Is he better than pogba?

Is he better than pogba?

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james milner is better than pogba

atiba hutchinson is better than pogba

Absolutely. Better than any French player currently.

jake livermore is better than pogba

cuckolding gives him power apparently

I am better than paul pogba

pogba is a massive tryhard m8

ryan mason is better than pogba

jonjo shelvey is better than pogba

by far

yannick bolaise is better than pogba

he's OK. he's no snodgrass though.

danny drinkwater is he better than pogba

melo is better than pogba

Mathias pogba is better than pogba

Ross Turnbull is better than Pogba

Roberto Mancini is better than Pogba

How does it feel to know that if he keeps improving his game he'll leave M. City and will join Barca or Madrid?

Henderson : 1 goal
Pogba : 0 (Zero) goal

Your poverty spic teams don't have the cash to tempt him

Jeff Hendrick is better than Pogba

Ali Dia is better than Pogba

christian pulisic is better than pogba
(not a joke, he actually is)

i want reddit out


How did Ilkay 'Günni' Gündogan play?

Florentin Pogba>Mathias Pogba>Me>>>Paul Pogba

Florent Sinama-Pongolle is better than pogba

Time for a 100% serious answer..

Paulkay Gundogban

They don't play the same position.

he's a better passer, dribbler and has better positioning

Great at passing
Poor shot selection outside of goal
Caught in possession a bit

Outlook is promising

>hello, my name is poogba

Actually they do this season

haha this thread is gold! Screencapped and uploaded to my 4chanSpicyMemeMontage reddit account!!

yeah probably
they are slightly different players though, so comparing isn't fair

Thanks Nazibro


Sven Kums is better than Pogba

Barça would be better off buying someone like Verratti. He also probably wouldn't start for Real.

Is he better than Pogba?

Well duh Pogba is le overrated marketing man

>better than Pogba

Damned by faint praise.

POTY basically confirmed, Belgium tearing up the epple once again

but in all seriousness, iniesta-tier in a year or two, based KDB

>being this mad

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha kill yourself you french pussy

Why hasn't aguero left yet then you stupid spic?

H-hey. F-first never f-follows la

Best player in the league

>iniesta-tier in a year or two, based KDB
>Shit dribling
>Shit passing
>Le cant hold a ball man
>Muh inflated stats due set pieces man
>Le shot from anyawhere and miss every single time man
>25 years alredy
>Le choking ginger man
>Iniesta tier in 2 years
Lel. He will be lucky if he ever becomes as good as prime Silva
No one needed Aguero and now he is too old. Agüero would leave Shitty for Barça or Madrid without thinking it twice. And in all honesty all of you know it

he looks better thats for sure

you're related to david silva aren't you?
can't think of anyone else who could be this butthurt by bruyntje tearing up world football

be glad you're still a starter ya salty cunt

le can't handle the ginger gringo

*after Aguero

Would you compare Busquets and Kroos?

>one billion trillion dollars for the good albino Paul Pogba

>be glad you're still a starter ya salty cunt
>Implying that the De Bruyne has even reached Silva's level
Kek.He even humilliate De Meme when they played against each other.

De Bruyne outplays Silva every single week

No, you wouldn't say that unless you are a racist.

If he keeps this up he'll be POTY no doubt.

I remember when people were questioning him when they signed him "didn't made it in the prem". I knew he would tear it a new asshole.

Also he's definitely the best player at City. When he got injured City basically ceased to function. He may not be as good as Aguero, but he's definitely more important.

Love how everyone has forgotten his price tag as well. That will never happen for Pogba because he'll likely never reach KdB's level.

Salty spaniard is astronomically butthurt though. Complains about KdB everytime he has a good game.

>De Bruyne outplays Silva every single week
Silva is past his prime and it is simply false.De Bruyne plays in way more advanced position

>Silva is past his prime
That's interesting since he's only 30 and has been a fixture in the Spain team recently.

>That's interesting since he's only 30
Most players are past their prime in the 30's.ANd current Spain is nothing compared to the last generation m8.Silva was always in the shadow of Xavi and Iniesta.Still way better than De Bruyne ever will


Keep telling yourself that la

He's average

>Agüero would leave Shitty for Barça or Madrid without thinking it twice. And in all honesty all of you know it
mfw this is probably true

>He's average
Yes De Bruyne is average.We can agree on something.

Why hasn't he then?

you sound like a school child

But does she dab?

Because the club has to accept a bid for that to happen and City will never do it.

Barca/Real will not wait for him to run down his contract either and just get another striker (like Barca did with Suarez after City told them Aguero was not for sale)

>you sound like a school child
>Ad hominem
>Calls anyone a child

what the fuck are you even talking about?

im calling you a child because you are pretending his 'average' comment was about de bruyne.

step away from your laptop miguel, you seem absolutely rattled.

>comment was about de bruyne
>Says something about average
>Not thinking about The Bruinah
You are making a fool out of yourself Mohamed


mad guy
I'm surprised you speak another language besides mexican

>that one siesta nigger complaining about KDB in every thread he's mentioned.

lmao shut the fuck nerd



>that one Spaniard who always tells everyone how shit Kevin is whenever you mention his name

Donavon is better then Pogba


this is unironically true

How does it feel to be less relevant than mexicans ?

>How does it feel to be less relevant than mexicans ?
>Says the none country

>has two good games against two poor teams that are out of form
>better than Pogba


>tfw a non country has more job opportunities than your "relevant" country

lmaoing at you irl desu senpai

>Getting bombed
>A job

Spaniard dude, who's the best from Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes?

>le epic scholes was comparable to gerrard/lampard maymay


hey who was better, me or iniesta guys?


are u bald ?

>who's the best from Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes?
Lampard>>SCholes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Slippy G
All of them were bad.Scholes was a Keane baby and Gerrard was just shit for most of his career.Lampard was the most consistent
Who blew your house la?

Poor form m8. Maybe you're too young to remember the 2004 bombings in Madrid.

Aaaand opinion discarded. You just confirmed you were a retard.

2004 was in a while.You have shootings and bombings daily though

>muh quotes
Scholes was a keane baby as was proven in 1998

Just like Aguero, right?

You're thinking of America and France. But go on lad, show everyone how far you're on the spectrum.

most competent post in the thread

Aguero wanted to leave to Barça in 2014.His father even said it
Kek.There is almost a daily shooting in your caliphate.Hell even France is safer than the caliphate of flanders+wallonia

>almost a daily shooting.

yea nah. but again, keep amusing us. Show us how much you know of the world.

fuck... I miss le cut inside man

also, Luxembourg is less safe than france , UK, italy, spain etc.. nice map friend. very good post

Pogba will redeem himself and y'all will just look silly

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Anyone claiming David Silva is average is a retard and yes he is past his prime and can still shit all over the lelpl
De Bruyne has been better and will definitely be the better player since he's in his prime/hasn't reached it
Don't know why people are arguing, must be poonited chinks

>from 6 to maybe 8
>almost half of what he said

xD top trole xD xD lelelele i showed you xDD

And yet Aguero can been signing contract extensions since he got here, why would e do that if he wanted to go to Barca or Madrid?

because Agüero has legs made of glass, a bad investment really
>Because the club has to accept a bid for that to happen and City will never do it.
that's not how it works, players aren't slaves, if another club matches the release clause and the player agrees to leave, there's nothing City can do.

Because the only way for him to leave would be to run down his contract and no big team will wait 3 years to get their man so why not accept a higher wage?

Release clauses are only required in Spain, most EPL stars do not have them. And even if they did, Aguero's would be some crazy amount that no one would ever pay.