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the shookening part 2

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Remember to join /nba/'s (un)official fantasy league if you haven't already


First place gets a prize, something we don't know what yet, maybe a jersey (vote on it on the homepage, USfags only)...I'm still figuring out a way to send them to protect everyone's identity, but we'll figure that out later I guess..

youre sitting in the club and this man comes up and gives your girlfriend a firm open hand slap on the behind, what do you do?

john wall meme fags BTFO


>finally get to play in the NBA
>my guy is rated 59 and trash as fuck

fuck this game man

take his water away.

also, some user @'d me when he shouldn't have and told me that it was a bad thing that coach luke didnt tell him what position he'd be playing, desu positions are soo 2015, we are in the new era, who needs a position when you can shoot like a guard, move like a forward, and have the body of a center.

>you should be worried.

rub his shoulders and call him a big guy desu

>slaps my girlfriends ass
>not my ass
i'd be pretty disappointed honestly

So /nba/, let's discuss whether the NBA getting involved in first, Donald Sterling, and now the Charlotte faggotry is good or bad for the league

I personally think it's pandering to degenerates and Silver is secretly gay

Stupid post.

Post OC or never @ me again

Dude, what's your fucking problem?

he's right

>watching the posts go up but the IP count stay the same

this is out of control, we need Sam and Wiz back to police this shit

>discussing a huge issue in the NBA is a stupid post

explain, no really, I want to see how you rationalize that

this general is DYING, we need nba discussion so either talk basketball or don't @ me again

The general is full of kobe > lebron memers and curryposting. Just wait for the season to start, it'll all be over soon.

but Kobe is better than LeBron, canuck....

>kobe > lebron memers

That's not memes that's true

my SimmGOD Sixers jersey arrived in the post lads

Thank You Based Aliexpress

get us some pics when you can senpai

I got my lakers yellow ingram jersey coming in 3 weeks, it just got shipped this morning from ae

its stupid and it will bite them in the ass. for an organization dominated by Jews, they dont seem to understand the first rule of successful business: dont take a stand on social issues unless it agrees with the vast majority of your market. cancer charities, gay pride, u.s. soldiers, those are all things you can safely support because 95% of the country supports it too. this transgender thing is a totally different beast, the country is completely divided on it.

>ywn get to wave your dick at small girls in the womens bathroom while telling them to check their privilege during the 2017 Charlotte All Star weekend

agreed lad, I usually browse /r/nba and its just full on cuck over there on this issue and the Rose "rape" case too

are we all white friends here? some of you niggas on the fantasy league look white as fuck

canadians are becoming cancers of this general, you "people" used to be based but now are a distraction to on-topic dicussions. please leave. if you're not posting oc or talking about basketball you're the problem.

this desu


The NBA is trying to market to those that bother to watch it, minorities.

Some hillbilly fuck throws a fit because they're moving from Charlotte? Who gives a shit, they're all busy watching football and being balls deep in their sister.

But minorities are far more likely to hate trannys than white people.

>ywn work with Kobe on investing in companies and start ups
>ywn go to lunch together wearing Italian suits and talking about ball

he's basically blacked dot com the person

i gotta be honest, i lost a lot of respect for him when he did that ghostbusters ad

been watching the lakers for over 18 years, just seem like a bitch ass #imwithher move

respecting him in the first place

>non lakey user trying to understand our culture and love for our superstars


16 rings bitch

>ywn talk about the current world economic climate while eating paella and drinking Italian wine off the Canary coast on his private yacht

Please God, why did it have to be like this?

did you just @ me?


r u canada oc bro

Depends. What do you need


i need you to leave. fucking cancerous, casual faggot.

Here la'

I'd like a picture of Kobe having dinner with his sons at an Italian restaurant.

Kawhi is either outside looking through a window sad as he was banned from eating with them, or Kawhi is in a separate table eating some shitty food ostracized from the family.


His first investment is a 700 dollar juicer. Its pretty stupid.

In an interview he said his partner first thinks about strategy and business and his thoughts are logo and story. I think he will be off to a rocky start.

God I miss this poomunity

>tfw October 26 is 5 years away

I'm afraid I can't answer that because you don't have the proper security clearance, file a form A with forensics and I'll get back to you in 4-6 weeks

His success rate can't be worse than his fg%

Did you faggots just @ me? you shouldn't do that.

Dude, why the fuck are you hatin bro? You should be happy, and they invested in multiple things at the same time. A juicer is just one iota of the whole. Plus kitchen equipment is a huge market.

>tfw you got a vitamix and that shit is cash as fuck.

Literally the greatest blender ever.


What's your current relationship with Sam Hinkie? Are you friends with Brandon from Cred Forums? Why hasn't anyone heard from him?

Is everyone else genuinely excited for the Simmons-Embiid train that is about to dominate the league for the next decade?

Shh...we can't speak now.

We must wait until the moment is right...
May the seasons begin soon brother....

>owl for moloch
>bull for baal
>all seeing eye

Kobe Bryant is f**king stupid and I poster dunked on Westbrook

More excited about the bucks all 7 feet lineup

Nah senpai that shit is a meme. KAT and Wigs gonna rape the league on both ends of the court.

Snitch and Skelegram gonna get bodied by the league for years to come.


not hating, just a worried kobe fan.

>Kat, Wiggins
>Embiid, Simmons

how the fuck do you stop this?

anyone here browse /ck/?

sup, you guys forgot about J? walking double double, projected occasional triple double.

Big men are a meme now.

Any little twink that shoots threes could stop that now. Imagine all the meme shooting guards that are going to come into the NBA 5 years from now.

>Silver's profits when multiple Bucks-Wolves finals series in the next decade

>klay Thompson
>Paul George

Incredibly SOON

Food is not for enjoyment it's fuel

Fuck /ck/ fatties

>implying Westbrook/Oladipo/Butler/Blake/Adams isn't going to destroy your ass


nigga i cook healthy shit like lean fried chicken

>Imagine all the meme shooting guards that are going to come into the NBA 5 years from now.

5 years from now? it's happening now, all the meme guard on the celtics aka smart, rozier, the meme guard from miami, richardson. those 2 memes from cleveland that played good in the summer league, the entire suns team, we need more winslow types to come intothe league to D them the fuck up.

>lean fried chicken

That doesn't make sense you fucking fatty.

>healthy shit like lean fried chicken

>Nigga who can't shoot
>Meme guard

I tried grilled chicken once


Meme shooting is going to die cause players will be too good at defending it and big men will rise again. It's the circle of nba

Remember when the NBA used to have those Sprite commericals? good times good times

I like Pepsi though

Which teams need a playmaking point guard the most I need to decide what team to force a trade to

Only kids drink pop

Dude I don't even know who you are anymore

Clippers if you want to play behind CP3, OKC, Spurs, Bombston.



>sam leaves
>go wiz is mia
>clips is not around to bully
>stuck with contrarian canadian

darkest timeline



Don't worry you have me

John Wall
James Harden
Trevor Ariza
Ryan Anderson
Clint Capela

Title contender?

No defense. No championship.


It's soda, get it right

Ryan Anderson is too shit now. Not starter-tier.

Wall is a waste in Houston. So is any typical point guard. Their point guard needs to just be a 3 &d one roleplayer like Chalmers

j wall and ariza plays defense, so does capela, and there have been reports of harden working on his defense, we wont see till the season but i mean who needs defense when you're getting buckets in a 7 seconds or less pace my ninja.
volume buckets > defense

I got cracks and fissures in my foreskin is that bad?

Yeah pham, try rubbing some moisturiser into it

>there have been reports of harden working on his defense

No there haven't. One of his dumbass teammates said Harden promised to play defense this season which is bullshit. That's it.

>who needs defense
>volume buckets > defense
>my ninja

Literally stop posting.

ill try it senpai, thanks, got prediabetes so im a bit worried ofc

>Jul 23, 2016 - In a conversation with NBA.com, Harden implied the Rockets' changing roster and philosophy will bring him newfound defensive energy.

>Rockets' teammate insists that James Harden's defense will improve ...

>Aug 25, 2016 - Rockets' teammate insists that James Harden's defense will improve next season ... "I think this year he's going to play better defense." Brewer

>rockets hire defensive coach

idk if he will or not but don't be a dumbass and not look for sources. You can't judge a team without having seen them play in an NBA game, maybe you need to stop posting. i swear it's like some anons talk out of their ass, just because he didn't play defense in previous season doesnt mean he isnt going to give it a try this season when he has a better chance at the title than last season.

dont bother replying back

Why do Cockshit fans think somebody can just suddenly play effective defense? If that was the case everyone in the league would be doing it. And we wouldn't have such a defensive drought in the current day NBA. Harden has shown no previous signs of being a good defender and was never close to being a two way player. All the way from college, to OKC, to Houston. He's been all offense. That's why OKC didn't start him because he's a liability defensively. He's at his best against second units.

Defense is a quality that's honestly hard to develop, and takes major discipline to do it over and over again in the heat of the moment. It also takes physical talent with large hands and a long wingspan if you don't already have a developed lateral quickness.

Cockshit fans are delusional casuals.

More news at 11.

>hire defensive coach
>have Mike no D'Antoni as your head coach
>H-H-He promised to play D guys, I-I-I promise. It's not like I'm just a typical delusional teammate gassing up my team before the season just for looking good in the public eye

>L-lebron won't win one for the land c-cause he said he would

How good is the game guys?

>You can't judge a team without having seen them play in an NBA game

>majority of the players are still the same from last season were they barely made the playoffs
>have made no notable achievements to their roster as far as defense and now lost their best rim protector in Howard and are stuck with Capela.
>Anderson played in the NBA last season and has played for a long time so we all know the scope of his game and he's statistically and physically on the decline after multiple major injuries and his gf committing suicide fucking up his mental health.
>nah you can't judge because I said so ROCKETS 2017 NBA CHAMPS LOL


read it you nerds, warriors be running what the master mind D'antoni is created. It's possible to win a ship D'antoni style. Do you guys even Capela? not a rockets fan just not a hater. Im rooting for every team that isnt the memes this upcoming season.

not a rockets fan but do you even capela m8? he's a Center worthy of starting in the NBA, a deandre jordan if he had a better pnr game, a DJ jordan with a post game.


>mfw this fucking Cockshits fan is actually serious right now

>Yo here's a HIGHlight real to show this guy is a GREAT defender even tho it's all offensive highlights when the complaint is his defense

Literally laffin @ your life right now senpai.

This Shiton Cockshits guy is hilarious.

>it's all offensive highlights
>didn't even watch the video

>posts memes vs rockets
>realize who im talking to
>rockets beat the clippers up 3-1
kinda like lebron james beat the memes up 3-1, lebron and harden are our guys this season.

NOT a rockets fan, didnt know /nba/ hated good players, which capela is a good player.

idk senpai, I'm leaning towards not buying it and i dont see a point in buying it cause online is the only interest for me

but knowing 2k, servers will suck ass again

Honestly, Houston is probably the worst team in Texas right now. Wouldn't be surprised if they lost to the Mavs the majority of the reg season.

/nba/ 2K League when

>mfw Barnes has a breakout season and averages 19ppg

people are sleeping on the mavs,

>that coaching staff
if carlisle had some real players, he'd have a title

One of my favorite games in the season.

>Shiton Cockshits



>that defense by Harden
>that awful passing by the whole team
>just everything in general

>mfw Harden will NEVER win a championship by himself because refs won't baby him with shooting fouls in the playoffs

>mfw Harden would've been better off as a bench player in OKC than an all hype "superstar" in smog city

Spurs name Monty Williams VP of Basketball Operations.


Bucks now have a Uber pickup center near the arena.

One thing about the Thunder is they've never had any players that knew how to take a charge besides Nick Collison & Perkins. Ilyasova lead the league in charges taken last season.

Way better than last year

>my career
Way less story bullshit can actually play rookie season
>my gm
expansion draft, rule changes, offseason meetings

Then there's been improvements to general gameplay too

Decent, no more demigod on the park

cringe that you got offended by his opinion

Cringe that you replied to an hours old post as if anyone gives a shit or that person is here.

Why do americans get offended when you critisize their Gods (sports stars and hollywood actors).

>Kobe Bryant isn't even top 5 Laker of all time

Does this offend you? Cringe how you guys make it your sports team your personal identity. When someone criticizes them, you take it as a personal insult. lmao

dunk on his soft ass

Wow, that's a lot of projection. So much so I must say you're a little bit obsessed, and maybe even autistic.

Please get a life friend. Because the one you act out here has failed.

I'm not the one crying lad. Your idol got criticized and you're chimping out about it. take it easy

Who's crying? Are you hearing things? Seems like you're a schizo too.

Might want to get that checked out la'. Please stop projecting your delusional and crazed thoughts on me or anyone else.

You replied to my first comment in just over a minute, goes on to call me names. Very cringe if you ask me lad. again, take it easy. Nobody is getting upset at you.

You're the first person to reply to anyone crying and throwing a fit of some egotistical thought as if anyone gave a shit what you felt or how it's somehow tied to your infantile perception of Americans.

then why do you keep replying to me mate. Take the L and move on. I'm not going to apologize for offending your favorite player though. take it easy


Literally took me one game to become a starter over Collison. Also lots of fun playing pick and rolls with Boogie, Cauley-Stein and Labissiere (I don't know his rating but 2K may have made him a tad too good)

I'm sorry but you're being very presumptuous about this situation as if there's anything to win or to lose. As soon as you posted you'd already built some saddening dichotomy in your mind unknowingly there was none and your efforts were nothing but a waste.

>your efforts were nothing but a waste.

then why are you still replying to me whinging and crying, just take it easy mate. Zero need to be so upset.

Happy birthday sheed!

I rly hope that Ingram isn't a bust

He's a bust...



When the fuck did birdman sign with the cavs?


Jesus fuck you're a fucking slowpoke.

Lakers don't draft busts

2018-2019 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers

Russell and Ingram First Team All-NBA, Randle DPOY

>Lakers don't draft busts
Wayne Yates

>Literally have to go back 55 years to find the bust
>Was literally a mid-late first round pick
That's how good the Lakers are at drafting


link please fampai

who /lakers/ here? @ me bros, cletic fans can go suck a dick

euroleague and eurocup teams are fucked up

reminder, that if you don't set your microwave to 1:24 or 1:23, or even 1:81 (first number doesn't matter) to warm up your pop corn or other tasy treats then you're just not doing food or basketball correctly.

I just press the "add minute" button once or twice

right here bro

who /breakfastclub/ here?


Fuckkkk spurs are going downhill fast

24 seconds. your team is on defense. you have to worry about D'angelo Russell at the one, quick, crafty, then you got Jordan Clarkson at the 2, strong, quick on the defensive end and fast on offense, elite shooter. You then got ROTY Brandon Ingram having his back, long, hard to score with those long arms and good lateral movement. And what can i say about Julius Randle that i haven't already said? double double monster, barkley-esque, going to be a triple double threat as his career progresses. And the big man down low, Ivica Zubac, the next Marc gasol, defensive presence, offensive master with skill and precision.

desu the best young core in the league, lets be honest, the wolves don't have shit on us.



You forgot best guy, LNJ

Lakeys might make the playoffs by 2018

One spot left in the fantasy league

stay obsessed cuck

oh yes, our spark off the bench, the man who dunked on gaymond green, the man who can't be shaw'tn a fooled, our white lamar odom. how did i forget.

you cletics fan? lel, play-off memes, desu you're the mavericks of the leastern conference. Stay cucked my friend, THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE LAKES.

That will literally never happen. If Blake did go to OKC they would only get to the 4th seed, MAYBE the 4th.

who's team gardner, guy made like 5 accounts

Who's ready for the race for the 2nd seed

he had 3 last night and i got rid of 2

You mean 2nd pick

ima send a lm note out later about inactivity as well and let you guys vote on it

>average the same amount of points as russell with half the amount of minutes
>still on the bench
Hey fuck the lakers

when did noah start to look like durant's lesbian ladyboy twin sister

suspicious, know wut i meeen

so what are the pistons going to do with three centers? drummond, baynes, and marjanovic are one rotation guy too many. or did they actually trade baynes yet.

What NBA players have you met?
Jason Colins
MCW at Starbucks a few days back

pic related last summer. he likes Cowboy Bebop

met sam hinkie at a 99 cents store in NJ this one time, he was in the produce aisle by the fruit and kept whispering to me, all he said was

>"i just got to pick the best ones"

it was weird.


Yeah, i feel you

We just filled up, if any spots open during the season, you may be able to claim a team. I will post here if that does happen.

i hate this part of the off-season

it's funny you say this because his wife comes all the time to the Starbucks I work at, probably 3x a week

Enjoy spending the next 4-5 years in lottery hell Lelker fans.

Trade one to the Sixers? I hear the Sixers need centers.

the goblin isn't a rotation player

>tfw 9 of the accounts in fantasy league are mine
>tfw i'm pretty much guaranteed the prize

he better be earning 20m on three years

6.66m a year is nothing

Theres always one guy who ruins it for everyone

Exactly 2 more weeks until the pre season starts.
Who here /hyped/?


>you have to worry about D'angelo Russell
lol that snitch has to worry about himself and stay outta peoples business

>head to court, cute chick, her butter faced friend, and their little brother come to park
>shoot around with little guy, cutie comes up and asks me to start a hustle
>She had okay handles but a great shot
>Says she played varsity
>it's her and her friend vs me and the lil bro
>Lil bro calls for the ball every possession
Just a footnote, when I did play defense during a possession she had a little bit of a rough time, so I should have played more D I guess.
>Fast-forward, we lose because lol give me ball
>Play hustle with other guys who showed up to the park
>cutie comes up and says "he can't hoop; he's scared to shoot and passes too much"
>when I had up in the hustle
She was kinda right about me being scared to shoot, because it was kinda windy. My shot would have been off, so I would pretty much only do layups.
/end blog

Wow I thought this was heading somewhere.
You're a fucking faggot.

>She was kinda right

Any other guitar fags in here? Play something dank

I play piano. Wanna hear something

do it

i got my acoustic right here ill play something

i play clarinet

here u go senpai


ignore the fucks up, haven't played acoustic in a while mostly play electric these days

Something short

Something I started yesterday

Something I recorded last month

what song is this?

just some random chord progression i found on youtube, added my own rhythm pattern

classy af tbqh

oh here it is


i moved everything down a whole step i believe


>being this jelly that you can't play an instrument

its not hard lad, and chicks dig it

What's wrong?

yall niggas better actually show up for this shit. last season half the team owners didnt even log in for the draft and the league was dead on arrival

>number one pick was a no show
please be a good league

>mfw i signed up 5 slots in each fantasy league
>mfw im not playing fantasy league

Dont worry lad im going to stay ontop of it

I signed up for one too and I have no intentions of actually doing fantasy kek.

What do you get out of this?

>Recently start having knee problems
>Start to crouch a little bit while shooting
>always end up shooting too hard
I need a fucking knee brace. One of these days when I get up from a seat it's going to snap like a fucking slim Jim

We don't play basketball here. Get out.

>cousins wants me to skip practice to hang out with him
accurate I guess

hang out and do what? brush each others teeth? would be accurate as fuck.

my bad if that annoys u nigel, i have to come up with new material. guess i used that one too much.

I went to my state fair and killed it at the basketball games. I got pikachu plushies for days. Bitches love pikachu plushies.

Wow I scroll through the whole thread to see that low effort post

Have a long hard talk with yourself and don't @ anyone until you up your game

Give that to some thot and you're guaranteed a bathroom blowjob.

Sounds like weak hammies my nigga best fix that before you end up in snap city

Blake Griffin is overrated. So is Chris Paul. And DJ. The Clippers are probably the most overrated team ever.

>and they still don't have a SF

if the clops got luol deng instead of the lakes, would the clippers be betteR?

Not really. I'd say they're underrated. They're always lurking in in the top seeds but they're cursed with injuries during the playoffs.

filtered, reported. keep it moving.

Um... No...., they'd be at least the second third. Clippers wouldn't be able to compete with only old as Paul and DJ now has his lobs cut in half. Clips no longer have an inside presence, OKC now has two slashers in their backcourt plus a second inside playmaker on the high post like KD with his iso but Blake is more willing to pass and move the ball than KD. That's an elite inside team. Then they have Adams as a rim protector and a lob machine. And unlike DJ he doesn't just dunk and makes his free throws.


Saw this dude at a Starbucks and it was pretty depressing. Honestly glad they got rid of the Sonics because every former player is either broke, a drug addict, alcoholic, or in jail. Except the Glove.

Chris Paul is properly rated. He's one of the best point guards of all time, his second round curse doesn't take away from that fact. Blake Griffin is a bit overrated, he was developing into a genuine superstar until last season when he got fucked by injuries, we'll see if he can recover. DeAndre Jordan is super, SUPER overrated. He's not even close to being a top center but people genuinely believe he's the best C in the league. He relies on CP3 for absolutely everything, I wanted him to go to the Mavericks so bad just to see him get exposed when he doesn't have CP3 setting him up on every play. Without an elite point guard that nigga is basically JaVale McGee.

>Chris Paul is properly rated. He's one of the best point guards of all time, his second round curse doesn't take away from that fact.

>Chris Paul is properly rated
>He's one of the best point guards of all time
>of all time

why is westbrook fingering that little girl

CP3 isn't even close to being as good as Stockton and that dude gets fucking disrespected all the time just because he doesn't have rings.

CP3 will never win a ring as is without resorting to ring chasing at an old age, maybe with the Spurs.

And he'll forever lose respect and ranking among the all time greats.

>shit averages
>best of all time

>He's not even close to being a top center but people genuinely believe he's the best C in the league. He relies on CP3 for absolutely everything,

did u watch the lympics brah? and he is the best center in the league, name 5 better than him, of wait u cant. you can make an arugment for boogie but dats pretty much it.

That's his little girl.



There aren't that many good centers right now to begin with. The olympics doesn't mean shit.

The real question is did you even see the olympics?

Deandre didn't do shit. He got carried. Barnes got a gold medal too does that mean he's elite?

Stockton doesn't get disrespected, he's widely considered the GOAT at his position. CP3 could retire right now and he would be a 10 top all time point guard. If he ever wins a ring he'll probably be top 5.

>name 5 centers better than him
Anthony Davis
Marc Gasol
Demarcus Cousins
Steven Adams
Andre Drummond

>he's widely considered the GOAT at his position

Lmao that's Magic Johnson. Hell I'd put Isiah Thomas before Stockton since IT actually won 2 rings and was able to stop Jordan.

White Chocolate
then maybe cp3 but i'd have to look more.

Anyone got anymore fantasy spots?




Patrick Ewing

who you got?

None because those are some dumbass teams.

thanks for your contribution!

probably the LeGod team. Horford/Millsap/Clarkson/LaVine don't really add much here, it really comes down to Stockton/LeGod/DJ vs CP3/Kawhi/Ewing. The second team is better overall but the first team has LeGod, and I never bet against LeGod.

are you saying that if you put lebron on ANY team past present of future that he will make then instant contenders??? like you can put him on a past cloppers roster pre cp3/blake/dj and they'd go to the finals??

does anyone elses knees make loud noises when they bend them

yes. he took a team with a starting lineup of Matthew Dellavedova, J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, and Timofey Mozgov to the finals. you could put him on the 76ers and they would be contenders

>steve nash was such a greedy fuck they couldn't even put him in the legacy suns rosters so leandro barbosa is the starting point guard in them

but senpai, the sixers are good now...they have their own leborn

did he demand a bunch of money to appear in the game or some shit? how can you even have a legacy suns roster without Nash? the only other relevant player on that team is Amar'e

Wasn't he on last year's version?

Do they still make Open Court episodes?


The last one I remember was the one where they explained on court roles by position and were wearing their old jerseys while doing it.

what part of the bay area are you from again?



fuck..that reminds me, based chuck retired. who's going to take his place? random white guy? IT? max weiner?

Is hot OC still welcome in these parts?

>chuck retired

No he didn't. He's still on contract

Born Ready

How do you STOP this team pham?

I would LEGIT welcome Ricky Rubio's uncut penis into my mouth hole

quill me

yes sir, OC is /nba/ currency.

>people think kobe is investing his money on blenders and shit or whatever that one user posted

kobe is investing in Dank OC

I had to get out of the OC game, I had a lot of fun doing it but it was time consuming....I thank Sam for those videos because I pretty much learned all I know from those....

pretty sure Kenny left, not Chuck.

Reminder Lebron day was canceled by popular vote on /nba/

>all our banners lost

Cred Forums.org/banner-contest/sp

Cred Forums has no taste tbqh, I thought that lelbron one was going to win for sure

lel @ the german /nba/ sperging out, i remember that

tay is thick

who will win the chip this year?

>what is a pushup bra

also she picks her scabs look at her ankles, how nasty

i made the lelbron one in a few minutes, i wasnt too satisfied with the final result and i would have been a little ashamed if it won over the other /nba/ banners

im disgusted that some of those /nba/ banners didn't win though. the assblasted German janitor one, the John Wall SHOOK one, the bully ball one, the kyrie fat fucks one, the hinkie lottery one, and the steph + KD getting shit on one are all awesome. those all look like they were made by 7KT, i cant believe none of them won

Is that fucken MIKE in the background?

i would eat her scabs



get fucking bodied faggots

yours was my favorite one desu senpai, though i liked 7kt's too...the janny one was my favorite, the Bully one too

i think he was too specific with his memes, half of Cred Forums didn't get them because they never browse here

>random autistic laughing
>quotes me for no reason
>uses "bodied" like it's 2000 and hybrid theory just released



at least they have banners that won

wew lad, I'm going to stick to the fantasy league until the season starts, you are off your rocker lad

kick rocks non winning banner faggot

more proof hinkie OC is shit

enjoy these (You)'s i havent given any to you in a while, consider it a LeBron day gift, no charge.

This game ages like fine wine. It only gets better and better as time goes by.


>lean fried chicken

Teach me senpai.

im so sick of bein fat but its impossible to lose weight!! god

sup gomeds

consider male twerking as a career option

So how will he do in Utah?

Steven Adams met Big Country Reeves.

>inb4 some idiot here doesn't know who Big Country is

pretty good i hope, still a big big fan. snyder's an apple from the spurs tree too.

literally who



more proof the cavs/lebron title was rigged

>Darius Miles is bankrupt

Lmao, BUST

Jesus fuck get over yourself you loser.

She's about as THICK as my PINKY and I have woman hands.

>You know, I loved the way Kobe went out … with a 60-point game? That’s so Kobe like. The whole arena was standing up the whole fourth quarter. So much fun to watch. But I’m more like a Duncan guy. More a quiet guy. I don’t need the limelight as much. Maybe not quite the just e-mail, Hey, by the way Tim Duncan is retiring. I thought that was a little low profile. Maybe there’s a little press conference or something. I don’t know, I don’t really want to think about it because I know it’s gonna come up soon anyway. I’m just gonna enjoy the last couple of years.



John Wall status?

Name a player more underrated.

>not "goodbye shit town"

So which team is he getting traded to?

Not worth shit. Trade Jah for a good return.

>Noel is being sued, TMZ reports, for alleged damage to a home including, among other things, plumbing damage done by fecal matter and Gatorade stains apparently everywhere. Oh, and after receiving a list of charges for the damage, the landlord is alleging Noel left a tombstone in the home with "RIP" on it.


>hasn't been seen or heard from in months
>was complaining at the end of the season that he was sick of all the losing
>removed references to the sixers on his twitter acct
>hasn't been advertised by the team since the draft

>has said that he's excited for the future of the team
>has been recently advertised by the team as being part of the future
>seen hanging around with Simmons and Embiid

Jah will probably go to a different team when he's an UFA, at that point he'll likely be a bench big on this team. But i don't see him getting traded this offseason. You are right in that he would fetch a better return than Noel, though.

>Nerlens NoelVerified account
>#BostonStrong - Former Kentucky Wildcat - Current Philadelphia 76er!!

Literally go to his twitter dumbass.


So is 2k mycareer better this year? I did see that there is this whole teammate/friend thing but can you actually choose your nickname, etc.?

Do we actually have a choice this year?

Also, anything with myGM? I'm a sixers fan so all dat young talent could be fun to build around

You're called Pres but you can change what commentary calls you again in options

You don't skip rookie year, there's less college games and you earn vc for them, story is about you and a teammate being bros and becoming an amazing tandem.
Grind is still awful though as they want kids to buy loads of VC

Massive improvements over last year even on the post-spike lee stuff.

Mygm has proper expansion draft and end of season's meetings. It's possible to vote on rule changes for shit like a 45 second shot clock.
Sixers are stupidly easy because of the young talent and picks

How do we make /nba/ great again guys?

I say we build a great firewall where no chinks are allowed to come here.

Only real niggas and whiteys. No lightskinneds .

I never said I was from bay area...

Cool, guess I'll get it.

Not being able to play more games in your rookie season or change what commentators call you irked the fuck out of me in 2k16.

Those myGM changes sound amazing too.

And yea, I'm a sixers fan so I want to build them up. Probably trade Noel or Jah right away for picks or a decent guard. Probably for picks, make Sam proud.

Mixed race people are objectively superior to lesser mono race scum. Look at last year's dunk contest.

It's massively better than 2k16 desu

To the point where you're wondering if they just did the minimum amount of work last year before immediately focusing on the next version

All I wanted last year was just an improvement on 2k15. I liked 2k15 mycareer, they should've just polished that.

Probably my biggest game purchase regret is 2k16.

>Tracy McGrady hasn't posted anything on his twitter since 2015

>this was his last post


Sounds great. Are those sudden mood-swings from players are still in MyGM? (To be honest, I found that and most of the pitches system overly simplistic and often illogical.) Also, have you tried playing PF / C with Stretch Big archetype? Judging from the raw data, it's seems to be OP.

Like Bow Wow?

Uncle Drew killing it again.



>you will never dance and sing with Uncle Drew
The world is so cruel.

>that blatant advertising for top golf

Freddy Adu tier.

you forgot to say #nohomo

it's endearing desu

No I didn't.

Haven't played enough mygm to see if the promises are still borked but 3 shooting is broken

Basically there's only 5 badges per build you can make gold but those badges can upgraded further to "Hall of Fame" and "Grand"

The last level is a temporary boost when you get hot, for the catch and shoot badge it basically means you can drain anything from anywhere

First All NBA Dance Team

Uncle Drew


W-Wall didn't make the first team?
Muh dougie.

He's second team along with Shump

Why LeBron and Porzingis?



>Why LeBron

LeBron is a corny ass nigga.

adopt, marry, marry, marry, marry



Hnnnng muh dick

Asian and Latina are ultimate waifu tier. Would bang the other two.

Thanks. I don't know how 3pt shooting is broken, but Big Stretch can go up to 90+ both in contested / open 3s AND mid-ranges. Which is ridiculous, especially as a PF or C who's at least decent in every other areas too. Way too tempting.

Seems like there's a severe lack of rivalries in the NBA. And anytime one begins it quickly disappears. Only legit one is Celtics and Lakers.

why is kobe suspicious /nba/?

Who are the Cowboys Redskins of the NBA?

If we're talking cowboys, it's probably the warriors right now. Overhyped shitty team that was good once and will never amount to anything ever.
Complete with bandwagon fans.

Jesus Christ you're retarded.

>tfw you realise your default name in MyCareer is Pres

Jesus Christ Dek and Zeke gonna be the next Shaq and Kobe.



I know what the original question was, I just used that question to talk about the cowboys.


That died when Reggie retired.

Really makes you think

Wall openly defying Washington. Confirmed leaving the Wiz as soon as possible.


Dak and Zeke remind me of young Westbrook and KD.

why are the cowboys so based bros

What? Zeke is a bust

Lmaoing @ your life senpai.

>What? Zeke is a bust



>trump wins in november
>cowboys win in february
>spurs win in june


who /wedemboyz/ here?





Everyone online in 2k plays the Warriors. I picked the Warriors and then I ended up playing the Warriors. So after that I picked the Thunder and then I played the Warriors again

>the shitty of Kevin Durant



>cowboys blow the fuck out of the league
>/nba/ so quiet a pin can drop

>Dallas wins against mediocre team
Fuck off.

Hey KD. How does it fucking feel? TAKE THIS L

>he is this mad about the cowboys being elite




I'm a Wisconsin native, I bleed green and gold. Fuck outta here. When's the last time the cowboys have been to the super bowl? Those niggas are ass.




>I'm a Wisconsin native

>I'm a Wisconsin native

>I'm a Wisconsin native

Is this a sign?

Has the shookening truly ended?

he's aligned with dem boyz, there's no way he can lose now tbqhwy

who /emilia/ here

I'm rewatching all the classic itsreal85 vids. Getting hype for the season

here bruh


anyone familiar with sports eye-ware? what model of oakleys are these? i hate playing in my glasses


Can I download 2k17 on PSN right now? I looked up google and it says it hasn't released in stores yet but it looks like it might be available on PSN. I'd rather get the digital version so I don't have to swap discs.

Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.

>that cheeky LT jersey

hometown hero

so fantasy is full? fuck. i made a league and someone quit because they forgot their email. i just wanna play fantasy.

I can open a spot for you if you are really interested


Get in while you can senpai

better be active you fuck, dont just join cause everyone is doing it. faggot cunt face.

>go wiz desperately trying to free john wall
>in the offseason

Lmao. His shook status will be determined on the court faggots. John Wall remains shook until the season starts

>I'd rather get the digital version so I don't have to swap discs.
Kill yourself.

ayy german bro

whats up my m8

13 more days fellas.

til what pussy

>he doesn't know
Why are you here

>le he doesn't know xDDDD may may

fuck off retard

Everyone should know this though. You fuck off if you don't even know this

till the start of the fall season of course

>hibike euphonium s2
>natsume yuujinchou s5
>yuri on ice
>haikyuu s3
>sangatsu no lion
>fune wo amu

good time to be a fucking nerd loser desu. best season in ages.

i wish i had the time to be a weeb, it seems like a lot of fun

i get up at 0530 and get back home at 1930 but i can watch 3-4 eps during my commute without anyone noticing, my train's got some sweet spots with walls behind them

I only watch a few episodes a day. Sometimes 1 or 2.

I can see myself picking up another 15-16 animes once again like I do every season. Still haven't made a list, but so far I am gonna watch Ajin S2, Bungou SD S2 and Hibikek S2.

I love you, weeb Germanposter. No homo.

weebs? not in my /nba/ gtfo nerds. go jack off somewhere else. this is a holy place.

Shut the fuck up you dumb shit frog poster.

i hate you but those repeating digits makes me like you.


ill get in as soon as i get home

i started the first league that everyone quit on because a tripfag forgot his email so dw ill be active, im obsessed w this shit


>sports show
can't even ban me for this
(please don't ban me)


sports shows are legal, hiro said so

what is this english

I think this was a game.
>(c) Cygams Inc.
Its a game.

it's "keijo" followed by a very questionable number of exclamation marks. copy and paste says Keijo!!!!!!!! but i ain't gonna count them

cygames are loaded as fuck, they're only developing full packages now including high quality anime productions, cf. also shingeki no bahamut virgin soul: youtube.com/watch?v=ra47IXw7tqU. uma musume will turn into a series sooner rather than later. i hope Cred Forums adopts it.

aw shit you meant the corny ass narration. yeah i dunno.

so john wall confirmed going to the mavs?

so john wall confirmed going to the raps?

so john wall confirmed going to the lakeys?

Can someone explain why the fuck Bleach ended the way it did? Aizen arc should have been the last one desu

im pretty sure you can get the answer on
not here. gtfo

>dumb shit frog poster
>bleach shit
Try reddit.


Damnit, too fucking late. Would anybody join another league if I made one? Auction drafting is fun.

Still 4 spots open senpai

which position should i play in 2k17? Thinking about Point Guard or Power Forward.

>Power Forward.
this triggered me.


wtf I love Argentina now!



status on /jah/lil okafor?

He shook

how long til his season-altering injury desu?

>my face when the dallas cowboys and the san antonio spurs are going to win their league championships and there is not a fucking thing you can do to stop it

>can barely beat the shitskins


The Kings are 6th overall in 2k17

5 rings bitch


you do that but you shouldn't....

Will Simmons and Wentz lead Philadelphia sports into a golden age?

Why was Magic so likable around the league despite the fact that he was showing off and throwing behind the back passes and no look passes every single game? Even when he messed up, it was still amazing.

Simmons seems to have the same charisma, desu, and I'm really excited to see this come back. Being flashy without being a smug honor roll student like that faggot down in GS.

Most definitely


>the crippling autism that is the warriors fanbase



Who's down to make a Myleague?
Add me on Xbox@Schoolboy Qtip

Hasn't it been almost 20 years since cowboys have accomplished anything? Lmao

The league will be 82 games obv, nba format
Must have Xbocks won to play
Please @me for invitation
Winner gets a customized tshirt of their team choice


>this thread is still up

me wearing #24

When is summer /nba/ considered over? My second year here


summer /nba/ started in july 2015 and it's still going strong

I did this once on Black Friday, was trying to grab the last 35 inch TV and this black girl came up behind me and started screaming about how it was her's because she had her eye on it

I was an asshole and told her first come first serve, and she shoved me. My uncle told me once he did this thing when his ex-wife used to get physical with him and he didn't trust himself not to smack the fuck outta her for being mouthy

So I took a dive backwards and lay on the cold floor of Target just staring at the ceiling, about 30 seconds passed before an employee came by and the girl started crying and saying she didn't mean to hurt me

Out of the corner of my eye, I waited til this bitch turned her back to me. Then I jumped up, grabbed the TV and ran for the register. Nigga i was already paying by the time she noticed and she chased my mexican ass all the way out to the parking lot where my bro was waiting

Good times, she was kinda qt too, looked like that chick from Star Trek

that's a pretty good story

thanks my ese

you did the right thing lad

i thought blacks and mexicans got along? i'm from OKC so I have no idea I'm just guessing

>i thought blacks and mexicans got along?

they do mostly, It's just Black girls that don't get along with anybody

this, especially the new generation who feel like they were personally slaves of the white man (and not their ancestors) and it's your fault they can't go through a walmart without being followed

yellowbones are usually cool

I'm Mexican and I fucking hate NIGGERS. fucking mayates. puros changos son los cabrones

>I'm Mexican
stopped reading there

oh shit niggas, remember that gold jersey that one qt chick was wearing during the playoffs

found it finally, took me months...I think it's woman's only? going to see if I can get someone to recreate it


pic for that retard "aint clicking that shit nigga" guy

Don't click on the pic it's a virus!!!


thats what beverley is tho

All I see on normie sites like Facebook and Youtube are people who legitimately think that Kyrie Irving is the best point guard in the league.
People don't really believe this do they?

It happens every year, Whatever team wins the chip their star players become the "best" at their position


Who cares? All I see on facebook is people trashing Curry whenever he gets mentioned and it's wonderful.

Daily reminder, Celtics will finish win 68 wins,

Invest now boys

Does 2k17 myCareer still have the Spike Lee cringe shit?

Hey guys, haven't checked in /nba/ since the Cavs won in June.... Where are all the tripfags at? Clips, go wizards, kawhi, 7kt, pray4bosh, etc...?

so i pirated 2k17 cause i didn't like 2k16. did they really make it so you have to be online to buy animations in their 2k store?

@ your mom's house

7kt left senpai, but he made a twitter the morning after @samhinkie



Who tf up???

>this thread

Did everyone die?

Do you guys think the Sixers are going to massively improved this season? I wish we could trade the fuck out of Okafor but keep Noel.

Simmons, Dario Saric, and Embiid are going to be a fun combo. I still say they should run Simmons at point. We really need a wing scorer. I wish we could have signed Mike Conley too.

you can thank the shitposters and the broships idiots

Fuck off tripshit

Chances of pipe coming home to NY?


Why do only elite players root for dem boyz? Is there a connection here?

John Wall and Kobe gonna win the ship?

It was written.


Can any franchise beat this team?

>Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has agreed on a four-year, $100M contract extension, league sources tell @TheVertical.

>Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has agreed on a four-year, $100M contract extension, league sources tell @TheVertical.

>Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has agreed on a four-year, $100M contract extension, league sources tell @TheVertical.

>Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has agreed on a four-year, $100M contract extension, league sources tell @TheVertical.

Connections with Jerry Jones

god lord

Overrated and Overpaid

Good for him.

New thread when

25m is pretty good for your future franchise player

lucky son of a gun

wew kobe, satan and god trips

First "our guy" team All NBA



>"our guy"

Uh you listed Kobe twice, was doing that a part of your plan?





Wow *arry you're still seething? That's just plain pathetic. Accept realty and move on.

fuck off