You know the drill


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Again with the goals.

>my face an american newcunt fresh off the boat from /r/soccer posts another reddit tier meme on my Cred Forums


>i hate reddit in 2016

I knew he could do it

it has never been as bad as this year though with all the BLM shit
at least they start to realize that Muslims are mostly trash

is he already the greatest american player ever?

Back 2 reddit you go fat negro fedora cunt.

they still bring up London Danuwan or whatever the fuck that guy's name is dude up here and then and say that he is the greatest

>0-2 in World Wars

>this flag
>this topic
You're even more shite at soccer than the burgers, convictbro.

>around 200 vs 1 in WW1
>around 30 vs 2 in WW2
no shame at all about that
more pride actually that it took others so long

>score once against Darmstadt in a blowout
>greatest American ever

wtf even Brazil (7-1) has a World War title, what the actual fuck

Ignore these retards and their shitposting, the rest of us understand It's a meaningless goal.

>let's ignore two more assists

He assisted the 4:0 and the 6:0. That's just statpadding.

is he destined to become the GOAT once Messi retires?

I think so

the r/soccerstreams is really good tho

only reddit page I visit as I don't understand this website

Unironically already better than Pele.

I do too

>even Amerifats can produce better talent than England
Really makes you think

Do r/soccerstreams have discussion? Nope, just gamethreads full of malware links. That's not reddit, just a pastebin for links.

100% true tbqh.

He still haven't had a big game in a big match.

That's where careers are being made, not in matches vs Darmstadt

That being said, the kid is only 17 and definitely looks promising, so who knows, maybe he really can become the first ever American world-class player.

he turns 18 tomorrow tho

now he'll be allowed to drink alcohol legally over here
let's see if he can handle this much freedom....

Could be world class desu

Donovan was way worse than this kid already is, both at Leverkusen and Bayern

Legal drinking age is 16 in Germany you Syrian piece oft shit


for beer and wine, özcan

i'm talking about the harder stuff



>invent sport
>be good
>other countries start to play
>immediately become comparatively shit
>this continues for the next century
>just one nation in the world doesn't give a shit about the sport
>it's the obnoxious fatties from across the pond
>they still finish better than you at the WC
>they STILL don't give a fuck about soccer

Holy shit I would be so fucking salty if I was a bong. How can they fix their system?

oscar has signed for dormund?

>caring with legal age
found the cucks

Will see him in Sunderland

Half of your players were born in Germany so it doesn't count.

There are a way better young talents than him in Europe or South America at his age, muricans just wanking over him because he is murican and their first somewhat talented player, not going to be "GOAT" for sure, Neymar at his age already scored countless goals.



Maybe in Brazil dipshit, not in the Bundesliga. Its funny that when there's finally a world class American prospect and Yuros can't accept it

He'll be a class act at Stoke

17 (seventeen)

He is already world class?
We have seen many of these "promising" youngsters ending up nowhere

I said prospect as in he has the potential to be. Hes already one of the best players on the US national team at 17

Yeah, 17

Name some.

only for less than 6 hours

>He is already world class?
Good job twisting his words. Name 5 18 year olds getting comparable playing time, and putting in the performances he is at a CL club from the top 4 leagues.

Britshits are so angry that they're getting passed by yet another country in talent production.

Why are Brits so anally annihilated by based Puligod?

>less than 6 hours

if Pulisic had been born at midnight CET, his official date of birth would be 17, not 18 September

pennsylvania isn't in our timezone lad

Name one that age who scored in the domestic league, european competitions and for his country then.
He just played 90 minutes scored a goal and made two assist.

We already knew was better at producing talent than us.

In Darmstadt findet der Verkehr im Darm statt

fuck off nerd

Put Germany after the word knew

If Pulisic really does end up being world-class, will Americans finally drop their handegg/basketball/boreball bullshit and join the rest of the world in watching real football?

Do you think he'll prosper under Moyes for Sunderland in 2 years?


There are so many better 18-year-olds that Nigel can't even name one.

>in b4 18.9-year-old Marcus Rashford who struggled mightly against Eredivisie powerhouse Feyenoord

probably not. and i actually love this sport.

No. No one here gives a shit, which makes this all the more amusing.

>Pulisic lived in England for a year at the age of seven, playing in the youth team of Brackley Town.[3]

Looks like we get credit for this one lads

Who? Sanches?

Soccer will just be added, we aren't autistic enough for just 1 (one) sport

Let's respect reddit. I myself am a really know redditor and 9gag user. Pls don't bully us, because we respect Cred Forums.

>scored one goal in a blowout win

>No one here gives a shit

lol, you haven't been on twitter today, have you?

Gabriel Jesus
Also Neymar was better than Puli at 18 as well so

Theres 300 million people in the US. Soccer twitter is a very small portion of them

You can't comprehend how large this country is.

16 Anglophiles on Twitter doesn't amount to anything.

>le can't score against the Iraqi U-23 team man



>there are so many better 18-year-olds than Pulisic, I had to cite a player who hasn't been 18 in 6 years as one of my two examples


The difference we're not calling Rashford the English Messi.

Wait people are getting hyped up at that shitty goal?

And the other one is almost a year and a half older than Pulisic.

Half of it is shitposting, the other half is we finally have a youngplayer who isn't trash or riding the bench in England or in MLS

Quite a few hits for Rashford and English Messi on Google, actually. But don't be so naive.

to be fair, he also gave two goal assists

And was involved in 9 of their 22 shots, which was the most of all players.

They already are. Mexicans everywhere are fucking their women.

Well, good luck for him in Stoke City

also had a really nice assist in champ league.

Yeah, because everyone improves with age, there aren't a thousand examples of players looking good as a teenager and not improving that much as they get older.


He's playing at Dortmund m8, do you even pay attention to your semen slurping sport?

Assists are the memeiest stat ever.

I do not have to cite, there is google


>Pulisic starts two games this week
>Both 6-0 wins
>Pulisic doesn't start
>Lose to le energy drink no fans team

Hmm, really makes you ponder

He will end up in some shit team anyway

you guys could have used some assists against Iceland. but hey your right.

Probably could have gotten a better result against Leipzig with him starting. Or Dembélé starting on the right. Or any of the wingers they have, that aren't Castro. That Piszczek Castro right wing was invisible, which made them far too predictable, because every attack had to go down the left.

Why, because you say so? Why are you so mad senpai?

>he unironically actually gets triggered by American Messi shitposting

Have all the years at being shit at their only sport finally broken the bongs??

>he's unironically this mad about the American Messi

Le Marcus Rashford meme

he's literally breaking niggas' ankles



You are proud that you got BTFO 2 times?



>1 goal
>2 assists
>3 chances created
>39 of 44 passing
>passed the eye test, looked legit


>Castro falling over after assisting the 5:0
>just starts celebrating lying down

top kek good one. here's more:

willst du bremen oben sehen, musst du die tabelle drehen XD

Who can stop him?



Brasileirao is harder than Budesliga though


All these foreigners butthurt because were finally taking over their sport.

ah yes taking over the sport one autistic eastern european teenager at a time.good plan there matey


That's a funny stance to take when your own national team has about three whites.


Depends who you're playing for
Bayern, Dortmund is easy mode
Now Schalke that's the school of hard knocks and disappointment, the forge where the real talent is born

I am proud of doing the BTFOing for years before that.

i'm sorry


so sorry puligod

that might be a valid criticism if it hadn't been happening more often than not so far this millennium