Reminder this happened

Reminder this happened

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do the fans wear spandex and eye makeup too?

Reminder that this based man actually happened

That's literally gay.

>Germany 1-0 USA
>Belgium 2-1 USA
>Jamaica 2-1 USA
>Guatemala 2-0 USA
>Mexico 3-2 USA
>Colombia 2-0 USA
>Argentina 4-0 USA
>Colombia 1-0 USA

>tfw no american bf to fug you

>He thinks I care about divegrass

All I care about is the fact that a nation full of indios dedicated to one sport hasn't accomplished anything on the international stage kek

What relevant team sport are white Americans good at again?

Is cuckoldry a sport?

I guess, if you let a team of negroes fuck your wife it is
Fair enough

American soccer. Haven't you heard of Tom Brady?

The NFL is like 80% negroes

Yeah, but the GOAT is white.

Jerry Rice is black friend

>Canadian forgetting about hockey

id probably forget too after years of getting btfo




aren't most passionate handegg fans in america rednecks tho?

how did they react to this?

doesn't seem like the best business move to potentially piss off your most avid fanbase, just to pander to the gays, who don't generally watch any sports anyway....

This is the Super Bowl where everyone watches it. The rednecks you see on tv are usually during cowboys, steelers, chiefs, colts, and eagles games

Rednecks may watch the sport but the buisnessmen who have the 200,000 a year suite season tickets LOVE fag enabling

>spuerb owl in SF Gay area
>do gay shit for halftime

No shit, really?

gee, I wonder why that is...


nah, real americans watch college football, limp wrist faggots from jew york and commifornia watch the nfl

>trying to
We all know German Refugees (at this point real German citizens) fucked vehicles long before this guy did.