Honestly and realistically, who the FUCK can stop us?

Honestly and realistically, who the FUCK can stop us?

Wake Forest

the second half


>what is Clemson

>monkeys taking about football

a non-overrated realistically ranked team

>being this buttblasted because I'm right, after all

>he didn't know Florida St was a meme

You'd get BTFO by Clemson or any actually good SEC or Big Ten team

University of Houston who will then enter into the CFP upon the backs of
>your team
and drink Power 5 tears as refreshment on the sideline.

>implying tOSU won't win another natty

lel alabama is the ONLY Sec team with a fightign chance against us.

Alabama maybe? Their weakness is extremely mobile QBs so probably nobody? I think only Louisville can beat themselves

UNC or Kentucky

lol jackass


Patriots DID stop you moron


I'd probably put you number 5 or 6 after today.



>Michigan over Ohio State

Long snapper

Alabama and Houston

Ohio state first round of the playoffs

Clemson will cuck them in two weeks.

a motorcycle, the pavement and a piece of shit coach that cheated on his wife

Clemson and then Houston will, but thank you for raping the Criminoles


We just destroyed the 2nd best team in the country

Alabama is next

fucking idiot


i go here, 2nd year history student

This game confirms Jackson at the top of the Heisman race right?

What part of Louisville are you guys from?

Teddy and Muhammad Ali died for this

Where will we be ranked?

He's sleeping tight for Lousville

Does this make Cuse's loss less embarrassing?

It's not over yet you fuck you've never seen an FSU 2-minute drill

He's dead Jim

>Alabama is next

Maybe around 5 or so


>Le we want bama meme
way to be a cuck


are you seriously implying bama aren't far and away the best team this year

but yes i'm getting ahead of myself




Didn't ND say the same thing one time?

No one

>with teeth

Louisville will get btfo in first round playoff game by Texas because they're a fucking meme
National championship will be Ohio State (1) vs Texas (3)

Truth is spoken.


Notre dame will btfo sparty tonight

crafty Dan Schneider

lol Todd Grantham defense

lol Josh Harvey Clemons

Nick Chubb would rape you just like last time

You mean Dan "Hold Her Tighter She's a Fighter" Schneider?

>@ clemson
>@ houston

both high quality opponents that could knock them out.

>reminder that a 1-loss ACC Champ Louisville will not make the CFBP over any 2-loss SEC or B1G team

A football assistant, a motorcycle, and a neck brace.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The syphilis they got from fucking all of those escorts

Wrong team mon ami


It's as simple as that.


No one is going to come even close to Bama this year. An NFL team would lose to those fuckers.

>any actually good SEC or Big Ten team


South End represent

>No one is going to come even close to Bama this year. An NFL team would lose to those fuckers.
people say this every year and every year it's fucking dumb as hell
oh surprise, some throwaway horseshit SEC school has already "come close"

>struggling with ole miss
>would beat an nfl team

laughing my fucking lmfao off

I am not a proxy, and I agree with you. Clemson is the best NFL wide receiver pipeline in the country, and just an all-around elite program right now.