What does Cred Forums think of Pepe?

What does Cred Forums think of Pepe?

It's a dank meme for sure.

I heard he's a symbol of white supremacy.

Best central defender of the last decade im not even joking

No to racist nazi frog

should win ballon d'or

Good defender but probably the biggest cunt in football.

from what I read he is actually a pretty decent guy off the pitch

plus he can't be the biggest cunt when nerman/rat king exist

He plays soccer not football though you retard.

good 1 m8

kek he's literally shit

Fuck off Daniel

the difference is they're 2 of the best players in the world and he isn't


Reddit hates him, therefore I love him. Which is a shame because I actually don't care for him.

he and costa should die

Best CB in the world. Has made Sergio "I'm a really good header and that's basically it" Ramos look world class

yes he is, and even if he wasn't, it wouldn't matter, a cunt is a cunt



Fuck frogposters

not even good enough to sit on the bench for us

White supremacist scum

You alt rightists need your records corrected


Is this the nazi-frog thread?

It's funny that Cred Forums is reposting stuff from /jp/ and using anime. Such a cuck board.

>complaining about anime on a south-buthanese-anime-image-forum
I don't get it.

Lol and who the fuck is it? Chiellini who gets exposed every time he plays against actual competition and not serie a?

Thi desu. Whenever madrid is on a streak of good football, it is partly due to being secure in the back with this frog.



He works hard on the pitch and does what it takes to defend. I like him more than Ramos

he is white

what about wojak

A dirty scumbag son of a bitch. Every good team needs one

he's a nazi according to hillary clinton

best player @ the euro

I remember following RM very closely between 2009 and 2014, Pepe works hard and does not lack quality, but holy shit back them in half of the games he was a fucking asshole, no judgment at all, a true Materazzi from that point of view (but obviously a better player). Prone to diving too.

he was well behaved too.

In the NT He's okay in my book


he's a white supremacist alt-right donald trump supporter

brilliant CB even if he is a bad fucking shithouse

Great player, and only reddit fags should be annoyed by his behaviour on the pitch. there's nothing wrong with it

Fucking finally someone said it, reddit fucking shits hating on based pepe for taking his game to the next level

he is, and he's still one of the best defenders of the last decade(I think bonucci is better)

it's just that the level of football i general has gone down in the last decade

I hated him for his diving and dirty plays but he redeemed himself and won my respect at the Euro. He was the most important player on Portugal for the entire tournament. I don't have any pics of Pepe diving so here's this instead.

el peep is a living breathing god after the Euros.


>waaa I hate reddit look at me

Nobody cares you fucking morons

he's a white nationalist