What is the problem of bandwagoning? I just don't want to waste my time and cheer for losers...

What is the problem of bandwagoning? I just don't want to waste my time and cheer for losers. Of course it would be no fun to change teams every season, but changing once in a while when you see things are going bad is not wrong.

i dont even support teams abroad i just watch all the big games and big name players

>What is the problem of bandwagoning?

Because it makes you seem shallow. indecisive.....plastic.

>there are people that actually believe this

>caring about what other people think about you

>English Plastic League

>This is what happens when you get rekt 7-1 in front of your home fans

Germany, apologise now!

This is why you have no friends hank.

What if you bandwagoned a team for 15 years because you always liked their players but now you only like one of them and he might leave?


always knew Nasri was a cunt

I know a lad who supports Barcelona, Juventus and Arsenal

Win/loss record is not acceptable to stop rooting for a team. Rooting for them in hard times is part of what makes sports fun.

The only acceptable reason would be a change in ownership or team identity that you didn't agree with. For instance, the Rams moving to LA.

It's a shitty feeling desu

I remember going to Leeds and buying a Matic kit, even though Im an Arsenal fan, just because I liked Matic. I regretted it for some reason and dont really wear the kit

M8, you're from Canada, nobody gives a fuck which kit you wear

Except for the muslim and sikh lads on campus


t. STL Rams fan. That 28-0 debacle was so fucking cathartic.

>it's another Hue thread trying to give a reason why he's abandoning his national team
Just support Argentina, you're probably black anyway

That's only because Chelchee and Manshitty are the most bandwagonnable team on Earth, along with Juventus, Barca and Mandril.

What if I continue to root for my team and bandwagon another just to have fun?

>t. flamenguista

You're allowed to follow other countries teams you know.

its basically the same thing as cheating on a spouse. You have a partner, someone you devote yourself to, then you decide things are going in a bad direction so you just start sleeping with someone else. Makes you look like a piece of shit.

There are people on sp who 'support' a single team