/afl/ Finals

>Friday 16th September 2016
Hawthorn Hawks def by Footscray Bulldogs at the MCG

>Saturday 17th September 2016
Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows at the SCG; 19:25 AEST

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>2 posts early


>2 posts early

who /iggs/?

still doesn't feel real? why didn't they want to play footyball last thursday?

Because the iggs are a meme team

because the dogs were for real m80

we /doggles/ now

/AFL/ threads are so much better without reality cuck's autism

West Coast featuring in last year's Grand Final still doesn't feel real to me.

Reposting Handsome 22 with some additions

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: - - E. Wood (WB)
C L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: - T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: - J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) Jobe Watson (Ess) - -

who here /straffo/

>/afl/ is so much better when I don't get bullied by RC


What's for lunch lads?

Rampe, Weller, Parker, Boyd, Walker, Cotchin and Watson aren't that good looking.

>Reality Cuck
>Not getting bullied
Nice try faggot

Reality cunt on aborted narrative watch.

I thought I told you to never reply to me again, reality cuck

Make some suggestions then cunt

Yeah because you're going to beat the fuck out of footy players aren't you?

stef martin in the ruck imo


Missing Hawkins desu

Andrew Mackie

>Le eternally baby face man

add qt3.14 Wellingham off half back pls

>supple olive skin
>lucious emo locks

i-is it gay to have /afl/ husbandos?

I hate that the doggies are still in existence. They should have been removed from the league when they went bankrupt in 1989.

Their current team is something special though, and I'd like them to win it this year

I suppose I'm reluctant /doggles/ too

Updated: Any criticism of the list MUST be accompanied by a suitable replacement

>B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
>HB: A. Mackie (Geel) - E. Wood (WB)
>C L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
>HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
>F: - T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
>Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
>Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) - -

Boyd is only 21, he's good looking now and by the time he's 25-26 he'll be the best looking guy in the league if he keeps off the drugs

>Woolworths cookie
Standard Saturday arvo.

just had 5 sushi rolls, 3 crispy chicken and 2 salt and pepper squid

too much 2bh fām

His eyes will never move further apart, though.

Maybe if you weren't such a spineless prick and dared to don the trip I might respect your wishes.

Let it be known, as long as idiots on here hide behind the name 'Anonymous' I will not be held responsible for their suicide.

>stealing my meme

>tfw inhaled some of my own saliva and now have a sore throat from abrupt coughing


>Spoilt Hawks fans chimping out the second they don't win something

picked up my sister and went to mums for cheese and wine

>baby faced fat cunt

yeah nah cunt

welcome aboard :3

Best I can do is interchange lad

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: - - E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: - T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: - J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) Jobe Watson (Ess) S. Wellingham (WCE) -

>dared to don the trip
You aren't even the real RC you're like version 5
>I will not be held responsible for their suicide.
If only you had the testicular fortitude to kill yourself like the guy who's trip you STOLE did. Sad!

Jack Watts desu

>inhale my own saliva
>choke a bit and get asthma

I don't even know how that happens.

I cannot wait until you break your anonymity and try and gain popularity for this site when you run as an independent for Bendigo. I actively fund the other candidates.

Can't come to grips with the fact that the entire narrative you created was brought down by your own stupidity and lack of foresight into which countries would extradite you because mummy wouldn't pay for an Indonesian proxy anymore. You are a literal joke these days. You used to have comic value and somewhat witty replies, now you just snap at every person who replies because you just can't accept it. YOU destroyed your own story. YOU alone are the idiot who finally killed "RC".

List is heating up lads! 3 spots left

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) - E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) Jobe Watson (Ess) - -

sorry mate I thought you were at a BBQ and I had to do my part.

>no armo or josh bruce

ELITE truth bomb.

"literally" what the FUCK Are you talking about?

Appreciate the thought lad

Not White = Not Australian

Actually I might put Luke Dunstan instead of Bruce he's a bit of a looker. Quick lads! Best looking CHB in the game

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) - E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) D. Armitage (Stk) L. Dunstan (StK)

Just asked the missus, she suggested Majak Daw and Aliir Aliir

>Aliir Aliir
literally what the fuck were his parents thinking when they decided this would be a great name for their child?

Based RC

Sidestepping the truth because I'm right or sidestepping the truth because you aren't the "real" RC. Take your pick you pathetic "individual"

Sharrod Wellinghaaaaaaaaaaaam has already been mentioned.

Anyone actually watching the Dogs demolish Collingwood in the VFL?

Oh yeah that's right, none of you actually give a fuck about footy and just want to follow it like it's The Bachelor or something.

Good thing I signed up to an exclusive forum to talk about REAL football.

Lad your RC bullying skills are remarkable. I just wish you utilised more on the even worse trip (Anne Erin)

>Black as midnight ghouls
>Having good ideas

>Good thing I signed up to an exclusive forum to talk about REAL football.
aussiefootyforums shut down ages ago, r. cuck

Jack Silvagni instead of Dunstan

also Corey Enright

Oh shit my bad, I fucked that up. Dunstan is out. Still need a CH.

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) - E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) D. Armitage (StK) S. Wellingham (WCE)

I already explained what happened, but none of you can get past 'p-p-proxy' despite even showing proof about what was happening to me. I have also already explained thatI have made peace with the Australian government despite losing a large fortune, so just accept that. I would have thought all the people here with tall poppy syndrome would be celebrating that...oh wait I'm probably still richer than all of you combined anyway.

Thanks mate. I don't think my powers are strong enough for that oxygen thief yet and >we need to put in a collective team effort to bully him whenever he shows up. That being said I may or may not have reported all his off topic criminal law bullshit posts last night. I know he got warned hopefully he copped a 3 day stint and we can enjoy the game tonight.

Whatever you say "Reality Check"

Indeed, "Leejun"

He who beats his drum the loudest has the most to hide. No wonder the real RC killed himself. He'd rather death than watch his legacy be destroyed by a sub-par imitation such as "yourself".

J. Silvagni into the CHB spot. We have a team Gentlemen! Now are any of these places undeserving, and if so who should replace them.

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) J. Silvagni (Carl) E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) T. Boyd (WB)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) D. Armitage (StK) S. Wellingham (WCE)

simple reply from a simple mind.

You remembered the Indonesian proverb I taught you guys, nice one I am actually impressed.

>the Handsome 22 will never run a train on your gaping boipussy

why even live?

I'm thinking Shaun Hampson goes in, who comes out?

>Hawthorn in 12 years time will literally be Brisbane of today tier
>They will be merged with norf and relocated to Tasmania

where's rance???

Retard alert

getting his own boipussy demolished

I would swap Armitage for Darcy Moore

fuck sake

/nrl/ are bullying us again lads



I want to physically hurt these people

No they arnt cunt

Denied, this

Fuck forgot pic

what is it with sbs always promoting weird shit?

Is not more good looking than this

>that crooked nose

cultural marxism son

looks like he got stung by bees, shouldn't even be on the rookie list

> no Josh P. Kennedy

Silvagni is a forward

Replace him with Nathan Brown or Robbie Tarrant

who /dabloos/ here?

How are we going to fit this guy on the team?


Retard alert

He looks like a genuine crack head

Granted. Replaced Tom Boyd for Shaun Hampson as well.

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) R. Tarrant (NM) E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Fre) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) S. Hampson (Rich)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) D. Armitage (StK) S. Wellingham (WCE)

Believe it or not, SBS and ABC were once the best in the business when it came to reporting news.

I'm really not sure just what the fuck has happened, but it feels like every new wave journalist with a gender studies degree are becoming the chief reporters for the traditional left wing news outlets. Not just in Australia but more broadly across the western world. I'm so sick of seeing snarky type reports about people like Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson and the whole 'don't these bogans know any better?' tone, when they are "LITERALLY" the reason these dickheads are getting in power in the first place.

Is this year's draft a strong one?

Had the radio on around lunch time (ABC) and they were talking drafting and mentioned North might be trading their best player (can't remember his name, said he was 28 years old) for some draft picks to try and get some elite youth.

Either way, it seems their list is being completely gutted.

Probably the best post you've made in months tbqh

correct weight

Armitage is NOT good looking at all.

Put in Tom Barrass.

Goldstein? They'd finish below Brisbane if they did that.


Not impressed lad. What about Christian Petracca

How's your arvo, lads


How about Richard Douglas?

You're probably thinking of Swallow their captain. I wouldn't be suprised, given he's not great now and given Norf's aggressive rebuilding shit

Based fucking Aborted Narrative watch LAD

rc btfo

>implying you wouldn't want his boipussi

post yfw da hawks have a lean year putting games into young and new talent, sign Fyfe and win a few more flags

Jim Carrey was not a popular actor for his looks.

Eh, could be better. I reckon Matt de Boer

Yeah, pretty sure that was the name mentioned.
There was some talk about it but the word from a club insider was a soft no.

Looking at the ABC radio schedule I think the show was "Grassroots Footy". Not having much luck finding recordings of it though. From the small portion I heard it was quite interesting and wouldn't mind listening to the whole thing.

Not even the best looking purple

Lachie Weller, if HEAVE HO UNNA needs representation

Retard alert, look at the team

That's pretty good.

Got a tip for tonight RC?

>the state of me

Need to know what team to bet against

UPDATED BY POPULAR DEMAND: /afl/'s Handsome 22

B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) R. Tarrant (NM) E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Frem) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) S. Hampson (Rich)
F: J. Watts (Melb) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) M. de Boer (Frem) S. Wellingham (WCE)

I'm thinking Jack Watts is lucky to hold that position. Are we in favour of replacing him for Jack Silvagni?

>that bench for the utensils
fucking BASED RCOANW Guy

pleasenotcrows pleasenotcrows

I'd personally have both Jacks in the team

Shaun Hampson for ruck, David Swallow on interchange bench

Look at the most updated version lad, who would I take out for Swallow

yeah replace watts

Sorry m8, didn't read the entire thread.

Hamish Hartlett for Jack Watts

Hartlett looks alright from afar but when you get up close you start to notice his flaws

Sorry mate I don't see it


B: D. Rampe (Syd) A. Rance (Rich) S. Dempster (StK)
HB: A. Mackie (Geel) R. Tarrant (NM) E. Wood (WB)
C: L. Weller (Frem) A. Swallow (NM) L. Parker (Syd)
HF: C. Wingard (PA) L. Casboult (Carl) S. Hampson (Rich)
F: J. Silvagni (Carl) T. Walker (Adel) J. Bartel (Geel)
Foll: S. Martin (Bris) J. Kennedy (Syd) T. Cotchin (Rich)
Int: J. O'Meara (GC) J. Watson (Ess) M. de Boer (Frem) S. Wellingham (WCE)

I rate him, he's got that boyish look.

Maybe Josh Bruce or Tom Boyd then?

>bloods in my multi

thoughts lads?

Tom Boyd was ROBBED of his spot in the team

If these guys all queued up to rape my wife and daughter I honestly wouldn't mind

I'm tipping the Swans. But hey, apparently I only tip the losers. So go put a bet on the Crows, they're paying OK and beat Sydney last time. Swans have a couple of injuries too but I'm tipping Sydney cause hey what do I know??? Put a large bet on the Crows I fucking dare you.

>tfw wanted Swans to win
>Now want Crows to win

Reminder that phoneposting is cancer.

>/afl/ consists of faggots rating the 'hottest' footballers

This year is the end of the holy trinity era, Swans and Cats will lose

Someone not comfortable with their sexuality alert

Literal faggot alert.


>/afl/ Ugly 22

B: - D. Merrett (Bris) - J. Frost (Coll) - S. Morris (Rich)
HB: J. Pittard (PA) - M.Brown (Ess) - J. Cowan (Geel)
C: B. Hartung (Haw) -
HF: B. Brown (NM) - J. Walker (Bris)
F: J. Daniher (Ess) - T. Vickery (Rich) -
Foll: M. Kreuzer (Carl) - R. Griffen (GWS)
Int: W. Langford (Haw) -

Fill in the rest

I'm disgusted at this blatant homophobic behaviour present in our community.

Are you implying there's something wrong with being gay, user?

Does Roughie get a spot despite not playing this year?

What's this about?

I'm assuming it's some NRL player that got photographed massaging his prostate? At least that's normal compared to pissing in your mouth / having a dog give you a blowjob.

Zac Dawson is surely a shoe in for the back line

>At least that's normal compared to pissing in your mouth
I got some bad news senpappy. Pissing in your mouth (what that guy is doing) has become a literal meme rife within playing groups all throughout NRL. All those hits and tackles has jolted many screws loose in many players.

>J. Pittard
he probably gets a lot of scene pussy


Mitch Robinson

>Wanting Adelaide anywhere near the finals
No. Those shitters lost to West Coast.

I'm hoping Sydney get beat the fuck out tonight though, same with GWS next week.

Cats vs. Bulldogs the dream.


I guarantee at least one of them will make the GF this year

Brendan Goddard

Still mad about '92 and '94, eh? You kitty fans sure know how to hold chips on shoulders.

Not sure why anyone would want Geelong to be in the granny. Apart from Hawthorn they've won 3 grand finals in the past 9 years.

Phil Davis
Scott Pendlebury
Mason Cox
Big Boy McEvoy
Brendon Godard
Brad Ebert

Oh, can't see the piss stream so assumed he was just jacking off.

>inb4 racist

Am I shadowbanned?

Because muh small town underdogs

Forgot pic fuck. Also put Goldstein in the ruck



Not really, they're considered a successful team. You would support the Doggies or Adelaide in this case

This profanity & advocation of games of chance is quite confronting to my Christian sensibilities. It makes me doubt this individual's adherence to the teachings of the church, and furthermore, to doubt the legitimacy of any claims the individual has made or will ever make.

Dishonesty is a terrible curse.

Geelong would need to get on a Dank program to get anywhere near the 90s Eagle teams.

But was more so meaning Adelaide lost by quite a bit at home against West Coast in round 23. The following week the Eagles got smashed against the Dogs.

tl;dr - Adelaide are shitters.

reckon Shannon Hurns a shoe in

Surely Darcy Parish demands a spot in this.

My internet has been down for 10 days, sue me brother.

Reminder that Reality Check is the only good poster in /afl/.

Gee I wonder who could be behind this post

lads pasito or passiona?

Ebert and Pendlebury are starters at least

I meant the city of Geelong is pretty much Australia's Detroit and the football team is literally the only thing that is stoping that place from committing mass suicide

If it was the actual Reality Check, he would don the trip whilst saying so. I'm just an avid fan.

which iteration of reality check was your favourite?

Updated: /afl/'s Ugly 22

B: - D. Merrett (Bris) - J. Frost (Coll) - A. McDonald Tipungwuti (Ess)
HB: J. Pittard (PA) - M.Brown (Ess) - J. Cowan (Geel)
C: B. Hartung (Haw) - S. Pendlebury (Coll) - K. McIntosh (Rich)
HF: B. Brown (NM) - J. Walker (Bris) - J. Cripps (WCE)
F: J. Daniher (Ess) - T. Vickery (Rich) - M.Robinson (Bris)
Foll: T. Goldstein (NM) - R. Griffen (GWS) - B.Ebert (PA)
Int: W. Langford (Haw) - B. Goddard (Ess) - M. Kreuzer (Carl) - C. Mayne (Frem)

>tfw 40 points are by me
>tfw I am single handedly keeping this poomunity running

Dr Reality Check.

>Not sure why anyone would want Geelong to be in the granny.
Your options for grand final teams are:

A1 - Greater Western Sydney.
A2 - Western Bulldogs.

B1 - Geelong
B2 - Sydney
B3 - Adelaide

It's probably fair to assume most people would want Bulldogs from the A bracket. GWS are a propped up team that got a shitload of concessions and will dominate the next decade of footy.

B is slightly more interesting. I don't imagine very many people would want Sydney in there, so that leaves Geelong and Adelaide. Geelong gets some hate because of their past success/fanbase, but Adelaide fanbase is almost Hawthorn tier (but generally limited to fighting with Port).

40 posts* that make 41

Geelong/Footscray will be best atmosphere so that's what I'm hoping for.


supporting adelaide because danger comes off as a prick, plus it's time a team that isn't one of the big three wins it

I go to the grand final every year. I suppose if you just watch in some backwater shithole like Perth or Adelaide then the atmosphere doesn't matter.

Any iteration bar the one we have now but I liked Artist RC. Also this

keep up the good work chum

>danger comes off as a prick
He's only been at Geelong for a year. Will need a while for the Adelaide effect to wear off.

What do we do with the state of football in worst cuckstralia lads?
Cuckmantle are complete chokers and the worst minor premiers ever.
Worst Cuck Shitgles can't play away from WA, and if they play a final in WA they choke.

Should we fold them? or perhaps merge them?
embarrassing clubs ..

In what way are >we even remotely similar to Hawthorn bandwagoners?

We support the team regardless, don't get shitty about umpball (unless against aforementioned), we wear loses and don't make excuses and we don't wait until the end of the game to claim bragging rights.

Your opinion has got me halfway to seething.

>tfw you support the lions

are >we going to get a priority pick /afl/?

>tfw hawks supporter, 3 generations strong
>tfw own name is in the hawk museum for saving the hawks in the merger (i.e donating)
>tfw happy we won 3 in a row
>tfw all these bandwagoners come from nowhere and ruin our image.

honestly, just fucking kill these bandwagoners and we'll be okay.

West Coast can buy themselves and Fremantle a couple of minnow Victorian sides.

look at geelong's membership numbers from 2007 onwards, very similar to the hawks with bandwagoners jumping on and this was largely reflected in real life with a lot of smug geelong 'supporters' coming out of the woodwork

went to the game last night (neutral), fuck some of these hawks 'fans' are pathetic - literally had a whole row in front of me leave two minutes into the last quarter

some are alright though, there were two sitting next to me who were pretty gutted but made the effort after the game to go to the race and clap their boys off which I thought was good

You can't buy success, it is built.
It's for the best if these two side fold. Utterly embarrassing.

For what reason?

Yep. >We have some absolute terrible supporters.
Can't wait till we drop off and the bad ones will fuck off.

I'm thinking marge Freo with the Dogs or Kangas. 'Fremantle Dogs' or 'Fremantle Kangaroos'. The Victorian team that West Coast buys can be their reserves side in the WAFL.

I "live" in queensland m8

When he was honest.

Not happy with the racism in this thread gents1

>marge Freo with the Dogs or Kangas
"no". I know you are just trolling for You's PerthChink86 but Freo are building the most expensive training and housing development in the league in Cockburn. Merging or assimilating other clubs would be the biggest mistake to fuck with the "fabric" of the club since signing Tony Modra or ruthlessly cutting. Mark Harvey.
2/10 for a serious reply you coin slot eyed cunt.

fuck off, kike

Want crows in from block B so doggies can avenge 97

swap kennedy with coniglio desu senpai

Guaranteed You's Straffo

>This triggers the Freo cunt

simple reply from a simple mind.

This commentary desk is literally one of the cringiest things I've seen


I think merging the Eagles with Melbourne would be good.

Perhaps, the Melbourne Eagles?
They could place once a month in WA.

I'm 90% sure that Darce has fucked Sam Lane and it happened late 2014 early 2015.

darce punching above his weight there

Def although I reckon she's a suck her way to the top type. I feel like he cucked Richo too as he was angling for her.

ROFL that pic is epic!

Tbh richo strikes me as a homo

Imagine when girls asked you where you from you had to say Cockburn lel

Bulldogs, St Kilda, North Melbourne, and Demons. They really don't add much to the competition, and have just been making up the numbers for quite some years now. Do really need them? I don't think so, to be honest. I think that we should merge three of them. Two of them merge and move to Tasmania. As for the other? They 'merge' with West Coast. West Coast lack a standalone reserves team. I'm thinking that West Coast could use their excess of wealth to purchase one of the minnow Victorian teams, put them in the WAFL, and field them as their standalone reserves team. Thoughts?

Good evening projectorvirgin

>to go to the race and clap their boys

>Clapping a team that choked a 23 point lead away
Richmond fans are at least passionate and spit at the players.

It's pronounced Co-burn over here but I see what you mean, even >we joke about it.

That feel when Lions supporter.

That feel when one fuck up after the other.

That feel when no end in sight.

That feel when we will end the careers of several more coaches.

That feel when.

That feel.

Man, that feel.


Mate overseas is looking for a stream. I don't want to give the cunt my Foxtel Go account, so help me, help him out pls.

it's for what they've achieved over the previous three years, not how they played on the night

>4 (with a good chance of it being 5) teams have gone out in straight sets in 3 years

What is the meaning of this?



>feeding the foxtel jew
Heem yourself

How embarassing is it, to be a grand finalist last year and be knocked out in the first week.

I do believe that the Worst Cuck Shitgles SHOULD fold, relegated to the WAFL or at the least merged with the Melbourne Demons to become the Melbourne Eagles. They MAY have the money, but they just do NOT have the success on field.

>Worst Cuck Shitgles can't play away from WA
Come on, >we won 5 games away from Perth this year. That's not bad.

>and if they play a final in WA they choke.
rare occurrence. Last one was in 2007.

>dad finished the dishes while I was at work today

crisis averted lads

How many of those wins were at the MCG?

Please do not mention the past finals, you choked extremely terribly to a young side. Completely embarrassing.

FUCK. My dad just wandered in to steal some of my doritos and saw all the shit I was talking about Sam Lane, Darc and Richo. When he asked "What's all this shit?" I had to improv a bit about how it's a "live tabulation of people reacting to the game and pre-game." and that Sam sucked her way to the top because when you think about how someone like Christi Malthouse disappeared she (Sam) has got to be putting in an "extra" effort. He came back and asked about who was who on the panel and shit and left with "Wouldn't surprise me if Richo was a fag"
How'd I do guys?

We (the West Coast Eagles) could buy both the Melbourne Demons (or another minnow Victorian side) and Perth Demons and merge them together, putting them in the WAFL and having them as our standalone reserves side.

>tfw mum did the dishes while dad and I were at work today.

Just building on this issue.

Should we bar Worst Cuckstralian teams from participating in the AFL? Cuckmantle were minor premiers last year, and they were practically equal wooden spooners this year. The fans quickly jumped off their bandwagon, I do believe they started to borrow Port's tarps.

All in all, a terrible year for WA football. Put these two teams out of their misery

>there will never be a Christi Malthouse and Sam Lane sextape

Why even live?

Not paying for it brah. Just have access to it that's all.

These Victorian sides HAVE the premiership success, they just lack finances. Perhaps, they should take over the Shitgles and relegate them to the WAFL?

>How many of those wins were at the MCG?
one out of 3. Should have really been two. The collingwood loss was probably >our second worst performance of the year

No prizes for guessing >our worst game this year.

I think all /iggs/ fans will look back on 2016 as one that got away. Hawks fading, Sydney shaky, Geelong overrated and GWS and the Bulldogs still very young and could still shit the bed on GF day. >We've got the talent to win the flag, but not the hunger, it seems.

Rate my OC.

Weekly Biggest Autist Power Level Rating Guy here.

I have been monitoring the threads up to this point and making note of all nominations. I have held over the contenders from Week 1 and combined them with this week so far as you will see below. With one game left between SYD and ADEL I will post the contenders and record all addition votes. There is a very clear leader from Week 1 who has amassed a 4 vote lead on the competition but there are currently 4 contenders tied for second place so every vote counts. Promotion will be announced at the end of today's game. Below you will find the contenders for Weeks 1 and 2, the 2016 Autist Team so far and the 2015 Autist Team for the sake of posterity. If you are a SYD or ADEL fan then I wish you good luck.

Finals Week 1 and 2 contenders so far:
>WAautist on Suicide Watch
>"Who /dabloos/ here?" Guy
>"BT's Love Childen"
>"Freo Sad Cunt" Guy
>"Lingy Hater" Guy
>The Lawyers of /afl/

The 2016 Autist Team so far:
>Hawks elite kicking is meme Guy
>"RC on aborted narrative watch" Guy
>"Port goes to China Essay" Guy
>"Deluded WAautist and his map" Guy
>Nat Fyfe's Biggest Fan
>What's for Lunch/Dinner Duo
>Hawkroach/Saintroach "Duo" aka "Samefag KFC"
>The Wolf of SportsBet
>"Cred Forums Defender and Failed Janitor" Duo
>"Autistic Straffo Stalker" Guy
>Mr and Mrs. Selwood aka Joel Selwood's Biggest Fan(s)

The 2015 Autist Team:
>Hawks elite kicking is meme Guy
>Mad Cucktorian uses MSPaint for the first time
>Stop using Full Team Names Guy
>KEK, nice "community" you have here Guy
>KEK Detective Guy
>GOAT Marks Order Guy
>No Anime Enforcer Duo
>Richmond 'who /top8/ here?' Guy
>/asp/ Guy
>turbo autist OP
>Ross Lyon Hater Guy
>Smug Autist Guy
>"Ross Lyon will NEVER EVER win a flag" Guy
>"Who /dabloos/ here?" Guy
>Basil Trip Guy
>"Who top 2 here? (Cucktoria need not apply)" Guy
>"turbo autist's Pub Enforcer" Guy

What's for dinner lads?

>Number of Cucktorian clubs left in finals - 2 (TWO)
>Number of Non-Cucktorian clubs left in finals - 3 (Three)

Despite Cucktoria having more teams in the AFL. The Cucktoria meme is realest /afl/ meme of all time.

just had a frozen pizza and a couple hotpockets

Probably thought you were a casual shitter because he knows Sam got the gig because her old man is a prominent footy journalist

33% success rate at the MCG.

You REALLY do need to merge with Melbourne then and ONLY then will you MAYBE win a premiership.

No Nic Nat next year, if you merged with Melbourne you would have a great ruckman in Gawn. I really do hope your club looks into it.

Yeah, I'll accept that
Had a cousin who did the same (worked for them doing wiring) until some little cunt relative ordered a movie off box office

>"Lingy Hater" Guy
>The Lawyers of /afl/

what did i miss last night

>40% NSW
>40% Vic
>20% SA
>0 (ZERO)% WA

kill yourself

pulled pork sub from subway

not bad desu

You never fail to disappoint cunt, literally obsessed

The Cucktorian clubs need to suckle the teet of the big strong financially sound Best Australian clubs.

>"Lingy Hater" Guy
One sperg getting anal pained over Lingy commentating
>The Lawyers of /afl/
Many spergs talking about criminal law for some reason

Funnily enough, some cunt on bigfooty proposed >we should use the $50 million (count them; fifty million dollars) in the bank to buy the Demons, their training paddock and access to the MCG 11 times a year.

Apparently >we're buying Lathlain Park and the Perth Demons instead.

Serious asylum seeker discussion

was better before all the stores around me ran out of the sauce with it desu

>New Strong Wales clubs: 2/2
>Cucktoria clubs: 2/10
>West Cuckstralia: 0/2

Don't you ever, ever attach your disgusting, hemorrhoid patch of dirt to the forever dominant state of NSW again

St Kilda, North Melbourne, Demons, and Dogs have almost had zero success in the AFL era. It's a pretty sad reality where West Cost have more premiership appearances and flags than the four aforementioned teams combined.

Spurred by the posting of the article about that wog bitch who offed herself after her sex tape got out the QC's of /afl/ did battle against one another.

Premiership success > financial success

Worst Cuckstralians WILL disagree with this

>cucktorian false flagger

so obvious

Outstanding post

>Premiership success > financial success
porque no los dos

And just like moths to a flame, these WAautists have appeared.




Cucktorian """"""big""""""" four


Yeah great on field success, KEK!

Is that the fucking Dr. Who theme playing?

Friendly reminder you are sad losers.

What do you make of this data?

>mfw see the Pear boys every weekend out
Want me to ask them any questions in particular /afl/?

>big 4

come on, son. They haven't been relevant for 20 years. Hawkroaches have passed them now. Anyway, victoria's big 4 is irrelevant.

Best Coast, Adelaide, Collingwood and Sydney are the biggest clubs now.

Hawthorn membership figures.

>tfw member since 93


I am always flabbergasted by the horrific architectural patchwork that is the SCG. The fuck were they thinking? used to be a gorgeous ground.

Why is there an African person playing for my Bloods?

no sub-Saharans allowed east of the ANZAC Bridge

The only thing that is obvious is your seething attitude to the fact I don't even care about this sport and have the luxury of having two teams to choose from


what the fuck is this camera

I can't see anything

>Pasty ginger cunt

>Victorian "athletes"

yeah if they were going to ruin it they should have gone full MCG and at least made it have a decent capacity

Imagine the dick game

Big Strong Swede has returned lads.

your wife send the black bull home?


Fuck off poofta

Is Buddy Franklin the most beautiful human being?

Swede on WORM watch.

Yes, just got back from the airport.

alex rance

Why hasn't /afl/ made a communal twitter account like /cric/ has?

hes an unironic faggot


t. Mike Pyke

rout incoming

crows were always a meme

>ywn pummel Jescinta Campbell's cervix with your BAC just like Buddy


>Can't even sell out the SCG

so sad when he retired ;_;

2006 was a long time ago lads

makes me sad to think how far >our mighty iggs have fallen

and to think these people wanted a home final last week

/afl/ is shit but we're not that shit

He basically single handedly won me three games in SuperCoach. Picked him up at just the right time.

Cuckelaide Cucks absolutely btfo


Not a poofter senpai

What the fuck is this worm meme

Which admin are you m8?

crows pls

checkmate, atheists

The absolute STATE of the Crows

>not knowing the worm meme

SQUISH SQUASH under my boot

You literally said you have a husband, meaning you are a poofta or a female

who is the worst TV commentator and why is it Cameron Ling

who /all-SydGODsgrandfinal/ here?


You're a real detective huh


So which one is it? If you don't reply you will be branded as a faggot


Post more

SydGOD SwanLORDs Ltd

KEK way to expose yourself

>it's another saturday night on /afl/ episode

I dunno ...

>held in Melbourne


Why are interstate teams such cucks?


Well, that's that settled


The AFL would need to play it in Melbourne to ensure it sells out and avoid embarrassment

>let's get this started, lance!

Liar and a poofta who was cucked to move for the gay scene to Sweden of all places. Can't get much worse tbqh

No room for racism on /afl/.


Time for 5aa lads

>call me buddy, senpai

Crows getting smashed, that midfield is too stronk for the crows

his cock looks about the same size as mine

and I'm a head shorter and slightly narrower


desu I'm not really bothered who wins, I just hope there's extra time

>tfw no bloods culture

he's in the water m8, cut him some slack

He's definitely in my fave five footballing bodies


dat culcha da bluds

wake me up

Before you go go

Who /pooicidesquad/ here?

won't be happy unless the swans win by at least 100

Is the "city" of Adelaide relevant in anything?

c-carn thommo

Based Scott Thompson

churches and barrel storage

Mass murder and good red wine.

oh, and one-way freeways

Jacobs has been absolutely awful against 2 rookie rucks

Good to see BT actually giving an honest assessment of Alir Alir.

He has been worst on ground so far.

those silver ball things

h-hey, we f-fixed that.

Based BT




>Eddie Betts going up for pack marks
Fucking stop it you lairising cunt, stay down for when the ball gets to ground

durianrider mate, Adelaide's biggest star.

Everyone post some of your favourite hot AFL players.

Tom Hawkins

Based fucking BT


Was incredibly handsome in his day SwedeWORM

>Tex Walker will never put that moustache to work on you

Why live?

Homophobe fuckhead

what a qt


t. straffo

>literally had 5 seconds to weigh up his options
>Aliir kicks it to 3 crows players
>nothing said
>takes an uncontested mark
>"Woah, what a player"

Still the best african to play the game

Could've sworn Adelaide #6 was retired.

Johannisen > Aliir


literally who?

>That point

>Gary Poohan


>gary rohan

>Jake Fever

>bin mcglin

>Implication in a condescending tone

Kick a fucking goal you deadshits






ha, yesssss

Took a shit lads

Da fuq?

Fucking betts and jenkins neef to show up

late nom, charlie cameron is one ugly cunt

Who /drunk/ here?

So we're hoping for a Footscray Geelong granny now lads?

seek medical advice


Very boring game

>Thinking Betts is better than Cyril
Top keks.

Happy the crows meme has finally ended

rohan is kill

noooo, rowan

You kidding? It's a bloodbath.

Sydney vs. Greater Western Sydney seems like the best Grand Final.

both of these teams injuring each other so they can be cannon fodder for geelong

Are you a native leaf?

seven's saturday night team are the fucking worst at pretending they're doctors and diagnosing injuries from one fucking replay

don't worry bro, there's always next year

put out your bats for rohan lads

Are the Crows the worst big game/finals performers ever?

Hoping it will be either
GWS vs Sydney
Geelong vs Basedogs

as canadian as maple syrup


GWS vs Cats: Stevie J's revenge

>8 disposals in 6 quarters in finals
Is he a fraud?

>5aa insisting that crows are still in the game

went to school with him

I usually just watch the highlights show where they make this sport look like ballet. Never realised it was so scrappy. Both these teams look shit.

Get to the GWS Geelong final already

somebody put out a search party for eddie betts

post your half time snacks lads

I've had a GUTFUL mate

Was he a cunt?

It depends who is playing. Hawks Dogs game last night was really free flowing

FUCK, I have been listening to the spanners on tv and not 5AA. Holy shit, a finals meltdown should be spectacular.

the real final is next week


>store brand


s-s-still a close game

Is Eddie Betts, dare I say it, a meme?

nah pretty good bloke, not the sharpest though

Typical abo memester, just like meme-oli last night, disappear when it matters.

surfed with isaac heeney and his bro earlier this year

absolute champ

Seems like it

Lleyton Hewitt barracks for Crows?

Conflicted right now.

mcleod and hewitt are bff's

this isn't new, him and mcleod were fuck buddies

Are the Crows, dare I say it, finished?

one of them fucked the others missus

Their whole forward line is, except for Betts
Lynch, Jenkins, Tex, useless one on one and if the opposition decides to defend

Every coach in the comp will work out how easy it is to stop them before next season and they'll win 8 games max next year

>Sydney vs GWS Grand Final
>Play the game in lelbourne

Honestly pathetic that this still happens.

Is there an abo player thats not an absolute downhill skier?

Phil Narkle


Tex is a big game player but he's looked injured most of this year. Agreed about the rest.

What you actually mean is is there a small forward who isn't and apart from Steve Johnson the answer is no

Jenkins gets almost all of his goals from Joe the gooses from the goal square, he's fucking terrible

>Not trying to put positive spin on it
>But its far from over

pretty sure last season adelaide over came bigger deficits multiple times

Sydney are going to win this game. Screen cap this

How do homos work? Do they take turn sticking in each others bums? Being second would suck, after you have blown your load and no longer interested in sex, you still have let the other bloke stick it in you.

Thanks Bics

He's known as junk time Betts for a reason.

Scab small forwards are never there when it counts.

genius fucking prediction

Big Strong Swede is back lads.

dunno ask ur dad lol



Have you capped it m8?

Is the comeback, dare I say it, on?

Swans are starting to sweat


what is the best flavour in neapolitan lads

>tfw mum used to crack the shits at me for eating the sttawberry and nothing else

Strawberry, vanilla is OK and chocolate ice cream is always dogshit

Strawberry is elite

all other flavours need not apply

Vanilla is the only good flavour of ice cream, period.

These are the most pleb opinions of all time.

Vanilla > Chocolate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Memeberry

Way to PISS on the grave of Phil Walsh, he didn't get stabbed for this shit show

>he rates mass-produced vanilla ice cream
absolutely awful opinion.

Home made Vanilla > mass produced Strawberry > mass produced vanilla

Don't ever @ me again.

>Eating Neapolitan

>downhill skier

What's that mean?

Protip, the best 3 ice cream brands (from the shops) are as follows:

1. Movenpik
2. Connoisseur
3. Magnum

>2.4 this quarter

You talking tub or stick?

Just unironically got blacked lads


front runner

could really go for some of that fantail ice cream 2bh lads

Looks like Ragnar Lothbrok

That's a given. Is your faggot partner (Australia doesn't recognize same sex relationships) black?


Burgoyne is the opposite of a downhill skier, he doesn't start trying until the game is on the line

>eating ice cream

What's it like being a fat fuck?


the food is great, the self loathing is terrible

>not eating ice cream
What's it like being a fucking loser?


you probably hate summer too wanker

>needing iced sugar to enjoy summer

t. underageb&

summer is fucking shit, makes me hate this shithole even more

Ice cream is only acceptable when taking a girl out on a date.

>being fat

Do you swim at the beach with your t-shirt on?





>we are orange and charcoal

you will be when I'm done with you

I hope Crows make come-back but still lose so Rowey losses his shit.

Terrible player

Heard Nathaniel Fyfe is a cunt

30 points in 30 minutes is impossible, swans have won

>Cuckthorn went out in straight sets

Wtf I watched this movie for the first time yesterday. I fucking loved it tbqh

>Shortly after he picked up a cricket bat and played an age level above his own. He had a batting average of 216.[2]

him and Jenkins

fucking basketball meme

What the fuck, get on the cricket speech

do you have any published, peer-reviewed research to back that up?

What a wanker.


fresh and new



>2 posts early

The light has gone from my life.

you require empirical evidence, senator roberts?