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ric for pole




first for nazi memes


>Hamilton choking again

useless negro OP once again

first for rosberg failure

HAM in the wall!

+0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704 +0.704

i dont like mercedes

video games

Dead sport general


3rd for das nazi-frog

Death to Ricciardo

Another HAM - ROS - XXX tomorrow.


tbqh anime lads











Kimi a shit


>the ghetto of Lewis Hamilton


btfo by superior german driver

one hell of a lap from rosberg desu



Ricky pushing Ham to 3rd lel






>Mercedes first
>Sainz beating Kvyat
What did I expect?

dubs and tractor cunt claims Hamilel life tomorrow

Le my time xd



>People doubt Rosberg





>h-hamilton has a problem!!!

Lmao at sky

I wonder what Laudas crispy ear tastes like

so will amx hit kimi?



>HAM 3rd

Ricky again confirming he's th best driver on the grid.



Time for pizza.




>tricky 2nd

Start crash involving HAM VES RAI confirmed

>Rosberg 2 GOAT laps
this is his fucking year

>WEW *pause* HEW


>Lewis Hamilton


>[wo ho'ing unenthusiastically]

Chewy duck.


>wtf I hate (x) now
>the city of (x)
>what did he mean by this?
>why is this allowed?
>how do we fix this shit?
>what is his/her endgame?
>t. (x)
>meme (x)
>why didn't he just kill himself?
>find a flaw protip: you can't
>what the fuck is his/her problem?
>is the (x) an athlete?
>now that the dust has settled
>are we, dare I say it, back?
>it's an (x) episode
>explain yourselves
>(x) will defend this
>leave (x) to me
>really makes you think

8th win of the season for Rosberg tomorrow.

>fastest lap ever around Singapore.

And to think the cars will be 5 seconds faster next season

>When i feel Heavy Metal


Amx was exposed, again.

>rosberg's gonna crash tricky ricky out

whats the lap record at this shithole

in b4 both RIC and ROS fuck up their starts

>Return of Kyvat
>Rosberg pole
>Ricky front row
>Vettel ded

Overall a good qualifying I reckon.

Missed all but the end of Q3. What happened to >vettel?

>Tricky Ricky

Monster driver

Fastest driver on the Grid right now.

It's interesting that the track wasn't too far off when they made the final runs.

Rosberg's pole was a 1:42.584, and his second run was 1:42.661.

VES crashes into HAM
KVY crashes into RAI

PER, somehow

t. Kostas Padapodopopodopodopodopoulos

Suspension problems



I love Cred Forums



suspension failure

Crofty sounds broken

Like he can't believe how much Hamilton just got destroyed


Broken Strut bar

gimi behind max :D tomorrow gonna be ebin race

Changes every year with the track adjustments

Kblyat lost to Sainz again, not so much of a return


as long as sainz is in front, there is no return of kvyat



should i go to sleep or wait for 6hrs of cota?

k. keep me posted upside down poland

ahahahah btfo

>21. Esteban Ocon
>22. Sebastian Vettel

Is Esteban, dare I say elite?



Are you mad that Rio is no more, Monaco?

hamilton got dumpstered by rosberg the aryan god

>ted trying to justify hamshit's choking

I fucking hate those stupid phrases.


Was putting in some good times though, rather than suicidal.

>PER, somehow
build the wall

How do you F1 strategy?


>still no Hulk podium

>This is your (team) tonight
>which part of (city) are you from ?
>Just give me the title already

He'll always have Le Mans


You would expect Kvyat to not be quite as good in a car that Sainz has been driving all year. If Kvyat can manage to not JUST and stay close to Sainz for the rest of the season (even if he's not outright beating him) I think there's a decent chance he will be retained.

He even had an upgraded engine, which Renault think is worth a couple of tenths.

sorry mate

>Falling for the IIM = money meme
I'm earning more straight out of engineering than my friends who did MBA's from IIMs. Check out the average package of IIM graduates.


>checking out other guy's packages

India dude m8..

You're funny, Hans

sorry dude


Can this pajeet guy shut up about his uni or whatever

O shit. I almost forgot about that. When is that on lad?

Will you wake up to an alarm? If so sleep.

So why is it always Rosberg who continues after the interview in German all the time?


The drivers do a bit in their native language when they are done, if it's something other than English for their respective local media.

they are given time for final remarks in their native language

who /playstation/ football here?

Is there a WEBM of the dinosaur?

Turned off acestream after Q3 ended for a quick private session with a camgirl - did I miss any memes in the press conference?


Get dubs

Like this

but rosberg isn't a native german


i hope it was a scummy romanian lad, nothing like a 9/10 that will piss on herself for 30 quid

Bottas Time again


Of course he isn't, or his name would be Mohmad Waleed

Latvian - so not dissimilar


Are there any f1 races where they finish close at the finishing line?

The only closeish race I can remember is button over taking Vettel on the last lap(?) in that Canada race.

>Emilia Bottas @EmiliaEpi 4m4 minutes ago
>I like his helmet @ValtteriBottas

Emilia confirmed for cockstruck by Valtteri

if perez doesn't get a penalty for that then the yellow flag rule is literally a myth

>being so kool you wear sunglasses at night

Legendary overtake in the last corner of the last lap. :)


Do they both have the autism? If so then that is cute.

They're both Finnish - I thought that was assumed

>Rosberg wins
>gets boooed
>finds a way to local's hearts and chants "rosberg on fire hamilton is terrified" with the crowd
>drinks out of Ricky's shoe
>Hamillel snaps and runs away before interviews finished

Damn that was so easy.

It sucks how rare it happens, pretty cool to watch in nascar.

>Yes was the best
>#Ricardo fans carried me on shoulders

RIP wagfag.
Was cucked by some aussies

Austria '82
Zaandvort '85
Jerez '86

rosberg could literally pay everyones internet bill for the year and he'd still get booed

Brazil sometime in the late 00s.

Wasn't for first place, but Hamilton trying to get high enough in the order to win Driver's Champion was the best race finish I can recall.

Stupid website, Sainz isn't poo'da'loo.

I was of jokings.
That overtake is just famous since it was team orders.

Poor MASSA ;(

Hamilmo > Dynamo





Oooohhh of course, I like German humour!


it starts in like 7 bongs

i'm going to sleep


You might have been good user, many of my friends got a really good increase in their pay after studying form colleges like DCE and NSIT and I was saying that after analysing financials of few companies, rather than an engg graduate.

>Nico gets pole
>Sky post-qualy is only half an hour

That's weird, it's an hour when Hamilton gets pole


>like every asian slut ever
>gets ran train by big drunk australian bogans
what a fucking slut

Lads I'm cold.


God I hated that place. It was like 70% of the students came into college having pre-decided they wanted to do an MBA

Tim O'Glock is my favourite driver

I'm happy for Rosberg. Fuck Hamilton. I'd be quite content if Nico actually becomes champion. He seems a nice guy.

Also I really look forward to the new FIA boss taking over Bernie. Something in my gut tells me things are going to improve (even because it's quite hard to kill something already dead)

This said, ofc the results will be ROS HAM RIC (VES crashing at the last turn, somewhere mid-race). Vettel will, as always, push it over the limit to try to save the saveable and crash somewhere else. I also hope Ferrari will change the car the most they can and get 1,000,000,000+ positions penalty since now they can afford it. But clearly, that's too much to expect from them


This is why you have a bed that's as comfy as possible

>new FIA boss
Liberty Media just has control of the commercial side of F1. Jean Todt is still the head of the FIA afaik

Porsche cup memery going on.

Still, I welcome such a change. Even at the cost of moving a bit of the show to the US. F1 sucks today anyway, so I'd really don't mind seeing, say, Force India replaced by an another american squad. I'd love to see less electronics and more cylinders because FUCK YEAH, WE'RE TRUE MEN XDD memes you usually bring around. Something will NEVER happen in the actual state of things

This is a top tier meme. Two cars on their roof so far.

Sponsor wont like that.

Well in motorsport you have your UBS and DOWNS

monthly reminder

disregard the filename, it is mean.


What is he then?

LOL. I always thought this boat-like building was above the track because they always show it on telly, but those poseurs are a fair distance from the track.


webm pls



G-Grosjean is gonna do good tomorrow, r-right?

Ok, so if anyone is interested, the virtual divegrass thing in which /F1/ is starts in 7 hours.

Nothing is solve!

because quali overran



Haas is finished

They will not score a single point in the rest of the season

>Americans thinking they can into F1

2002 US GP. Dead heat between Schumacher and Barrichello


This is pretty much a god-tier lap

Considering how bumpy and shitty this track is, it is amazingly confident and aggressive.

It's truly amazing that Rosberg can pull off shit like this one weekend and then be half a second off his teammate in the previous race. How can he possibly be this inconsistent, its like he is either unbeatable-tier or considerably worse than Hamilton

webm Burger do something on-topic for once and make a webm of the dragon creature will you please?

Austria 2002 :^)

Jesus Valtteri stop staring at me

I guess if you graduate from a branch like civil or chemical you won't get a high paying job and an MBA would seem like a good step. No disrespect to you if you want to do an MBA though m8. I'm sure you'll kill it.
Btw you a Delhi bro?

hamilton had really shit laps
he didn't get to practice enough with those tires because he missed fp2
kept clipping the curbs really hard

>It's an aussie Hamilton apologist episode

>Replace Force India
They'd be doing a lot better than Ferrari if they had the same budget

Being the only Guti fan in the world, I am gutted


You can only do the invisible spoiler on Cred Forums, like this.

Bottas must have one hell of a foreskin

His name is Rio and he's taller when he stands

>Big thanks to @WilliamsRacing for today... Good to catch up with Wazza in the grid @WayneRooney


>Bottas as tall as Massa

what le fug :DD

Massa is by far the biggest manlet on the grid (of manlets), 163 cm TOPS

I think the "height is important" thing is really just a meme made up by raging manlets. Look at the new hot rookies, Verstappen is 2 cm shorter than le too tall for top teams Hulkenberg and his height has never even been mentioned

Ocon is also literally the tallest person on the grid and it's not stopping him from being backed by 2 factory teams simultaneously lmao

it's perspective, Bottas is a couple of inches taller but the camera is tilted slightly anti-clockwise (and Massa is closer to the camera) to make it seem like less of a difference

How will manlets ever recover?

>being compared to Wayne Rooney
that's harsh

Williams always has some great pictures from Singapore

this one from Monza too

>Thank you Rio for looking after Emilia while I was in the car

One of the all the greatest liveries in F1

Iconic, full of heritage, not 100% filled to the max with ads and logos, only white car on the grid

Just purely classy. Matching helmet is a nice touch. Shame about Massa's abomination helmet though.

Shame the car is absolute dog shit

OFFICIAL 2016 LIVERY RANKINGS (car performance or driver attributes not included edition)

in order:

>Ferrari (with the white around the cockpit, its the best Ferrari livery ever IMO but I am aware I'm alone in that opinion)
>Toro Rosso (just great, fantastic shade of blue, no fucking around)
>Manor (classic, simple, great)
>Renault (bit BANANA but still quite nice and different)
>Red Bull (it's ok and the matte is a nice touch, at least they aren't using obnoxiously bright red and blue this time)

And now the irredeemably-shit-tier:

>Force India - not HORRIBLE but just retarded and BLACKED
>McLaren - BLACKED
>Sauber - just fucking IKEA shit, awful colors, see so little of it that I cant remember if theres any BLACKED
>Haas - what color u want? we got like 1000 different ones senpai - "give me the dullest grey"
>Merc - awful turqoise and BLACKED and shit silver terrible livery, actually a disgusting color combination

>Haas livery
Pick one

>that flag
you're not allowed to have an opinion on the haas livery

Williams, Manor, Renault and Haas are BLACKED as well tho

Move Ferrari to shit and McLaren to good and you're right.
>black is automatically bad

1/10 and it's actually worse than the score would suggest because I think you actually tried to make this good and now it's an unironic pile of trash

I hate mercs but their livery is great

why is it apologist when literally everything there is his fault anyway?
do you really have to
>hamilton came second because he's shit and he drove shit and black and nigger genes and he's the worse XD
to not get called a hamilton apologist?

Q1 has started



Beautiful song about Frentzen, Villeneuve and a dream of Formula 1.


But it is awful. It is by far the least exciting livery on the grid. I mean GREY, what were they thinking?

me 2

I really hate it. It is obviously ok to like it but I really strongly dislike the colorscheme. Silver is ok but the Petronas blue/green whatever really triggers me. It is an awful color. Plus the livery itself is so unfocused and littered with small logos and stuff, it looks like a mess. Plus the livery looks fucking awful with a WHITE race suit, and then Hamilton goes even one step beyond and wears stuff like burgundy hats

Lmao, Arrivabene was arrested and held for 6 hours for throwing a cigarette on a street. 600 € fine.

penalties for perez

what did they expect him to do with it? swallow it?

i predict Rosberg is going to get pole by 0.531 sec. over Tricky Ricky with HAM third at 0.704 sec. behind

screencap this

why is f1fanatic is so based?

good thing they didn't catch him chewing gum, he would probably get 50 lashes or something

yeah so based ruining a good photo with a shitty watermark

oh ok, might start posting frogs when i do it too because we all know what that means!

keith collantine is an insufferable liberal. some liberals are okay, but his twitter is

>ebil trump, hillary goat
>ebil tories (for us britlads)

you good dude? I was more talking about the pictures

>tfw 1.77m and 62kg

I am happy to be an athletic manlet. I am that guy who cuts you off on my bicycle because my average speed is important, fuck you

>1/4 of a horsepower

When will humanlets ever learn?

>first 20 seconds of notebook
>ted already spills spaghetti

>Anna is back to working with Ricky


with braids she looked so much qter

singapore police ain't nothing to fux with

Dunno about him but I'm a Delhi bro

What are they even for? Are they acting as muscle deterring interviewers acting up or do they tell the drivers what to say?

arranging interviews with reporters, recording what they say so noone can misuse it or take it out of context I guess
I don't even care I just enjoy looking at her


Are you an (East-)Asian by any chance?

Otherwise you must have some sort of genetical defect to be this small.

>that height in the Netherlands

sorry mate

There's like 185 cm grills everywhere

A tall girl is nice.

That's pretty fast, Ned. Are you Sonic?

my bmi is like 16.5 or so

at least alcohol kicks in quite fast

>tfw 16.4

Better than fatties, lads.

such feels.


you are the reason why people think Eastern Europeans are poor and malnourished

But which one, Ralf or Michael?

Are you an Italian rapefugee?

Italians can't be that dumb, can they?

>what is a bycicle

33.3 km/h average over 3 hours is pretty fast for an amateur.

why does it show Max's stats next to your average stats?

But I am malnourished simply because I'm too lazy to prepare something.
If I ate more, I would be like Nick, because no physical activity and so on.

So is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Verstappen is yet again outqualified by his teammate?

He's been in the team for a while now, he does well in the races, seemingly feels comfortable in the car and the team. Yet it's almost not even in the dialogue that he has the worst qualifying record against a teammate currently on the grid. Worse than Kimi vs Vettel, worse than Pascal vs. chink muslim paydriver fasting for ramadan for 3 races

Apparently Verstappens strengths were basically in the simulator, being able to drive faster than what the engineers thought was possible (this is apparently common in RB, they say Vettel did it, Ricky can do it a bit, Vergne couldn't, which is why he was dropped). Yet he is just fucking terrible against Ricciardo, who wasn't even destroying Kvyat THAT hard last year. Kvyat literally has a better qualifying record against Ricciardo than Verstappen

What gives?

Not a Max hater, not an avid bullier, just wondering wtf is going on. how is max so fucking shit at quali, he is literally sim racer hot lap for 4 hrs every day boi

Ricciardo wasn't worried about Kvyat, so he wasn't pushing too hard against him. He HAS to beat Max to stay relevant, so he is giving his 100% all the time

17.2 here
go eat a burger the both of youse

They're talking BMI, not stones.

silly taxi driver, Italian F4 is next week

>hey Sebastian we know you want the car to go faster but we can't make it faster so instead we made it catastrophically fall apart after free practice

T-thanks you t-too

Not if he has a decent racing bike and chose a smart route (e.g. little Elevation, well no problem in Netherlands, little to no traffic and traffic light and whatever.)

coincidentally that's the average number of packs of cigarettes per day you Italians smoke

33km/h AVERAGE is impressive for an amateur even on a racing bike. You fat fuck clearly don't know shit about biking.

Tricky Ricky is among the best of the best.

So considering this, Verstappen is actually doing more than great.

my bmi is only slightly higher than the number of cigarettes I smoke + the number of beers I drink a day.

pretty stoked 3bh

t.fat fuck

t. no arguments to counter

cigarettes burn weight though
stop drinking beer and your weight will drop too

>drivers who get to drive ~1 lap full power without having to worry about engine or tire wear per weekend don't push it to their absolute limit

sure thing

I do think that Verstappen has given Ricciardo a greater benchmark to compare himself to but I strongly doubt Ricciardo was just fucking around setting banker laps against Kvyat

I wouldn't see a truly amateur (as in non-agonistic, only does it for physical exercise) hit that kind of average for that long. When I'm on the road I occasionally queue up to people on racing bikes, and the speeds are never that high.
Of course, in all this I assumed Giedo over there was an amateur. Maybe he's an actual semi-pro with a 1500E bike.
Yeah, that sounds about right.

You aren't drinking enough beers then

it's not unusual here to drink a 12-pack and then go out

I can casually drink like 16-20 beers a night without a problem. If I drank with the specific goal of drinking as much as possible, I could easily destroy a case of 24

In fact even getting drunk off beer is difficult, your stomach fills up faster than the alcohol enters your blood stream, which is why vodka was invented fambino

Vodka also makes it very hard to actually gain weight due to alcoholism unless you drink a lot of super wear mixed drinks with soda. Half and half is a good compromise imo


Friendly reminder to eat healthy and exercise even on race weekends.

t. sideways Italia

>how is max so fucking shit at quali, he is literally sim racer hot lap for 4 hrs every day boi

Jos Verstappen was also horrid at qualifiers, so I'd say that Max is doing rather well compared to how his dad used to do in qualifiers.

Plus, Tricky Ricky being actually elite.

thank you Hungary!

And thank you for your beautiful rifles, I named mine Nora!

Good idea, Gyula. I might even ride my push bike to the bottle-o tomorrow.

How fat are you? A case of beer is nearly 5000 calories

Is this, dare I say it, his year?

0.33 or 0.5? if the former, you are a fucking pussy, Finland

Leo won an Oscar

Rosberg will win a championship.

id like to think so

God, hes a better looking version of Hunt

Why is he so slow?

hello friends, is sauber relevant yet?

Lol, if you can drink 24x0,5 then congrats. But damn even 0,3s is hard to keep up with the actual level of drunkness vs. the volume of liquid in your body

Not fat at all. Pretty sure beer calories aren't actually all ingested because I would be very fat if they were true. Granted I don't drink every day (2-3 days out of the week lol) and legitimately enjoy eating healthy and well. Not a vegan or anything autistic, just cook decent shit and then eat it.

It's high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and sugar that makes you fat, not alcohol. If you paired pure alcoholism with a perfect healthy diet, the person wouldn't even be that fat, certainly not obese.

Next Red Bull Junior Frog coming through: Richard Verschoor

>15 years old
>first season in cars
>Helmut Marko hired him after he saw Verschoor try a ballsy overtake at Sochi (Verschoor's first race weekend)
>SMP F4 champion of 2016 (20 races, 11 wins, 16 podiums, 10 poles, 9 fastest laps) and at one point he won 10 races in a row
>Will also probably win the Spanish F4 championship this year (9 races so far, 7 wins, 8 podiums, 3 poles, 7 fastest laps) after winning the last 6 races in a row

They can't keep getting away with this.

Go away Currytits

>more dutchfags in f1 threads

>that wing
like taken straight out aerodynamics 101 course

>a joint effort between Finnish motorsport organisation and Russian SMP Racing
>intention is to showcase young Finnish and Russian drivers
>two Dutch fags come and BTFO the whole field (Verschoor 339pts, Opmeer 270pts, some slav 198pts)

And Finland loses again

The Helmut Marko strategy is to sign every promising rookie out there and then have them be in a sink or swim environment for a few years, which generally ends up destroying their career anyway

Also wins in very low categories mean fuck all. Just about every F1 driver from the last 20 years has demolished early junior shit

Actually most F1 drivers and F1 hopefuls are incredibly good in their junior stuff and before they make it to something actually competitive like F3/GP3/GP2, they will have been the best driver around. Which is why you see so much choking - drivers think they're the shit because they've beaten everybody ever easily, and then they come to GP2 and get destroyed by some actually good driver (who's also been the best of the best ever)


they're meant to be simple, it's the first category above formula ford with wings

remember when niko kari was going to be a future f1 driver? hahaha good times

Fuck you cunt.

Cheeky bants taxi lad

>If it goes well, it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't

Hamilton's downfall until the end of the season starts NOW.

H-he still has a chance, r-right?

remember what happened the last time we had a Bottas meme magic train?

It was all scripted?

spot the newfag pleb

There will be a Schumacher racing at Macau F3 Grand Prix next year. Michael won in 1990, Ralf in 1995. Mick will probably win it, too, because PremaWinsLOL

>what did he mean by this Cred Forums?

any of mummy claire looking fine?

she's not even in sing-a-pore because frank is sick and she's staying with him at home

Reckon gimi will win this weekend


Too bad.



Gutted. I can totally imagine her fulfilling my two greatest fantasies: mummy roleplay and pegging.

Wish wagfag had a proper dossier of Claire pics. The one thing that cunt would be useful for...


lmao at what the field of view does to bottas' face


The late 80s early 90s were a simpler time for sponsoring


Thread theme

post yfw da berg wins da form yulawan



Mick Schumacher will turn out to be as only good as Ralf 'Half an Hour Back There' Schumacher.

i noticed throwberg's eye was red again this weekend

i've noticed a trend where his eye will be red and he'll get pole

maybe he's an alien cyborg and they're injecting some kind of adrenaline/steroid/nitro into his eyeball before races


I know, ISDF. I cherish the few conversations we've had

As long as he makes up for it on race day, when points are awarded, there's nothing wrong with it.

Heck, most people agree Alonso is not the best qualifier, doesn't mean he isn't one of the top 3 drivers on the grid.

I'd say, wait the end of 2017 before judging.

Also, with the new rumours that Sainz is going to Renault, could it mean Kvyat has a chance for 2017?

So a Finn made a song and a music video about Heinz Harald Frentzen.

>Also, with the new rumours that Sainz is going to Renault, could it mean Kvyat has a chance for 2017?

It's hard to say, usually the Red Bull policy was to keep drivers at the Toro Rosso junior team for 3 seasons maximum and then they either get promoted to Red Bull, move to another team or get the boot out of F1.

With Kvyat actually being demoted from Red Bull i don't know if they'll bother to keep him, when will his contract run out?


Just watched the Gran Prix uncut
Lewis is being a moody bitch. is he depressed? will he Kvyat himself? was he playing with that tiger in hope it snapped and killed him?

/F1/ in an hour or so (and maybe the matches afterwards if it wins).

>VEX wins lol

he will be VER because JEV is gone, or VEC if Whiting is autistic enough to stop him from using it (like how Marciello is MAC and Markelov is MAK in GP2 but there's no MAR)


Formula One is about to get DUTCHED even more in a few years.

2015 was a poor year for Ricky. This year hes on the ball. Verstappen is doing preddy good considering rickyardo is probably top 3 in F1 right now. And he has a steep learning curve. Although we dont know how much he will grow in the next few years. Anyway we dont even know whether Ricciardo or Verstappen will successfully adapt to next years regs.

/F1/ up now

what the fug

What will Emilia do with the rest of her life?

She'll be too old to be competitive in the next Olympics.

When will they get divorced?

they're both destined to do nothing with their careers
why would they ever get divorced

why do >we have so many blacks on our team?

Well Bottas will make a few million £££ you'd guess from his F1 salary alone, even if he never makes it to a top team.

before Valterri came along she was probably on a basic athlete's stipend. Can't imagine the Finnish Olympic programme is that well paid.

This gay shit is not a sport


noice lad

It's now in quarterfinals. The whole tournament resolves today, so stay tuned.

Just joined
I'm confused, we have a /f1/ team ?

hes born on rightful dutch clay anyway

She will have got more for fucking Valtteri as it raises her profile. I'm pretty sure I found some monetary figures once in terms of how much funding she received.

Valtteri's hometown gave him the land to build a lakeside villa.
Really they are pretty set for life and are gonna spend their time having hot sauna sex.

Why do we continue to watch Mercedes dominate every week? I am not having any fun.

Watch it in the pub with the lads.

/f1/ meet up when?

Also Emilia has sponsorship deals with CocoMax and M&S.

And she might potentially change sports and do equestrian.

>watching F1 for the Mercedes domination
>not enjoying everything else going on, bantz/memes/etc

how many bing is the race?

> keep drivers at the Toro Rosso junior team for 3 seasons maximum and then they either get promoted to Red Bull, move to another team or get the boot out of F1.

no toro rosso driver has gotten a seat at another f1 team without driving for red bull, either before or after their toro rosso stint.

> With Kvyat actually being demoted from Red Bull i don't know if they'll bother to keep him, when will his contract run out?

sounds like kvyat is on a year-to-year deal.

661 bings

It was part of the Finnish Olympic Committee Annual Report 2014

She received €43,600 in 2014 which is more than her teammates who all got €25,000 each.

So that isn't too bad.
Forgot she also has a deal with Apobase.
If there is one thing Emilia likes sucking more than Vallteri's head, it is corporate dick.

Last 2 digits are what lap amx crashes tomorrow. If it's above 61, he wins.

His chance was at Spa but the whore of a gal ruined it.

Based Frentzen. Also sings about Villeneuve and Irvine. What a bizarre song.

>Jacques stole my woman
>He is drunk
>I drive towards him in the Monaco tunnel with high beams

what the fug

>my best friend ralf got over-shadowed by his borther

damn it's a pretty sad song ;___;

the irony of this post is just fantastic



He's had that attitude all season, he'll still win the 'ship without even trying all that much

Likelihood of Haas scoring points tomorrow?

Lewis is just posturing a cool, no fucks given cool racing driver persona. He still wants, and tries, to win.

Williams, Toro Rosso, Force India, and McLaren all have to fuck up, which isn't too improbable, but I highly doubt it.

Does the Pope shit in the woods??

greater than 40%

It's unlikely desu

This guy wins in Singapore

>still NO Porsche Cup crash or dinosaur webm

fine here shut up

thats a weird looking snek

I wanna fuck that goanna


Do people keep these as pets?

Sandown 500 race thread up, cant link on mobile

There is no dutch clay. Only German-EU-Reich 2.0.

Only me and some burger saw it and we both not into how to webm.


i'm surprised they both lived

please stop posting the racist frog, we don't want people to think we are Cred Forums lite


ok argie



you are literally ruining LIVES

That frog is the cancer of mankind. It's a racist Nazi meme. It's been all over the news. Stop posting it, dumb newfags.


holy shit, you are sick in the head


Based Wobbler.




what kind of dog is that

you have to go back

Wasn't there a cat some time ago too?

And let's not forget about the Mercedes-trained Tactical Suicidal Seagulls.

>caring about what people play games on

holy shit grow up you child lmao

Cat was Baku I think

why is sadfrog/pepe suddenly Nazi frog? what happened? sorry i'm not a big memester so i'm out of touch

do we post images of mengele and eichmann instead?

Hillary or someone said he was racist when trump JR retweeted that deplorable pic

just google news pepe the frog

also this is literally hillary's campaign website
they have a page just for pepe the frog


we need more rare /f1/ pepe's to be honest

Is Singapore a race to wake up early for? Or is it usually a snooze fest like Baku?

the starting grid is

there is potential for massive memery to happen at the start
also rosberg is shit under pressure ricciardo is on his game
if he puts pressure on firstberg he might turn into betaberg and crash again
not to mention aggressive ham bullying

There's a chance of Vettel going through the field, especially if he gets a free new engine and setup and starts from the PL.
Also a lot of memery is possible at T1 because of the quali results.


dubs for good race

Give me a reason to keep watching F1 this season.

The WDC is still wide open and Rosberg, despite his best efforts, might actually unJUST himself.

So at the start of race tonight Bulli will get a better start than roSPERG and lead and Choco will try a cheeky move and roSPERG will defend and take him out RIC VET VES you have my word as an honourable Ausfag

how the fuck will vet get to 2nd



I was thinking last night about this new TV deal. It certainly seems to have been completed pretty quickly considering when you take into account the behemoth that F1 must have become, not to mention the distribution of TV rights across the globe.

Then I got thinking about the 2017 regulation changes, and how they APPEAR to cater to what us fans have been harping on about for years. Plus what we have heard so far (presuming they keep to their word) the new owners wish to further follow what most people who care about the sport want - European races, better redistribution of winnings etc etc.

When did the 2017 changes first get announced? Anyone else have some suspicions this may have been in the works for awhile now?

Swastika is the wrong way,

>I was thinking last night about this new TV deal.

what new tv deal?

> Then I got thinking about the 2017 regulation changes, and how they APPEAR to cater to what us fans have been harping on about for years.

more aero isn't necessarily what the fans want. they want closer racing, and changing aero regulations for more downforce is most likely not the solution for that.

> European races

bernie already has to deliver more north american & european races than those outside those areas.

> better redistribution of winnings

can't happen until after 2020.

> When did the 2017 changes first get announced?

2015, but finalised earlier this year.

Yeah I didn't so much mean TV deal, more just ownership stuff.

>more aero isn't necessarily what the fans want. they want closer racing, and changing aero regulations for more downforce is most likely not the solution for that.

I agree, but one of the other issues fans regularly mention is the current crop of cars being slower than prior generations in terms of lap time. Obviously that contradicts with the fact aero makes racing harder, but going balls deep into freeing up ground effect is probably a bit much at this point.

>2015, but finalised earlier this year.

Didn't realise they were finalised so late. Let's hope that means no specific team gets the jump in development on the others and the field (i.e Mercedes) pulls tighter together.

>The investor presentation reveals that Liberty had just $104 million of cash in the bank as of 30 June this year so anyone hoping that F1’s new owner has got billions to pour into the sport may be sorely mistaken.

memes. honestly, it's very simple.

Who here pays any kind of way to watch / attend F! buy merchandise etc?

foxtel play for f1 + aus gp tickets + selected merchandise.

for tickets and occasional merch but never to watch it on TV

>foxtel play for f1

>he pays money to watch a Ricciardo cocksuckingfest filled with ads

Only companies who fuck the public over by not paying tax have fuckloads of cash in the bank
>apple for example

Cash doesn't make you money

>he pays money to watch a Ricciardo cocksuckingfest filled with ads

We get the Sky broadcast you dumb fuck, Literally the Hamilton, Button and Palmer show.

You get studio segments about how good Ricciardo's cock tastes

Do they still butt in to tell you how good it tastes when they come back from ad break?

I think you're getting foxtel confused with Channel 10

get it together man

Maybe. I have been drinking a bit.

Your posts are a bit shit. But not shitposting, just posts that are shit. Probably should stop ay?

no in-race or in-quali ads.

no australian content on foxtel for f1. only for v8 supercars or motogp.

>last 21 posts
>19 from oceanic posters
How can we salvage this thread?

Remove the Grease

15 of them are me what you gonna do bout it woggo?

more aussies

Is it schizofrenia, multiple personality disorder, or you're just that lonely?

How many kilos of pasta a week do you eat Luigi?

you stupid wop dago son of a bitch

It depends on my carb needs. I'd say it can range from 0.34 to 0.51.

That'll teach him to race with his visor up.

Itsa not so bad, itsa nice a thread, o shuttupa fuckhead

*freeze frame*

*record scratch*

so it was raining during night

feminist initiativ? Get back to Sweden

It's literally the Sky coverage with Damon, Ted, Crofty and the others. The only bit of Aussie it has to do with it is the overlay they put on the times to change it from GMT to AEST.

if it rains tonight, expect the meme'est grand prix ever

will be a RWL (Ricky Wins Lol) though

>Ted asking Hamilton what's Taylor Swift like "because his daughter is desperate to know"

old mate is obviously a povvo cunt who has to watch on 10




So whose race is memestappen going to destroy this time?

I seriously hope that Verstappen and Hamilton are forced to battle each other. Has never happened yet and now for once the cars seem pretty equal and they're starting right next to each other.

Ricky will probably get a good start and be leading, Rosberg will end up P1 on strategy and turning the engine up for 1 massive out lap after the pit stops and then cruise to victory. RB's SS start doesn't make a difference unless they plan on 1-stopping (SS-S) which I don't think is possible

Ferrari will go with a super special US-US-SS-S strategy and end up P5 regardless

Every year we get told it's gonna rain and it never does, stop the cocktease with wet Singapore Kino meme race.

Didn't even know channel 10 showed f1

Foxtel Masterace - HD ONLY

You must be a newfag then. 10/One had exclusive F1 rights since at least 2000.

Fox didn't start showing F1 until last year.

kimi will overtake him due to better start and then kekstappen crashdives as usual taking them both out

Well, Hamilton will have to attack Verstappen at some point during the race. Although he has had great difficulty passing him twice already when he was still in TR kek.
It's going to be a bloodbath.

link to ted's qualifying notebook lads?




Don't bother there are a fuckton of adverts and unless its the aussie GP all you get is the race and no before or after race stuff

>giving money to Rupert Murdoch

Thanks for supporting Tony Abbott m8

How many bongs?

>implying I don't have a flashed foxtel box

there's a different youtube channel every week

and kevin rudd.

>Have to miss the race thanks to work
>Missing Vettel in charge of overtaking

>not being a NEET

I thought our far eastern state didn't operate at night? what do you do, cobba?

>Force India not going anywhere

Should I just stop being a fan of poo-in-loo's?


How come rich people get free stuff handed to them, while poor people have to pay over the odds for everything

Difference between rich and famous. Rich people still buy things, just in different ways. Famous people get free shit.

yeah, it's kinda weird

Vettel will have a completely unremarkable race

Overtake a few cars, get stuck, complain about some issue, either finish in like P10 and say the car was shit or retire halfway through

Vettel seriously looks like he is losing motivation and the car is not a Newey machine so he won't be charging like a madman

>Really they are pretty set for life and are gonna spend their time having hot sauna sex.

Valteri strikes me as a "missionary under the covers" kind of guy


10 seconds in and ted is spilling autism spaghetti everywhere


trips confirm

It's going to be a "Rosberg builds 2 second gap in 2 laps and then maintains a comfortable 7 second lead until the end whilst cruising" episode

Safetycars will happen but they will be unremarkable, just like they were last year.

Thoughts on Singapore?


dude what

>watching an autistic man walk around and ramble unscripted for 30 minutes in a paddock full of people
>expecting anything but pure, high grade concentrated autismo

shiggy diggy

I have no idea if people actually watch the Notebooks ever, I can't imagine normie fans would be even remotely interested in a man taking 30 minutes to recap what happened in an hour long quali session

RIC will show us all how to make a great quali position disappear before the first corner

good one

How long until the race starts?

If Lewis gets in front of Ricky it's gonna be a race. And Frogboy is gonna meme it up.

B-grade Malaysia mixed with D-grade Tokyo

hahaha what a fucking cunt
god damn, i'm the shitter that posts "The Diagram" and webm's of wheel-to-wheel racing 101
and i like his racing style but fuck i hate hamilton the person the dumb cunt

why wouldn't you sign a hat that has your teammates name on it?
it's his merch but you got your signature on it if anything you're cucking your teammate but other than who gives a shit?
you don't know if they bought it for the color and didn't realise it had his name on it?

it's almost like he missed all the early hatred for him when he first came into the sport and he's doing everything to get it back

worst track in f1 vidyas

i want dani to win
i want nico to win the WDC

last 2 digits = number of months until Bernie is gone from F1 for good

>sav this


based gimi

execute all verstappens

>UK /f1/ meetup
That one fag who wont shut about his boyfriend

You sure that's a good idea?

I reckon Ted is more for autists like us rather than the 'just here for Hamilton' casuals.

dubs confirm Ted is /f1/ on tv.

>They cant even avoid accidently hitting eachother off the track at 1:21:11