/EPL/ - tired players edition

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has offered Real Madrid forward James Rodriguez, 24, a "major role" at Old Trafford. (Don Balon via Manchester Evening News)

>Mourinho has defended world record signing Paul Pogba, 23, for his poor form since rejoining United, insisting the France midfielder will have "no problem" proving value for money. (Dab News)

Hull midfielder Robert Snodgrass, 29, says he and his team-mates were "hung out to dry" by the club's failure to sign players over the summer. (Guardian)

>Liverpool and Arsenal are in competition for the signature of 22-year-old Torino striker Andrea Belotti. (Talksport)

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is wanted by Juventus, who are preparing a cash-plus-player swap deal for the 27-year-old Chile international. (Calcio Mercato via Daily Star)

>Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has asked supporters to show patience with 23-year-old Switzerland midfielder Granit Xhaka, who cost the club £35m in the summer. (Independent)

Caretaker boss Mike Phelan has criticised Hull's owners for the wages they have offered him to become permanent manager, and he could quit if they are not willing to negotiate after Saturday's game against Arsenal. (Daily Telegraph)

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>Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez believes England manager Sam Allardyce should look at the Championship for players to call up, including 24-year-old Magpies midfielder Jonjo Shelvey. (Daily Mirror)

Everton midfielder Gareth Barry, 35, says his agent is taking calls from clubs in Major League Soccer and the Chinese Super League, but he is not ready to leave the Premier League as he prepares to make his 600th top-flight appearance. (Liverpool Echo)

>Barry says he "could still do a job" for England if manager Sam Allardyce called him up for an international return. (Daily Star)

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has warned captain Vincent Kompany, 30, he cannot expect an automatic return to the team following his comeback from surgery. (Independent)

>Watford boss Walter Mazzarri said he has nothing but respect for Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, despite a tense relationship in Serie A that led to the Portuguese describing him as a "hard-working donkey". (Guardian)

Manchester United will face competition from Barcelona for the signature of Paris St-Germain's 22-year-old Brazilian defender Marquinhos. (L'Equipe via Bleacher Report)

>The Football League will resign themselves to not having a sponsor for the EFL Cup if a backer is not found by the end of next month. (Daily Mail)

Sunderland came close to signing 19-year-old Ivory Coast midfielder Frank Kessie - dubbed the 'new Yaya Toure' - from Atalanta in the summer. (Newcastle Chronicle)

>Boss David Moyes has questioned whether Sunderland have enjoyed "correct leadership and direction" at boardroom level in recent seasons. (Newcastle Chronicle)

West Brom manager Tony Pulis will not leave The Hawthorns unless the club sack him. (Express & Star)

>Bournemouth midfielder Harry Arter has warned on-loan midfielder Jack Wilshere that he faces a fight for a starting place at the Vitality Stadium. (Bournemouth Daily Echo)

>one hundred million pounds for dabbing jake livermore

Is Kante, dare I say it, overrated shit?

>Dab News

Nice one OP


Give him to mid season

[spoiler]But probably, yes[/spoiler]

>de gay

you'd struggle against jurgen klopps meme pressing style with adam 'no end product but fuck it im going to run around like a madman' lallana against you with matic and oscar as your midfield partners

Can based Hull cuck Wonga?

Hull 1-2 Arsenal
Man City 4-0 Bournemouth
West Brom 1-1 West Ham
Leicester 3-2 Burnley
Everton 2-0 Middlesbrough

Watford 0-1 Man Utd
Palace 2-1 Stoke
Southampton 2-2 Swansea
Spurs 3-1 Sunderland

was matic just a half season babby?

>tfw there was only 1 interesting match planned this weekend and that was yesterdays game

The west derby might be good

Phelan's got the "Cucking Wonga" handbook from Fergie la

>Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants a bed installed at the club's Cobham training ground because he is spending so much time there. (Sky Sports)

Manchester City groundsman Lee Jackson has started covering the pitch at Etihad Stadium with liquid garlic to keep parasites at bay. (Manchester Evening News)

No Arsenal will go down 0-1, play like dooty the following 80mins, then the ref will bail them out to rescue a point

>Manchester City groundsman Lee Jackson has started covering the pitch at Etihad Stadium with liquid garlic to keep parasites at bay. (Manchester Evening News)

Nice way of saying they have a vampire problem

>play like dooty
what did he mean by this

doing a test before suarez and barca play their

there were highlights of the 3-3 game from 2010/11 on tv, great match

sfw board buddy

Source on img

>west derby

imagine being a Liverpool fan


shitty cuckold team, cuckold city, cuckold people

Beta beta cucks!

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking HELL lads it's so funny how fuckig BETA Liverpool is Hahahah

Fuck me I dying here


Cuck team haha

*flies away*

5sec on google
>wildstrangers tumblr com/post/134764645458

>British "banter"
Dad pls, you're embarrassing us.

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.
I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a like girl as you once again type your little ABL LMAO thread up and fill in the captcha.

Or maybe you don't even fill in the captcha. Maybe you're such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a Cred Forums pass, so you just choose the picture. Oh, and we all know the picture. The "epic" ABLs BTFO, isn't it? I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your Doritos on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on Cred Forums posting about a STORIED and LEGEND of a club. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a NEET. A pathetic shitposting fag NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is "ABLs ABLs ABLs HUEHUEHUE." You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.


Hull 1-1 Arsenal
Man City 2-1 Bournemouth
West Brom 3-1 West Ham
Leicester 1-2 Burnley
Everton 2-0 Middlesbrough
Watford 0-1 Man Utd
Palace 1-1 Stoke
Southampton 2-2 Swansea
Spurs 4-0 Sunderland

copypasta posted by scousers is not banter lad, behave

How will the referee bail out Arsenal this weekend?

>chelsea already played
>chelsea already lost
What was the point of waking up?

you should bandwagon a different team desu

To laugh at arsenal la

This, there are still vacancies at Man City and we would love to have your services.

I still Matic's problem is mental. He seems to fuck up easy things for no reason.

I already switched from Leicester this summer, can I support 3 teams in a season?

You can pretend to support only certain player, not the team.


imagine being a Liverpool fan


shitty cuckold team, cuckold city, cuckold people

Beta beta cucks!

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking HELL lads it's so funny how fuckig BETA Liverpool is Hahahah

Fuck me I dying here


Cuck team haha

*flies away*



How many goals will the big guy score today lads?

Until the Allah line I thought it was going to make fun of Claude.

>ozil's new reddut account


>tfw Liverpool are title contenders now
>tfw Liverpool are playing almost as good as >we were all of last season
>tfw they probably won't blow it like >we did
>tfw >we blew >our once in 50 year chance of winning the league while all the other teams were shit
>tfw >we blew >our opportunity to break into the elite while >we had the chance
>tfw all the regular big teams are recovering and claiming back their perches

4 [spoiler]U[/spoiler]

>liverpool won't blow it
do you not remember slippy g

>delusional spogs think they had a chance last year

everything about that is true apart from liverpool not blowing it


>>tfw >we blew >our opportunity to break into the elite while >we had the chance
Desu Spurs can finish in the top4 again this season, if they do it then they can start building something serious.

I don't know who's more dramatic right now, Spurs fans or Chelsea fans.

anyone else think gundogan looked absolute class the other day for city?

Will he be singing of the season?

never pin your hopes on spurs lad, you just have to enjoy the little moments when we play well. always remember that any period of relative success is just spurs setting themselves up to fall from an even greater height desu

It does bother me how people seem to already want Conte's head because he doesn't play Fabregas.

Mané mane

he's not much of a singer desu

Don't be hard on yourself lad
This "Spurs chucked the title XD" meme is big club bandwagoners covering for their ultra shit seasons

>with matic and oscar as your midfield partners
But Chelsea fans keep telling me these two are good.

legally changed my name to jurgen klopp

Yeah, Matic being the best defensive midfielder in the world.

If you go on Reddit yeah.

Any football fan with a brain that watches Chelsea knows they're both shit.

Fabregass too.

Chelsea BTFO by a fan. If you feel like reading.

Also, good morning

What a dramatic faggot.

>City away

Not looking forward to this

He's a good player tho.

He's not even the best dm in his team..
>B-But Kante's box-to-box la'!
Then why is he so fucking shit at offence then?

Who is Casemiro

christ it's literally the 5th game of the season what is wrong with these people

Yes, very Reddit-esque style. He's right tho.

I'm convinced that it's some kind of Chelsea meme, there's no way they would be serious about this. I mean they were declaring themselves title contenders this time last week.


>5 games in
>moans like its the end of the fucking world

Fucking plastics,a turnaround is more than possible even after 10-15 games

More subtle one la

1. Man City
2. Liverpool
3. Arsenal
4. Manchester United
5. Chelsea
6. Tottenham
7. Everton


No he's not.
It IS only the 5th game, it matters. Pedro and Moses hardly proved the be game changers. The team is fine attacking, they just don't score goals, the issue is defending. Oscar is literally not an attacking player and the sooner people get it the better.

The title race will objectively be between Utd and City

>The team is fine attacking
>...they just don't score goals

Yes, the other issue is defending.

are dabs and haircuts worth points in this fantasy world of yours?

>his team is third in the premier league
>acts like they've just been relegated to league one

>4 games
>0 goals

>Heung-min Son
>1 game
>2 goals
>1 assist

Holy shit, Spurs going to sell another player for a world record fee AGAIN

>Zouma injured
>Christensen on loan
>Alonso hasn't debuted yet
>Azpi can't play RB until Alonso happens

M8, we're fucking set next season with this back four. Can't fucking wait tbqh.

>Oscar is literally not an attacking player and the sooner people get it the better.
He's not very good at anything else though. And no, winning a tackle once in a while isn't an asset worth starting for Chelsea.


>Playing for Chelsea
Not for a good couple of years. He needs to be sold for 20 million first then bought back for 60.

>Zouma's knees no longer work, he's not the same as before
>Chirstensen hates Chelsea now and doesn't want to go back
>Alonso turns out to be another Baba
>Azpilicueta still can't attack, even at RB

What will Lelsea do then??

It's just a way to ponder their Arabic supporters, makes them feel at home, smell and all.

Recent Hull City signing Markus Henriksen singing his Eurovision Jr. song from 2004 in front of his new team mates:


The song is called "Women are Shit"

Here's the original (he's the one in the green t-shirt):


>Inter paying Gabigol 95k per week after tax
top kek

according to german media it's likely that BMG buys Christensen.

kek'd tbqh

M8, the only time Zlatan hasn't won a league title were when they got refballed by Jewentus. They are gonna battle against city for the title.

everyone but City is looking terrible so far.

Carragher basically blaming Luiz for that 1st goal.

But did he or anyone ask themselves, where the fuck was Azpi? And fucking Cahill literally looks behind him, see like 3 people not being marked, what does he do? literally marks the same guy Luiz is on looking like a complete idiot.

Oh, and like I said yesterday, how many shots on goal did Mr. 3rd best player in the world future Balon d'Or have? FUCKING NONE

>Liverpool are title contenders now

Zlatan can't carry a team that has the black, dabbing Fellaini and the real Fellaini

>where the fuck was Azpi?
I had the same thought

>Oh, and like I said yesterday, how many shots on goal did Mr. 3rd best player in the world future Balon d'Or have? FUCKING NONE
I mean, most of Chelsea's few dangerous attacks went trough him. He can't carry a whole team though.


>The passionb owl

>people can't stop obsessing over the jumping of a bunch of managers

klopp just ends up looking like a twat

What happens when Fellaini starts dabbing? He's enrolled in DabU you know?

snide kek

He carried retired Ronaldinho, Robinho, Pato, Boateng and so on.


Everton could go top today

Drunk and listening to 'Back for good' by Take That.
*is in heaven*

Mate it's not even lunch time, you've properly plonkered yourself.

Dropped breakfast and had a good fish based early lunch. Staying at my parents' house while they're in Sweden over the weekend and they had a rose in the "fridge"

our year la

>check out barca game
>already 2 up
how do people watch this league

>Friday night matches
>that broadcast in during the day in America
We get it, you're trying to compete with Monday Night Football. Somebody please inform NBC about timezones and how they work.

Having any girls over?

>We get it, you're trying to compete with Monday Night Football

We already have MNF though.

Easiest start imaginable for them has helped

I fucking love friday night matches. No clue why people are moaning about them.

Of course not

Because it's a nightmare for away fans who have to take another day off work and motorways are shite on Fridays

Good if you're a home fan though

>Make a claim
>Know exactly how to get undeniable proof
>'Y-You do it, can't be bothered'
No wonder the new daddy punches you about while mummy watches silent.

u wot m8

>friday night football means no early kick off to watch hungover


playing destroy all humans lads

there's leeds vs another shit team

there's cardiff v leeds

loved that game when I was young

does it still hold up?

Fuck Leeds

...wrong thread?

i miss the golden age of tripfags (c. 2011)

Been a while since I've seen this image, just burst out laughing

Leatherhead Football Club are pleased to announce Jimmy Bullard as First Team Manager

Good game. I liked that one where you played as a zombie too, though it wasn't as good.

Which bright spark decided it was a good idea to have Friday night games and less televised Saturday/Sunday/Monday games? It's not hard to have a 12:45, 17:30 game every Saturday and then 13:30, 16:00 games every Sunday and an MNF yet they can't do that.

No one asked for Friday night games, they are fucking shit and literally the worst night to have football on

>how can we improve football this season boys?
>I know, we'll introduce an innovative new "kick the ball backwards from kick-off" system that will literally revolutionise football as we know it, we'll also move televised weekend games to Friday nights because why the fuck not, and move 12:45 games to 12:30 on a Saturday because reasons

The most pathetic thing of all is the twat who came up with these genius ideas probably gets paid 100k a year to do it

>No early kickoff

Lame, guess I'll have to watch Lel Liga

why can't they just have less 15:00 games?

>88 hidden threads

How do we fix Cred Forums?

Literally against the law, don't ever post that again you convict.

Nobody is asking him to carry the team, just fucking cut in and shoot, he's fully capable to scoring that way yet he's just running wide getting the ball then back passing, to me that's not creative at all. He never goes for blooters Hendo style, he's just so 1 dimensional.

For someone so hyped he should be scoring as regularly as Messi and Ronaldo, he's just not doing that.

But what really pisses me off is that every manager Chelsea have had since he's come in act like they're afraid to sub him off when he's not doing shit, it's like they think he'll pull something out his ass. I was fuming by like the 80'th minute for Conte to sub him for Michy.

Friday night games atmosphere are 10x better than a fucking grim Sunday. Wasting my breath on Cred Forums though.

There should be 5 televised games every week without fail and 5 3pm games (moved to 3pm Sunday if it's yuropa league week). It's really not that hard to standardize yet the spergs at the broadcasters and FA are trying so desperately to ruin football for everyone

>I was fuming by like the 80'th minute for Conte to sub him for Michy.
Why not the other shits like Willian or whatever? Hazard CAN pull something out of his ass

>you will never go back to the time where 90% of games where played at 15:00 on Sunday so you could listen to the radio reports from different grounds while playing in the garden with your brother

Who the f*ck actually sits down and genuinely watches three or four games each weekend?

Their doxxing and subsequent purge was hilarious.

>When the plebs finally realise you're the best midfielder in the prem

They don't score goals because of dumb shit like Costa missing easy chances or Willian being too slow, not because Fabregas isn't there.

I am getting tired of people moaning about Chelsea like it's some sort of disaster, I thought last season was enough to let people understand how lucky and good Chelsea actually are.

>Who the f*ck actually sits down and genuinely watches three or four games each weekend?
Normie pls go

Get rid of deadline day, transfers year round!

>Friday night games atmosphere are 10x better than a fucking grim Sunday.

Just like yesterday lmao? People watch football to escape from the boredom of reality, on a Friday night there are enough things to do and enough euphoria that the working week is over to get through the night. Can't say the same for a Monday night or a dull Sunday afternoon, which is why we watch football. End yourself if you think otherwise

>Who the f*ck actually sits down and genuinely watches three or four games each weekend?
Exactly. That's why there's only 2 match times now

Show me his Dabtorate first, then we'll talk

but why would Chelsea have deliberately kept him around so he gained HG status if they were going to sell him

as opposed to what else? Please fuck off you twat


It's not that I don't have the time because I'm out doing normie things, it's just that 99% of football matches are so mind-numbingly boring to sit through.

this will be the best thing he'll have done in his entire career

really? does there have to be a minimum no. of pl games at 15:00 each week?

There isnt a more basic midfielder in the prem than Henderson

Court the GOAT

>They don't score goals because of dumb shit like Costa missing easy chances or Willian being too slow, not because Fabregas isn't there.
But if Fabregas is there they score more

>that clearance

Ah yes the last minute Costa goals that he is incable of reapiting now truly is the sign of a good team.

The best thing he's done in his career was that goal against Villa when all the Liverpool fans were shit talking him and he went over and aggressively celebrated in their faces.

That's when everyone started liking him.

You're acting like Chelsea's recent transfer policies have to make any sense at all.

who /hightest/ here?

so glad the chelsea meme died, the amount of people that thought that shit squad could win the title was getting ridiculous desu

I'd just sub off Branislav and move Willian to right back, at least he can cross and defend. Branislav and Willian synergize so terribly, it's cringe to watch.

Don't mind me dude I'm just pissed that this to me is already a lost season and Chelsea will be lucky to hold top 4.

I really, really, really like this picture. Do you mind if I save it?

if they do i'm sure chelsea will have a buyback
it's all the rage now

As opposed to watching something educational instead of the opium of the working classes.
But enjoy your false consciousness I guess

I didn't notice it before

Terry can't come back soon enough

thats one fat bird m8


>opium of the working classes
that's the crowd violence. the game itself can only be appreciated by middle to high brow people

>Already played 3 of the 5 hardest away games

ABLs getting nervous

>Willian to right back, at least he can cross and defend
Willian can't actually defend.

>this to me is already a lost season
You can't be serious, did you actually think Chelsea could win the league?

gross dude
looks like my mum when shes wearing her yoga gear

I love this shit

>Hazard CAN pull something out of his ass
The irrelevant (from Chelsea's POV) beauty against Spuds was an anomoly. He never pulls out a win from nowhere.


City - Mememouth will end in a draw. Put money on it and cap this post.

What about his very similar goal against city

Hendo is the most underrated midfielder of the PL

>Letting Kevin the Brown go for peanuts
>Signing memezard for 30 million

Justify this

Desu Chelsea should really take a decision, do they want to make the team around Hazard or not?

is your mum single?


you got the timeline wrong my dude

What should I expect for this week, lads? Perhaps 80 cheeky points?

He's basically another Ramires, just abit weaker and easier to push off of, Ramires wouldn't let you push him off the ball so easily.

He's not very good, I bet liverpool wish they didn't give him the band. His passing is well below average, he likes to get 'stuck in' and has a high workrate. Not really what you want from a central midfielder when you're trying to catch up to Arsenal/United.

Liverpool are better than Utd tho

hopefully less than me



Yeah I did, but if Hazard is gonna perform like he did last night for the rest of the season, I'd be better off spending match days going to the beach.

Arsenal, united and loserpool are around the same just above average level though

United finish above Liverpool 9/10 times and I'd be suprised if they didn't this season. Liverpool should want to catch up.

Oh look barca lead 4-0 to legumes FC, yawn...

>that overpriced defense
>3 defensive midfielders
>a 5.0 backup goalkeeper
Reshuffle that awful shit and get a real striker instead of cheap meme Hull guy

>"football began in 1993"

>I'd be better off spending match days going to the beach.
Do you actually care only when Chelsea wins and Hazshit plays well, or are you just amazingly butthurt about a bad defeat in the fifth game of the season?

did the GOAT score?

Yes, benulty.

Citing anything before it is certainly stupid. These are two different teams now.

How can Liverpool catch up when theyre already ahead

Mate it's supposed to be the wrists.

Ferguson is gone lad. United are just another mid table club now, you can stop pretending otherwise.

I'm just settling in for a long season, but debating whether I want to actually let myself get so angry over something I have zero control over.


While he is good, he never gets to showcase his abilities in a lot of games thanks to the awkward midfield. My advice is to put him on in games where Fabregas will probably start, so probably smaller teams.

That was a good goal from Barcelona

it's also supposed to be up the arm not across

Not even kidding lel, just give them the fucking treble already.

make that 5-0

>tfw no early game really hammers home the loneliness

A buddy of mine just tried to convince me that Celtic and Rangers belong in the EPL.

where is this photo from?

that shit is dangerous mate

>Diomande over Sterling


>its a messi, neymar and suarez score episode

Imagine how easy Barca would walk the PL

>Barca against teams that cost more than 10 million
They'd get 3rd at best lol.

just an arsenal fan

>Barca against teams that cost more than 10 million
They'd get 3rd at best lol.

Suarez by himself nearly won the league with a team managed by Brenny Rodriguez

>Suarez by himself
Utter mong who can't into tactics, can't believe I wasted two replies


>Fe(e)lix Gotze on bayern's bench

>season just started
>already talking about transfers
sports press is cancer

>I'm going to disregard history when Liverpool were good but arbitrarily include the fergie era which has discontinued


why does everybody forget how good gerrard was that season? and in fact the whole team


Gerrard lost the league for Suarez

why is it that the cunts on call of duty with the most obnoxious names are also the best players

Tryhard autist.

Is that still a thing?

what 3pm game is everyone watching?

I'm watching FInal Score lad

Hull vs Arsenal

>Playing Non-Overwatch FPS multiplayer

You are retarded. If anything, Glen Johnson was to blame.

which ever one they decide to show on basic cable here, probably Hull Arsenal

i will add you

Which game will have the best first 30 minutes?

sounds awful

Breakfast time la

>100m for the black kasey keller


Liverpool should have (on paper) been dominated in the midfield, literally playing without any defensive midfielder

Liverpool scored 101 goals that season in the league

Who scored the other 70 goals?

Gerrard was shite other than set pieces

Did Glen Johnson slip?

suarez made the hollywood balls look good too

13 goals and 13 assists, playing as a defensive midfielder

Stop shitting on Gerrard simply because it's the "cool" thing to do


yeah, forgot to mention that i forgot to set my subs

Nah he played brilliantly out of the back but was a massive defensive liability. Helped start a lot of breaks that facilitated the free flowing attack

Who will be the first manager sacked in the Prem this season? I'm going with Hughesie



is cunte a fraud lads?

wenger out

>buy Kante
>play him in the Drinkwater role


3pm thread:

That is legitimately shit

How am I supposed to figure out which meme black player is which

What the hell? Lucas benched already and doesn't even get another chance? This Alexis as striker meme really needs to end

Why does he hate Giroud now?

fucking americans...

>buy the non-dabbing Pogba
>Don't train him to dab

He's a fool

giroud has a minor toe injury

wouldnt you?

Ah fair enough, probably fell off his hoverboard

How could anyone hate such a handsome man?

Moyes or Mazzari.

>Milner is a shit LB la
>He's old and he can't do anything anymore la

i dont hate giroud
i pidy de foo'

Forgot city had gundogan
Replace sterling with sane and that's actually a top 5 in the world team

sterling is much better than sane though

>you now remember chelshit fans unironically called matic the white yaya

At least MotD isn't on so late today

Almost all of which were from set pieces

He was a dog shite holding midfielder

irish abl do you never have something better to do?

i get why english are ABL but to be a foreigner and be ABL is just sad

I'm a Liverpool fan

I watched every game of that season, his delivery from set pieces was amazing that season but he had no business playing as a holding midfielder

>I've been around girls for 20+ years
>never fucked any but hey consistency right
>every year I tell myself I just need a few adjustments and I'll be the sex king
>when on a date I refuse to spend any money, they should like me for who I am, not my wallet
>those other guys keep getting laid due to their spending on whores, I refuse to participate in that
>I'm not in great shape and a small fall can injure me
>I tend to disappear on big occasions
>I feel great around october-february but once the chads come out in spring I pull back
>my only joy in life is getting technically closer to girls than the retarded Jewish boy from the 3rd floor
>mfw I'm Arsenal football club.

pretty nice if i do say so myself

Why do they all look so dirty?

Pretty sad only 1 of them bothered to shower beforehand 2bh

From spending too much time in Manchester

>Liverpool are title contenders now
>implying >we will ever be

United will be unstoppable when they sign Rodriguez, Kroos, and Griezmann.

here is a (you)


Daily reminder that Owen Coyle is a tactical genius

>responses from a war criminal and a Singaporean

The grown-ups are talking, children.

>shart in mart
>grown up
Pick one

Important poll



I'm doing horribly too
>not transferring out aguero when he got the ban and bringing him back at a later date

>WBA scored 4 goals in a game
is the world about to end

no QPR

fuck off cunt

>4 games
>4 assists

>5 games
>0 assists


I think Liverpool will be top at Christmas

I feel pretty 4-2nate to not be a west ham fan right now

1+2 for Pulisic. Already too good for the EPL?

look at City's fixtures before then

why are city fans such a vocal minority

they make like 20 threads a day

You idiots keep responding to our foreign bandwagon shitposters

Why would Barcelona go for Marquinhos? When they have just signed Umtiti
And why is anyone after James? Real have a transfer ban so I doubt they'd let him leave anyway
These lazy stories annoy ne


too intelligent for that to happen to me x

Liverpool have 13 easy fixtures in a row, then face city on new years eve

I'd rather not know anything more about you. Fucking disgusting, lad.

>xhaka £35m - bl00ters 1
>dabman £90m - bl00ters 0
explain this, yanited


haha banter


Gotta have something to do now that his wife's dead so he can't cheat on her anymore


Pep and >moyes should swap jobs

Anyone else collecting pokemen

he should go and fuck some model and marry her now 2bh.

he's had children with the dependable qt housewife, he should now go for the models whilst he still has social status and looks.

Please hang yourself


Don't say that, dude, he might go and do it

The rope would break.

1. City
2. United
3. Chelsea
4. Liverpool
5. Arsenal
6. Tottenham


what a post

Swap Chelsea and Arsenal and that should be good

>5. Arsenal
If this happens, Wenger gets sacked. And then Arsenal might actually become a good team.


More than likely they would just completely collapse

Liverpool will collapse soon
no way Spurs are going top 6

Is there just not a mathc thread for Everton?

How can you hate this man now that he has proven his superiority to every other manager on earth? It's like hating Messi...

just make one

unless... you don't know how?

Nobody cares about irrelevant teams

I need this to happen so I can enjoy arsenalfantv

just use this thread la

Wait. was he always that black?

>Barry still exists
>PL the hardest league in the universe

well Cred Forums is filled with abmc and dickride manure and arseshit all day




>tfw West Scum Tinpot Tesco Stadium cunts get relegated

Everton - Middlesbrough Thread

Yfw United fail to qualify for the CL again, lose all their sponsorship money, spend another £200m in the summer and go bankrupt

that's not going to happen though is it, so no I won't post my face


glad someone else gets it.

>Guardiola says Bournemouth are best attacking team he has played against. Says #mcfc's other opponents have "just used the long ball."

Cheeky kek



stupid pikey

>all this circlejerking for Pep
>not wanting City to fail miserably so the dutch bandwagoning cunt hangs himself
I'm disapponited, lads

Fucking pathetic comment, he'll get banned for that the stupid git.

>things that will never happen

Who is the neutral's choice this year? Not City, not United, never Chelsea. Is it Liverpool?

Neutral Sunderland fan here.

dream on lad, league is ours

>caring that much about Cred Forums

>wishing harm to another person

>dickride manure and arseshit all day

You're on this board every day, if you seriously believe 15 posters in a '''(((general)))''' counts as 'dickriding', especially when 99.9% of them hate Arsenal. With everybody else on Cred Forums hating Arsenal and laughing at United for wasting £90m on the black and many times worse Deschamps.

You're just being a prick cause you can.

>responding to him

thats all he wants

>caring THIS much about a poster on a Senelgalese crabbing enthusiasts vlog

>Superb Man City put four past Bournemouth

>Arsenal pick up three points at Hull

Arsenal also scored 4 goals, against a much better team than Mememouth, yet the BBC has to suck off Pep because "muh GOAT".

Couldn't give a toss about either side, but it's obvious done to hype up Ciy.

>against a much better team than Mememouth
*against the relegation favourites who managed to score

Watch the two games on MOTD, city played miles better

Sky Sports do the same with Liverpool

City did it with ten men, whilst Arsenal needed Hull to have a man sent off in order to win.


Nobody cares about some has-been team that was relevant for about 3 years in the early 200's

I hard Zakkah scored a blooter, anybody got a webm?

Hull had ten men FOR FIFTY MINUTES you spastic
City finished the game with 10

city were already 4-0 up before going down to 10 lad

>10 men
Nolito got sent off in the 88th

So? He was sent off in 90th min and they were already 4-0 up. Mememouth are a worse team than Hull.

Isn't the league already decided with that loss if City is being this unstoppable? (I really don't believe that Liverpool will stop them)

It was a joke, calm down

Scoring 3/4 your four goals against ten men isn't impressive

And Bournememe will probably finish top half whilst Hull will go down
There is literally no metric by which Hull are a better team than Bournemouth

It's more to do with the fact that they're top and unbeaten

City could implode

>b-b-but City finished with 10 men!
>They had 10 men before they scored the first goal!
>W-what? They were already 4-0 up before the sending off?
>T-t-that doesn't count!
>W-w-what? He was sent off in the 90th min?

Fingers crossed lad

It was a joke, calm down

This meltdown over a headline


>that KDB free kick
made me feel all warm inside

Negrito at it again

Hull have been in the Premier League for 3 seasons in total. Mememouth have been in for less.

So, yes, Hull are better. Hull also got into the Europa League. Mememouth didn't.

>Same old Arsenal, who were on auto pilot until Hull got a pen
>City playing some of the best football in the league since Chelsea at the start of 14/15
Yeah it's a big conspiracy.

>focusing on the city red because hull had 10 men for
>F I F T Y

Nice approach lad

>that much time and space
Could Hull have given less of a shit?

are you retarded? city are 5 points clear of arse who look dogshit this season

Thanks Venezubro.

>Hull have been in the Premier League for 3 seasons in total
As a club

Barely any players in the current Hull side are premier league players

Nottingham Forest won the champion's league equivalent, it doesn't make them a better team than Stoke

Yeah, don't get me wrong, i just think it's more likely that Chelsea fuck up again that City implodes. If City implodes it just means Mouyes wins the league and that would be as insufferable.

Probably Spurs as outsiders

So? They're a better team than Mememouth and the fact they have been in the top division for longer and have reached European competitions, means they are better than Mememouth.

But I'll see the damage control from you to somehow justify your retarded and incorrect '''(((opinion)))'''.

don't really know how anyone could hate City

>best football in the league since Chelsea at the start of 14/15
Sorry mate, all records of >mouyes being a good manager have to be wiped from history now that his in charge at manure

idk how someone could support a top team, seems fake.

Newfags couldn't handle the Dutch poster.

Hull gave a shit, they just were one man down and didn't the ''i don't know how to tackle'' man would go for it.

Any donations in the form of deodorant or food or medicines are accepted bro.

No this literally makes no sense

Their players and manager are worse and yet you're arguing that they're good because different players and a different manager did well for one season THREE YEARS AGO

Must suck to be Hazard, the other Belgian Chelsea had is lighting up the league and your brother is currently playing in the CL and scoring every week whilst you're struggling


is Bruyntje a top 5 attacking mf right now?



well he's better than Özil that's for sure

Underrated post.

Friday night matches are the worst, ''friday night'' means 3 pm in Venezuela, which makes them harder to watch since i have to go to Colombia just so i can watch my favorite team wreck Antonio ''Cocaine'' Conte's career.

I dont know. Who?

>i have to go to Colombia

>i have to go to Colombia just so i can watch my favorite team wreck Antonio ''Cocaine'' Conte's career.

You now remember Venezuela is a shithole.

Can't you watch the game on the internet?

With my 1.5 kbps 4 GB Limited huawei flashdrive i can't italian friend.

Arsepolls will vote this goal of the season even though Henderson scored a better goal yesterday.

Wait until you see Ian Nacho's goal today

Beautiful team move

imagine being a Liverpool fan


shitty cuckold team, cuckold city, cuckold people

Beta beta cucks!

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking HELL lads it's so funny how fuckig BETA Liverpool is Hahahah

Fuck me I dying here


Cuck team haha

*flies away*

I don't get this post, it's really really really bad and it didn't even make me laugh once. Not even one time!

just remembered this elite call i made before the season started

That's cool, want me to suck your dick?


no, can you rim me though?

Please throw yourself off a bridge


How did he finish that?, How is a human capable of just stopping like that, and shooting, incredible.

how can someone "throw themselves".

Feels good lad
First clean sheet AND three points
Four in a row
Up to 6th
Shame we started so badly. Even if we'd just been average we could be top by now.

Who can stop us?

City recalling Mooy from loan


I think we've got him for the season desu.

Is that you Chris? You got lucky on Tuesday m8.

>Gueye > Pogba > Kante


west ham are getting relegated desu

really gonna laugh when payet leaves for 10m because of that new clause

where are the memes

got a kebab on the way lads

wish there was a carvery nearby 2bh

my name is poogba, I am da poo poo player

>it's a Norwich go up again year before being relegated the following season

pogba is shit m8 just accept it

Nothing to discuss, all memes because of the way they're being deployed by their managers.

so is Gueye


Is Koeman elite?

>Shitfield Wednesday

>Oxford United have been granted planning permission for a temporary fourth stand at the Kassam Stadium.

WOOT. No more bullying from the away fans.


I liked this one better, Henderson's meant much more and it was in a tighter spot, but this one seemed more calculated, Henderson's more lucky.

He's had elite fixtures


so has everyone according to Cred Forums

>Implying he hasn't had the easyest start to the season of the top 4.

Look at who they've played

How the fuck are Arsenal above Liverpool? Liverpool have arguably the best attack in the league (rival with City). When City have to play one of last years Top 4, we'll see if he's a flop or not.

As it is, Pep's just spent £150m+ on players.

>Sheffield's """big""" club

My fucking sides

Only after he plays big 4.

Pogba and Gueye have identical roles to each other.

Kante is the only one different that always get compared to the 2 just because Chelsea and Leicester fans want to.

I think that was his point.

Just shows how fucking terrible Martinez is.

despite Arsenal being complete shit they've ground out 3 wins in a row

also no stones

is having a tiny stamina black man as dm the latest meme?

Stones is not the reason that all Bobby M sides concede the exact same soft goals la.

FA favouritism, it's why they've had the most penalties in the EPL (yet only scored one, LOL).

Midtable mediocrity will happen soon, where they fucking belong. Scum.


>>tfw Liverpool are title contenders now

good feel

>title contenders

they are 3rd-to-5th

they are 5th
look up what goal difference means

come back when you've played a good team lad

Loving the amount of asshurt dutch city fan generates but then again I'd hate him if he supported livershit or manue.
But I guess it's one of his many persona's that annoy generals like the flip, canadian buyern customer and MAYBE Aussie Juve fan

lol, please don't opine on soccah any more, lad

>muh technicality
>muh tiebreak in the 5th gameweek

>looking at the league table after 5 games

accept you don't know anything about football and move on lad, your internet cafe time is probably up too

Pogba has to drift forward and attack whilst being a defensive midfielder.

Gueye is more stuck to the back helping defenders and distributing what he can like a real defensive midfielder should be.

Kante defensiver midfielder forced to be a box to box midfielder.

They're in no way the same at all.

>d-don't look at the league table u-unless livershit is top!

flip was an out and out troll

dutch fan is just a bit of an idiot

i obviously know enough to not take a league's tiebreak mechanic seriously on the 5th gameweek out of 38 (this is the number of games played in a season in the epl my friendo) ;) holaland faggot btfo and gtfo ;))


i go to games at least, the flip didn't even have enough money for groceries


Pogba is a defensive midfielder? What le fug am I reading


They are definitely the same person though.
Flip has disappeared because he can't be bothered turning the different proxies on. When Dutch man is on a long phone call he brings the flip out. Notice how the flip was in every signle /trans/ thread then dutch city fan showed up and he left.

look for me during the chelsea game, i'll be carrying a huge inflatable banana

Dutch guy is genuinely retarded I reckon, like a learning disability or something

The current flip is not the same as the classic flip though, he posts like a native English speaker unlike the old one.

Is he a good left back now?

why would the manure third world bandwagoner go to city games?

Because old flip left lad.
New flip is dutch guy. It's pretty simple concept to understand

Autism. Not 'Just drools and screeches' level, but like the guy that says he isn't gay, when Louis asks if he wants a hug. Around that level of autism. Just on the wrong side of being able to have a sense of humour about it.

btfo hard

this is anime's fault


>U kunt

Even your email thinks you're an annoying spastic

Yeah I'm not saying he needs a carer or something but definitely a mental issue of some sort

is being a fucking tourist impressive to anyone

Mouyes deploys him as a defensive midfielder, i don't think you're reading my Chilean friend.

How did your team do today lads?

Things are looking good for crewe again finally after a few years of relegation dogfighting in league 1, went down and we're sitting 3rd after 6 games, was worried we'd be closer to 3rd bottom haha

you play too much fifa if you think that

So who do we have who actually plays DM?

Fernandinho and Xhaka?

>How did your team do today lads?

Yeah, like the right side of needing a carer, but still the wrong side of knowing something is wrong with him. Like a guy I used to know, who somehow got put into the Stinger department of the army, even though I wouldn't trust him with a butter knife.

played yesterday

who did crewe play

>tfw my team hasn't even won a team this season yet
>tfw the stadium is owned by a rugby team from fucking london

Lost to fucking Bury despite having more of the game

You don't have to remind us that you're a city fan with every post lad

We know exactly who you support

it's annoying that conte is playing kante as a typical "shield the defence and recycle possesion" midfielder when he's a box to box madman

>tickets for a game in Monchengladbach
>books a flight to Manchester
what did he mean by this?

first clean sheet of the season, fourth win in a row, up to 6th in league one

We are so much better than at the start of the season it's amazing

Beat QPR comfortably, they were terrible apart from scoring from a corner they never should have been awarded.

Unironically starting to think that we're getting promoted desu.

I dont think he actually likes football, I think he just bandwagons City so he feels good about himself wen they do well


grimsby away, 2-0 win

>lost to norwich

o-our year l-la

what is going to happen to this wasteman

probably some german team

>Pogba has to drift forward and attack whilst being a defensive midfielder.

From all the games I've seen Gueye he has always contributed to the attack, more so than Barry. He isn't as offensive as Pogba, but still contributes to the attacks with passes and through balls and occasionally takes a shot.

Same situation with Pogba and Fella. Both players are B2Bs

I can now say with confidence that most of you people don't watch Pogba for United, or you can't read properly.

>Pogba has to drift forward and attack
>whilst being [deployed as] a defensive midfielder.

Just take blooters, theyre incapable of defending any attack from 18+ yds out

>home v arsenal
I'm not going to comment.

Although Clucas was amazing.

Forest will never EVER get promotion

Nobody who could afford the price tag would want him.


don't think any team is germany would be dumb enough to buy him tbqh


why did you cunts let the shitty bandwagoner make the new thread ffs

its a perfectly fine thread

You've had ages to make one yourself if it bothers you so much la.

Long overdue desu, they used to have the worst refereeing decisions all the time. The situation now is to make up for all that.

Make it to the CL lad. Good luck.

i-iiii-itt's our y-year la. I promise this time