Post meme FCs

Post meme FCs.

You mean ex-meme, that club died years ago senpai


>unironically being a Celtic fan

>le refugees
>le i superduber care about palestine and israel is literally hitler
>le charities
>le extreme left wing politics
>le antifa
>le catholicuck

I'm not even a Cred Forums-tard but how can you NOT hate Celtic.

Oh, how carefless of me

>unironically being a Rangers fan

>be British nationalist/monarchist
>worship a homosexual Dutchman who overthrew the British monarchy

Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Aye well, losing 5-1 is so I'm giving them shit.

am i allowed to like soccer?

if so am i only allowed to support an american club team?

i don't want to support a european team seeing as i'm pretty sure i'd never actually go to see them play.

serious inquiry, please advise

Personally I don't give a shit, but most American teams are incredible memes. NYC actually hand out printouts of their chants.

Come to /mls/ and shitpost with us

>clubs fans unironically bring christian religion into football
mudslimes I'd understand because they're idiots but fucking hell scotland/ireland

>am i allowed to like soccer?


>if so am i only allowed to support an american club team?

I'm a Dutch guy supporting a Russian team so it would be hypocritical for meto say no.
But if you do want to support a foreign team (and I wouldn't blame you since the MLS isn't that exciting), try to look further than the EPL since that's pretty stereotypical and you'll always get shit. (especially if you start supporting 4rsenal).

>i don't want to support a european team seeing as i'm pretty sure i'd never actually go to see them play

Fair enough. I watched some MLS games irl and the atmoshpere was pretty good.
Mls fand on the internet are pretty shit though

Have you ever been to an MLS game? It's terrible. Wisconsin doesn't even have an MLS team (closest are Chicago and soon Minneapolis).

If you have gone to a game like it, go visit your nearest club's game.

cringeworthy. that kind of shit needs to be organic

i may, that general is dead as fuck though

even if MLS isn't as exciting as the european leagues i'd still rather follow my country's league. i worked with a couple arsenal fans before, it just seemed faggy to support a team that you'd never ever buy a match ticket for

i went to a few revolution games when i was younger, like when they still played at foxboro. i remember having fun at any rate. the closest team to me now is in columbus.

i like soccer lads, just don't feel like much of a fan without a club team to support. mls may be shit, but it's our shit i guess

I'm a Brit that follows DC United join me senpai we once had john harkes play for us

Then just support the Crew. I'm the one who's saying MLS is terrible to go to, and the Crew's my team. There you go. If you want some other reason, Columbus is basically where all the best USMNT games have been.

they became pointless when they changed their logo to that Croat wasp thing.

Not quite. They made it to the final of the MLS Cup the first year with that logo, IIRC. It was just a pointless and bad logo change

i know very little about the MLS, but enough that DC united is meme-tier

looking shit up on them now. i didn't realize people actually went to soccer games in this country but their attendance has been good the last few years, and they're moderately close by


I'm an English Celtic fan and I hardly ever get to see them play (except a couple of times when they came south).

Support who you want