Miami 21 App State 0

Miami 21 App State 0

Louisville 14 FSU 3

NDSU 7 Iowa 7

Ole Miss v Bama coming up at 330

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>Based Richt turning Miami into a power

As a UGA fan I don't know how to feel.

Clemson is going to score 100 today

>not even halfway through the 2nd

They are still throwing up 45-0 against SC State. Big 12 tier


put up trips dabo

got to build DW4's confidence back up

FSU at Louisville game thread #1

We got to make up the stats from the first two games.

We had huge af ice cream sandwiches last week but now look at the shit they're giving us


William and Mary is the best team in the Nation. You cannot say anything to disprove this.

poor SC State is getting the National Championship loss and two disappointing wins fallout

How did App State get Miami to play up there? Some sort of scheduling fuck up that Miami had to fill? If Miami actually scheduled a home-and-home, good on them.

Looks like my FSU bet is down the shitter. Their defense looks bad.

We killed them 73-0 2 years ago after the Georgia loss



because op is a dumbass

>tennessee for having trouble with app state while playing at home

Thanks for the link and info. Seems like Miami didn't really have many other options.

I think the NCAA should put scheduling regulations in to create more matchups like this and also do away with those two bye weeks that all SEC teams schedule against bad FCS schools.

Who Browns fan here? Here's the schedule to watch the guys we wabt with our Top 5 overall pick

Probably shoulda three that game so not to tip Miami off

>All nigger QBs
Looks like Cleveland will have to wait another year to find its franchise QB.

>top 5 overall pick
b-but this is our year! We are gonna make the playoffs!

Your last chance at greatness was with Manziel. Cleveland is done.

>the state of the state university of florida

Pls don't take Watson


The fuck?

Son, I-

neat thread

Death sentence = brown's draft pick

>Louisville about to go up 28-10

florida state is just charging up for that second half, r-right g-guys?

Fuck off.

Watson and Kizor. Hell, throw in Jackson. They've got no options.

Whoever is picked will bust because it's the browns.

/Browns/ here, will you be at the muni lot tomorrow morning? I will.

>Bart Houston

nice stop

I wonder if Watson's insurance policy also covers getting picked by the Browns?

Reminder that Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart refused to talk to Bobby Petrino when he wanted the job 4 years ago.

Mitch doesn't want to associate the school with "unsavory" types and wants it to be a good clean christian school.

The only good hire he's ever made was John Calipari, whom he was refusing to hire until the boosters threatened him.

He's about to be the longest tenured AD in the country.

Being a Kentucky fan is a suffering worthy of a biopic.

>app st centering the ball over the QBs head near the goal line

People remember the last time Florida State was at Louisville right?

Who /ECU/ in here? South Carolina about to get handled an L at home.

how is tennessee ranked?


He realizes once the whole team was fucking Rock Hudson right?

>Florida state

Clear who the best in the acc is. How historically bad are these preseason rankings

Standard preseason hype

They along with Washington are always September champions.

tennessee too

Who creates these rankings anyway?

Preseason ranking really need to be revamped or thrown out. Why not just let the divisions/conferences play themselves out and put out official rankings in week 4/5?

Florida State's coming back

Associated Press, so basically random sportswriters across the country.


too much money and branding for it to go away

They got like two Top 5 recruiting classes that are the uppeeclassmen now and their QB was supposed to be good

>Run sucker play
>It works
>Forget to snap the damn ball
>Get sacked
Florida State pls

>Letting journalists decide things
Well, no wonder

Old dead programs need to stay relevant somehow

>4th and 24

dat refball that was a pick


Glorious quads !

why do we have two threads?

nice miss

Butthurt over the OP fucking up the thread name.

>mfw michigan will be at worst #3 after today

better than the coaches poll, where most coaches don't give a fuck and just have the SID fill the rankings.


Because OP is a faggot.


Do it

Raging autism

>implying da buffs won't beat them handily

>Clemson game now has 12min qrts


>its an away game

why did they fuck the uniforms

Clemson's winning by 45 and got a game on Thursday

holy fuck it's true

pretty sure they still use those ones, but now they have the weird neon thing going on

That Louisville - Houston game is going to be nuts


Anyone see the PSU TE catch? Holy shit

no, they havent for years and years. i watch every game



Too bad it's on Thursday

>the borough of florida state

what am I even watching?

its the same idea, just a shiny gold rather than the flat yellow color

How does it feel that your school will never have a mascot as based and culturally/geographically relevant as Florida?

How does it feel to be one of the 4 trillion Tiger, Hawk, or Bulldog schools?

>not being a Buckeye

Pretty sure regionally relevant goes to Hoosiers and Sooners.

Not using a nut cracker

>going to school in a swamp
no thanks

>go to a funeral right before FSU-UL kickoff
>get home
what happened?

>the city of mia khalifa

Left one funeral to attend another.


Wisconsin losing to Georgia State right now..

Who /northwest Minnesota/ here?

>Iowa going to lose to based NDSU
>Pissconsin getting exposed

Good day lad m8s

what the fuck is a buckeye?

I think it's a niche way of saying acorn.
At least I think so based on their mascot

>NDSU going for 2

my heart

>blue: ocean
>orange: florida oranges
>gators: alligators live in florida
>not having some shit like "south", "state", or "tech"

Based as fuck


NDSU can still do this shit.. fuck

Is there going to be a stream of the Nebraska/Oregon game or should I actually venture outside and go to a sports bar?

>not using Cred Forums's map

Who /college/hoc// here?




NDSU FBS when?


Never. Their academics are pathetic and they're horrible outside of football. Plus why would you go to fucking North Dakota when you could go to Chicago, Columbus, Ann Arbor, or Madison?



>using greentext wrong

>being this buttmad
wew lad


Ok, Iowa is bad.
>but THE Florida State University


Go Mavs!


Just goes to show you that Ole Miss just choked
in the second half. Two players missing on defense should not result in giving up 63 points.

He's probably happy as hell knowing his job isn't on the line every year because he loses 2-4 games.

Yo Yo Yo

You say choked I say they just fucking suck. What is sad is they are the best team that Alabama will face before the playoffs. The SEC is fucking garbage.

Anyone else watching Virginia-UConn? Surprisingly good game and UConn's stadium looks pretty comfy.