Everton v. Middlesbrough Match Thread


first for dabs


guess I'll watch this



"We don't care what the redshites say"

Are Everton fans 13?

Everton looking unstoppable this season

Looking uninterested today.

>Everton looking unstoppable this season
what did he mean by this

Not related, but
>mfw I left Fuchs on my bench

>mfw i left Sterling on my bench

True, if Everton continue playing relegation fodder teams all season they will do well

their position in the table doesn't lie

All I remember is how bored I was watching first half against sunderland, fuck me

Who the fuck would they have replace Barkley in the starting lineup?

The table does lie

If City play Chelsea, United, Arsenal and get 3 points

and Everton play Sunderland, Middlesborough, Bournemouth and get 9 points

That doesn't make Everton better than City

>Sit the fuck down you animals
t. stadium announcer

*ALERT* Please stay seated *ALERT*

>Brits still can't deal with the hooligans


everton have had a really easy start

Bolasie fits into this team so well. >We are noticeably better with him on the pitch.


Fuck lads. Not feeling too confident right now

t. toffee

dubs for barkley hat trick

This comment is almost as cringey as that stadium announcement a minute ago. You're probably a newbie though so welcome la


>I believe I can flyyy



How is the white Messi (Yannick Bolasie) doing today?

How come Arsenal got severe refball 2 weeks in a row

>American Banter.

Looking active. Fucked up one through ball though.

Just overhit a simple 10 yard pass by 25 yards

>making up for last season

I evaluate downing

Goodison park sounds like a proper library

lol Valdes the fucking memer, ok now I realize he's playing I'm up for some Lukaku and Mirallas goals

>le pacey black stepover man

What do you think? Ask that question any week and the answer will be running dead fast and doing epic 5 star skill moves, contributing absolutely nothing


and Everton are brought back down to reality


If you read this in a american accent its funny


Now it might get a wee bit interesting

based fucking kek, imo that's a foul though

but we've got a game

You've got to be kidding me.

>Everyone in Everton looks dangerous except the one guy I have in my FPL - Lukaku
>Negredo scores



My sides

Shit the ball was in his hands.



The absolute state of refereeing in england today

negro pls




Evertone have found they're level

Kek, that's a foul Webb you gobshite

Legit goal, deal with it

>The life of an Everton supporter


foul for me

Fucking tell 'em Koeman

He looks like Van Gaal's fat cousin btw


That was a good decision. Keepers get far too much protection as it is.

was actually good refereeing mate


Everton's supporters look like not so smart people



English referee xD

>le just heard glenn hoddle talk a pile of shit

What did you mean by this?

Fuck off Barry jdhnwjsb

If that's such a good decision then why have I seen exactly the same thing a million times end in a free kick?

>victhair valdes

Good call faggot



>English "officiating"

Top kek

Never really understood the Everton hype


englands brave bazza


Neither goals should have counted.

Refereeing is hitting new lows this season.

>600 EPL games
>only 52 goals

>LMAO Everton

Based Barry

He was shit in the belgian league last year, Lukaku's prolly gonna shoot 3 past him


>this game

controversy, goals, super skills

have we the game of the season on our hands?

Goalkeepers getting shit on today i'm loving every minute of this

>Barry has a Prem title

Kek at liverpool

606 thread

nice pass barkley you cunt


fuck off , bad refing is the cancer killing football.should be 1-0 everton

I mean that any time a player goes near a keeper the ref will blow for a foul as it's the easiest option to take. Hopefully that's a good enough explanation you fat cunt.

>everton rate lukaka @ >60m lbs
oh oh oh me oh my oh oh oh

Barkley is fucking brainless.

Bench him.

It's a shame Barkley's progress has been halted by the poverty coaching standards at Everton.

how is he even starting after last week

Well he is scouse

He's worth whatever someone will pay for him, and its probably more than 60m in the current market



>le wants to be on the highlight reel man

>Barry has more premiership winners medal then Stevey G

How much would Barry be worth if he could Dab

Why the fuck don't we have video referees yet for situations like that first goal, the whole fucking stadium can see it's not a goal including the ref when the big screen plays it back but he's not allowed to go back and revert the goal. The ref is not going to probably refball everton a goal to try and make up for his mistake.

It's just fucking stupid.


Just fucking end this meme already. Every fucking game.

>alter it to Stekelenburg own goal
>this actually proves the refball


who got cancer this time

Barry is a fucking unit isn't he? Not surprising he's played so many games at the top level

>life long

This man supported Everpoor for 30 years, he deserves applause/a laugh

built like a brick shithouse

He deserves more than an applause for watching everton for 30 years

>is'nt even from Ghana

its his own fault though really

He woud've been there in the 80's though. When they were really fugging good.

>0 ECs
>fugging good
maybe "flugging good" or "bugging good" but no, not fugging by any means.


Not happy with this gay Belgian lad talking a lot of shite in this thread.

>isn't even black

How long before Conte is sacked?

>they thought they could add a Leicester player to the starting XI and jump from 10th to title contenders


What are you gonna do about it tho?

>hes not a big guy

I can't believe I'm saying this, but put Deulofeu on.

>doesn't even wear a mask

for you
was getting trips part of your plan?

should've been sacked after making a triple sub

Isn't a tree

nice trips

Howard would not have dropped that ball

this, fucking embarrassing desu

How do you think Chelsea fans feel being back in 2002?


No, he would have flapped at it and missed it entirely

kek too easy


Great goal.

And after such a shit cross.

Ah yes, Boro getting what they deserve after that BS goal



Everton confirmed premier league champions, can you believe they beat SUNDERLAND and MIDDLESBOROUGH

The Koeman revolution is under way, school of science innit

>Valdes taking a knee
great effort lad


What don't you ever even try that for Ireland seamy

Shite atmosphere 2bh


they are so quiet its amazing.

lads i'm so glad my favorite team is doing great this season

might be your broadcast, it's pretty loud as far as I'm concerned

Negredo will score 17 goals this season

ahahahaha wtf

Top kek, that's offside

>this blatant racism

Don't know what game you're watching lads, the crowd has been loud as fuck all game, especially when some banter happens which has been about every 30 seconds

le wiff and still score man

Why isnt lukaku in my fantasy team?

did Lukaku even touch that the claiming cunt

>isn't literally half cole-half man

clinical finishing, golazo

I have a no blacks policy for my fantasy

please award it to lukaku lads

>claming it so hard

selfish nigger desu

maybe. im watching in america so its probably all censured so my wife's son won't hear the curse words

smart man

Valdes to concede at least another two

MOTD will be good tonight with all these goals

he knows how many people have him in their fantasy team, he's just trying to make those people happy

I literally can't stand this motherfucker, I don't know how his team mates put up with all his shit either

It wouldn't be a Neverton game without a Barry booking. Don't know what that was for though to be fair. The ref has shit the bed

must be difficult without Aguero :P :P :P

Nice Lukaku, one more goal please.

baby Lukaku is even worse
violent rage every time i see that mong

>Everton are boring to watch


we need a bit more skill and stepovers in the pitch today

Gueye is GOAT desu

literally kante

Don't worry, Deulofeu is likely coming on.

Not gonna argue with that either


delet this

Fun game

solid dab technique

>Kid dabbing


severe lack of American Everton fans itt

tbf, better than Kante.

Kante is more disciplined than him, Gueye can do more for you in a game.


There's at least 80 of >us in this thread

We exist, but most americunts are arselel or liverpoo fans

They ruin every Everton matchthread desu

Might get fish and chips lads

>Supporting Everton
>living in Liverpool
>living outside of Liverpool


focus on the match romelu


good choice mate, just had myself 9 yorkshire puddings with banana

>inb4 the goal gets taken away from him

Deulofeu for Barkley pls

>That one bellend singing the cingey Yanick Bolasie song

3-1 is basically 2-0 in disguise. MOST DANGEROUS LEAD LADS BPRO OMEBACK IMMINENT!!



i had a very nice beef & guinness pie.

Why is Barkley still on the pitch?

Everton have been more impressive than City desu

Gueye is goat

>Negredo doesnt get an assist for the boro goal

Ff is rigged

Bolasie whipping in crosses every time he gates the ball

why didnt he do this at palace reeeee

Lukaku is like a big black bull


Because CP's best striker was Scott Dann

Brcause palace doesnt play that brand of disgusting hoofball

reminds me of my wife's boyfriend desu


>good football

My heart rate quickens ever so slightly every time Bolasie gets a touch.

butthurt liverpool fans detected

everything he does is high octane as fuck

>dead ball
>defenders stop playing
>lukaku has 30 yards of open space
>he still puts it over the bar

I'm a Everton supporter. Go blues.

I hate Ian Darke. I hate his voice. Hate McManaman too.

>le great young striker meme

>literally run down the wing and swing it in to benteke
>don't play hoofball
that flag
this topic

Wat? Ian Darke is the fucking man.



Americans seem to love him for some reason.

im literally (literally) going to kill myself if everton gets to the top4

had the displeasure of witnessing McManaman for the first time last week, he sounds like a chav they just picked off the street

He covers the World Cup for ESPN, and he calls all of the US's games.

Is Everton considered a mid-table club?

you're literally going to survive

we'll be the 3rd blue team in a row to win the league

Valdes so pleased he got a ball

>not light blue

Yes. Lower mid table in recent years.

>Barkley suddenly good

>Ice cofee

Yeah but more like upper middle.

literally all bt pundits and commentators are dire

>calls all of the US's games
what sort of things does he call them?

>bloodstream stops


>You now remember Tom Cleverly

Why did Martinez love him so much?

Shit attracts shit

Are you guys able to sit in the same spot for 45 minutes, my ass literally heats up like an oven and I have to shift every 15 minutes or less even.

I can't but for a different reason - I get back pain. When I'm doing my meditating it's torture.

I quite often lie on my front like a teenage girl writing her diary on her bed. Or sometimes cross legged like I'm meditating.


Everton down to 10 men now that Valencia is on

ayy I meditate too, if you can stay awake try meditating lying down?

this is a good idea, I got a big soft round thing to lay on gonna go girl it up right now


the only reason why i'm watching this game is because nothing else is on and my gf broke up with me yesterday

cow men


>ayy I meditate too, if you can stay awake try meditating lying down?
Nah, I've learned to prevent it but sometimes it comes back and I have to endure it. I get sweaty all over lel

Shut up Vincent.

POst pics

>no gf

one of us,one of us,one of us!

this nigga right here
been single for over a fucking decade

the fug, did Lukaku get subbed?

Pretty much lose interest after Lukaku benched. No more goal no more points.



Yes for Valencia he wasn't fully fit

Was that gunfire?

Borkley masterclass right there


le step over 27 times and turn it over man is coming on!

>Best player in the Everton squad
>Can't get a starting spot for years now
>the story of Memefeulu


koeman literally removing any reason to watch the rest of this

>le nice hair spic
shame he can't play football

He still has a goal and an assist, though, rite?

Just a "goal" I think

>Best player in the Everton squad

any other interesting games on today ?

i think i'm going to turn the match off lads

Remember; Cred Forumsartans never walk alone

gonna watch napoli bologna in a few minutes famalama
Not gonna bother with le 'vlassico"

Sure. Michigan State v. Notre Dame, Alabama v. Ole Miss, Ohio State v. Oklahoma

Literally the easiest start to a season ever. Bournemouth and Palace next.

french ligue 1 games are all around 17' mark, some good ones on

Those stewards look pretty comfy

would prefer the top table teams to be spread out a little more for them

Why does he go by Gareth instead of Gary?

>Gary Barry
why do you think lad??

that's hand egg right?

if it's playoff stage i'd watch it

i'll prob put that one on too

checked not really one that sparks my interest

Guess I won't be selling him yet, he's lazy as fuck though just like Ibra.

Because theyre too different names



Theyre year la

>their few starting months



>Leicester wins an EPL trophy before Liverpool does
>Everton wins an EPL trophy before Liverpool does

>implying lelvershit will ever win the PL