/EFL/ Cardiff City v Leeds Utd

Kicks off in 20 bongles also general /efl/ posting

>#lufc team vs @CardiffCityFC: Green, Ayling, Jansson, Bartley, Taylor, Vieira, O'Kane, Hernandez, Dallas, Sacko, Wood

>#lufc subs vs @CardiffCityFC: Silvestri, Coyle, Cooper, Phillips, Mowatt, Roofe, Antonsson.

Cardiff team in pic related

Why is Holloway still a pundit btw?

How many goals for the big guy today lads?

Also,anyone got an acestream?

reddit will most likely have one

>le quirky west country man
he's fucking shit

There's none lad,god fucking damn it

he never, EVER predicts anything correctly

>wigan will go up
>they get relegated

>fulham will be right up there
>finish 20th

>the massive will achieve fuck all
>they make the play offs

>bournemouth midtable
>they win the league

lol, on tuesday Mr. Paid Football Expert said:

Barno look good, but Wolves have just got too much for them and Barnsley will be outclassed

Mr Holloway, have a (You)

jansson is fucking class

>it's a villa concede in the last 5 minutes episode

I think they can beat Ipswich

Don't forget
>Huddersfield will be at the bottom of the table

Hope Leeds gets the win for Romania

thanks la

im just waiting for half time so I can search for a proper stream,this efl branded commentator is boring me to death

who u support ire?

UCD lel

We lost to Cobh last night at home, not very good desu

at least you're not a glory supporting malay like half this board

here we go


giz a stream lads, cant find owt


cheers yourh

I see Rob Green still flaps at anything in the air

fucking B L O O T



Right goal

Cardiff are wank?