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that was a mad ting

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wilshit fangirls BLOWN THE FUCK OUT


wenger out til wenger out

Who /AKB/ here?

>remove oxshit from team
>we start being GOAT again
You begin to wonder if these things are related

Love how he just nonchalantly cunt it in. Can't really remember when's the last time any of our player did that. Elneny maybe

dat pass accuracy doe

trip on sosa

I want dem numbers la's

>ranking oxshit
Literally how


>shitty Australian op that doesn't acknowledge the bloot
Fuck off


>being this close
Fell for ya la

australians out
americans out
wenger out

>Elneny and Xhaka both scored before Coquelin
Lol shit even Arteta and Flamini have both scored since he became a regular

>acknowledging a fluke instead of another performance joel could only dream of

sharia out

i honestly have no idea what sharia means


Shame it won't happen.

you best get educated son, times a changing in the old country

it will when old man cazorla get injured


>tfw scoring that blooter means that Wenger will sell him after Christmas

Was Xhaka's celebration aimed at Wenger?

Is he finished?

Yes and yes.

i'm taking it as aimed at the commentator who wouldn't stop saying 35m pound man every chance he could force it into the conversation

>arsenal threads when we win 1-4

>elneny blooter against barca
>never started again
>xhaka blooter against hull
rip granit

Did Lucas play?
I'm at work

I refuse to believe his celebration was aimed at Wonga, doesn't make sense


[He couldn't hear the commentator]

>dt will still be mad

He was on for the last 5 minutes.


>Feo on 2 goals and 2 assists this season
Really hope he can keep it up and prove us wrong.

Wenger likes to kick the long range shooting out of his players so it's absolutely a possibility

didn't even know people were talking shit about him

no shit

It was aimed towards the Hull fans who were changing who are ya and Wenger didn't want you I think



he's no sterling

>tfw he and iwobi are playing well but sick of alexis @ 9 meme
drop mesut 2bh he doesn't seem arsed the last few games

>not acclimating your new acquisition to league with lower level competition
He didn't have to start but come the fuck on Wenger

> not being the best player in this bournemouth side every match

good bye wheelchair, we got Xhaka now



It won't happen but I'd like to see it tried out

elmaymay until ramsey is back

Absolutely elite celebration from Xhaka

Yea I'd be fine with Lenny. Coq wasn't bad today either I feel
Based Xhaka

13 minute highlights

fucking lol, it's a funny maymay, sure, but there is zero chance he would be that disrespectful to the manager. Xhaka is the most recent signing to say he was convinced by a Wenger phone call

long range shooting is fine when you're 3-1 up or desperate, other than that it makes sense to cut down on low-return strategies like long shots

im a fucking idiot

How did the competition go la?

people were clamoring for Perez to come on for Alexis at 2-1 and then Alexis went and scored the crucial game-killer

it was the right decision

Looks like tsunaldo and wilshere's lovechild

here's an exclusive excerpt from Arsene's memoir, A Summer with Arsene
>Month 1:

Ivan told me the transfer window will be here in 4 hours. i hope so. otherwise it's gonna be a long summer. it's all good though, it doesn't take long to find value on the market.

Month 2: whelp, the window opened but available top top quality still hasn't shown up on the market. i had to call off from my day job at Arsenal because i needed a summer job announcing matches in Paris to pay for some Xhaka. i hope i don't miss out on quality players to sign because of this. I'm still waiting in Paris for to call some matches. i haven't gone home because there's a chance that i can convince Griezmann, Mustafi, or Lacazette to sign with us while they're here.

>Month 3:

the player i ACTUALLY need is available. but the price is absurd and we believe in value, so I have to find an alternative solution. Too bad Per & Gabriel went down in preseason......

>Month 4: things are starting to get uneasy at the club. Fans started screaming about spending money needlessly so to appease them we had to pool together our resources and supplement the squad by bringing in Asano, Mustafi, Holding, & Lucas.

Granit stole Jack's spot so he ran away to Bournemouth to sulk for a few months. His insubordination has already been intolerable. yesterday he ruined a perfectly good passing sequence in front of the box to score from 30 metres out. I was appalled! Now the players were taking pot shots and ruining the purity of my possession based football. As punishment, Xhaka will have to wait for his turn once Coqzorla is proven to be ineffective.

Danny Welbeck hasn't been seen since he got sent to the glue factory in Manchester. I hope they know to glue his knee ligaments together with industrial strength and not Elmer's like they did to Abou a couple years ago.

>win comfortably
>Man Shitty don't look like dropping any points

seriously, what's the point? I don't care about the race for 2nd or 4th or whatever, we're already too far behind to have a serious title challenge

not sure what you're on about

>tfw all the australians aren't actually the same guy

>tfw not scored in 100 games

sorry I was pretty sure you were the aussie bro who reads my blog

there's at least 5 i'm sure

literally who cares? he's a dm and we've seen he can't shoot for shit m8

They've also faced fucking nobody.

pretty good desu

need one of the boro centrebacks to get a career ending injury so chambers can start

>actually reading it and not just scrolling past

forgot he was there desu

calm down lad just a meme

>nothing about Arsenal on the front page of BBC sport
>meanwhile women's football, paralympics, cricket, tennis, rugby and Rangers all get coverage

how fucking butthurt can they be?

>5 Australians on /arse/

literally confirmed he's leaving

pls no

I told you cunts that Iheanacho was the next Messi back in 2013

You stupid cunts did not listen. Wenger did not listen. He should be ours for fucks sake.

Why has Nwakali gone on loan to some shit division 2 Dutch side? What is wrong with this club.

>arsenal player goes on loan for game time
>ends up only playing cup games and on the bench
Every time

Flamshit managed to smash in a 25 yard volley against Spurs, this cunt should've got one by now.

>Wenger son Sanchez taking the penalty
>"I don't know why Sanchez took penalty"

>pls no

what? he literally tapped the badge, that's a positive sign you retarded nigger cunt

>Why has X nigger who will end up in the second division of some bumfuck continental division gone to the second division of the Netherlands

gee, I really can't tell you

>Wenger son Sanchez
I know why Sanchez took penalty

>Why has Nwakali gone on loan to some shit division 2 Dutch side? What is wrong with this club.
probably cause he'll get guaranteed game time, same with o'connor and moore

>you retarded nigger cunt
i was talking about the 5 australians lad

Good win but penalty misses are problematic.
Only santi is a sure thing to convert.


and Giroud

you lads know who always hits his penalties?

>Only santi is a sure thing to convert.
but he's proven he's not

>Why didn't you dab?




if he would dab his price would instantly sore above 60 million.



>you lads know who always hits his penalties?

>sky sports 5


but why was ozil so shit?

This desu
Idk I saved it from some guy who posted it last thread

Cazorla confirmed for beta
And wanted him to be captain...

>tfw I'm only Xhaka in now because he's Iwobi's boy

he's depressed again

Why the fuck did you want Cazorla to be captain?

can't believe they chose a boring prem fixture like leicester-chelsea over forest-arsenal

kante vs leicester or bendtner vs arsenal is a tough choice tbf

i meant into the back of the net, not outer space

>tfw got a ticket

my first away game in a year lads, should I bring an /arse/ flag?

i'd be shocked if they bothered playing kante in the league cup

>kante vs leicester

i.e. no one gives a flying fuck. We will see that twice this season, we won't see Forest vs Arsenal for a while. And let's be honest Forest vs Arsenal will get far more viewing figures than Chelshit

Liverpool user here in peace, Xhaka seems like a bro to be fair. Holding is a cunt though.

friendly reminder

bring me

Take a Wenger out flag

Literally nothing wrong with that Boro goal

>Holding is a cunt though
but why?

letting manlet Negredo score a header is pretty wrong to be honest

Team for Forest
Gibbs Mustafi Holding Debuchy (lol)
Elneny xhaka
Walcott Jeff iwobi

Lucas will get 90 mins against Forest, right?

there was desu, he didn't head the ball he headed stakelenburger's hand, which caused him to drop the ball. It was a foul

thanks allah

who /allah core/ here?

>Gibbs RB
>Debuchy LB
>no Ainsley/Willock

Hive mind

rest Iwobi, give Willock a run

ffs lads

Is Mustafi a Muslim?

He just seems braindead to me.

he's albanian like xhaka

>no AkGOAT aka GOATpom


aint nobody
like koscielny
makes me happy
makes me feel this way

Here you go. Lads with no bants like Holding are ridiculed in my country.

stop copying me swede

where's elneny

Is Australia x Sweden is the new Australian x Denmark? or is it Australia x Poland?

Allah 11

Coq Mustafi Mert Gibbs
Xhaka Elneny
Jeff Ozil Iwobi

sand niggers out desu


I fuck on your Xhaka
I fuck on your Xhaka
Let's fuck on your Xhaka
Cause I wanna fuck on your Xhaka
Some head from your Xhaka
I need some brain from your Xhaka
The head from your Xhaka
I need me some brain from your Xhaka
Lil Xhaka, he wet like a boat, a boat
Lil Xhaka, he wet like a boat

tfw I'm two of those

Sweden are our eurovision buddies tho

is this what they were singing today? I heard some new chant but couldn't pick it uo

That's exactly right lad

Bit gay m8. You're making Thugger look like a homo.


I know you are, that's why I asked you la

>You're making Thugger look like a homo.
sorry lad, my fault that

you asked me, not him

You didn't ask me

I don't post pictures
>not having la cucaracha as Granits chant

>implying every ausbro isn't the same

my favourite arse la

Lads does David Moyes lead double life sniping terrorists?

Coleman when?
Make Arsenal Irish again.

Xhaka is muslim?

no, they dont allow guns in the UK

how did iwobi get so good lads? he always came across as generic black winger #392893 in the youth teams


he is just black arshavin

but he was the best player in our U21s two seasons ago and he was never generic black winger because he's not fast

Yes he's white

He actually bothered improving

Most youth babbies plateau at about 15 because they are the best kid on the park, if they don't get bumped up to first team straight away they peter out

Koeman in

Who have been chatting shit about him, the press, the fans?


boro defence is shit, give chambers a go

he's black hleb la

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((insert meme here)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Coleman when lads?

whenever barca start tapping up bellendo

Next summer after Bellerin leaves. We get Ireland's brave Mick McCarthy in and sign Coleman, Shane Long, Grealish and James McCarthy. Crowley becomes the new Iwobi.

Pat Rice and Liam Brady come back too

Albanian Muslim. They're the Coke Zero of Muslims.

>not drinking Pepsi Max

>drinking carbonated drinks


>Beer is not allowed in the Sharia state of England

the patrician cola

>drinking low % alcohol

What's the verdict on Mustafi after 3 games?



don't start something boy


Opta says Mustafi hasn't been dribbled past yet

just wasn't to get in to stop a potential 'same post' chain

Better than gabby P desu

literally everyone's better than gabby p

potentially nice wallpaper

>Gnabry rather gets relegated instead of fighting for a place at Arsenal [with shit like Walcott and Ox ahead of him aka once he starts playing decent has a guaranteed spot])

>once he starts playing decent has a guaranteed spot
worked out well for Joel

Why dribble? The ball literally bounced past his head lel

Michael Gooner @MickTheGooner
Wenger on Xkaka's strike: "I'm very happy for him. When you come to a new club, there's a lot of competition. It's good for his confidence."

Really hate this cunt, nothing comment like this makes me angry because you know what he's really saying...he won't start Xhaka

goat strike desu

if he plays well for bremen bayern will pick him up

sexy desu

considering how often he used to be touted as a potential CM you'd think ox would be able to get himself involved like this


>be theo
>at the club for close to a decade
>no one trust you with the ball because you're useless
>sees Ozil and Sanchez rather pass to Iwobi than you


they're completely different types la
wide forward vs wide playmakerish

So Alexis is confirmed for staying, r-right?
One is shit and gutless and the other gives a shit

hopefully not

Ozil and Sanchez new contract already signed lads

Based DT always coming with the negatives.


did chambers play today?

no but they were shit so maybe he'll get a chance now


Good job we held on to Championshiptier over him.

what is the actual difference between huddlestone and livermore

wonder what has to have happened in a man's life for him to decide to turn himself into a meme

jewmaican's actually a good person to ask there

Gnabry was literally my favourite player

If Wenger gets a statue I will vandalise it


Would Vardy be on the bench had we signed him instead of Lucas?

Wenger is specifically not playing them to spite us so we can say see the team didn't need to be improve all that much

the way wenger's used perez and xhaka so far almost makes it seem like he didn't want to sign them and the board did it on their own

Kind reminder that all non-whites need to leave my club and my /arse/

so theyll only start after we get btfo next week by Chelsea

Reckon it'll be a 0-0 tbhonest la

>Iwobi on 4assists this season already
he's going to btfo the Ox's best season here by GW10


>hello darkness, my old friend...

>The pale red dot

one man team innit

nope that's alexis

alexis out?


Anybody else think we should get in Tony Pulis?

>we paid nothing for the English-Nigerian Kevin DeBruyne

why does theo have no first touch? also, who should xhaka start with - coq or santi?

>Wilshere at fault for the first City goal


>Get a penalty every game
>Still cant score

>that feel when the away fans have zero creativity

Lol remember when everyone on here was raving about Xhaka being a certain flop?

Iwobi's voice is fucking great.

It's like a super charismatic roadman accent.

He still looks shit tbf

Give the new players enough time to adapt to PL and i think 4rsenal might take it home this year

will lucas ever get a game

Looking how well Koeman is doing at Everton, imagine what he could do with our resources + he was a great player who people want to play under him



our guy

>#Arsenal have won three successive #PL games for the first time since December 2015
embarrassing really


b-b-but we were calendar champions in 2015!!!

>you now remember Wenger saying "we were champions away from home" last season

Why haven't WOB faggots necked themselves yet?

kek I was literally about to make a post about delusional AKBs

Considering he got sent off for Switzerland during the international break, it may be to some of his home critics

City boss Pep Guardiola is ready to make a move for striker Alexis Sanchez, 27, if the Chile international fails to agree a new deal with Arsenal. (Sunday Express)

wouldnt happen and pep hates alexis for his shit passing anyway

poop hates alexis because he tries to do everything by himself lol

>le occasional blooter man
He is trying to copy Kroos so hard it's making me cringe.

Misquoted the webm
Meant Xhaka obviously

does this look like two men who hate each other?


It's Xhaka's presence that does it for me, when he plays its like he OWNS the midfield, like everyone else is just there in the background while he controls everything, it's beautiful

It was because the Swiss media were chatting shit about him not being proud to play for the NT

>wenger starting coq over xhaka

Coq and santi are a good pair though

Alexishit better never take the ball for penalty again
fucking ree

>give me the penalty and i'll sign da ting

Coq was actually better than Santi I thought

I agree. But I don't think a coq xhaka pairing would work

Santi was generally great
positive passes gove movement
and Coq was instrumental to the first goal and of course the red card that should have also been a second goal.

gnab's blooter better than xhaka's.

wenger OUT

>that scoreline
It would be based if >we had a buy-back though.
Sad seeing him not an Arsenal Uniform.

>¡La concha de mi madre para mi Alex! ¡90 minutos! ¡Usa la cabeza!

gnabry has a buyback clause right?

>going from 4th to 3rd to 2nd and then not 1st
what the fuck

Cheeky bid for Son when?
He's supposedly unsettled and we'd never see Ox again

Post yfw we sell Alexis to city and then buy back Gnabry

Coquelin out, Xhaka in


>there are still people in this thread who think campbell is better than either theo or iwobi


How did Iwobi become so goat? Much better than campbell was last year.

Is Iwobi the next Pires?

i don't that glorified egyptian flamini anywhere near the squad

theo is still shit, he's just riding meme confidence right now. campbell's overrated shite like welbeck

Xhaka is still shit and god nutmegged by fucking snodgrass

I wouldnt say he hates alexis, but he def doesnt fit Guardiola's style, plus he wouldnt get minutes with Debruyne and Sterling going full goat under poop.'

lol pretty much this

But he completes the all allah midfield

>tfw just realized we play Chelsea next week

Jacker, Cazorla, Lenny, Coq all fit
Alexis in form, Walcott looking more like his old self
Grioud should finally be fit
Iwobi has got some games under him now
Mustafi has had a run of games to get comfy in the backline
its about the best situation to be in going into a home game against Chelsea
and we'll probably get to see Lucas against Forest

look eeerrrrrrrrrr

yes, all while Chelsea look shaky and very vulnerable right now. That's why Arsenal won't win.

Jeff when

Jeff is a fraud, but he's so loveable

Who else /Iwobi/ here?

I seriously thought he was another meme academy player, but I think we've missed a player like him on the wing.

>excellent at finding space
>good forward passing
>good on the ball
>quick thinker
>actually takes shots

He still forgets to track back though. With Monreal back to being shit, it'a a big no-no during important games. I hope Wonga will bring the best out of him.

also not afraid to get the ball between the lines unlike walcott, probably because he actually has a first touch


>Ibe, who is shit, sold for 15m WITH a buyback
>Gnabry sold for 3m with no buyback

Wenger sure is better than Klopp

>thinking a bundes club other than bayern will pay more than 3m for ganbry
m8 pls

>Thinking Walcott and Oxlad deserve to play over Gnabae


the entire transfer was manufactured by bayern. a buyback would never have been accepted la

Seriously, what's the point of Mkhitaryan when we have Iwobi? Pretty much the same sort of player

..still the best rated cm over arter and surman
I always thought it was just this one retard who tried too hard to be different.

vs forest

bellerin holding bielik gibbs
------------niles zelalem
--adelaide mavididi willock


>starting Mavididindu nuffin
>not giving the Ospenis the start over flappy E Martinez
>falling for the preseason zelelel meme
>wasting bellendi in a meaning less cup tie
>no lucas
>no Reiss nelson/Donyell malen/Eddie Nketiah
>no Xhaka-Elneny Pivot

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((wenger out))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

would literally lose with that team


Them Giroud + bunch of youth on the bench

>would literally lose with that team
who gives a shit
debooty's not even fit
santi should absolutely not start a 4th game in a row

then who captains the side?
should give a shit if you actually want to give youth more than a throwaway 90 minutes worth of chance.

>then who captains the side?
xhaka or ospenis i guess. it's just a piece of cloth
santi is a terrible captain anyway, literally got cucked into giving the penno to alexis

do you think schneiderlin and mkhitaryan regret picking wages over arse

doubt they care desu

i wouldn't

Ibe actually played relatively regularly for Liverpool though.

Gnabry didn't at all.


watford defenders are desperate to get them back in it

Why do they never talk about arsenal on motd extra unless they've lost?

Ibe was sold after having been benched for shit performances (1 goal 39 PL apps???) while Gnabry was amazing in the Olympics


people dont like us, they kept showing Santi's "fouls" and implied he should have gotten sent off for fucking nothing
didn't even mention Xkaka's goal

based watford

How is pooney still playing the whole 90

some african bloke on an arsenal fb post said iwobi is better than rashford



Dare I say second place for us again this season

Hertfordshire stronk

>actually thinking Manure were going to be a dominant force this season
>the city of me

completely different players

> Man U fans on twitter blaming Michael Oliver and wishing for his death

>falling for le sign all the players meme for the 3rd season in a row

I tried to tell you lads but I got laughed out of every thread.

They'll still do the double over us

hope santi gets injured midweek

same desu

they're even worse than us lmao


oh wow

>Jose Mourinho has lost 16 of his last 34 matches after losing 16 of the previous 111 matches.
Really makes you go "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm" and stuff


>Specialist in failure
What did he mean by this?

>both xhaka and mustafi's prices got brought up yesterday
>no commentators even bother to mention pogba's the most expensive of all time

wish my stubble looked like that

did ox ruin mouyes?

fucking hell stoke are gonna have 1 point after 5 games
shame the away game isn't until may where they'll have sacked hughes by then

Cazorla can't do 4 matches in 10 days
Start jeff

Who /always rated Troy Deeney innit/ here

>implying that matters

Someone post the Soton pic from last season ft. smug Koeman

cheeky bid for Zlatan and Pogba? they look unsettled

martial and shaw*

>ox killed his potential to seal mouyes

unsung hero ;_;7

no thanks but i'll take rashford and shaw

>wanting meme players

im not biting

You wouldn't take Martial m8?

>muh next henry

well it's not like pogba and zlatan are the most sober and refined of players

stoke going down lads, praise the lord

I can't enjoy anything knowing we're about to lose to chavshit

>still hating Stoke
>not realising Ramsey is the bad guy

Would rather Sunderland

>Implying Juve won't buy back Pogba for 25 mil in 2 seasons


I'd be pretty pissed if ox scored against my team

This isn't Football Manager la. And with his wages he's there until his contract runs out at least.

madder than if pogba scored against your team?

>tfw didnt sell Ox and buy Bolasie

I still like Pogba desu

Anyone else unironically /Pardew/


he's not good but I like him

best celebration.jpg

A bogey team gets relegated and we buy Butland on the cheap
Good season desu

>Wonga is going to lose the best player of the team to fucking Pep Guardiola
I'm fucking done

Plus Gaya on the cheap from relegated Valencia

elite celebration desu

Too bad they will break Xhaka on the way down

Peps going for Coquelin?

Coq's going nowhere m8

we're selling coquelin?

what are you on about

dont think cazorla is intersted in going to city


you missed one

What is our next match?

If it is FAC/LC when is the next CL match and PL match?

Cheers lids too lazy to google.

Flamini is unironically better than Pooba.

Forest on Tues

it will happen finally thanks to >moyes

Forest (a) in LC but I don't think it'll be televised anywhere
Chelsea (h) in PL
then I think its Basel (h) in CL

Cheers, I wonder if SS will be showing it.


Probably a SA sports network lad

Supersport lad

We get all the CL, EPL, most of the FAC games and some LC games.

All the rugby (maybe not all the pro12 and top14 games) and all the tests, Big Bash, IPL and what not.

Million times better than Sky/BT/BBC and 9 and I don't know about your other channel.

straight shota


sunderland are fucking trash, not watching this shit

Starting strength

just look at those dry knees

suicide now

wtf? you can't be serious

kys pedo

>Iwobi played for the Invincibles
I did not know this

Lineup vs Nottingham?


Debuchy - Holding - Mustafi - Gibbs

Elneny - Xhaka

Jeff - Ozil - Iwobi


Bench - Martinez, Kos, Nacho, Bielik Ramsey (if fit), Alexis, Theo,

Would prefer if Xhaka didn't start so we knew he was starting vs Chelski but Idk what the fuck Wenger is doing lately. I would agree with most everything else except maybe bielik starting CB alongside Holding.

>starting only 10 players
why would you want to play handicapped?

>that celebration
What did he mean by this?

Debuchy isn't fit and Iwobi and Özil should be rested

Telling the swiss media to fuck off

telling the haters to stop talking and shutup. Someone showed him a few /arse/ threads after his first match where he was subbed on. He got pissed and scored and did this celebration.

>trying to predict a Wenger lineup in 2016
what's the point?

>scored 8 out of 8 penalties
>unproven at converting penalties

pick one

You're such a jolly cunt, aren't you?

He missed in a 2-2 draw with Wba last year with the last kick of the game and slipped

why you lying bro?

>blunderland defending literally spoonfeeding tapins

now i gotta find something else to watch

Do londoners actually say on lock, mad ting, and spice?

So he was telling Blick to be quiet?


not just londoners, everyone does

Im really nervous about this upcoming chelsea game.have wenger met conte in a match before?

Why are you nervous? Don't you realise the result doesn't actually matter?



Why does it?


He looks like he's just finished crying after a dog chased him for bants.

Do we like Coquelin again now?

Finally, you lot hated Pope Francis for way too long.

fuck no

He is still awful

Xhaka's put the final nail in his coffin, hopefully

Never doubted our hard Coq

Always loved him and he's got even better now

Australians out

redzone just feels like you're watching a news report how do people love this shit

Haven't stopped liking him.

We should make a move for Isco in Jan to replace Cazorla
Xhaka - Isco
Ramsey - Ozil - Alexis

Is an amazing midfield

he needs to end Wenger's "carry cazorshit in midfield meme" to be truly welcomed

>Ramsey out wide when there's no coqzorla to make up for

He helps out Bellerin defensively
Bellerin best form had Ramsey RW

>no one that can defend
>another spic

Well Embolo confirmed shit can't believe people wanted him

Bellerin is fine it's old man Nacho who needs help if anybody




deserves a chance at least

He is pure mediocre and has 0 fight to play just happy to collect wages and sit on the bench the last 3 years

Iwobi don't track back also doesn't help
Gaya from Valencia would be alright or Rodriguez and Roberton from Hull if wenger wants to be cheap

Why didn't we sign icardi again?

Looks a beast

because he doesn't want to leave and Inter don't want to sell?

Who /Oakland Raiders/ here?


>Arsenal on 10 points
>Spurs on 11 points

this fuckin' mick

>replying to that bait

excuse me

>this fookin mick

Got 130 points on the BBC's predictor this week lads. Personal best.

Team is so shit it's about to move for the third time

proud of you lad

goat offense in the league

nvm, forgot americans had to deal with ads upon ads upon ads

its like you want to win the league or something.

you mean Pep is giving Arsenal free money

just look at how the other Arsenal-City have worked out

Our boys Sagna and Clichy will win the league this year la


You deserve it, you United keks.

>first club in England to consistently win by dramatically outspending rivals
>moan at Chelsea and City when they do the same as you
>on top for 2 decades
>press terrified of manager, kiss his ass, give preferential treatment all the time
>Fergie time
>United fans deny that they benefit from all of this shit
>Red Nose finally retires
>ABUs across the world dare to dream
>moyes appointed, United fans supportive
>we don't want Mourinho, he doesn't know The Manchester United Way
>then moyes becomes...
>United fans turn on him almost immediately, demand higher profile manager
>no loyalty
>moyes forced out with the guy who shags his brother's wife constantly undermining him in public
>van gaal appointed
>big time manager, say United fans
>stupid amount of money spent
>United fans think they're going to win the league
>van laal
>lang baal
>United fans turn on him
>no loyalty again
>the guy who shags his brother's wife is undermining his boss again
>his high profile friends are outright attacking his boss too
>"we need a winner, we need Mourinho"
>never mind about that Manchester United Way shit
>van lel holds on
>then gets fired
>Mourinho hired
>massive spend
>he's a winner! we're gonna win the league

To be continued...

please don't reply to me again

Anyone know where I can find a Sporting Lisbon stream?
Joel starting I think

Can I like accept him as an useful player, whilst also acknowledging that he's quite limited at the same time? How many people are in that group, since it's either love him or completely loathe him?


Debuchy - Holding - Gabriel - Gibbs

Jeff - Elneny - Xhaka - Ox

Giroud - Lucas

>he's quite limited at the same time

actually found a really solid one no connection dropping
thanks though m8

Memes aside, I can't imagine anyone watching football thinking different. He can intercept well and offers some extra bite defensively, but other than that, he's got nothing to offer really.

How many interceptions and tackles did he make against PSG?

On the odd game where he doesn't need luck to not get sent off, he still isn't remarkable

I don't just don't understand calling him limited. You want him to be scoring every game and playing like Ozil?
He does a defensive job really well, better than any of our other midfielders, and after improving his passing and dribbling over the last year he's not shit at them.
Is Ozil a limited player because he hardly scores and doesn't get assists? Calling him limited is stupid.

Not saying Coquelin is world-class or anything. I just think calling him limited as a way to say he's not good is kind of silly.

PSG match was bad but it was an exception.

And to use Ozil as an example again, on the odd game where he doesn't get an assist he isn't remarkable. You can say this kind of shit about loads of players.

>doesn't get assists?
Not sure why I said that. I meant to say can't defend

this keeper just through the ball to the halfway line
and the following play resulted in a goal

The backline have no idea what they are doing
I don't think big Willy knows he's supposed to be a defensive midfielder.
I have no Idea how this team managed to put up a fight against Real Madrid

sporting are losing 3-0?

Shocker. You can be good at something and still have a crap game where you don't show it. Thought I made it very clear that I don't think Coquelin is remarkable, but his strong suits are what I mentioned earlier. That's not the same as me saying he's exceptionally well at them. That's just what he can do best. He's shown that in earlier games.

What's with the exaggeration and the constant Özil-examples? In terms of on the ball in midfield, he's not impressive in short spaces and anything that's more difficult than a sideways pass to Santi is something that he struggles with. He also offers zero threat going forward and lately his positional discipline when going forward is becoming Flamini-esque. His dribbling is also at an below average-level, especially when going through the middle. You mention Özil, but AMs aren't meant to defend. The things I've mentioned are well expected to be included in the skillset of a defensive midfielder and since Coq is playing like a box-to-box for some reason, definitely not uncommon for those type of midfielders. So that comparison makes no sense..

Don't know what your issue with the word limited is, but when you are good at this one particular thing and offers nothing else beyond that, that makes you limited. Especially when there are loads of players on his position who can do what he do and offer a whole lot more beyond that. Definitely for France. The amount of DM's picked ahead of Coquelin is astonishing. Even at Arsenal, you can switch Xhaka in and not a lot would change defensively, but a great deal would change for Arsenal's general play. Besides, there has been legendary players who still were limited. Inzaghi for example.

Coquelin is an okay player. Nothing more, nothing less.

You ignore the fact that his temperament makes him a liability


this is a lot of words to say something so blatantly wrong

before the second half too

remember when wenger didnt use a cdm for 10 years

remember when coq was a revelation as a dm but wenger told him to play like a b2b guy

>This was the 1st time Cech conceded 4 or more goals in a single PL game
>Done it twice since with us v Liverpool and Southampton


We can't defend



he's also shit now though

What is the /arse/ fantasy league code?

Wilshit supporters need to find a violent end
This is getting out of hand


huh? what the fuck does that have to do with wilshit?

there can only be one

>Townsend is better than the Ox now
he just needs to break his legs and do the club a favour

also I think that's the german lad who is actually obsessed with ramsey and loves walcott too

I'm succumbing to my illness lads

Find me in heaven

Dont think Scz would stop them low balls that Cech lets in either

jelly tßh

there's a place for people like you and it's not called heaven

I'll see you in time lad
Islamphobic desu