One-Season Wonders

ITT: one-season wonders

Hard mode: those who managed to get their contract bid up in the process.

I'll start.


Not quite a season, but I'm pretty sure he managed to get a contract out of it.

more like half-season wonder

>unironically thinking this

I'm sure Harry kane will be a two season wonder aswell yeah ?

Don't listen to Arsecucks.


More like a one tournament wonder.

Roque Santa Cruz

There's only 1 answer

Dmitry PAYUP

He should have went to Arsenal

He has to be one of >our worst signings ever


>3 player of the season awards.

Us showing football knowledge.


That one season with arsenal.

remember me?

to be fair they left arsenal to be on the bench of a big club and win trophies, they made a sacrifice but it was worth it


top kek

Your mum's a one-season wonder m8.

To be fair, Mido was also a one season wonder.

delet this.

Vardy is, as they say, "world class"

bayern fell for another le tournament meme in renato sanchez

Roque Santa Cruz

23 goals in one year, never breaks double digits again.

Man City went on a one-hit wonder shopping spree when they first got money.


Even though I really wish him a good season.

he will do shit with Arsenal and then shit pundits like Martin Tyler will say that he isn't used to "premier league crosses", "premier league referees" and "premier league physicalness".

Who is bienvenido Lucas?.....

Lucas Perez, the Spanish Vardy who had 1 good season and will flop again at Arsenal (they bought him for 20 mil).

It's sad desu because I really want him to do well.

>Lucas Perez
28 years old. 17 goals in the banter league?. What a waste of money.

>Arsenal get snubbed by the English Vardy
>Arsenal buy the Spanish Vardy, not realising that such a player will never solve their striker problem


Vardy got an assist today and scored in the last 2 games

Fucking leaf


he had a great game today, him and slimani linked up really well

Do i win a prize?

He had a great 14/15 season tbf, iirc he was top 5 in goals and assists and won La Liga midfielder of the year. He just fell off the face of the earth the following season for some reason.

I don't think he was ever good enough to deserve that title
scored a few great goals and pushed a few defenders around, but even martinez knew he was an idiot and a liability and would sub him/use him from the bench even duringh is "peak" season

He's done, m8. He hasn't had a good season since he was in the conference before. He's gonna draw an injury and that'll be all she wrote for that triangle beaked cunt.

Also, pic related.

didnt even had one good season desu all hype

1 season wonder manager


this memechucking piece of shit

I think you're allowed to be a one season wonder if in that one season you win the premier league against all the odds



This is the thread for one-season wonders, not no-season wonders.

not really, though all of his game time throughout his whole career should come to at least one season now i guess so i see where you're coming from

Cunts who put their first name in their shirt (or their retarded nickname) deserve to fail.

>Chatting shit

His dad left his mother, so he doesn't want to give him any credit for his success.


You tried.
>Expecting not to get banged

>Chat shit
>continue to chat shit with few consequences
Ladies and Gents your 2016-17 Foxes

Then put the mother's last name lmao

You sound like the Spuds fags trying to explain when Soldado didn't score.
>Great work off the ball
>Great linking up with the other players
It's damage control, faggot.

He made a fucking ridiculous backheel assist after setting up the entire play with a fantastic turn into a through pass to mahrez. You're scrambling to come up with phantom abstracts because you have no valid criticisms after that performance.

Stop trying to mold reality into what you want it to be, it just looks sad from the outside.

That would all be great, but his job is to score goals. He's not scoring at the same rate he was scoring at so in my book he's a one season wonder until proven otherwise.

These are the same excuses everyone makes when a striker has a drop off.

Or are you going to tell me he's a number 10 now?

what success?

>He's not scoring at he same rate he was scoring at
It's almost as if they bought another striker or something.

I wonder who scored the goals today.

>Breaks premier League consecutive scoring record
>scores in over 50% of his (first) international appearances
>scores in 3/5 games so far with an additional assist
>h-hes done

>the 2,016th year of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
>STILL chatting shit

>not a single mention of Aaron Ramsey

Bayern bought Renato before the Euros even started you fucking upside down retard.

that is very mean you cyberbully


He was great in the Dutch League, Schlomo


Nothing new, I can't remember him being good an impair season. Next year he will be goat again.

>His dad left his mother
what a surprise
do these frigging mudsharks ever learn?

>still triggered

he was shit in the euros tho