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boohooMAN edition

>1 post late
Classic HC, not creating the new thread on time.

top 3 lol

Watching StarCraft stream Edition.

does a better music than this exist?

All music ever created

does anyone remember what goals feel like?


>1-0 loss away to city with a 92nd aguero winner

>Not scoring in over a month if you don't count EFL Cup

>tfw there is a chance you might unironically pull off a Leicester in the season after promotion

Who /energymoney/ here

Including the cup, we've scored 3 goals in 10 matches
>2 of them by defenders

Put defenders up front

Oh my.

1 of them is injured

>wb gets yellow
>"shit I should sub him off, I'll do it at the next highlight"
>next highlight is his second yellow


>only to lose in playoffs


One of the 3 certainties of life

>Cokehead sent off

>wet spam

I had to stop watching 2bh
it hurts too much
bilic pls

>Conceded 7 in their last 90 mins played
>45 mins against Watford and 45 mins against West Brom
Cannot imagine being that shit

The biggest Big Sam fan around and eternal Tony Pulis lover.

This is truly one of my happiest moments ever.
Long ball is rising, long ball is unbeatable.

Imagine how badly they'd be if they were in Europe too

I wish we could win a game in real life

Oh Derby scored. Nearly didn't notice this unicorn sighting.

Hopefully they are like buses. Plus it needed a massive cock up of the defence, they all count though

r8 him lads

Have I stumbled upon a gem?

West Ham getting absolutely trollballed

Hey, it's the guy from the banner.

u wot

>4-0 now
>70% possession


It'll never win

Is that an actual banner on here now?

Villa's game was like that a bit against Forest last week. We had something like 26 shots to their 3 and drew 2-2


It would be a shit banner. Not for the subject matter, just the execution

>villa literally no better than Derby '2 goals' County

West Ham comeback on



>tfw today was the first time you put money on Newcastle to win since the first day of the season

inb4 Villa concede late again

That 4th city goal, holy shit that was sweet

gooble gobble (unless we got that line from him)

Sometimes I forget whether it was us or Mike that started half the stuff

half the stuff started by Mike on twitter, the other half by Mike here

>unless we got that line from him
we did. But he isn't wrong at least most of the time when he says it

I've been away for so long. How does FM17 look? Have they fixed the UI yet?


not even close

but he should turn out decent

>How does FM17 look
you really were away a long time
read the OP


All aboard, lards.


>Preston in charge of not getting btfo in the last few mins


>Conceding 3 goals in the last 10 minutes
That's Villa tier

>Hugh Rodger: Guardiola making a mockery of excuses like "transition period" and "needing time". 5 games in and City are blowing teams away
Yeah cos City were a tiny club when he took over and they haven't mostly played absolute fodder except for Utd. Do people even think before chatting shit?

More like making mockery of eplel

City started last season winning a load didn't they?



Welcome to the darkness Nigel

Are there any good mods for FM?

I'm not even surprised desu


Lads I read on the forum that there's going to be a big reveal on Sunday, lads.

Thanks for this breaking news.
Heard Neville Chamberlain might declare war on Germany soon btw.

Don't be a retard who thinks City were playing at this level last season. They raped gladbach, they've raped literally everyone so far but united, the toughest away game of the season to many, and their legit first game for finding their feet vs sunderland. If you unironically think that Pep hasn't turned City from a title contender to "is going to win the league and put 3 on everyone along the way" then you're just looking for excuses to be ABMC


>this poop guardiolel dicksucking
yeah he turned them from a nerves wreck they were under pellegrini into the title contender.
But to say they will put 3 behind everyone just because of a win vs a united managed by some has been doesnt mean they will walk everything.

Near the end of last season City played Bournemouth and Stoke, two teams they ahve played this season and they beat Bournemouth 4-0 (same result) and Stoke 4-0 (4-1 this season)
The implication that they have suddenly improved massively is ridiculous. I would say they look better but not outrageously so as people seem to be implying.

I guess it's time for Germany to go. Never liked them desu

Almost got me there.

Epic memes.

Have you actually watched every game they've played? They've just looked so much better than all of their opponents so far. I wouldn't even call myself a pep cocksucker because there's obvious issues with giving up soft goals and a little to much going trigger happy with shots from distance, but even with that they just look nigh unstoppable in their opening 6.

I wouldn't say they ended last season well at all. Not seen are fuck ups vs Kyiv, Norwich, Man United etc.

United's players are good this season to be fair. But ever since SAF retires they've been playing like a diabetic person when their blood sugar is too high a.k.a. lethargic.
If that continues I could see them getting beaten left and right by "small" and "mid-table" team.

>I wouldn't say they ended last season well at all.
No they didn't. Thats the point. Half the teams they have faced so far are absolute shit anyway. So people are overreacting to a solid performance v Man U and a good performance vs Gladbach. Everything else is no better or only marginally better than they were playing at the end of last season which is why it seems unjustified that everybody is sucking Pep's dick like he has turned them into a ridiculously good team.


>26 years old
>never had an injury
>all of a sudden becomes the shittest cunt in the land

it's time to stop


Rangers sure enjoy their sweet time in the 2nd spot.


>sevco 5011

Bet you'd love it if Celtic dominated for that long wouldn't you?

When are you doing a parade around West Belfast celebrating Maggie's wonderful life and legacy?

>Urgent: /trb/ unhappy promise not kept

Good times.

>tfw I hold the future of south africa in my reserves

top kek

What do you want to see in FM 2017?

Football and also management

old soviet track stadiums

An updated player database from FM 2016, hopefully

>That Bolasie goal
>He certainly didn't mean that!

They might do that now, if Rangers stay shit for a while.


>Kid doing that dab thing at the Everton match
I thought it was a shitty Cred Forums joke about pogba

he knows there are cameras, right?

It probably grazed a hair on his leg or something and he thinks that means it counts


>it's a let's play the same team 3 times in 4 games episode

City are probably the only team on the planet who can fight me on equal terms, too. I want off this ride

The smug little shit...

I remember when companies felt they were beholden to their customers and not the other way around.

More than 10 press questions, impoved libero role and hair that fits newgen's heads.

Cannot imagine having such a poor sense of humour. Please tell me what is it like?

Do people actually bother with press conferences after going decently far into a save? Serious question

>send assman
>entire team gets upset with his comments
>lose the next match

I can't bring myself to bothering if it's not a big game or after a loss desu, it gets really fucking boring after a while

the board might fire you if you send the assman too much

As annoying as it is press conference are needed for immersion imo.
If only it felt more organic.

>poor sense of humor

that's not Miles having a sense of humor, that's Miles being passive aggressive any time somebody says anything about his >game. His twitter feed is a library of excuses.

No it is you having no sense of humour

does SI pay you per post or per hour?

per annum master race


>implying it's even close


That can't be a thing

only someone shooped it up, there was such an occurence
maybe not getting fired but being called into a board meeting

Do SI's rivals pay you?
>lolololol Miles such a prick
>actually it is clearly a joke
>reeeeee SI shill gtfo!
Seems strange to me you would get so upset at a joke unless you unironically do suffer from autism and struggle to recognise humour.

A lot of people say scoring on your old club is something for managers to be bitter about.
For me, I'm thanking him for saving me clean sheet bonuses.

The jokes over, Joe.


the very foundation of your post is baffling, SI has no rival unless you use the standard that would consider Neath a rival of TNS.

Who are SI's rivals in football management games? Other than shitty online and mobile games they seem to have a monopoly and even Fifa tried to compete with them but pulled put.

>the very foundation of your post is baffling
About as baffling as the implication that my ability to recognise something said in jest means I'm an SI shill.

>SI's rivals

>SI rivals
had to search a while for this one sorry

I have the press questions and possible answers memorized by now so the conferences only take a few seconds so I do them most of the time.

being awfully defensive and humorless about a comment made in jest for somebody criticizing the sense of humor of others.

I mean, I even used lel because I thought it would make it obvious but I guess even a sledgehammer is too subtle for some people.

tfw you make profit but you're stung by locked in release clauses

why the fuck is this a rule in the semis? might as well forfeit the final if I can't have tommy score the winner

Apparently irony is beyond you.
That was EXACTLY my point.
>Act like a humourless cunt in response to Miles joke
>Get treated the same way
>"Hurrrr what a fucking faggot this guy is for acting like a humourless cunt"
You have only proven that you're original post was pathetic.

>AI in charge of not re-bought their old players
This would never happen irl, oh wait...

only somebody with a vested interest or mental imbalance could possibly come to these conclusions from this brief conversation.

stop giving him yous

stop arguing and come spectate as dartford win some games of some sort

dont bother arguing with him, its the same autist that rushes in to defend miles every single time.

Only somebody with a biased opinion or mental imbalance could possibly see everything somebody says as being completely serious.

Nice samefag Miles hater

I want SIIDF to leave

>accepted a 625K+? offer from Fulham
>rejected 1M+600K offer from us

wish I could see what clauses were in it so I could know if the computer was just screwing me over to screw me over or if they had to include a large sale % to sweeten the pot.

>People unironically think FM would be better with some shitty non-football fan, casual faggot in charge of SI
Reminder that he keeps casuals out of regular FM and in Classic mode


Norwegian managing gets tedius when theres a 4 month break. Whats the worst that could happen if i holiday through december?

How would unlockables even work in FM?

Like, you win 100 matches and you unlock a stadium being built with your name on it?

>Everton are in 2nd place

Are they this year's you-know-who?

I would hope a named stadium came at 5x Champions league titles

They have them in Classic/Touch/whatever its called this year. Its shit like Unsackable, transfer window always open and other shit like that

I can see them being the new old spurs, finishing 5th every year from now on

>win 100 games by 2 or more goals to unlock multi-ball play

>transfer window always open

fuck off, its enough to keep the top clubs off my talent twice a season

>old spurs
what is the new spurs' gimmick?
>transfer window always open
fuck off Arsene

Well I haven't tried it so I dunno if it only applies to your team when buying/selling or all clubs


That would be shit and make the game too easy after a few seasons. I mean, it still is relatively easy unless you go all in and start managing in 12th tier or so, but still.

Or after 10 years in the club.


might be triggerring to some but it is a very welcome sight when you're trying to unload some overpaid underqualified cunt

Don't you bully miles you cunts

I hope he gets pinned by a vehicle.

btw lads, can you tell me about how membership clubs work? Was this new in fm16? Or was it in fm15 as well?

Cant find any info on it on the google

I hope he cuts himself shaving tomorrow, I hope he bleeds all day long

I actually don't disagree in principle but I won't deny I'd think it was fucking dumb if someone like Kanye has tweeted that

I remember that going back several editions, to at least 12

Im 99% sure that it wasnt there in 14 which is my main game. Seeing as my norwegian club was sold off, which wouldnt happen to a membership club.


It's been there since 12 for fan owned club IIRC.
Pretty sure I saw this in 13 at least.

It's not there in norway for 14, at least not in the way that they do it in 16.

Maybe they updated the Norway database in 15 or 16 on club ownership.

Lads is this bad financial year?


Thats great, I tweeted at miles when my club got sold off in 14, which was bullshit since it wasnt in financial issues. He just said that it was normal behavior.

Which it isnt outside a select few clubs in norway... Those clubs arent accurately represented in 16 tho

>tfw FM freezes, locks and crashes on this screen
what did i do wrong

you let and ennglish team advance

zenit beat an irish team to get there. chelsea rigged the draw.

>only lost 3 games and one transfer of progress

FM17 should have a Fantasy Football feature desu

It should also have a good goalkeepers and good defenders feature

post best player of Ludogorets

this is asking for way too much, the best we can expect are potentially decent gimmicks.

Or even stupider looking regens.

Don't often scout these parts desu

>not scouting Eastern Europe

it's free money

>attribute masking

Not enabling attribute masking is literally rape

Too easy.

Ew. Big clubs ask £15m for their players.

>greentexting attribute masking
hi mitch 2.0

I bet you waste years developing your own youth too lmao

too obvious, not going to get triggered


yeah, I understand, however, although I say it jokingly, I honestly don't remember the last time I 'nurtured' a prospect at my club. I just buy 18 yr old brazillians

I try to avoid signing South Americans. Sometimes they're just too world class to ignore though.

Post Fabiano pls

I feel dirty

I'm managing in the Scotland so I can't realistically do that even if I wanted to

but there's something special about having guys from your academy in your starting 11



>AMC with dat Jumping stat

Have a save with Chelsea

Pay 30m + Cuadrado for Clyne (great purchase)
a few years later
Pay 60m + Ricardo Rodriguez for Alaba

Clyne breaks his leg and Alaba gets knee tendonitis over the same international break.

I want to get off Mr Bones' Wild Ride

>Pay 60m + Ricardo Rodriguez for Alaba
Why the fuck would you do that
Rodriguez literally is a world class player in FM.

> managing CSKA London
serves you fucking right

got banged lads

I had cash burning in my pocket and Alaba is the superior player. Ricky Rods wanted 200k/week to resign with a year left on his contract.

It's quite enjoyable. I dropped 77m on Odegaard and he's been a killer.

This sucks.

>77m on Odegaard
damn that's cheap

You know, Aberystwyth came in to some money about 8 years ago and I could never for the life of me work out where they got it from. Nothing in their transfer history ever seemed to give any kind of indication whatsoever. Now Bangor has money too. Neither of them spend it. TNS still rapes the league. Strange.

He's alright

>tfw he'll never be as good IRL


it's really fucked up, FM overrated Balo's technicals and clearly didn't reduce his hidden stats enough. He's often quite effective but inconsistent.

>player stats decided by fans of the player's team

>Mirallas saves the day
glad I kept him at my club

I guess they just felt like not showing up

this would never happen to the real ludogorets
Miles confirmed for hack

I should play my LB as a winger more often.

>Sporting and Ajax at the same stage as all those shit teams

It's the first round for best placed teams. You do know how the CL works don't you.

What stats matter most that the majority of people don't even think about? I'm getting more and more into the nitty gritty in this game after playing for years

figured it was just the champions bracket and didn't notice shitzburg



>53 international apps
>has been in britain for 1566 days
>80 apps for rotherham

how is he not allowed to sign a new contract lads

Europa League, here I come!




lmao at this fucker getting a callup

What was Miles thinking with this fucker??/

erik hurtado does it again

>three Irish teams in European group stages this year

>league loses a CL spot


Don't get too excited.

Biggest loss for any team that isn't me is 5-1 three years ago so I fancy our chances.

>League gets an extra EL spot for one season because of fair play
hype maximum this league is going places look out world

>1.5* is a "leading player for most premier division sides"

I'm at a point where since I don't have a direct spot into the Group Stage, I'm literally the bogeyman of the playoffs.


JESUS CHRIST, how many hours have you played?

it certainly doesn't seem to fit his attributes... and it might just be what prevents him from getting the WP

>tfw injuries ruin your player

what does Jablonski look like?

>but it gives you room to develop new ones

76 days 11 hours and 24 minutes appearantly

about to be put out to pasture

I wish Vision was called Creativity again desu.

Just let me smash their face inside out and then I'll celebrate.

>tfw the 3 best player for san marino are all CBs so now they lose every game but only by 2 or 3

For fuck's sake, couldn't you just put some more into the net?

>Dybala at What-ford

If I'm doing a counter tactic, should I use "run at defense"? This has always fucked with me for years

Only if you have good dribblers with decent flair and speed. Else, just pump the ball forward to your Poacher.

>tfw I'll be at work when FM17 teaser trailer drops tomorrow
Hope it tells you nothing

It never does.

More broken features probably, as usual
>Lyon pull out of move for Adebayor because they don't want him to go missing for one to two months for ACoN
Real life is learning from us lads

give me surefire lower league tactics. No memes, or else

Probably also just realized Adebayor is not worth whatever wage he is asking for.

442 rigid counter

>Can't be used for CL
>Has already missed almost 2 months of football
Basically gonna miss 4 months of football, has no degree of physical preparation and at full cost.

3-5-2 fluid attacking

what striker and CM roles faggot

Might be the first season in years Man City aren't paying him

There is no surefire lower league tactics. What I do is go to tactics, pick "Assistant reports", put each player into their best position starting with the best players. If you have holes (you usually will, random shit like having 8 CMs and no right backs) find new players. Lower league starting teams are so weird you basically have to improvise.

He always seems to start well at every club he goes to then turns to shit after just long enough to earn himself a nice new contract.

you're right, of course. It's just that I absolutely HAVE to start with a bottom 3-4 club in the lowest possible division in England and when I inevitably go on a 4-5 game losing streak I get frustrated and start a new save

I have 320h in this game and I've completed maybe 2 seasons

and also he's an inconsistent lunatic who will probably play like shit after his first 2-3 games


defensive, structured, push higher up/close down more/get stuck in/play wider, use tighter marking
or something like that
chances are you'll have one or two players who are way better than everybody else, so build the tictac around them

intermittent reminder that there's no real llm in england

if by real LLM you mean amateur clubs with meme databases then sure. But there's an argument that amateur is actually easier than semi-pro because you just take and leave players whenever the fuck you want

Honestly while his good times at Spuds were pretty fun the other half of him being a complete shitbird makes me completely forget anything positive he ever did, with the exception of his Man City celebration against arsenal.

no, I mean that the amount of money and quality of infrastructure in England makes even the lowest in the default db better than some nations top leagues.

>GOAT farm
>Never ever
>Sugar daddy team
Bunch of suckers.

>signing africans

Ok listen to me, this is going to sound a little crazy, but there is a method to the madness.

The first thing you need to know is that wingers and crosses are ridiculously broken in this game, if you play it right well over half of your goals should be tapins from a cross from either your full/wing-backs or your wingers.

Secondly, the main challenge is then to get the ball into such a space to allow crosses to be sent into the box, and have the manpower to deal with it once it does.

The way you do this in LLM is run a 4-1-1-4 formation. Now, dont run away REEEEing all over the place, this isn't one of those meme 50shadesofgrey.gif tactics. Instead this is the most efficient way for you to score loads of goals against weak teams with weak keepers.

The formation revolves around your midfield, which may seem weird seeing as you'll only play two midfielders. You're going to want an anchor man for your DM spot. His job is to stay deep, get the ball back when the opponents counter and then send the ball on to one of your more creative teammates. In this formation he usually has three options..

Meet the BBM, his job is to both serve a tertiery defensive role, but more importantly, he passes to your wingers and then runs in behind your forwards to get his feet/head/dick on the ball to smack it into the goal. This usually allows for four targets in the box from build-up play.

The two wingers are your usual suspects, w (A), they will both cross and score for you on the back post.

For the forwards, I want to run a poacher and a false 9 in tandem. If you cant find a decent false 9 and are at least semi-pro, i suggest checking out Bardh Shala, he is a decent false 9 for LLM on an amateur contract in norway.

Backs should be attacking fullbacks for maximum crosses.

Go route 1, pump the ball into the box and hit early crosses are your key team instructions, rest can be fitted as you go.

Enjoy your meteoric rise through whatever league system you chose

Honestly, based on my current MLS save, this seems incredibly reasonable.

I'm posting a picture of a lead after 20 minutes and nobody can stop me

inb4 corrupted save

>when a new highlight begins before your tactical changes come into effect

>fucking around with MLS while drinking

Getting tired of this shit familia

are you a vancouver whitecaps player?

Literally goal of the season blooter from a counterattack

Just remember that the only thing youre supposed to drive is your save into the ground.

Sadly no
>implying I need help like Chilly

>Calling him chilli when we all know what you like to do with them

Chillwave isn't Norwegian.

Will he, dare I say it, take us to glory?

USA btfo
>(Too many men on the ice)
We don't even know the rules!

>Penalty for holding the stick

Are they supposed to kick the puck?

Take both of them to the CL final

real men catch it with their teeth

> kesler ruining everything

And to think, Europe was supposed to be the ones getting kicked around.

>complaining about the match engine
>Roommate and friend hook up PS4 to play >Fifa
>One of them as Aubameyang literally dribbles to the byline, cuts inside and passes into a guy for a corner
It's all starting to make sense now.

I just got fired after SEVEN YEARS! What the fuck should I do now? FM 17 is so close, yet it takes forever for the lower league mods to come out. What should i do?

Do what everyone else does, play previous year until FM either comes out on humble bundle, or they have the CL Final sale

Drink until 17 arrives

Wait for feature announcements to see if 17 will even be worth getting.

The feature announcements are literally always disappointing though. 3D engine when it was introduced was about the only decent feature announcement and that was nearly a decade ago.
It is just a matter of seeing if the ME is up to scratch and if they've added sufficient little things to it to make it worthwhile to upgrade which you will never know until demo comes out because >trusting reviews

Bring Canda's U23 to the olympics and win a silver choking against the USA in the finals.

I literally just want to see if Regen faces are still abominations.

I always buy the new version, I can't help myself.

Under 21, can drink at parties but not at home to dull my sorrows. Thanks america!

Good idea, I have a 2024 file with Guernsey in the premier league and still haven't won the champions league. Gonna finish business.

Can we start a goal bingo card? I wanna get hammered tonight.
I'll chip in: 30 yard cross from a FB/WB

That is curious.

After finishing 2nd behind me for 2 decades, Molde finally fucked up and came 5th in the league. Their finances are fucked now, probably because of no CL/EL money I guess but idk

I always wondered what happened to really small clubs when they get a lot of money. Some years ago I signed a player on compensation from a third tier club in Norway, and a couple years ago I sold him on and they got £3M or something in compensation and now that clubs total value is 190k. What happens? does anyone know

I'm getting hammered myself but leaving my save alone, last time I got drunk I bought like 10 £1M players, 2 of them are decent.

here's a goal bingo for you ameribro: goal from a corner kick


accidental headed goal
I'll upload one in a few minutes

this was his 3rd

That's amazing

He doesn't Giva fuck


post his anticipation right now

*celebrates goal wildly*

he was looking the other way tbf

>Can we start a goal bingo card?
here you go my man I just whipped this up

middle column is for things against you, everything else is for you

suggestions welcome

FYI, Messi won it 5 seasons straight.

mfw a grey goalie keeps out cska moskva
he deserves a contract

Life lesson boys, always have 2 registered goalies in CL.

I only had one for some reason and he just got injured for 9 weeks. And i forgot to take my 2 u19 gk off u19 CL duty so they couldnt play.

Still made the next round so all ends well

>Slap a more reputable team sideways in the first leg
>"I expect nothing but a win"
>"Seems confused"
C'mon, a bit of self belief lads!

the only one that consistently works for me in that situation is "good luck lads" in that it does nothing
everything else seems to fuck up their morale for reasons only SI understand

If you are losing or drawing to a worse team at halftime be aggressive, if you are winning be passionate. Same thing with the postgame pep talk, also never use pregrame peptalks it's always worthless.

I'm just always assertive.

Speaking of that match...
>Listen to AssMan's suggestion for once
>Scores two goals

Probably linked to "first leg complacency syndrome", where a more reputable team will always be laughably weak in the first leg but absurdly strong in the second. I was leading by one at half-time, told them that they were little pieces of shits and they were all, without exception, fired up.

And it means that there's a "final" for qualification in my group. I perhaps could watch that.

Forgot I can't since both matches are on the same day. Bummer.

Game's glitched for me sometimes and I've gotten to watch games and coach same day

feature reveals tomorrow (today) lads

in a one-off game it's fine, in a two-legged game you regularly get nonsense like what france mentioned

I got a decent keeper in my intake lads :DDD

Sell him, you'll never need him

loan him to me

99% of the time, being aggressive works in FM, especially in FM16. Winning by only one goal at HT? Berate them. Won the match by only one goal? Destroy them. Drawing at HT? Tell them that if they don't win this that you'll fuck their mom sideways, back and forth.

For me, I only get aggressive if we're losing, if we don't play to standards, I say aggressive phrases assertively

And obviously if they underperform, warn them between 6.4 and 6.0 and fine them when under 6.0. It can raise their Det and Workrate. And if they bitch, they probably have shit hiddens so tutor or outright sell them.

That's because you apply real life logic to the game. But this isn't real life, if you were aggressive 99% of the time you'd have a mutiny in no time. Here it works and it's even advised to tell them that they're wank.

>started reading "tell them that if they don't win this" and automatically translated it to if you don't win this you won't recognize me

where's that britanon with the 50+ pictures of le angry manager when you need him

well, hi, i guess.

>Three of the managers that hate my guts are NT managers
What do you want, my players ain't no playing no stinkin' friendlies. Poop likes me but I haven't pulled a player from Spain. Yet.

all the managers who like me are unemployed and incompetent morons who I praised effusively as their teams sank lower and lower in the table
I doubt it actually improves their job security but I do it anyway

Reminds me of something...
>Jurisic gets sacked from Maribor
>Finishes 4th, 2nd and 4th with Krsko
>Simundza gets sacked from Maribor
>Is second in the league with Dob after barely escaping relegation last year
The turnover rate for Maribor and Olimpija is uncanny. If you're just one place below what you were asked to achieve, you get insta sacked.

And since the game values reputation over anything (especially current league position) and that as a result every manager and their mother will attempt to jump ship, it also means that the turnover rate for every manager in the league is incredibly high. We're in December and there already were 6 changes.

>first game in charge of new club
>ended 3-3
>one of their goals was an OG
>another a "He certainly didn't mean that!" shot from their left back

well, as long as nobody's being given 6 (six) year contracts, I guess it's ok

Are you playing bingo?

oh and another was a bloot

This is basically what I always do.


It'll do.

>Try to play out of defence and keep some possession
>4 (four) Passing
At least he has eventually learned the "Play Short Simple Passes" PPM, so it shouldn't be too problematic.

>Seeded teams: me
>Unseeded teams: Farca

Dodging GaySG and Farca as well as EPLEL. Wished for Brugge but I have the second best option with Leltic.

"Don't get complacent out there."

Meanwhile in EL...
>Maribor out of their group
I'm genuinely impressed.
>Domzale beaten black and blue
On par with my expectations.

>Literally What-ford

>Watford winning Europa in 2019
I smell something Mike related in all this.

wew lad



14 decisions should paper over a few cracks

I've played against a one-armed goalkeeper before
he let in a few that someone else would have saved obviously, but the dude was an incredible athlete and had no fear of anything, made some amazing saves.

Definitely needs "Is completely offsides" and "Rounds the keeper"

Gohan reminds me of a typical regen
>Hyped up as the next best thing
>trained to perfection
>has 1 (O N E) great outing
>Crashes the rest of his potential and lives in relative anonymity

>implying the typical regen doesn't get a second great outing
>3 years later, sitting on manchester city's bench, making 300k p/w but never playing, transfer-listed, unhappy, and unfit
>CL game against your team

>being comfy and playing fm while watching the news about the new york bomb killing everyone

You know it's overpopulated when a dumpster kills like 28 people. Hopefully they were all homeless

No one actually died

>Dumpster fire
>neighborhood of Chelsea
Is there going to be a repeat of last season?

Oh, the future!

>villa in second place

delete your save!

>Arsenal to choke and slip into 4th


>that 20 point gap between 9th and 13th

Post Gallegos.


>the difference in quality between fighting for europe and 'just survive lol' teams

makes sense desu

>it's another crosseswinlol

"just play wider bro"

that's it

i'm going back to fm14

>page 6

based Phil

>complains about conceding from crosses
>goes back to FM 14

do you not see the contradiction?

Liverpoop just offered me £70 million for this.

it's a human being you insensitive cunt

Kan u believe they offered me that much though?

>one is on a non-contract
>the other is on trial
>both too shit to play
the 4.2k might only cover two days of my team's wages but it's still nice to get paid for shit


>mfw England didn't make it out of the groups in Belgium 2044

Let it happen.

>best team in the league
>position second
Even the fans know this is bullshit.



Did kebab get removed?

>get new goalie
>lets in two soft goals from distance
>second one also a huge fuck-up by my captain
>fire GK mid-game (love NCs)
>fine captain 2 weeks
>he JUSTs the dressing room
should've just stuck with the Togo lad in goal and hope to not get fucked by the jar

not yet

>tfw assman is depressed

> "World Exclusive first look at #FM17 10 mins before kick off at Sundays @watfordfc match v Utd on the big screen & !!!"

was it played already?

>1000 new features
it's literally just fm16 with a new skin

I hate when that happens. I feel like they should have some suggestions even if they tell you they aren't confident in them cos surely any other job you're in if you say you're not gonna do a task because you don't feel confident in it even though it is one of your duties you're gonna be disciplined or sacked for not doing your job.

>keepers still laughably bad

>20,000+ new media items

T-Thanks Michael :^)

Every FM has just been "same as previous FM with a new skin." mostly just because its hard to convey changes in a 30 sec teaser trailer so they prefer to stuff it with match engine footage that realistically shows you very little.
It was pretty much known this was gonna show very little. At least graphically it looks a bit better, realistically that is all we could hope to take away

Also leaked hours early lol get rekt Miles.

I thought the same tbH.

>chief data analyst

Advanced stats.

>The people at the game didn't even get to see the trailer because of "technical problems"


top kek

Oh good, somebody else to give me terrible advice I should ignore.

>tactics screen looks exactly tghe same

what is the goalkeeper doing at 10 seconds?
Laughable bad animations

miles is lucky his game is not based on that

not even a new skin, same as last year

>still using those disgusting boxes on the tactics screen

>Blurring this bit out on every screenshot of the inbox
He shows name on a couple of them so I doubt its that but makes me wonder if its something cool they are keeping hidden.
More likely its something shit they can't get working right anyway so might just scrap and don't want to create any hype for it.

Confirmed they are keeping it secret.
I expect my disappointment to be 6/10

>implying blurry menus not a feature

2016 annoucenment and this. I feel like Miles got lazier. At least we used to have three or four new shit annually. For two years we don't even get them.

i'm not sure i can understand the concept of this award if it isn't given to the first place team

Yeah, City is such a better side for having beaten United this season :^)

>At least we used to have three or four new shit annually
They literally are not announcing new features till next month though and have deliberately concealed certain features (see ) in this teaser trailer (which they do every year tbf) so its a bit harsh to be judging it and saying it is definitively exactly the same.
If you want to imply the new features when they do get announced will probably be underwhelming and buggy anyway then that is fair.

m8 dont you know poop guardiolel is literally jesus for turning the 1+billion investment into a good team :)

united is literally the 2nd bets team in the world all hail pep guardiolel

*dabs in celebration*

Is it time we retire le Ozil maymay for a forgotten image and replace it with Pogba?

but he's the only United player to come close to scoring today

not his fault he's being managed by Moyesinho imo


Post Wales' best player.

>yfw its a 54 year old Bale

they are reworking subscriptions
you heard it here first

>same skin and layout
I'm not even going to bother pirating the game desu

visually appealing: FM06, FM07, FM14
not great but not bad either: FM05, FM12, FM13
shit: literally everything else, specially post FM14


Why do people want a new skin every year? Why would that alone convince you to buy?

So basically we're again getting FM14. Fuck off Miles.

I don't want a new skin, I want an appealing look again

there was no need to completely change the look and feel of the game in FM2008 just like there was no need to completely change things after FM14. It doesn't make sense and it draws old players away, not to mention it makes the game feel more bloated every year. Changes are good when you're trying to improve on what's good, not when you're drastically changing buttons and shit every few years for literally no reason other than claiming it's a new game


top kek

Fucking kek


UI is fine imo, not great but fine, easy enough to navigate. Don't see any reason to get upset that they haven't done a new skin this year since it always takes a while to relearn where everything is when they do that.

>Captain / Vice Cpt appears as a table instead of list
>Chief Data Analyst w/ Fitness Coach attribute focus
>recommended mins based on Match Fitness / Condition
>Managerial Style: literally a dropdown + 7 custom list
>a few redesigned UI element that used everywhere

Literally low-tier "features" that any intern with little to no previous experience could have done in two afternoons at most. The table-like (news) panels (that Mike included like half dozen times) are the only one that takes some effort.

>tfw when it's in-game store where you can spend your hard-earned virtual credits
>that's coming either from FM Classic "accomplishments" or from real life shekels

They don't specifically want new skins, just want something for their money. Since Mike obviously doesn't give a shit about the half-assed features and illogical issues that's still in the game for God knows how long, visuals are kind of the last resort.

>Finally got my new laptop
>Download fm, can't wait to play
>Remember I have to download all those player faces again
>Remember I have to download all those club embles again
>Remember I have to download all those leagues again
>Remember that I have to download all those addons again

>not transferring them
This fucking guy.

>They don't specifically want new skins, just want something for their money
And that is perfectly fine but teaser trailers never have revealed anything in the way of new features and its seems most of the responses in here to the trailer was "Hurrr looks the same" or ">No new skin"
I'm sure it will have few if any good new features and it will be fair to get mad at SI if we do find out that is the case but its a ridiculous overreaction to a teaser trailer and they aren't even expressing a good reason to be mad at it.
When we find out the new features and have had a test drive on the demo it'll be fair to criticise but criticising it for not having a new skin is flat out retarded.

dont be like dutch internet isnt fast af.

try doing that while its downloading at 200kbp/s m8

>have to
Too much autism

Will you stop being so damn reasonable.

Blue Jays will win the World Series.
Did I stop being reasonable yet?


Not yet.

>Miles Jacobson @milesSI 1m1 minute ago
>3pm. @FootballManager will be tweeting out a FM17 preview video. I might be too drunk to reply to tweets. Play nicely X

git hype, I promise if its goat ill pre order it mike

Can anyone give us a hand, got some weird glitch. The bottom right part of my screen isn't working. Like that respond button in the bottom right won't click, tried changing resolution, changing to windowed and adjusting window size, neither has worked so far.

>git hype
>suribro in charge of reading the thread

it's the same one from earlier

why does he fucking tweet it if its already on yt then
fucking another minus for fm17 mike

Because it leaked, its a private vid and was viewable if you're a member on Watford's site.
Public release is the 3pm.


Well no pre order for me today then.

>We were the best team when we lost
Mou lad, __'_ ____ _______

this is going downhill way faster than I could have imagined
I thought he'd win the league at least once before melting down

You people should be grateful we're getting 1,000+ new features.


should be lucky to even get it released to us worthless peons 2bh.

doubt the number's real unless they're counting individual players' attribute and club changes as features

Every new/reworded media question counts.
Thought people knew that by now.

we'd be lucky to get 50 new media questions

I think I am on my way to my first cup after the johnstones paint trophy

You're absolutely right. However, I think these remarks are meant to be quick, emotional reactions instead of legit criticism. Since it's totally reasonable to do not expect anything from SI, a new skin would be at least something. Even if the game will be shit - what we indeed can't tell until the demo.

Have you tried restarting FM? Also, exactly which respond button [in the bottom right] are we talking about?

And when was the last time we got a 1) meaningful and 2) major feature? (Note: being properly implemented is not a criteria). Because technically speaking, even 1k new one-liner to press conferences or media sources from various countries can be counted as such.

>not even the FA Cup

i dont even want 17 desu

>Hamilton got third


think I'll wait for 18 2bh
15 is fine for now

got man shitty in 3rd round yesteryear so....

Man I can really see that all those people saying Miles acts like a cunt on twitter really have a point.

my coaches have been raving about this guy's potential since he came through the youth intake, and now he's doing well for the russia u19s too
I guess I should give him a chance with the first team but he just isn't good at anything
what would you do with this kid, /trb/?
bear in mind that he doesn't need to become world class to be valuable, just serviceable, because of the 4 domestic player minimum for league matches

put in as AM-S or CM-S

AP, I suppose, since you can't afford to sell him.

>tfw forced to play single-passportfags

Should FM get rid of star ratings?

2 star post

People with memes and/or weebshit as their twitter pic really are the worst of the worst

1.5*, Useful post

>tfw realised irl I'm just a small fish in a very big pond
>tfw been supporting mid-table team my whole life
Fuck it.
From now on I support and will only manage Madrid, Bayern, Juve, Ajax, and Lyon (gotta have a handicap). Man City is in consideration.

>Man City is in consideration
5 bintang idea

0,5* post, but poor posters with Judging Bait 2 would consider this as at least 4*


>being THIS bad at baiting


To be fair I'm only half joking.
I'm just enter the "fuck my life and everything in it" phase right now. Guess it came with being old.

Guess my dad was right all along.
At this rate I will grow old to be a grumpy old man that is tired and hate everything.

>At this rate I will grow old to be a grumpy old man that is tired and hate everything.

You say it as if that was a bad thing. Being grumpy and generally hating everything is a privilege of the old.

Fiorentina hasn't been a big team since the 60s HC.

just as long as you hate old things and new things in equal measure
we'll all be there eventually

Maybe because I was raised by parents that are the polar opposite of that so I think of them as a bad thing. I don't know.


I understand why Miles gets so much shit but he seems like a gentle soul

>he seems like a gentle soul

he seems like a dick with money.

not "fuck you" money, but enough to think he has it and the ability to act that way. and that only makes him seem like more of a dick.

Why are Swansea only good against top 6 teams?

ultimate FM competitors

That's not even close to remotely factual.

Look at their records against Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and City.
Even when they lose, they rarely lose too badly against those.

wew la

theyre the most passionate fans

cheers ref

I'll be glad when the new version comes out and this Balotelli meme can end.

That's not the point I was making reference to.

Nigerians are way too plastic sometimes toward Prem club. Only beating the Malaysian and Singaporean.

>mfw I know someone from Nigeria who's a United fan

i remember #Kloppout from some random country a while ago as well, thought it was funny.

>1-0, in control
>shit DL picks up second yellow
>go defensive
>concede from a corner
>game decides to skip the highlight of another goal
>YOU STUPID AFRICAN FUCKTARD SHITHEAD CU- oh wait, we scored that goal
getting tired of this "let's not show a goal" plotline

really makes you think


They are always mediocre as fuck against mediocre teams, even when they win.

>tfw have a knack for forcing good African players into accepting shit wages and selling them high
This is why slavery exist.

is that a full-time contract or is he semi-pro?

as a literal lifelong swansea fan who watches every single game every single week (since they were on tv ofc, I had to follow scores in the daily newspaper when they were lower league except the rare occasion i travelled to wales/england for a swansea game)

Full time pro contract. Even I feel sorry for him sometimes.

Of course I don't watch every game, so you are probably right, but that's really how they look to me.
It's probably the third team I watch the most, after Spurs and Real, and I can't remember a great match from them since last year against an average team.
Maybe West Ham?

>thinking of watching the Madrid game despite being broadcasted at 2 AM here and having a meeting tomorrow
Fuck that. I'll watch it.

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