H-he'll be exposed any day now

>h-he'll be exposed any day now
>aaany day now... *looks at calendar*


>Man $ity

>fackin Peppy Guardio should manage Stalybridge Celtic to prove himself

Must be hard beating cans with one of the most stacked teams in PL history.

>one of the most stacked teams in PL history
it's last season's 4th palce squad plus Nolito and John Stones, who was dogshit for the last 2 years

>casually forgetting gündogan and sané, who cost around 90m€ combined

Sane has played 42 minutes this season and Gundogan was injured before the CL game

do you even watch football?

they are still part of the team

>Barca win 5-0 every week
>lol la liga is so shit

>Bayern win 5-0 every week
>lol Bundeslga is so shit

>City win 5-0 every week
>lol PL is so shit

Can we finally accept that Pep is the fucking GOAT and any team he coaches wins 5-0 every week

are you retarded? You can have Ronaldo and Messi in your team, if they don't play they don't have an impact

No he doesnt he is just a hater.

Jose Mourinho
>R€a£ Madrid
>Man. Unit€d
Sucking Pep's dick everytime.

Pep is a fucking hack fraud and he WILL be exposed.

He always does well in meaningless matches, ans always chokes the biggest games. Who have City actually faced that were good? United are shit lol

yanks out

>Unironically posting this
>When Pogba and his agent cost €130,000,000 combined.

But Ronaldo won the European cup finals while coaching.

Who did they beat 5-0 in epl?

>inherits best squad in the league
>spends 170m

Jose won two CL with outsiders

>wins games
>good manager

pick one

>casually ignoring the two teams he won the CL with

>le easiest start in the prem team

only """""difficult""""" game was the manchester derby, and even then a shit man u side almost drew the game.

funny how those players became the best in the league after he joined, because before that they were an aging disgruntled side with no replacement for Kompany, with Yaya Toure stinking up the place wanting to leave and with high profile flops like Mangala and Bony

>Jose mourinho>>>>>pep

Time will tell, Manchester will be red by seasons end

>knockout comps
Inter were actually decent back then

Porto was just a fluke, even Greece won a Euro. It's half down to meme's, injuries and luck.

Monaco, Lyon and Deportivo were the other teams won the other quarter finals, that alone tells you the state of football in yurop

Pep is very smart, he picks the right time and team to guarantee that he does really well
>has GOAT team at Barca that could have managed themselves
>takes over Bayern right after they won the CL and steamroll the BL anyway
>takes over City when it's clear they have the best squad in the league, spends a lot of money on top of that
He might be really good, but again he's always in the right situation so it's difficult to tell. If he wins the CL with City then I'll believe that he's one of the best.

Last season they were expected to walk the league, they just fucked up like every other "big" team in England

Not that guy but they had one of the better squads in the league easily bar the defence. Name a squad which was better than theirs pre transfers?

expected =/= good
and actually no they weren't, it was a surprise that Mancini was even in a job after their previous season

>Name a squad which was better than theirs pre transfers?
Spurs, United, Chelsea
I can tell you in which positions as well

Inter where decent, but they where still outsiders.
Saying winning a CL is a fluke really undermines Mou's managing at the time.
Before Real Madrid he was considered the best manager in the world easily and he probably was based on results

just like that Barça side that ended up 3rd, 20 points away from Madrid in 2008. Pep comes, throws half the squad out and people started parroting "but omg with that squad I could even coach Barça".


He bought players that have performed/will perform well. Other managers have spent lots of money and most of those players have underperformed.

Barca B were a third tier team who he absolutely dominated the league with

>le easiest start in the prem team
lel.United had an easier one.So has Everton.

We'll have this talk in May.

>Last season they were expected to walk the league, they just fucked up like every other "big" team in England
City were actually predicted to finish 4th in a lot of media outlets

What were you doing last weekend lad?

Plus 2009 Barca was much better than 2006 Barca, stylistically.

But i thought there are no easy games in the English premier league and that even relegation tier sides will give pep a taste of what it's like in a competitive league.

United had a shit squad bar its GK compared to city, maybe better in defence slightly but no by much, they had no real attacking quality outside of youth either
Spurs squad is lean as hell had no real depth pre transfers
Chelsea's squad is old as fuck and also has 0 depth


It's hard to expose a manager who only got the most expensive teams in history. Those players can play without a manager.

City's squad had less than 0 depth, they literally only had Aguero up front and no 2nd central defender

oh and Kalechi I guess, who played 2 full games last season

Still had a lot of attacking midfielders and wingers who where decent. KdB is immense and sterling was still young as fuck even if he was disappointing. Bony was the other striker who was still good, just really didnt fit city's style at all.
Midfield was pretty stacked bar DM

you said United didn't have shit up front except youth, and then you credit City for having a shit Sterling because he was young


- Was a great midfielder

- Is a greater manager, who happens to be the youngest manager to win the CL

That's way some people are so salty.

Everyone ignoring that he completely changed the way his teams play and he wins.

If he somehow manages a CL win in the next 3 years he will be the GOAT.

Sterling has loads of caps for England, he was hardly unproven.
United had Martial, Rashford and Rooney.

>Sterling has loads of caps for England, he was hardly unproven.
he was a laughing stock last season

uh, it's practically the same squad Pellegrini had and they were shit under him.

Oh and Depay I guess, but he is hardly worth mentioning.
I said that already, but he is still a good player when he plays with confidence, just his final third decision making which needed work. Which he lacked for the whole of last season basically.

Mouyes deserves credit for what he did with porto and that's it:

>sugar daddy season one
>the only big team which survived the calciocaos
>halal kek
>sugar daddy season two

This. You can just see the system is so much better. Put the same players into the team with Pellegrini as manager and no way will it be as good. Anyone who doesn't get this is a retard.

Chelsea have a better squad desu but Pep has made this the best team in England.

>manager that wins trophies in different leagues

pick one, reddit.

I don't get why people still act like he doesn't do anything

He's made Kolarov into a good player
Fucking Kolarov

>"can't wait for Guardiola to get exposed against the lesser, physical sides, there aren't easy games in the PL"
>"h-h-he's just winning because he's beating lesser sides, the jury's still out"

Otamendi and Fernandinho are also a lot better.

It's the natural reaction of the millennial to be contrarian.

Fernandinho has always been good for City, just pep's style highlights him a lot more

Fernandinho was always really good. Sterling and Kolarov have improved the most under Pep. I would say Aguero has aswell.


He's turned Kolorov decent, Sterling into Neymar minus the finishing, Aguero into even more of a scoring machine and KdB as the best player in the PL.

just wait until the champions league final, he'll probably lose haha, city is so fucked with this man.

>/sp expecting the EPL to expose Pep
>Pep exposes (even further) the EPL instead

Exposed for what?

That he can't win the CL without Messi? Yeah it'll show in April or May.

>getting to the final of the CL as Man City

there should be a manager accolade for that alone, UEFA does everything it can to stop City from doing well in europe every year.

He should be very thankful to Mourinho for destroying 2 teams at once and giving him their best player


When was the last time they weren't in the group of death?

UEFA doesn't give a fuck about City, they only care about giving Real all the Ukrainian and Slovenian teams and giving Barca refball in big games

chelsea is so shit in defense than they spent august begging every team to sell them a defenser and at the end they had to sign Him

>Guardiola says Bournemouth are best attacking team he has played against. Says #mcfc's other opponents have "just used the long ball."

he's taking the piss. I bet he laughs himself to sleep every day

mouyes btfo

>KdB as the best player in the PL

cmon potato, look at the groups City have had. look at some of the referee decisions made against them in the CL (especially the Barca games, remember the Demichelis """penalty"""?).

UEFA is biased against City. the fans at the stadium boo the anthem for a reason.

>at the stadium


City had a 0 rating in European competitions so they got low urns. Then they changed the rules specifically for them so now champions get pot 1

people expecting pep to get exposed are retards. He's legit a great manager.
But let's also be honset, he's managed some stacked teams.Klopp or ranieri or a few others managers would have won as much as him with his barca and bayern.
his start at city is much more impressive than what he did there in my opinion.And even there man city was probably the most ready team of the big ones in the EPL

>UEFA doesn't give a fuck about City,
UEFA literally have just changed the CL tv money rules because City were making "too much" from it

they also changed the seeding rules because City was whining so much

Because they've got a chip on their shoulder and think they should be above FFP laws not that they matter any more


yeah, kinda like he did at Chelsea, Inter, Athletico Madrid, Juventus......

none of those were as good as barca an bayern that pep trained

Atletico de Madrid had a squad good enough to be competing for Europe, instead Ranieri had them in relegation spots all year long and when he was sacked, it was too late. As good as his Leicester stint is, his A. Madrid stint was inversely proportional shit

Also he had unlimited money at Chelsea and finished trophyless.

But now he's some GOAT because he had one magical season and people suddenly forgot 20 years of failure because of that.

Pep is flasher. He exposes himself regularly to little girls.

Ranieri had one season at Chelsea in the Abramovich era (2nd in the league, CL semis) so no, he didn't have unlimited funds

nah he was good in serie a too, he never won but he was consistent in top spots

Ur mom's pussy

>Go to team with highest budget in the league
>Spend a shit ton of money on players
Wow, look, Pep is the GOAT! There is a long season ahead. Just wait Pep buttboys


>spend 100m (one hundred million) on 1 (one) player
>0 assists, 0 goals

>Clichy and Sagna as full backs



It's disturbing how easy it is to dominate the EPL. Just DON'T buy flops like pogba and you've already won.

>Man City's biggest win in the PL, 4-0 against relegation candidates Bournemouth
>Man City mid-week, 4-0 against Bundesliga's third best team

Pretty embarrassing.


Just face it

>yfw manure could've had their true successor but instead fell for the >mouyes meme again

well he chose city as his next club so manure had to do something, they were panicking

iirc Poop won segunda division with Barca B team, and they dont even have a budget imo

Barça and Bayern are stil winning 5-0 tho

pep is the real deal lads
I still don't like him though

>>Greece won a Euro
>Not mentioning the debacle that was Portugal winning the Euro


It was Tercera but he did win it with a bunch of 17 year olds

And now Atletico can reach a CL final and give it to Real instead of winning it...

>Bundesliga's third best team

>Manure in the Europa League
>Manure loses to FENYENOORD, the Dutch Liverpool.


Has he played anyone good yet?
Barca will smash them beat them quite handily

at this rate it doesn't matter if he plays anyone good. He just needs to keep BTFOing weaker teams

>post yfw when City crash and burn during the parts of the season that matter

do some parts give more points than others?