first pitch coming up

the game's on fox which is strange. nationally televising a fourth place team's game... but i guess they couldn't find a better one, or something! so why don't we watch it

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Where were you when Betances decided to turn this team around?

National coverage. Preparing for shit thread.

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die in a fire

>Brian Mitchell

GG Sox


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suck my dick faggot, where do you think you are?

wow why are the YANKEES on fox tv today aren't they out of the playoffs?? (fourth place)


that's fake btw fake tweet don't believe it

PERFECT gAME WATCH:::: price perfect through 1!!!

>he lives in Boston

Will Mitchell shit the bed himself or will it be a team effort like yesterday?

less faggy game thread sans this giant douche "rules" queer

If Pedroia gets on base to lead off, then the Yankees will lose today. If he doesn't, the Yankees will win in dramatic fashion. Cap it.


>starting rookie against the red sox
>big game
>nationally televised

is this like hazing or something


your mad

it's just a prank bro

The binder wills it.


lmao trolled hard.... epic facepalm gif tho...

Do you guys think that David Price and David Ortiz, like, get together for dinner sometimes?

john smoltz just called ortiz a FAKER


like sexually?

Isn't tomorrow's game going to be nationally televised too?

Jokes on them for thinking the Yankees would actually be good at this point in the season

Go Yankees tbqh


redsox yankees always get like 6 games a year on national tv minimum

and it literally doesn't matter how shit either team is, the games are always good

>the games are always good
the games are always long

Reminder that Boston is not a real city and is more of a town and is literally Cleveland tier

reminder to get on the company slack channel it's optional but you should really be on we expect employees to be engaged in the workplace we want to be available just a soft reminder you should be on the slack channel but it's optional

perfect game BTFO red sox BTFO yankees win

Is Butler elite? I'm feeling a 10yr/250mil contract coming up

>his live fastball helps him keep his balance

does john smoltz sometimes forget what he's talking about mid sentence that happens to me a lot too

i can be elite for a lot less than that i'm only asking for a health plan

what do u guys have to do today

my name's paul i live in new york city i've been gettin' grey hairs since my mid twenties i don't want to spend hours on my hair (shoots pool) just for men is easy



It begins.

>team error

what the HELL is this guy talking about?!??!

I like when Vasgersian calls games desu

well actually Boston is a Global City and Cleveland lacks that designation

oh damn they're really smacking this kid around

>It begins

Fuck it

lol i thought maybe they were going to drop it again hahaha

umm didn't that hit the ground

Maybe the Yankees can sweep the Rays. R-right?

>get home

>turn on game

>immediately start to collapse

guess I have to turn the tv off, huh

Yeah, just forget it, PB.


Did you forget to turn it off desu


status : panic

>STILL pitching to Gary Sanchez


lmao that ball was clobbered


thats like a ten inch bronx bbc penetrating a umass petite sloot

get fucked boston

okay i turned it off

I love nintendo


Thank you

How you doing friends? Yesterday convinced me that Joe needs to go.

whew, alright now, let's make it at least 2 runs guys

Time for the Yankees to blow it

I hate having to watch fox instead of nesn, thanks mlb and your garbo dealings

Thursday convinced me that Betances needs to not close

>get lead for once
>about to give it away
Was losing this game part of the plan?

You're in luck my friend. Tomorrow is Sunday night baseball with your favorite commentary team!


It's painful to watch this game on Fox.

O I can't wait

pedo brother has cursed the red sox

omg this BITCH that just did my hair refused to do my eyebrows... dumb bitch i only went to this new place because johnno was closed... fucking closed on a saturday that fucker better be dead or something what the hell. just do my eyebrows bitch. i have money. dumb haircutting bitch. fucking spics.



How's he been working out for you cunts

>getting your hair cut by women


guys can't do black hair

>short hair

This kills the boner.

Romine doesnt want to be left behind

sorry about that


monster assisted

shut the hell up you whiny cunt nigger


fuck you what's your era now like a hundred you suck why can't the red sox ever punish inferior teams they always end up 2-1 or 2-2 on the series just end them already

why is price still doing bad if i'm not watching

>can't even hit sac fly
Thanks Ref.

pedo brother permanent curse

>He can't throw just one pitch successfully

yankees fans will remember this score

Do you not like having tiddies rubbed on you

what did he mean by this?

lmaooo what the hell is she doing with that hair

Only gays get their hair cut by women. A real man goes to a barbershop. Stay queer you fags.

no please its the middle of the day I can't

put in betances now yankees put him in NOW

Getting all those bustpects was nice but I dont like having to worry about the bullpen

whatever she wants my friend

all day, every day

Betty is sleeping

The 5-8th innings are the biggest worries for them now.

hey has anyone else noticed that this commentary is really really bad

I actually really like Vasgersian. This game just hasn't been exciting.

It's meant to be baseball for beginners.

it's my first time watching baseball and i hate it

I hate you

why is he fake laughing at everything the other man says

lol so this is tailored for Yankee fans

Yeah, did they tell us when Pedro is pitching. Lifetime sox fan here. Haven't seen him in a while, is he on the DL?

did they already talk about what's the TW on price's hat

I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on. It might help if the commentators take the Yankees cocks out of their mouths.

omg is he ok

Press F to pay your respects.

yeah it stands for "THROW WELL"

it is a reminder for him to not pitch like a idiot

Doesn't seem to be working today

Stands for that's weak. He wears it in any situation where he has to fall apart in clutch moments.

tha'ts ok, not every game's improtant like the playoffs i'm sure he'll turn it on then

reminder that price will only ever be the 3rd best pitcher on this team at best

this is the only thing i miss about my old supercuts location tbqh with you joe.

>postseason price

Good luck Sox

behind porcello and who else

Go yankees desu

Wright, but Farrell thought pinch running him was a good idea

Spaghetti the game

farrell breaking him doesnt change how good he is

oh i didn't realize guys who weren't on the team anymore counted

>6 foot and under guys
>team of manlets

Don't fucking pull Mitchell yet. The bullpen is a for sure loss.

>Isn't that right Ken Rosenthal?
Why do they keep calling him by his first and last name? It's actually bugging me

Pedroia's wife left him

having your post-season hopes shatter by a bunch of manlets, even more embarrassing


except that isn't true

lel is Pedroia doing physicals on all the Red Sox prospects?

>the best sox team facing the worst yankee team in years

Wew lad, get ready for the next couple of years

what did he mean by this?

You were saying



There's no way Ramirez isn't doping, right?

The bullpen wouldn't have gotten the first two outs

>this team
>better than 2004 or 2013

bring sevy in now pls

>implying you remember those years

the 2013 team kind of sucked to be tbhonest

Correction, 2004 and 2007

Not only do I remember those years but I went to multiple post season games

>implying you know me

Who is this hot

2013 team wasn't really good, they just seemed to work well together. Basically the same team finished last the very next year.

They were motivated by the bombing in 2013.




I was typing that out before you posted the update. The 2007 team was really good.

>Saints win after Katrina
>Sox win after Bombing
>Yankees can't win after the great american shoah of 9/11
Are yankees huge cucks?

That whole year was magic man. We had like 12 or something walk offs. Not to mention the beard thing we had going on. That was just a fun year to watch

What does pussy taste like?

I remember I stopped watching because they were terrible to start the season, and I had other things to do, and then I checked the standings later and saw we had a huge lead and I couldn't get enough baseball

battery acid


to be fair, the Sox lead the league in runs in 2013 and was 14th in team ERA, so I don't understand why people always call it the bombing fluke win season


>I checked the standings later and saw we had a huge lead and I couldn't get enough baseball

Sounds like most Sox fans

You chose the wrong time to eat pussy

It wasn't really a fluke, just a really good turnaround season. Early on they were going for a top draft pick, then they end up winning the championship that same season.

I can see why it would be considered a fluke considering how awful the exact same team was the next year.

you stop noticing any taste 10 seconds in

Is Refsnyder a bust?

looking like it, but he needs actual playing time first

13'-14' players lost:



>dat murkin

What does ass taste like

After you lick up the piss and crotch sweat its tasteless

pls split the eries

one way of looking at it

like ass probably

I hate this bullpen
that sounds disgusting

bags of sand

what the hell was the point of that bunt


>as good as this team blag RISP

We hit great, we strand many.

Recheck the ststs, asshat.

>red shits

Ben Nintendo please

Link to the past me a hit!

That's a lovely Jim Morrison look alike.

He's due

please do something little bald manlet

This bullpen just can't get the fucking job done


& I know he will

No one cares for cfb in New York neither does Boston.

Boston is gonna win it against the Giants in the WS.


Why is sev so based?

fuck you blind manlet

that was strike pedrioia come on now



god dammit PD

Nasty pitch, that was just filthy.


Holy shit.

that was the perfect pitch

>le angry manlet
Thank you based yankbros


>pitch was right down the fucking middle btw


That manlet is always whining

>3-1 with bases loaded and 2 outs
hot damn. that was definitely a strike though, not sure why he was whining about it.

You just cant take that pitch

I miss Eck framing the picture on just how nasty that pitch was.

Fox announcers suck ass.

Who is this sexy mama

Please tell me that Betances is unavailable today

not me lol idk

Score some more runs pls. This bullpen scares me and I don't want to see Buttances if they're still leading after the 8th.

Long time Sox fan here.

Why do we boo Ellsbury?

stefania ferrario

Most definitely

He left the Sox for the Yankees

Oh wow, he used to play the Sox? Never knew that

He wanted more money... way way way to much money.

The fucker thought he was the 2nd coming of Fred Lynn.


>MVP for the 1982 ALCS
>Team didn't even win the ALCS

Why is this allowed?

Wow, that's awful. People should except millions less to play in Fenway and get heckled by drunk wife beaters


Go fuck your mother again.

the writers can do whatever they want who's going to stop them

dubs=truth willed by kek


Gardner's eyes are so close together. He looks retarded


>that strike three call

What the fuck?

it seemed high

>That high strike

There were two times last inning alone where Severino hit that location and it was called a ball

nice call faggit

the strike zone changes depending on the height of the hitter btw

Manlet got on his knees and made it look higher than it was

>Yankeefags now crying balls and strikes
my sides

I gots that DMX song on call..

I know. That pitch was up at the letters for Sanchez. Both PEDroia and Nintendo had a pitch at the letters that wasn't called. Nintendo would've struck out like Sanchez if his was called.

you almost had to post it

this is not gonna end well

>play center field in fenway for 7 years
>forget where the walls are

>153 million

This, coming from the team that cried yankee privilege all last series

Ellsbury pls. That contract was a mistake.

JBJ makes that catch.

>If the Yankees hadn't signed Tex, they would have Mike Trout out in center field

you'd think ellsbury would be used to bruised knees

>Tommy Lane



remember the guy who was saying that he went to high school with him and his mother forced him to wear traditional native clothes?

"we" don't. Idiots who think players should be "loyal" to their team, the billionaire who owns it, the town, and just accept any salary because "they earn enough" or "players earn too much already" are the ones booing.

Ellsbury never did anything wrong and got roasted in Boston for a false perception of being soft despite suffering freak injuries that were out of his control. Doesn't owe us anything.

>Adam Warren

He's primed to blow up anytime now

Watch him implode today.


I hate this team so fucking much.


my fucking sides

you retards actually thought you had a chance

You may not have realized this, but you are a tripfag, and tripfags are universally hated.

>can't pitch
>can't score
>can't field
This fucking team.

If Ziegler isn't pitching the 8th than I'll be very confused


I fucking hate Adam Warren

what the FUCK just happened


REPLAY THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>09/17/16(Sat)13:08:55 No.71284161
Cmon man you know there's only one scenario where laughingpapi is acceptable

why are red sox runners so retarded?

what the fuck hanley

literally whenever the sox score, eat my ass

Enjoy life, don't be a cunt.

ur wrong

>hanley just has to remind everyone that hes a functional retard

We still got this

Sanchez would've made that play

i don't eat ass friendo
s-sorry man, glad the sox are doing well

how come sox retards get hits and win games and our retards just leave RISP

At least your retard drives in runs.

because Boston has power hitters

the Sox have the best batting average with RISP you faggot, you just have selective memory

that wasn't THAT retarded

>Boston reading comprehension

It's OK. The Giants look good this year.

Yankeefags, how did it feel coming into this series when you thought you have a chance at the winning the series compared to now when you wont even make the playoffs?

im referring to the yankees "you faggot"

eat your fucking slop, your blood sugar is low

>resort to cheating by blocking the plate

how will it feel when you get fucking destroyed by the orilels or blowJs in the NLDS?

we were fucking sellers at the deadline and are still in contention in MID SEPTEMBER

i don't care about the playoffs, but it always hurts to lose to the Red Sux


>orilels or blowJs in the NLDS?
>i don't care about the playoffs, but it always hurts to lose to the Red Sux
long time yankee fan here

First off all, I'm worried about the Indians above all else.

Second of all... maybe your mother fucks your sister & you know about it & like it.


ok good game yankees you earned this one


>Red Sox have finished last place three times since 2012
>Yankees are in their worst season in nearly 3 decades, and are still in the Wild Card race all the while building up one of the best farm systems in baseball

woe is me


matt barfs

three times? wow that's bad, what happened the other year?

the patriots thread isn't until tomorrow, please feel free to see yourself out

>thinking this shitty offense can score a run off him
You'll be fine. Even if he blew it Betances would give up a walk off.

Where's Koji?

when red sox get good boston fans have a tendency to shit the bed

i dont even mean that to be rude, usually yankees fans are cancer all the time and then red sox fans go extra cancer when their team is actually good

my b forgot rags were way in front of you. have fun losing to leaveland, a much deeper pitching team

is gary sanchez related to mark

shut up

I think it's more about you being a retard because it is literally impossible for the Sox to play in the NLDS considering they are an american league team

wow, another post. that brings you up to what, three or four this season? well i'm sure you'll be in the playoffs gamethreads

Oh we shitting the bed, we shitting the bed all ova you face.


25% chance to win the world series? Not too bad

is gary sanchez related to gary striewski

eh ok you know what I meant but i agree that was retarded.

>Bringing up rings from the past

kek, you guys yankees fans or something?

I'm sorry that /mlb/ isn't nearly as fun to shitpost in as /nfl/ and /hoc/. I've watched 70-80% of the sox this season, fug off m8 d:^)

Gary and Rob Refsnyder are actually paternal siblings but were adopted by separate foster families.

>this season
you misspelled this september my dude

You were literally, unironically bringing up the past in the post they are replying to. Holy shit kill yourself.

>bring up the past
>hey why are you bringing up the past?!

I'm glad it was us that got to shit all over your little dream this year

stay assblasted tho

hell yeah bro, btw where is youk? why is ellsbury on the yankees now? did we trade him?


>that graphic titled There's Something About Gary earlier in game

that's what makes it funny idiots

More top tier insults

Youk is retired and ellsbury transformed into damon. Keep watching and you'll catch up d:^)


i have plenty of time to shit on bandwagoning tripfags

glad to see you can use google

>unironically letting tripfags fart in your face


NYC is at an all time low, I feel bad now.

m-m-Maybe the Rangers, desu.

damn dude harsh too true tho too true

The Knicks will be the only team to make it to the playoffs. Unless Eli can go on another meme run this season

Ik you do user, ik you do. School doesn't start up til monday again

Teehee whoa d:^)

one of my favorite things is watching the rags blow it every season now

Thursday was great since the Yankees had a small chance of being relevant this season and the game was so tight, but now they're just getting blown out and it's embarrassing watching a team play this poorly.

yikes, filtered

Wouldn't it better to use a filter? If you that you can still reply and give them attention

just dust off your mets hats fampai

Who are all the new black guys on the Red Sox? Haha hope they don't drag them down!!!

>manlet 0-5
what went wrong?

You don't believe the Mets can meme their way into the NLCS?

one step ahead of you user

It reminds me of last season. I don't understand how a team this expensive is literally incapable of hitting with RISP for 2 seasons straight.

he sucks and is blind

but then the idea that they have an identity is only in their heads, which to be fair I guess it always was

is kimbrel just going to walk a bunch of guys again


he just struck a guy out actually

so you guys are so fucking lucky to have kimbrel

yeah but he always does that i want to know if he's just going to walk a bunch too or what


He could walk the bases loaded and still be fine. Tex or someone would just hit a GIDP because Yankees suck with RISP.

he has a .5 walk per IP, what are you talking about

seriously stankees come the fuck on you really gonna let these cucks walk all over you what is this shit I thought you were the stronger part of the rivalry bunch of fucking hacks

damn this kid kind of sucks to be honest with you

DeGrom is ded now. No.

It's a Red Sux/Cusb or Cusb/Indians final.

officially scared

Betances broke them. Everyone is still in shock from his legendary display of pitching and fielding incompetence.

>.5 walks/inning

that's insanely fucking bad, especially for a reliever

>Sign a bunch of overpriced Free Agents that haven't done anything
>Be surprised when the team is shitty

The Yankees deserves all of this

apologize now to the red sox


>"""lucky""" to have a junior varsity league "reliever"
smdh tbqh familia

we traded for him


fucking stankees fuck you can't do anything right

no FUCK you fucking cucks

have you watched him at all this year? you should see him pitch in non-save situations

ok gg hey do you think the red sox will let the yankees win one tomorrow out of pity

>he still has to live in bombston


You can fuck off with your post season hopes NY

Get fucked

tfw fox doesn't show the dance

I fucking hate Betances even more with every loss

gg guys

freaking biased fox show us the dance show us the dance SHOW US THE DANCE

Fox is racist


they showed Price watching Kimbrel's last pitch instead

what the fuck

good game New York

Thank god Benintendi wasn't permanently broken from that injury. Despite Price's best efforts the Red Sox were able to win today

looking forward to tomorrows game

how many runs did betances give up in this one?

>he thinks we cared about the postseason after selling our best bullpen guys and vets
>he thinks we wouldn't be winning the div if we didn't let them go
>he thinks he'll beat the cusb in the Eries

they wanted new york to win

pedo brother signing off

Doesn't matter. Back-to-back losses on his tab completely took the wind of the team's sail, and also made it to where the Yankees can now only lose 3 games for the rest of the season if they want to make a push. He really fucked them over.

Nigger the announcers were sucking off Bombston every chance they got

Do you do it for free?

>he thinks we'll make it to the Eries
Lol desu

>27 vs. 9

you idiot save this for tomorrow when your team wins a game




Red Sox have more rings per capita

The damage control of Yankees fans is insane

he watched that strike 3

this series was a win-win for us, if we won yay playoff hope but at least losing now we don't get false hope only to be cucked at the end anyway