ITT Guys who actually deserve an apology. I'll start

ITT Guys who actually deserve an apology. I'll start.


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Lovren's a pretty good defender, seems a bargain for £20m now given how much City spend on shit defenders. He has everything a CB needs really.

Just looked dogshit in Rodgers' system where he was exposed constantly

Lovren's wife cheated on him with a forestry worker, though

This is why the sun will forever be worthless shit, why make stuff like that public, just a bunch of dickheads

fucking hell rodgers really is the cringiest dickhead in football

>Be a good-looking, rich athlete
>Get cuckolded anyway

It really makes you think

Lovren is better looking than that dickhead too


what a doof lookin lad

Bet his wife chose his clothes for him, I swear women never know what looks best on a man.

The other guy kind of looks like Michael Swaim with a beard.

>tfw liverpool are the good guys this season

>Mentioning Cracked on Cred Forums
Have you ever seen the NFL player Philip Rivers? I think that's his name. He is absolutely identical to Michael Swaim; it terrifies me.

based sun tbqhwy

Why is Seanbaby so fucking lazy lads? He makes like 4 articles a year.

Favorite Lovren moment t b h, and I don't even care about Liverlel

Which is a shame, since they're consistently great when they do come out. That and After Hours are pretty much the only things they have going for them nowadays.

Not a fan of the girl with the mole desu

I think he writes for other websites too, and he helps with behind-the-scenes stuff like editing and pitch formatting. Also, Cracked only cares about muh clicks, and SJW outrage gets far more traffic than fun and comedy, as you may have noticed.

She's pretty obviously the weakest of the four.

>being a Lenin apologist
youre doing the dark lords work user


Wants to be Pep so bad

Pep, Klopp, Luis Enrique, anyone but himself really.

This is my favourite Lovren moment