Who's more popular?

Who's more popular?



The black one


do you really need to ask? Jordan



Who would win in a fight?

More people in Asia, South America, and Europe know who Tyson is.

Boxing is definitely more popular in south America than bball.

Tyson more popular here too. He actually bushes racing pigeons from a guy who lives in the town next to mine. He's a legend, MJ is still big but a lot of the older generation wouldn't recognise him.

Bushes? God damn.


>All these basketcases

Tyson >>>>>>>


only one still pulls in 100 million a year


there are black people in switzerland?

Too be honest, I'd say Babe Riuth, but niggers would get ridiculous.

Funny, considering Ruth was part nigger.


Nigga, we're all part nigger.

Let's just say I didn't have such a wide nose as the great one.

Ones a billionaire and the other is broke. Hmm

He was a top self pitcher before going to new York.

The man was amazing. A tall fat whirling dervish of a man.

I said it before and I'll say it again: no one, and I mean literally no one outside of the US cares about lankletball.

So Tyson is more popular.

basketball is more popular than baseball or football in Europe though

Such a dumb comment

Canada is basically the US anyway.

true, but that's not hard to do when basketball is the only watchable sport unlike handegg and baseball which are just commercial series with short sports breaks.

Obviously Jordan, everyone knows the Jumpman logo.

Jordan, objectively and without question. A combination of being the GOAT, being pushed by the media, having a controversial career, an incredibly successful clothing line and fucking space jam made him the most popular athlete of all time. Tyson has only one of those things to his name.

Ali is the only athlete imo who could challenge MJ for the "most popular" title


there are no commercials in baseball until the offense and defense switch during the middle of an inning. that can go on for a long time depending on how well the batters are hitting.

Basketball is pretty popular in spain, the Philippines, and china. Just look up videos of kobe Bryant visiting china. He is literally a God in China.

OP are you retarded as fuck? Does Tyson have a mega popular global sneaker brand like MJ?

I hope for your sake you mean NFL

of course I do, bong

>the year of our Lord Nineteen-Hundred and Ninety-two
>Best basketball player Jordan
>Best Boxer Tyson
>Best sprinter Johnson
>Most popular Singer Jackson

Why was 92 the GOAT year for Michael?

jackson's best music came out in the 80's.

Yeah. But Dangerous world tour was in 92 and he was still very popular

Nowadays boxing is a dead sport if you compare it with the popularity it used to have when Tyson was in active or even before.
Jordan is still the greatest basketball player in a sport that still have nowadays rising stars, so no doubt that he is way better known.

the one that isn't a nigger lover

in mexico, Tyson

>Le boxing is dead meme

Ya, that's why we're only 1 year removed from the biggest boxing match in history. Boxing is very popular in south america, Europe, and parts of asia. Just look how many British and Europe champions there are right now.

>Mayweather v. Pacquiao
>biggest boxing match in history

Jordan, hands down. Tyson isn't even the most popular boxer, The Greatest has him beat too.

Thats like saying some arab tire importer is more famous than Tyson because of wealth. Dumb fucking leaf

You were saying?

Ask that question in Britain and most people would have no idea about Jordan and shoes. This isn't even a thing outside of America.

>In America
I assume Jordan by a distance
>Amongst sports fans worldwide
possibly Jordan but it's closer
>Global population
Anywhere that likes Basketball will say Jordan but most places it's completely irrelevant so Tyson might be more popular

Why on earth do you think that grossing means biggest? Is Avatar the biggest film of all time? Shit no, it'll be forgotten 10 years from now. As will that fight.

Pacquiaio is more popular than Tyson TEEBEEAYCH

I'd say it was the biggest. It just didn't turn out as it was hyped up to be because Mayweather is a bitch boy all defense mother fucker


mostly because of Space Jam.

Not if Avatar 2-5 have a say.

you have no idea how popular mj and basketball is in china

tyson is not broke. he's a fucking millionaire. you'll hear him claiming to be broke, but being broke to a millionaire is different from what normal people would consider broke.


No one cares about boxing besides Mexicans

basketball is the most popular sport in china

lol, he looks like a midget next to big yao

So can we confirm that Mayweather vs Canelo was the 2nd biggest match in boxing history?

>Boxing is definitely more popular in south America than bball.

you're a fucking retard, m8, mexico isn't south america

people only know tyson exists because he bit someone's ear off

>Roberto Duran
>Alexis Arguello
>Carlos Monzon

>South America

again you're retarded