The Greatest Football Game Of All Time

have you jumped on the bandwagon yet Cred Forums?

what a fucking game this is. gameplay blows fifa out the water

The plebs will play FIFA. Don't matter how good PES is.

""""""""""""MD WHITE""""""""""""

I love both, actually. I grew up playing pes but it went shit some years and now is goat again and nobody here plays it anymore

F*** Konami tbdesu

>EA so absolutely assblasted about Barcelona giving PES exclusive rights they nerf Messi
Can players demand to not have the use of their image in a video game? Because I would desu

Back in the 90s they could, I remember playing with Brazil and having Number 9 instead of Ronaldo.

Enjoy playing with no one online. 2bh, the reason I haven't switched is the number of players in each fanbase.

don't the graphics suck on PC? Sort of relying on the steam reviews unfortunately

t. Pirate

PES on pc is awful still basically the ps3 version

Yeah console is better. PES with FIFA licenses would be the perfect game.

I like to play career mode, so which one should I get, pes or fifa? I've played fifa career mode the last years but I don't know if pes is good.

>blows FIFA out of the water

That right there is the difference. You generally see the FIFA thread as 'eternal FIFA thread' and nothing more. Why do you feel the need to write 'omg pes is so much better then pleb FIFA hahaha ea on suicide watch omg the gameplay ea doesn't do this and ea copied this from pes'. Insecure much?


for some reason they do it every year

You just need to download a rar archive and you get all licenced stuff.It is actually great.

It is better than FIFA this year
But it's weak online

So it's a choice, FIFA and dogshit offline or PES and weak online

Football Manager

>But it's weak online
I actually like myteam a lot.There are lot of conection issues though

>career mode
Which one? Manager or player?
PES player career>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIFA's
Manager mode is more even.I would give the edge to FIFA as it is a bit deeper,but in PES you can create a team from scratch which can be entretaining

manager mode, player mode is shit

What if you don't have autism?

I would like Career mode as manager in FIFA if they would fix some stuff

I would like to give it a try but it seems to be overwhelming

>manager mode
The gameplay is way better in PES.The role playing may be a little deeper in FIFA with stablished teams

>What if you don't have autism?

Where do you think you are?

Because they're in direct competition with each other? You absolute mong

Start as a big team to get to grips with it. With most teams after you get past the rocky first season you find a tactic that works well 80% of the time and adapt it for away matches.

>can't handle the truth
tom crusine much?

also get NHL not fucking fifa if you care about online
6v6 4eva