/afl/ Finals

>Friday 16th September 2016
Hawthorn Hawks def by Footscray Bulldogs at the MCG

>Saturday 17th September 2016
Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows at the SCG

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Sydney v GWS GF

>worst cuckstralia

God I hate sydney.

who /dabloos/ here?

iggs w/ my niggs

Tom SNAPley


Oxygen thief detected



Geelong v. Footscray

Everything else

When do the iggs play?

No one cares

Excellent posts

its 2016 lad


For shame Adelaide

You're a greedy (You) slut

Is Nick Davis vs Geelong the GOAT individual quarter of footy?

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Why is there no kick to kick after the game? No other games of footy there for the year.


Ha Ha!

Time For Pooicide!

scott lucas' 7 in a quarter against the iggs wasn't bad, but in terms of changing a game then yeah davis v geelong is probably best

>Sydney will never EVER go away

Kouta v Essendon 1999 prelim lad

How many callers before someone cries?

Won't even give you a (You) Adam Bandt

There have been better quarters, but the setting and timing of Davis' made it pretty special.

For instance, Darren Jarman kicked 5 in a quarter in the '97 Grand Final, but Crows ended up winning by ~30 odd so it isn't as hyped up as Davis' last second match winner.

Australian game now champ. get used to it

>Match is lost
>Junk time
>Eddie Betts shows up and kicks a banana goal

Eddie betts or Steven Milne?

fuck I miss jeff farmer

and I'm pretty sure the 8 he kicked in a half was against collingwood

Milne was better for longer.

betts because he can take a grab sometimes


he was good mix of shitcunt and performance

Is the comeback, dare I say it, on?

Is it habbening?

incoming leigh matthews 5 mins 5 goals


>swans on their way to another flag
>hockey season about to start

Life is good boys

A meme can dream

>Kouta v Essendon 1999 prelim lad
Kouta was pretty fun to watch then. Shame his knee blew up and he spent years as a so-so player on a $1m contract.

kouta is a pillow biter

There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.

>aliir takes a mark and kicks backward
>woah such composure to assess the situation

Had to stay in Adelaide for a month a while ago. Everyone was saying Rundle Mall and the Adelaide Hills are where it's at.
Rundle Mall is a generic street with shops and the Adelaide Hills are shit.
Inbred town, inbred people, not even a swans fan but happy to see the crows go down, get fucked adelaide, lamoing@your team

fuck off nigger hater

Based BT the people's commentator

At least its not packed with chinks and lebs like Shitney.

Even prozzies hate niggers "mate"

Ignoring off field stuff Milne by a mile. The guy was legit good (if you forget him letting the grand final bounce away from him).

I imagine it was all the Germanic heritage that triggered your inner Jewish victimhood.

Hahndorf is pretty nice.
Rundall mall is shit


Do you think this is a fair assessment of this years top 7?

Righto lads, I'll be on the oval foot bridge around 11. byo rope.

Most of the people had no teeth and looked literally inbred. Getting laid was as simple as telling the normal ones (like the ones who had a full set of teeth) I was from out of town.
If Deliverance is a city it's Adelaide

doing some absolutely rancid farts lads

Reckon Milne will eve make the HOF? His record stacks up.

afk sucks

dont worry, im back now

fuck OFF


i literally just noticed sydneys jerseys are the opera house, always thought it was a swan silhouette

tarred with the rape brush. no

What was happening with his rape case?

Don't think he's good enough to make it if that's hanging over his head (Ablett snr didn't), so really depends how the off field stuff goes.


Thing is, you could've found relevant and pertinent complaints, but instead you had to expose yourself as a dishonest individual by indulging your poor fiction skills.

>Adelaide Hills are shit.
Wrong opinion. The Hills are excellent, even by Australian standards, not just Adelaide standards.

>thinking getting laid in adelaide is an achievement
the shame still burdens me

5aa, the tears already

5AA hotting up lads. Meltdowns and tears already.

according to wikipedia, they withdrew the rape charge and he plead guilty to indecent assault - fined 15k


Basically confirms the whore was always after money, literally a prostitute.

someone please call in and go full mario from doncaster

>he literally can't stop lying.

If everyone you saw was toothless then you're poor, if you didn't like the hills you're poor and uncultured. But none of this never happened, so yeah.


That was known since the start

>What change would you make mate?

>But none of this never happened
You're not helping the inbreeding allegations

>tex is playing at half forward, put him in the forward line


t. disillusioned tigers fan who's only been half watching this season.


>Alir2 doesn't make mistakes

Fuck me were you even watching the game Richo.

Don't get me wrong I rate Alir2 but to suggest he had a perfect game is disingenious.


Lol, bad couch.

5aa been relatively tame tonight

bad couch was alright though, kek

>Not everyone in South Australia goes for an Adelaide based team
>Call gets dropped
This salt.

>Dat Pompenelli, he broke the game apart

Reality cunt on aborted narrative watch

Don't really get it lad
>No Port, Melbourne or St Kilda

Please do not insult the Crows. Please show some good sportsmanship.
Thank you.

How can you possibly BE this fucking illiterate?

You are a fucking fraud and about as intellectually gifted as Straffo

Okay Rowie, we'll be gentle with your Crows.

We appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the flooding situation has only been worsened by the corpses, scarves and beanies clogging the Torrens weir.

God I HATE you

Too bad, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm going to crack your trip and then post it on here.

Please don't, I've used this exact same tripcode for 5 years now, I don't know any tripfags that didn't change their tripcodes at least once every couple of years.

Get in here, my wealthy peers.
Poorcunts stay OUT


Was typing off my fone idiot. In case you didn't notice the u and i are right next to eachother. And I have massive hands so it's hard to type the letters.

Also reminder that I knew Adelaide would get BTFO.

I'm going to crack your trip as well.

t. underaged 14 year old wigga phoneposter


late night iggspost

Your reply was good.

thanks mate

>RC outing himself as a phoneposter
you couldn't script this fall from grace

goodnight /afl/

Collingwood spotted

Big Strong Swede has returned lads.

Good morning /afl/

morning m8

Hope this isn't the same person

Yeh what a shame that would be. How bad would that be?
G*d, that sort of perversion on an imageboard. G*wd

Read the wrong time thinking there would have been a 7 hour sleep not 9.
Sorry my /friend/

I wasn't that guy
But 7 hours is actually the perfect amount of time
Higher mortality rate per capita in >=8 hours sleepers


... as opposed to a non-per capita mortality rate???

Hi lads

Lifelong /GWS/ fan here

A majority of the population sleeps +7.5hrs on average per day over a year, on gross stats they can't help but have the majority of the mortality rate because there is a lot more people. Per 100,000 people they do have a higher rate.

Whether it's completely physiologically or not is another thing. Oversleeping is an effect of manic depression and that can lead to suicide.

Most likley going to be a Cats vs GWS grand final and GWS have only played at the MCG once this year losing to Melbourne in Round 1

RC will be crying about his nemesis Chris Scott holding up the hip


Objectively, the best GF scenarios are ordered and are as follows; (Same ranked scenarios are determined as equally DELICIOUS)

1. GWS vs Sydney
>Sydney Derby GF
2. GWS vs Cats
>Stevie J's Revenge
2. Dogs vs Cats
>Dogs make the Granny
4. Dogs vs Sydney
>Dogs make the Granny but fuck Sydney LMAO

objectively wrong

nice rebuttal, i agree with all your points

Best scenario is GWS vs. Geelong where giants win.

GWS have literally hypothetical fans so there will no real people around to gloat about it, also there dynasty will have to begin some time so may as well start quickly and get it over with.

Fuck WB. Can't stand this "everyone's second favorite club" meme going on now.

t. Saints fan.


surely a dogs GF is the best result.

> Fuck WB. Can't stand this "everyone's second favorite club" meme going on now.

> t. Saints fan.

yes, because "second favorite club"/"underdog" is the position that the saints like to hold.

>tfw just realized that no escort will fuck me with all of the cuts i have on my legs

money talk my man

What do you do for work /afl/?

I am a certified Subway® Sandwich Artist®

burger assembler for obnoxious drunk cunts at 1pm on saturday / sunday mornings. you?


genuinely scared of the swans

shopping center watch repair/key cutting kiosk

you should be imho, you lucked out versus hawks and da bloods will come out on fire on friday m8

GWS winning is the best result for football. Footscray by rights shouldn't even exist in the modern era and a flag for them would accomplish nothing in terms of growing the game. The expansion clubs were created only because the vfl relics footscray and norf completely refused to embrace the new order and relocate to nsw and qld.

good post

gws being continuously competitive is the best result for AFL in sydney. otherwise you end up with the shit that is the suns.

iirc footscray was offered mergers, not relocation. north was offered tasmania.

I think the larger ground should hopefully even the game up but Sydney's backline exposed Geelong the time they played during the season

How's the wife and kids Andy?

Retail Logistics

I study and leech off my husband

>there are unironically people who would begrudge the doggies a premiership

It's been over six fucking decades.

Number of premierships won by bulldogs: 1
Number of premierships won by GWS: 0

True underdog supporters want giants to win because that will result in more equality for the league.

Objectively, the best result is GWS winning the grand final. Grows the sport in the region more, they haven't won before, young group, start of a dynasty gives it a good narrative and makes the next few seasons enjoyable to watch as well.

If Sydney win, that's also good for the region, but less so than a GWS win. Strong Sydney and GWS is what the AFL wants.

Dogs win, it does nothing for the game. Club is dead in the water and should have moved to another state years ago. No room for growth AT ALL.

Geelong win, good for the game. Stadium is currently being upgraded, them winning helps them get back some money and encourages more development in the future.

just woke up from a coma

how the fuck did we lose?

quality control for a food manufacturer

>Geelong win, good for the game. Stadium is currently being upgraded, them winning helps them get back some money and encourages more development in the future

Saints fan again, and I could actually go with this as well. If small suburban stadiums are shown to lead to success then maybe that will lead to additional funding to develop Moorabbin oval.

What's parking / public transport like there? That was the biggest problem with Princess Park.

equality in the league is a GF win by the team gifted top draft picks like almost no other, plus a dedicated, rich draft area and their own little stadium.

Equality = more even distribution of premierships, simple. Besides it would be great to see the young up-and-coming and exciting Giants side get their first and to see their long-suffering fans enjoy a flag after years of hardship.



>You will never get MAJAK'D

Why live?

The Shawn Michaels answer always gets me



Anyone who doesn't want the Bulldogs to win the grand final is a raging homosexual

This tbqdesu

The fact is that GWS is the only contender left that has not won a single premiership, or has even played in a grand final before, while all the others have enjoyed multiple grand final appearances.

Every true fan of football should get behind the Giants as a battler side whose victory will lead to a more equitable distribution of flags, and because their success will forge a stronger league overall. GWS have done the hard yards having worked their way up from the bottom of the ladder, and they deserve a premiership for themselves and their long suffering fans.

Anyone who does not want the Giants to finally win one is Un-Australian and has no place following our sport.

t. west sydney wog

AFL is a proud multicultural league and racists are not welcome.

Pic related.

1. Western Bulldogs
2. GWS
3. Sydney
4. Adelaide
5. St Kilda
6. Geelong
7. Collingwood
8. Melbourne
9. Hawthorn
10. Port Adelaide
11. West Coast
12. Essendon
13. Fremantle
14. Carlton
15. Gold Coast
16. Richmond
17. North Melbourne
18. Brisbane

>8. Melbourne

Found the Saints fan

Nah, saints and bulldogs tend to hate each other, no way they would wish each other high ladder finishes.

>Dogs v Cats
The greatest rivalry of the animal kingdom

>Princess park

can guarantee it'll rain then


Nice >sport you got here, island monkeys.

goodnight /afl/

Why do interstate retards always throw up the Dogs for merger/fold talks? There's LITERALLY zero chance the AFL would remove the only club based in the Western Suburbs. Norf would be a dead certainty to be in the firing line if the AFL wants to get rid of a Vic club.

Is Mark Waugh gonna stack the Test side with Stars again so Thunder get another easy run in the finals?

>Sydney Derby GF
>will be played in Melbourne regardless

>Buddy plays in losing GF in 2012
>trades to Sydney
>his old team wins three straight hips
>his old team beat his new team for one of them
Is Buddy's punishment over now?

>Big Bash finals coincide with Australia's limited overs matches
>Stars lose half their team every season
>le epic chokers XD

Nice "competition" you have there. At least it drowns out the A-League in the period of the year they're supposed to be thriving in without the AFL/NRL.