What did she mean by this?

what did she mean by this?

Also Lamar for heisman

literally disgusting white trash women

Best kind tbqh. One on the left is ready for dick

yes heisman for Lamar

she meant STDs

That FSU girls are whores during spring break, but Louisville girls are whores year-round.

Lamar prob showing a bunch of bitches those tonight

that's like claiming your a high class escort.
It may be more expensive but you're still a whore


>all these pasty virgin nerds pretending like white women in general aren't filthy whores
Easiest lays around

Yeah its a complete joke really

This, I just rape them and cut their hands off afterwards.


only far right is worth anything

kek those black and white shoes

She weak bruh. Thick tiny brunette are where it's at

Me on the left

Spooks and coalburners ahoy~ยก

Why is this such a beautiful sight?

His red tie against a light background matches well and provided contrast to her blue dress which also comes off very pleasing. The overall color patterns works well together.

Youre mentally ill. But youre a tripfag so that was already known


ma niggah

wow you look very dapper and your friend is very cute. good for you

love how women turn themselves into sex objects and then bitch about it

Thanks guys!

don't do it nigga that's the devil, look at those eyes

forgot the 's'

thats literally a white devil my nigga.

So college is basically just really expensive babysitting these days right?

It's also a interracial breeding ground.

>these whores will be considered """""educated""""" in a few years

Jesus fucking Christ what is with Americans and interracial shit, every time. Sort it out lads

Jews won

Like half the people who start college don't finish.

well when you let super athletic black men into your colleges and treat them like gods, it's going to happen

Its been that way for a while.

Any "Top Level" University has a ton of white people, but also Football/Basketball players, most of which come from black dominated high schools.

You also have privileged white kids ready to rebel and away from their parents.

Curiosity hits, and its off to the breeding grounds.

Fukn hell more pics of sloots in same style of dress


it's become the norm, that's why I'm glad Hispanic culture has embedded discrimination against black skinned people

Left looks hispanic to me.

White women at universities know how to find a meal ticket


I'm like 86% certain this is a picture from a youth correctional facility dance. Yes, they're a thing.

>white men send their daughters to dates with inmates



>be half black half white
>this thread

when they put a basketball court next to the starbucks

Wow she wants that BBC bad

of course. she's white.

Embrace the confusion

Disgusting, there is a reason you're just a curse by God you fucking niggers.


>angry virgin

top fucking lel

she is literally daydreaming of getting pounded by a fat BBC

both are ugly as shit man

if youre gonna troll atleast pick attractive women shit man

It really isnt

a nigger has never won a scientific nobel prize

makes you think

Why'd you crop out your face?

You will never succeed in life despite having the advantage of being white
Really makse you think

The only color that matters in the USA is green

rly make me think....

terrible joke brandon

they look like trannies

> Post a pic 10 years from now
> All single mothers with 2 kids

Poor girls

To be fair her hand is curled up making clear they are just friends....and thats a 2/10 male esp for a black guy

Why is that girl such ridiculously uncoordinated?