Which soccer nation do you support with out own nation?


1st of all, supporting a country that isn't yours is haram

2nd of all, Serbia.


England and a bucket of vindaloo
it's coming home someday, tabun

NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Argentina because I want Messi to win something.


They are not our children.
We stand equal.
We are brothers.

I used to like Netherlands ('95 Ajax generation)


>inb4 triggered englishmen

If you are european or american and dont support an african team u racist

oh, and Iceland

Generally the underdog or the team that has a player I like or the ones that would make a good story.
During the Euro I supported Portugal and England.
During Copa America 2015 finals, Chile.
during Copa America 2016 finals, Argentina ;_;

Eternal glory to based Tahiti


>supporting a national team that isn't your nation

to the point, germany. although the netherlands were fun to watch in the 08 euros

I support

anime land


Iceland is based

whoever the under dog is


Those squatting guys in the front row look awkward. Totally ruins the team photo. They need to learn how to kneel like American athletes.

This kind of photo is classic in football.


Eleven players concentrated in a reduced space for good photos with them appearing in decent size resolutions for posters, newspapers and magazines.

Delet this


just for the memes


go bay my cum


Belgium weirdly enough

Exact same flaws as the english NT and some of my favourite players


same, found out im of belgian descent not too long ago. still planning a trip to brussels in the near future


Fuck off mate. Your great grandma getting shagged by a Belgian doesn't mean shit. You're American. What is it with you guys and making fucking pilgrimages to your "homeland"

yours OP

Yes I'm a weeaboo


Glory supporting trash

USA but only because of Klansman


I can't believe it myself...






The most Corrupt Federation in the World of course! They sacked a Spanish manager!

And since they dont ever do anything, the USMNT




American's bandwagon game is strong.
makes you really think

I love you toothpaste.Here is a rare pepe for you.

austria of corsh

i feel bad for them
fucking chile


Te amo tambien :')

also netherlands

Italy, usa and japan

Lol, how am I a bandwagoner when I was rooting for them to beat England because it's funny when they lose at their sport?

Should I have rooted for the US to win the Euros? Oh that's right! They don't play in it you fucking retard

i liek spian

always have love for netherlands

I love South American teams. Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Chile in the last WC (them eliminating Spain was amazing).

Hey I'll have you know I'm 1/64th Belgian so I can't die without seeing my homeland

Hm. Wasn't aware there was an "white American" ethnicity

i rooted for spain until after 2008

Hello Raúl

Was a Chile supporter until they went full semen slurping last year.

Now I am all about best africa team

england, binlan :DDD, australia

That's not Ivory Coast.

Croatia, because of Dado Prso and the based home strips

i always cheer against our povertyball team. wouldn't want that shit catching on like it is in burgerland.



t-thanks m8, i like your lads too :3


or a likeable underdog like Iceland or Ireland

That's not Algeria


Argentina because of Messi

England/USA because of the glorious shitposting whenever those two teams do well

Any likeable underdog

England and Finland cause my parents are from there.

Germany. I like how they've engineered their whole soccer system, including the Bundesliga to produce a strong national team. Basically the opposite of England who I do also root for because they're so bro tier.

>supporting national teams

you're all sheep

france because its a based country
england because i spent some years there as a child

I support no nation because nations are a spook.

Hello his

/his/ is a shithole. Unless you mean something else.

Argentina because of Messi.

International football is a meme, anyway.

>/leftypol/ or /lit/
Even worse Pierre

i have some heart for Dutchies as they used to be the "play more attractive but less successful/lucky" version of >us.

nowadays they just shit overall tho


t. Basque separatist

this guy knows what's up

North Korea

Italy because it's Italy, I love Italy

Australia. There's something plucky about them, idk

Also whoever the underdog is


because of Marcel Koller

my eternal KuK bros
also, anyone who's playing against England and Germany

depends on which team is playing attractive football
last euro I supported Croatia


its generally been the case that family members grew up in those places, which shouldn't be hard to understand. I don't know why you guys overblow the way most americans think about heritage and make such a big deal out of it.

and the importance of heritage is fading here as people become more separated from immigrant ancestors and ethnic neighborhoods dissipate

Croatia (always have based players, never boring, got into them when Bilic was manager)
Republic of Ireland (muh heritage)
Iceland (just love the country)

>still planning a trip to brussels

Go to Bruges.

Trust me.

That's not France

This is something a murderous imperialist would say

COLOMBIA because gf is Colombian.


Canada and mexico because they are brother

1. Sweden
2. Finlan
3. Italy

Croatia and Netherlands

Those are just brainwashed people who would probably vote for Hillary if they lived in the US. They hate themselves and their roots. Or it's a Muslim. Just ignore this rabble.

I like to support Argentina.

You know Scotland begged England to look after them right?

Italy and Uruguay



anyone but england

Canada is a meme nation at soccer so I always pick England to win.

I used to root for Netherlands but it's literally impossible nowadays.

It's ok.

The butthurt they suffered from 2008 to 2012 will take a long time to heal.

It will be nothing before the time Spain starts winning again.

Enjoy your century of irrelevance you spic.


Northern Italy is white and celtic la

>That flag
>This topic

Since when does Sweden wear green?

Croatia and Serbia because I am not a fucking turkish traitor.

just wait, 2022
it's coming home la

austria, switzerland, holland, denmark, japan

Lelgië because why not. Also Jan Boskamp

I rate Argentina.