would deserve to be in there. Also, a return to form is looking unlikely. Couple that with the fact that his MVP is one of the weakest in history (his stats that year are comparable to Lillard's 15/16 season and Lillard didn't even make the all-star team) and him making it to the HOF seems impossible.

Well he led the Bulls to the #1 record and he really had a great year that year. He was so much fun too watch too ala Westbrook. Sucks injuries wasted his career

For what? He's not the subject of any criminal complaint right now so far as I know

The woman claiming against him is going the civil route because there wasn't enough evidence (or believed to be enough) to convict him criminally. Civil courts don't require unanimous jury in 1/3 of states (in Cali it is not mandatory and that's the jurisdiction for this case) so the burden of proof isn't as strict to receive $$$

There's not room for two rapists in the HOF.

I am a bit of a Rose hater because of his retarded fans. Amazing to think that he spawned such delusional rimlickers with only 2 good seasons, one of which wasn't even THAT good.

You're not wrong, and I actually think that he possibly DID deserve the MVP over LeBron that year (LBJ had way better stats but had Wade on his team putting up numbers as good as Rose's, hard to be the "most valuable" with a running mate like that), but it's still undeniable that the field was just very weak that year for MVP candidates and Rose wouldn't have gotten it just about any other year

>caring about the basketball hall of fame

It's literally everyone who was decent. Nothing special about it.

LeBron could have honestly won every MVP since 08. They voters just got tired of giving it to him and Rose was really the only other option. I still have hope he can get back to being the old D rose. Maybe new york will help him

That would deny DRose's incredible work ethic that year. He played hard constantly, hit the basket 24/7. And then he highlighted exactly why NBA players can't afford to play hard constantly and hit the basket 24/7.

If he's proven to have raped her it could become a criminal trial after the civil case loser.

It's not like Rose was the first player to go hard to the hoop. Westbrook does it now as well

He has been trying to settle all this time. The victim is out to expose him first as a hoodrat moron before she takes the money. Its only a matter of how much bullshit the lawyers are willing to fling at each other.

And you can't bring charges against someone for acting like a street urchin in his deposition.

But Rose is legit a hoodrat moron. The dude literally has no concept about what consent is and how you need it to have sex. He just hears there's a hoe that dtf, texts her even if there's no reply, and fucks her while drunk and drugged up with other guys like a faggot.

We know that. But the victim wants him to feel the burn first and to possibly strip him of his Adidas endorsement.


What does that have to do with whether he's going to jail or not?

>implying the whore won't take a settlement and disappear

He's used to having pussy handed to him since he was probably a young teenager.

cunt robbed lebron, no idea what the cunt nominators were thinking

Not while he was in the league though

>say you want to see your kid grow up as your excuse for always quitting and sitting on the bench
>proceed to go on a rape spree and get put in jail for life
black logic

>say you want to see your kid grow up as your excuse for always quitting and sitting on the bench

Did he really use his kid like that? Wow. Ballsy move.

no, even if you dont give it to lebron, dwight probably deserved it. 23/14, 2.4 blocks, 60% fg, DPOY, but they are so set on giving it to a 1st seed every year that it's just unfair.

on that note, its pretty clear that lebrons value to the miami heat, even with d wade still putting up great numbers, is huge. the only reason he didnt get mvp is because people were mad that he left.

yeah, he said he didnt wanna hurt himself so he wouldnt be sore at his kids graduation

>raped her
shes mad because they ran a train on her and wouldnt talk to her after, shits on snapchat where she says "its lit"

>talk girl into threesome with ya boi
>She agrees
>This is now considered rape

Rose is screwed.

Underrated Currycucking post.

He'd have to give his consent to being placed in the HoF and we've all recently learned that he has no idea what the fuck that means, so no.

How close is rose to being deemed legally retarded?

I enjoyed the legal explanation

MVP = Most Vulnerable Patellas

That's the world we live in now
>two people have consensual sex
>15 years later the girl sees the guy on the street and he hasn't aged well, so she starts thinking "I should not have had sex with that guy"
>it's now rape since she retroactively didn't want it

I don't disagree with you, personally I WOULD have given it to LBJ or Dwight, hell I would even consider Dirk at least equal in the MVP race with Rose (similar results, worse team, more valuable?). I'm just saying, Rose fanboys have an argument which is also pretty valid