Motd thread

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West Brom vs West Ham, Man City vs Bournemouth, Hull vs Arsenal, Everton vs Boro, Leicester vs Burnley, Chelsea vs Liverpool

Pundits are Shearer and Jenas.

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> 3-0
> second last

glad I don't pay my TV license

bump for being a retard making this thread over 2 and half hours early

Anyone will stream it on acestream?

>WBA-West Ham 1st


muh goals

>glad I don't pay my TV license
You fookin wat m80

whoa s-sorry mate. I was only joking. I just wanted to look c-cool and edgy in front of my fellow 4channers

>whoa s-sorry mate. I was only joking. I just wanted to look c-cool and edgy in front of my fellow 4channers
Too late user we are triangulating your location as we speak. Hope you enjoy buggery because you're going to prison.

>'MUH ORDER' fags are the worse

literally kys

must have been some good games today

Slimani looks like a pretty good signing so far

Updated the ol' blog

Knew he was good from the last world cup and his performances with his club

This is how I've been spending my Saturday nights for years - watching Match of the Day and posting in this fucking thread.

Where did it all go so wrong?

Today was a poor day in hindsight, I’m on a high after my bail ended so I really fucked up my diet. Ate porridge, 2 bananas, some yogurt, a cookie, 5 fish fingers and LOT of chicken. Tomorrow will have to be a 500 calorie day. It’s still rather warm so I don’t feel it’s safe enough to start taking DNP.

Sisters and brother went out early in the day and didn’t return until late, friends and work, so I had the place to myself as even my mother kept busy with pursuits that took her out of the home. Didn’t have to talk much. Didn’t leave the house either, next time I need to is my driving lesson, which is sometime next week, can’t remember when.

Watched some more Duel Masters, the video quality is terrible but it’s still a funny little show, it had the humour of an abridged series before that was a thing, disappointing that the game eventually folded in the west, they had some nice card designs and lore. Watched a bit of Louie too, I don’t get the love for this show or this man, his humour seems too soft, weak and American.

I bought a 3DS case, £2, from China, it’s nothing special or necessary but I want to keep it in something more pleasant to look at than the flimsy sleeve it came in. Playing Dragon Quest 7, it’s slow and not fun but it’s the 6th DQ game I’ve played so I know it’ll get better, just frustrating that it takes over an hour before I can get into monster encounters.

Hitting rank 5 on Hearthstone is trivial for me now, just grinding wins with Rogue and Priest to get golden hero portraits.

Noticed a bit of hypo-pigmentation on my face, I generally like my face but it depresses me when I think about how long laser is going to take to clear my face, especially since it hasn’t made any progress in certain areas. After I’ve finished the course of sessions I’ve booked, I think I’ll go to a more expensive place that uses a superior laser.

Doing 25mg Cypro every other day now. The Bica order hasn’t come through yet.



good blog entry luv


because a pulis team scoring 4 goals is a big deal

wat praat je stoer zemmer
kom vechten dan en roep je matties ik roep mijn matties

Mini-me durft niet 1 op 1, wat een verassing

That's fucking depressing.

>rolling a zoot for motd
>no work tomorrow

is there a more comfy feeling?

>be a midfielder
>literally only make 10 passes

kek .wilshere isn't shit because he's a permacrock, he's just a shitty permacrock.

he'll get called up to the next englel squad anyway unfortunately


>he'll get called up to the next englel squad anyway unfortunately
He plays for a tiny club now, user.

What you all drinking lads?

i really, really, really like this image

first night at uni and I can hear my flat talking about knocking on my door to see who I am. Can they just fuck off and leave me alone

I REALLY hate seeing niggers and other non-whites (except east Asians) use the fruits of white labour and enjoying a Western standard of living

>opened my window and smoked a fag
>"Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated" blaring and normies screaming

the students are back arent they

Goals means higher up the order generally

Embarrassing m8, I'd kill myself if I was a social reject, what uni you at?

Me too! Save it, it's all yours my friend :)

Manchester Met

been off all week
scared to go bak desu

oh fugg me too. u wanna hang out?

today makes 2 years friendless, no internet buddies no one. it normally doesnt get to me as much but feel like shit today

Mate. Man Met is like prime student night life. the fuck you staying in for?

Lads, I got a tinder match 2 days ago, says she is free tonight for me to come round. She said she wants to fuck when I go round, and I'm so fucking nervous

I want to talk about match of the day can you pathetic cunts piss off to r9k

Is she fat or are you a good looking lid?

have a drink, only 1 though
and make sure you have a timestamped photo so not getting jumped
and record motd

Why the fuck do I want to go out with people that just drink until they are sick I have nothing in common with these people and they all enjoy nigger music

>today makes 2 years friendless,
Fuck off normie

Last time I had friends was 10+ years ago and even then they weren't great friends


I fucking love uni lads, can't wait to go back for my final year so I can fuck some freshers slags again

>West Meme vs West Meme first


British men and women today danced in the street to show their support for the latest influx of migrants.

The event was attended by Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to be elected mayor of the country's capital.

The message was loud and cloud: Refugees are welcome here.

then why the fuck did you go to Man Met? it's not a real Uni, it's a party Uni. Pretty sure the rocknight is on a Saturday at the student union.

These always go well, if you do meet up I want a detailed report in tomorrows motd thread

they were just intimidated by your height and the alpha presence it gave you senpai

I miss Hansen

>then why the fuck did you go to Man Met?
probably had shite grades

Im here now

we all do senpai. we all do

>implying youre not desperate enough to fuck that guy
>implying he wouldnt turn you down

Because I came here to learn and didn't want to get a job

>tfw fart upwards of 50 times a day
>every day they're rank as fuck and I have to clench it in until I'm alone and let out a huge ass flapper that stinks up the entire room
>fart in my sleep so loudly it wakes me up sometimes


i think you may need medical attention

>'fruits of white labour'
>taking ownership/pride in something you didn't do because the people who actually worked had the same skin colour as you.

I don't understand this. You didn't contribute anything to create the western standard of living. You deserve it as little as the non-whites do.

>wants to learn
>went to a uni that has a suffix to the location
What you're going to learn wont be of much use

Can I stick my tongue in your arse as you fart?

mate you're going to an expoly, you aren't going to learn shit lmao


Do the trannies in real life look half as good as the one in porn?

I really want to fuck one and then pretend like I was tricked.

So had a date with a girl, she wants to come over to my place and watch forrest gump after I told her about it. I don't get it why doesn't she just watch it by herself or on her own?


If it isn't a russell group uni then it's a very expensive drinking holiday

no, they all have beards and manly body shapes

>liverpool on last

every race or ethnic group works hard and contributes to society. we dont really get along. but we maintain the country just fine. which is good enough imo. we dont need to be friends. but so far things have worked out just fine. this thread is stupid. everyone contributes 100% more than OP wholl probably never do more than mop up dunkin donuts bathrooms and shout hate speech in his moms basement.

>always putting the results on literally minutes before motd starts

ahh yes, the news

>relevant for undergrads

forrest gump is boring as shit, nobody should watch it alone

It's a guy and him and his mates are laughing at you. My mates did this a few times in the pub for shits and giggles, watch the guy turn up and look for an imaginary woman.

>he doesn't know all the results
>he hasn't already seen all the goals

Fuck thats top lel

gonna try it out. might even send the guy to one of my mates houses and neither will know wtf is going on

At a party lads, sat on a couch talking to no one.


That sucks, no pun intended.

Give me 1 reason why I shouldn't use my entire savings to get an A7

>Later: The NFL Show

are you sure that's a party? looks like a gym with those cross trainers there

I made 53 pounds from camming tonight for 2 hours, and one guy paid me 27 of those pounds. I'm amazed at how generous some people are

senpai atleast rename it to DSC_004 or something

fucking casual

school disco at the local gym?

What's an A7?

because then you'll have no savings left

>morgana robinson

>morgana robinson

fuck off love, your last series was shit as well.

>no swansea

shit motd

All of my friends in my social group all are very active on social media, talking to lots of people on facebook at once, same for my girlfriend.

I am in one group chat with my guy mates (They are part of many) and basically just use facebook to talk to my girlfriend who currently lives a few hours away.

I study for my final year in college, lift and see my gf... If me and her don't work out what do I do? I feel like those around me view me as an outcast simply because of how inactive I am on social media. Me and the gf argue a lot and I feel very isolated, is this just a phase after high school?

Any one else feel like this?

I have a plastic surgery fetish.

build a hoe are so much better than muh natural women


Type of battery

Off the A1

might watch it for the lels

>p-p-please respond to me

fuck off.

Like seriously is there any legitimate way you could not be fit for work if you're disabled?

What disabilities would discount you from every single job out there?

Can't walk? No legs? Get a job in an office. No arms? Be a radio host.

>having to put up with this intro all season

I hate that I have to save money, I wish I was working class so I could blow it all on a massive telly

>Wanting to watch Swansea lose

tell them to put motd on ffs

>thinking the University you go to actually matters

The actual course is what get's you the job. No one gives a fuck where you went to unless it's Oxford/Cambridge

do people actually watch this spoiler free?

isn't your dad knocking about somewhere waiting for you to suck his knob?

i don't understand how that statement even implies how I want replies.

projection much?

ready lads. Got my bottle of malbec and some honey roasted peanuts on the go. Middle class af tonight.

just lack of willpower to be honest, lad

low test males will think she is fat

>can't get out of bed? be a prostitute

>responds to him

Why even reply lad, you just gave him attention

Radio hosts have to push buttons and things, there is quite a lot of arm work involved

Fuck, this intro is shit

don't be such a tory lad

what the fuck

when did chadli leave spurs

>masuaku managing to concede a free kick and then a penalty from that free kick by handballing both times
Can't make this shit up.

man were well in to the first game

>Conceding 4 goals to a Tony Pulis side

>a Pulis team is 1st on MOTD

His dad died or something so they fired him

Madman what was he doing

>this nigga and his hands

MOTD2's intro is the exact same.

They suck.

>giving a shit about these povvo teams

call me when man city are on


nice finish from rondon

Being a WBA fan is great today lads

Good old west ham way

what's your digits la

>kouyate is good they said

What will Roy Hodgson's next job be?

pulis is the best dressed football manager

So glad West Ham are gonna get relegated now, scum club

I'm too damaged from years of suffering to fully enjoy it lad

is the lad who used to post the picture of tony pulis with the filename 'domestic holiday maker' still here?

Who /BBCOneScotland/ here?

why couldn't >we have faced West Ham now


Delivery driver for Asda

I wish Chadli could have stayed at Spurs but he deserves first team

It's gonna be fine senpai, new owner new WBA

I only know one tranny irl, known him for 20 years. When he was young he didn't pass but was thin with a young face. Now he has the body of an average 45 year man with plastic tits, a wig and a very rough face. From behind walking the street he looks like an old metal head that didn't quit in time rather than a woman


>conceding from your own corner
You can't blame injuries for this shit. This is tactical retardation.

I see him as more of an Ocado guy

is there a stream for this

so fucking happy to see west ham collapsing

bilic is shit
players are shit
stadium is shit
payet is going to go to spurs in january

success last year was solely due to big sam

Rondon is a nice guy

If he doesn't retire - and he should - it will be a meme league in somewhere like the UAE or China.

I'd love for him to come to the NASL so my local meme team can play against him and we can chant about Iceland.

>success last year was solely due to payet beign fit

Payet is wasted at West Ham, poor bloke.

You can only feel sorry for Payet playing with teammates far inferior to him


Going to be hilarious when West Ham get relegated.


That's depressing

I like bilic. Everything else can go shite.
On the good side if they fired him he'd be free for more punditry, which hes good at

fat cunt will never be able to leave though

Surprised at how many penalties there were today. is what I'm using.

>two WBA fans on Cred Forums at the same time

Will the Chelsea Liverpool game be on tonight's motd?

Will Antonia keep up his goal scoring lads? Just got him in my fantasy team

Antonio is good, rest of the team is a joke

everyone seems to like bilic but he's not a good manager

>liking the slavic martinez

McClean with his bomb scare defending...

get it?


No site has napoli-bologna full game, anyone got any links? I shall be very grateful lads

I always lurk but too spaget to be memed on

>71% possession
>23 attempts



Lanzini is alright too

Antonio is just a header merchant

Here you go m8, it's in HD ;)

this is the motd thread i think you're lost poojeet

No one in this thread watches any league outside of England tbqh

I dont really mean I like him as a manager, just he himself, seems like a good guy.

Here you go lad


Tony Pulis is trying to get sacked isn't he?

Doesn't give a fuck anymore.

>going home to see the grandchildren after a comfy home win and then to bang the GILF later

hm, sounds comfy.

Bilic looks like he's about to cry



You won't ever have children or even a wife

yeah, last

Yeah he's trying so hard that he beat west ham 4-2 haha

>Tony Pulis is trying to get sacked isn't he?
Has debt from breaking his palace contract being fired would pay it off

Shearer is raging.

jenas is a decent pundit imo

He makes good runs as well and isn't selfish in the final third
Defensively he is shocking though

Shearer doing his best Hansen impressikn

Why don't you try management, Shearer?

Oh wait. You did. You relegated Newcastle.

Friendly reminder Shearer said he wanted the England job after they were eliminated in the Euros.

West Ham = Worst Ham

2/5 opinion

Hes really good, was decent on commentary on BT during the week too.

Yeah nah

if gundogan stays fit he'll be the signing of the season

Don't have to be a good manager to provide good analysis

He genuinely couldn't possibly do worse that woy did, and that was his point..

it's more bizarre than depressing

keep in mind today's treatments must be much much much improved but it still must be very expensive and difficult to look good as a tranny once you are old. It's already difficult for many women at that age to look good so imagine if you are a man trying to look like a woman


Why the fuck you gotta be such a faggot?

>Spend hundreds of millions
>Have to start Kolarov at CB in a PL game

City are downright scary tbqh lads.

HAHA time for wilshite

>wilshere giving de bruyne an assist
So much for that loan spell.

De Bryune's haircut is /fa/ as fuck

Why did wilshere think it was a good idea to move to a shit team?

he's a really nice bloke

Kolarov was immense today

He did Rooney's cross field balls but fast and accurately and he made a load of interceptions

city are unironically contenders for the cl

>dat finish

>that pace
Jesus fucking Christ.

Kek Sterling forced Iheanacho to score

its almost surreal to see pep on the sidelines desu

better than playing him at LB the whopper

Class from Sterling

How do you stop a club with an unlimited budget and quality manager? Seriously, how?

Shearer's analysis is shit. He just describes what he, and everyone else is seeing. He can't articulate why things are happening or how to fix them.

>Pep had City study every free kick Bournemouth defended last season and saw they jumped for every single one.


>Sterlings running
Everytime, so queer

these counter attacks are fucking lethal

That's why he's the greatest manager in the history of the world and you ain't buddy.

literally every MOTD pundit ever

>That feel when American Wba fan

Today was a good day.

saw this in arse earlier

can all the retards who think he should start for england finally accept hes shite?

>be eddie meme
>play a highline defence against guardiola because you're too precious to revert to "unfashionable football"
>get raped

Fucking idiot.

>tfw Pep sussed out our league

fuck sake

>Pep had City study every free kick Bournemouth defended last season and saw they jumped for every single one.
A scout pointed it out

Pep went and congratulated him right after the goal

> BBC have to show Tag Heuer advert


Is aguero finished?

>That Bournemouth defending

Is Jordon Ibe the biggest waste of £15m ever, lads?


Top lad, where in West Bromwich are you from? Tamworth, West Bromwich here

Why can Sterling never play like this for England. Such a waste of skin

but mate

he was MOTM against san marino

Yeah, I noticed that.

Fucking weird.

Tyrone Mings cost about that didn't he?

>Bournmeme finishing

eddie meme is just a mong. had 50m and spent it on a bunch of english yoof and expected to win games

and no, thats depay

give us this league


Gundogan in a blue shirt feels so weird

lel, stupid spic

They put the Tag Heuer logo next to their score graphic.

I thought he BBC aren't allowed to activley puts ads in.

um no

how is that a red

it wasnt a full on headbutt, just kinda grinded his head against the other guy

Sterling is such a fucking fraud, every highlight with him involved does not show any technical ability whatsoever. His ball to ihenacho could've been intercepted and relied on an improvised finish, his own finish barely crossed the line, his solo run involved no trickery just Bournemouth players afraid to give away a pen.

He is fucking useless.

>that flag
top kek

Costa does that headbutt every week
>Why can Sterling never play like this for England. Such a waste of skin
Because Lallana's always swapping wings, hogging the ball and standing in his space

Depay was about 30 million m8

hmmmm didn't notice that

Paul Pogba in 6 £15 million chunks

>b-but the premier league is different, the lower teams dont get hammered like they do in bundesliga, la liga


Jon Moss was the ref.

Oumar Niasse

he had a good game today. sure usually hes a meme but he was legit good today

Grandfather was from Birmingham, la

Reaction though, was stupid and unnecessary

>tfw we all have to APOLOGIZE to Pep

Fucking pissed off. I wanted him to fuck up early on so we could have some meme fun.

>even when his team is great, all he talks about is them improving for the next game

Sadistic bald fuck.

Lol right after that highlight the Bournemouth player yellow carded hit sterling in the face

Didn't show that for some reason

Because he's not surrounded by £1billion worth of talent?

t. Jamaal, a United fan from North London

>Payet not scored since April
what a fraud

He had nits.

Is he fit again yet?

Great Barr here lad. tfw surrounded by Villa fans.

It was only for a few seconds. The same way Sky Sports do it.

Except he's usually involved in most of City's goals.

this is the actual answer

its like buying ali dia for 15m


He didn't accidentally become great.

The guy is a brilliant footballer, even if his finishing is Henderson-tier.

I hate pep

When will he fuck off to psg

It's city m8 it'll go wrong at some point


>le Pep's got them playing already meme
>it's literally Pellegrini's team

Really need City to get humbled by some relegation tier shitters soon lads

Up da fucking swans t b h

That must be horrendous, lots of villa fans in my town too

is the "Barcelona wouldn't win 4-0 week in week out if they played in the PL" meme finally over?
this City team is not even that good and they're going to cruise the league


>sign john stones to pass from cb
>turn kolarov into bonnucci for a laugh

He's a meme manager going from big club to big club with big players. No wonder he wins stuff.

Go to Yeovil or someone and take them to the Champions League. i'll be impressed then.

>should've had a cheeky tenner on city at 10/1 to win the CL

That Kolarov bit was interesting, finally some actual useful analysis

chelsea are gonna win the league desu conte has all the tools to counter pep

>Judging Pep after 5 games

He's not played a big team yet

Barca will embarrass them and English football soon enough lad, don't fret

Dude this is so fucking different from Pellers

under pellers it was no penertration all crosses and two cb's back on their own

Mate it's Bournemouth

Wait until they play a real team

stones is a passing cb, but still a cb. which means pep wont play him at cb


yeah and the yeovil players the bankers wages

and what about the bloody soldiers

>all the other teams play long balls





It's September. Let's wait until January when they're in four comps and playing 3 matches a week for two months and all their players are exhausted and can't be fucked with Peps expectations

I honestly expect Swansea to beat Man City both times this week

>i don't rate kolarov

>that pep quote
Mou utterly destroyed

3 years probably he is a project manager

He is a good manager, his attitude is good as well.
He has a good eye for talent, but he is also a pretty stubborn manager and refuses to comprise style for results which can cost him games at times.

What are the chances De Bruyne is off to Halal Madrid next season?

ahh yes an irrelevant nobody lets have a minutes silence

its so funny to see mourinho being made look like a little bitch by pep



>literally dying whilst playing football

Should have worked on that cardio lad

mouyes can't catch a fucking break

got them at 12s

what did he say

>play for Pep as the team's prime creator
>play for zizou as Ronaldo's bitch

>wanted him gone in the summer because he was a lazy cunt
>poop turns him into the slavic Thiago silva

Dunno how to feel

>'Premier' League
>isn't remotely premier



> Clapping because someone died

disgraceful vile cunts, please get relegated

this edge isn't even remotely funny

manurefags and mouyes BTFO

0 due to transfer ban

No chance. The Arabs obviously have arrangements that they don't poach players from each other. How the fuck else have they kept Aguero for like 5 years

like Stoke, West Ham or United? i thought these were the kind of games that people said made the prem a difficult league. city won all of those games without any trouble.

"Bournemouth are the best team we've played so far, everyone else has just played long ball"

>>wanted him gone in the summer because he was a lazy cunt

i've wanted him gone since last year

guess we should both apologize

Zero because City would ask something like £2bn

none as long as the transfer ban remains

They couldnt get aguero so how are they gonna get kevin?

Lads post yfw Asrelel comes on motd

Going for a quick fag, you want one lads?

All those teams are utter wank

mou just cant into attacking players recently

>coached all the flair out of willian, hazard and oscar now theyre shit

>sold de bruyne and mata

>bought cuadrado and pedro

what did he mean by this?

stoke and west ham are relegation candidates

the united game was not won "without any trouble"

Stoke and West Ham have been fucking awful so far
Man U game could have been a draw as they should have had a pen, City deserved to win though

>people are truly, wholeheartedly, unironically rating pep


what good teams are in the premier league

>Premier League
>Literally 1 team beating every other team
>19 teams playing for 2nd place

Who invented this shit

should that not have been a yellow for livermore?

depends on what ur somking la

i thought they removed the double jeopardy red/penalty thing

had a fag last night senpai. your dad

ur flag is qt x

Wait I thought they changed this rule?

I thought you don't get sent off for denying a goal scoring opportunity in the box anymore?

why was the card round?

Will Aguero be back in the team next week or is he still banned?

>you now remember the Livermore for England meme

>stoke and west ham are relegation candidates
not a chance. stoke have just started shit, the same thing happened last season.

Awful red

stopped a shot on target with his hand, that's a red

like United?

depth shouldn't be an issue, they have lots of players

what do you mean?
what tools does he have? city has the better team in every department, except maybe strikers

is thiago a flop?

Bundes and serie a

sold lookapoo too

off the fags for 3 months la

>the first city vs barca game isn't until november

have to put up with this pep dicksucking for 2 more months ffs

For the people with black and white TVs, obviously.

>it's all happening at the KCOM
>cut to Hull fans looking bored out their minds

I thought so too seems strange

Why are people such kneejerkers in football?


It's like you've been following football for a couple of years, a season is a long time.

100% m8, we need the money you know

Ref had no choice. If you're last man and the shot is on target it should always be a red, delibrate or not.

like chelsea

it's in october mate


Cech has been dogshit this season


snodgrass for england xD

Will Arsenal literally ever win a game without refball?

Friendly reminder Vardy was denied a clear penalty against them.

Friendly reminder they were given a ridiculous non-penalty in the last game.

Friendly reminder Coquelin somehow managed to not get sent off a few games ago.

>tfw got no (you)s

>Ref had no choice. If you're last man and the shot is on target it should always be a red, delibrate or not.
The rules changed

everyone listen to this tall man who is in no way autistic


> Roger East

Calm down lad, you need to take your autism medicine

not as dogshit as courtois

We've bought the refs this year

Wenger has finally learned




Nice assist


yes, 90% of the time he's trivial to the game or makes it worse

>walcott is STILL playing for arsenal

Why do they still keep him? He's average and not worth the wages. Not to mention he spends most of his time in the hospital.

extremely serviceable as a backup AM

flashes of pure brilliance tempered by periods of complete invisibility

probably not the superstar playmaker pep envisioned at Bayern but then again he was ded for a long long time. he's scored/assisted some pretty key goals for us see: juve second leg

Kek Iwobi is shit

>Cred Forums butthurt over Arsenal whenever they win

Never gets old

>muh earned money

customers desu


aww Iwobi seems like a nice guy

>you now remember everyone said cech would be worth 10 points a season to arsenal

He scores and creates goals with his PACE

Ref had a shit game desu

Iwobi should be playing for England, shame he declared for Nigeria. you can blame >woyes for that.

>muh pace

He's not good enough for arsenal

desu shit is probably 10 points better than fabianski almunia and chesney




>people moaning that the assistance does his fucking job


The Everton one was way worse.

Fuck off Jenas you ABA nigger cunt

>being proud of your wins against relegation fodder due to refball

starting to get assblasted by it 2bh

>bizarre how long he took to make the decision
>it was the correct decision
Fuck off


We say this every season, but is this the worst season for refs?

It's payback for last season when they were robbed by refs buying into the lester meme dream



there are enough niggers on the england team

Seems to be a lot of new ones I don't recognise who have clearly been bought

i got warned for calling Chris Sutton a nigger last week la'

be careful

>you now remember when Liverpool finished 8th (EIGHTH) last season
>you now remember Liverpool gave Mongolet a 5 (FIVER) Year (YEAR) contract




itk here, if Stoke lose tomorrow, Hughes will be sacked

Hate speech is a crime

reeeee stop shilling for the nfl

he's back next week
just has to serve out the swansea league cup ban

as if he would even play that game or this last one

We are doing shit because of niggers that should be playing for Nigeria.

Fuck off Chappers with your hand egg shit

''''''''''''''''''''Super''''''''''''''''''' Sunday

lads are neverton this years meme team?

2013 swansea
2014 southampton
2015 lester
2016 everton?


You now remember Double Clef FM

>Revealed: Arsenal would be champions if referees got every decision right

We are the most refball'd club in the league, it's nice to get one or two decisions in our favour for once


>the memefl show

Is this because the bbc has lost the rights to every other sport they used to show, so they have to show this shit and womens football?

> We spent your license fee money to broadcast this. Please watch it

fuck off

Racism is banned outside Cred Forums.

Read the rules you silly sausages.

I miss when Chelsea were good desu

mignolet has nothing to do with cech being finished lad

try to keep up

East wasn't going to give that had Cann not got involved.

Ref bottled it by not sending Cazorla off as well.

Bolasie's end product has already improved so much at everton

Feels good to have meme magic on our side for once.

>Mfw I found out chappers shot John lennon

was 2013 the year u started watching footie la??


this is a suicide tier combination desu

>saying the word nigger on Cred Forums is edgy

no it isn't

Name an all white England team that would be successful.

remember when ayala used to play for valencia

can't believe he's still playing

conte will fix things eventually

I thought you were a Liverpool fan kirino

good lennon was shit

no, there just wasnt the phrase meme team before then

Wait what? Middlesbrough are in the PL?

howard webb thinks thats a good call

Always used to buy him on FIFA 2004

Name a non-all white England team that would be successful.

I don't. I wish they'd go back to be a midtable literally who team, like they were for the first 100 odd years of their existence.

bad form lad

Cred Forums please fuck off nobody likes you

how has valdes looked so far?

>literally thinking you know anything about GK's
>m-m-muh GOAT Saints player


>unironically Arselel finished 2nd (SECOND) with 'finished' Cech 'No pace' Mert and 'The one white guy in France' Kos
>m-m-muh finished!!!!! IF I SAY IT ENOUGH IT'LL BE TRUE

>hating on Chappers

You probably like Robbie Savage too, you cunt

>Fifa 04 was exactly 12 years ago



And they have Negredo. I'm just as confused.

> A foul is a goal

okay then?

Fletch and Sav will joint host motd2 next season

>victor valdes plays for middlesbrough

Literally didn't know this until now. And I watched this game live.

>he doesnt like sav

literally the only pundit with the balls to have an opinion

well him carragher ian wright

definitely not reading this btw

>haha it's ok to foul the keeper when we do it

Everton """"fans"""""


And? The assistant did his fucking job, said the ref was fucking wrong. Guess what, refs don't have birds eye view of the match. So "IT WAS A CLEAR FOUL" screeching at the screen isn't seen by the ref 100% of the time.

That's why assistance exist.

NFL costs nothing, has to be on free tv as part of the deal for having games in london

>hating niggers didn't exist on Cred Forums before Cred Forums!

be honest, how many months have you been here lad?

it's a word, it only offends you as much as you want it to

4 goals already and Snodgrass still hasn't been called up to the NT.

does big sam seriously think Antonio's a better player? thought sam wouldn't be a guy for picking favourites and players he used to manage, but seems the case so far

Are you trolling? Do you really think a team of black "english" players would do better?

jesus fuck these refs are clueless

> 30 year season ticket holder

Fuck off that's no time at all.

>no vardy
>no drinkwater
>mo henderson

I thought Valdes was bald?

reminder that arsenal have won it 0 times and never will

Is Coleman the Irish messi or what


what? did you reply to the wrong person mate?


Needs more Carrick desu

>Barry over Carrick



>someone dies

Fucking wew lad

>England team that would be successful.

this desu

its not 2003 senpai

Big Sam is an ABL.

Vardy could score 40 goals this season and he won't play an England game

stay classy, shitbag

And? I couldn't give a toss about Arselel, did you not read what I fucking said, retard? I was just laughing at the joke that keeps on giving; Livershit.

when i seen the game earlier i thought he had a cech helmet on

>being racist on Cred Forums

I disagree. All a manager does is make decisions.
Who is your starting 11, What formation to play, who to sub on and when, which players to sell, which to buy, etc..
The same things pundits talk about endlessly, only they do not have to live and die with the advice they give like managers do.

Those who can play, play.
Those who can't play, coach.
Those who can't manage, become pundits.

can we just agree that nomatter what race, creed, religion, gender, species play for the england team we will always be shite?

Piss of Kirino, proxy off.

maybe he got implants like cesc

>irish messi

thatd be wessi

The incident happened straight in front of East.

>when i seen
>irish grammar

Barry is going to be the most capped for sure kek.

>32 games behind Giggs

Fucking how? Giggs had like 20 years worth of games

what does vardy have to do with being ABL

That popcorn or scrambled eggs?

>this flag

M8, we're expert memers. You expect us to fall for such weak b8?

You've got potential kid ... but you need to spend more time watching and learning from the pros.

we would be euros champions if fraser "buffon" forster and danny "iniesta" drinkwater were starting

Valdes is really good looking 2bh

looks like Colin Farrell.

No doubt his looks were influential in achieving a top professional football career

Does Barry ever get injured?

Same with gaz baz

And East was fucking wrong and he got called on it. Which is the job of the assistant.

What do you expect from a guy who fucks shit?

he's been playing since 98 and he's virtually never injured lad

>1998 is nearly 19 years ago


It's spelt grammer.

>defending blacks on Cred Forums
>m-maybe if I defend them online they won't mug or stab me in public

this is literaly stockholm syndrome lmao

barry's been playing since 1998

He's always getting suspended


Is it because giggs played before the pl?

he's been playing 30 games a year since he was 17

reminder that everton have only played one top half team this season and scraped a draw. they will be found out soon enough.

>Those who can't play, coach
most managers were players too, some really great ones

Back to Cred Forums with you.

>And East was fucking wrong and he got called on it. Which is the job of the assistant.
...that's what I was saying.

I think our lines got tangled.

>he's been excellent for the entire season
>5 games in
>the commentary city of Alan "Tight Trouser Package" Shearer

i live up north m8 there are no blacks here

if you dont want blacks leave the south its black majority now

post you're waifu

>this piss poor """analysis"""
>we need lines on the pitch to follow a player making a straight run

>islam slimani

bet he loves leicester!


3 of the most emotionless men to play football, just a coincidence?

>he's been playing top flight football for nearly 20 years
>wasted my life shitposting on a mongolian pottery enthusiasts site

well he made his debut in 1991

its just in his later years he wasn't playing every game, instead of 35-38 he was making 20-25

barry just plays every game somehow


which one?

disappointed slimani didn't put islam on the back of his shirt tbqh



imagine being a white person and taking offence at someone being called a nigger on Cred Forums

>leave your homeland just accept diversity bro it's a good thing!

Back to fucking shit for you.

Also, Hitler had no problems with blacks. But then, why should a Irish shitfucker actually be educated on anything he posts?

>l-l-le edgy!!!! :D

Lukaku is going to have a stormer and gonna go for £60m+ next season.

>"i only get my football analysis in the form of podcasts"


>A guy called Christian Fuchs is in the same team
>completely ignored


>being called Islam

>me on the drums

>Defour plays for Burnley

The PL has turned into FM after simming for 50 years and everything just goes weird

>tfw from burnley

> Christian assisted Islam


southeners are literally worse than niggers

im glad niggers are ruining the south its full of toff ponces

slimani is almost an anagram of islam aswel

god doesn't it bother me when american use this stroy
blacks were treated worse in the US than in Nazi Germany and the whole handshake thing never even happened

seen better birds on the 3rd floor of factory arkid

Oh right. Yeah. My point was people moaned about the time it took, but the system worked.

Piss of Kirino

I wanted to get angry at this comic but I saw an Aussie did it.

Is Islam Slimani related to Chico "chico time" Slimani?

Serious question

people make fuch puns all the tume

Sand nigger spotted. Fuck off bag to your smelly mosque, you dirty rat.



>burnley setpiece marking
What the fuck was that?

>gay lad.jpg

literally the only good 190 shop

Are BBC allowed to do ads now?

Praise Allah

Slim Arnie looks world class

Ridiclous assist from Vardy, wtf?

burnley are fucking shite

100% going down

ben mee even sounds like a championship player



Why is Albrighton in net?

>they still beat liverpoo

Ben Mee must have thought he was still playing for Leicester

Funnily enough he's one of the few Burnley players with Premier League quality.

cant wait for a few comfy games of pes after this

Dyche once again proving he is an absolutely shite top flight manager.

>Sean Dyche's voice

lel everytime

albrighton looks slavic as fuck

Lester are boring even when winning

people who think he's a one season wonder because he hasn't bagged many goals yet are ridicolous
he's been great in almost every game
Mahrez is the one who had a worringly slow start

> Dyche

Get rid of this clown

>we kept hold of the ball (which was part of our plan)

le ginger master tactician

Piss off Kirino, proxy off.

I like these ones desu.

Is dyche the biggest cunt in the pl?

>didn't have to pay a deposit

is this an actual thing? What incentive do hotels have not to take a deposit?

PS4 lad?

That cunt Sean Dyche can't fuck off from the Premier League fast enough.
Piss off to Sctoland or League 2 where you belong, stupid shit

who are man u playing 2moro?

I am LRL you baka.


>Vardy turns provider this season




Who wins?

nah they played really well today

absolutely dominated burnley in the second half, played some really nice stuff

no, i am LRL
proxy off Kirino

>the way foreigners pronounce 'performance'

>that dog


>people unironically defended Kane while dismissing Vardy as a meme striker

Loving it

time for the main event


He can offer different things to the team now that they have another 20 goal a season man.

>le we played 4-4-2 before simeone and ranieri man
>le pay £10m for jeff hendrick man

I completely forgot Trippier existed.

>4 shots on target in 3 games

Jesus fucking christ

>no Rashers

white bois

A Serious Man on BBC 2.

Or are you guys too pleb?

wtf is this formation?

Seen it



Slimani is like a hybrid of Ulloa and Okazaki. Has the formers workrate and the latters aerial ability and presence.

So many attacks broke down or went unfinished last season for Leicester because of Okazaki's slipping or poor finishing.

Looks like a 2-7-1 mate

Coens are pleb as fuck m8

Quality film.

It's the "Hendo dominates memes" formation

High pressing high intensity when it works.



Goal of the season desu

perfect counterpress formation


city's goal earlier was more impessive desu

le henderson is shit meme

Match of the Day @BBCMOTD 1m
Since Klopp took charge, Liverpool have scored 15 from outside the box, five more than any other side

>all these blooters

Ulloa is surely out of regular first team action now with Slimani coming in.

Cup player now.

The kind of performance displayed by a title winning team desu

Shelvey returns to Anfield.

I'm not sure I want a hybrid of Ulloa's workrate and Okazaki's aerial ability.

I like this thing


>license plate

Conte would look great in drag

yes meight

still have a soft spot for voldemort. lot of blooters and told fergie to fuck off in the derby. lot of balls

I wouldn't even mind too much Chelsea defenders being shit, what pisses me off is how they seem to not think about what happens. First goal, 3-4 Liverpool players totally free, no one seems to notice it. Second goal, Cahill (I think) makes an awful clearance because who the fuck knows.

I would have to rewatch the other goals Chelsea concede but I suspect it would be more of the same.

>wijnaldium is bad away from home meme

ah yes

he was preferred to okazaki against club brugge, so not sure if he's been relegated to 4th choice just yet


Fuck off Gary

Based kilt-kloppo Jurgen Kloppo Klopp

what country is this?

>3 dms in the same 5 feet

That's what I was saying. Cup player.

>cahill literally marking 5 players at the back post

woeful organisation


That pic was taken in Ireland yesterday.

>Foster to Rondon

Based Pulisball

is courtois a fraud lads

people tried to imply he was better than cech, lloris etc

>what country is this?

istanbul lad


Woeful screenshot too.

He will come good eventually, young keepers need a bit of time to get settled

did you see the save he made against origi?

whats on now

Surprised they didn't sell him to Swansea like was rumoured. I guess he's a useful injury backup as long as he doesn't get sick of the bench.

handegg highlights

Is Cahill shouting for help? if no, why, if yes, why does no one care?
Tebow too, was he calling his defence?

I don't understand why Chelsea are so awful at defending.

can cofirm, thats big john joe joyce in the boot

>we are the future

yeah, no shit

fuck off bbc

Handegg lad

>Chris Eubank has vacated the middleweight belt after pulling out of next month's title defence against Tommy Langford

Yes. He's Mignolet tier.


netflix it is

boxing on sky sports

American werewolf in LONDON on in half an hour lad

>David Luiz's first start since returning to Chelsea

Seems about right



what channel

this NFL thing is shite

As if this was the first game where Chelsea were awful at defending.

b-but conte spends 8 gorillion hours on training ground defensive routines



Why do the BBC keep pushing this shit?

It's like pretending anyone cares about the cripple school sports day.

Going to sleep.
Dream about no gf.
Hope Watford win tomorow.

hes italian so ofc

origi shouldn't have given him a chance to save that

Horror channel, 70 on freeview

I hope you're ABU and not a hertfordshire mercernaries supporter

>It's like pretending anyone cares about the cripple school sports day

But the Paralympics are entertaining

channel 4 nfl show was decent tbqh

not going to watch this one though


Should have headed back across the goal desu, but he was stretching for it so couldn't direct it well

i really really really dislike CHAPPERS tbqh

is Kante a flop?

He doesn't really make sense for a team who'll have high possession

>tfw no based Mike Carlson

He needs a creative force next to him

Yet Conte is a fraud and actually put Matic next to him

So yeah he's flopped lad

>hating BASED chappers

Freakshows have always been fun, but it's more of a local funfair thing than a national broadcaster thing.

was extremely comfy viewing with mike

>be a gown man
>supposedly a professional
>unironically be called "Chappers" as if you're still "one of the lads"
>having a nu male beard

What a cunt

Who are these two nogs on this NFL show?

>not just phoning the parents and letting them know their kid died for a pointless 'war'

second most pointless war after the one with ireland


>be a gown man

never been a gown man myself but i am considering it for this years comfy season

oh fuck off stewart lee

despite being on the telly he also has no idea how to dress himself

Mike and Nate was the dream team, just like Jonny Gould and Josh when channel 5 used to show live luckswing 10 years ago

He probably does, which is why this worries me.
If Chelsea were going full #yolo I could understand the awful defending but here Chelsea have built their side around their shit defence, playing Oscar, Willian, and Matic all at the same time instead of using a more offensive player, Aspie is being played out of position because he has to help Terry defend (and because of Ivanovic) and more. So basically instead of fixing the defence Chelsea are gimping the rest of the team without getting results.

Chelsea bought some players (Luiz, Alonso, Kante) but so far this is the same issue that Chelsea had for years, awful offensive players because they have to defend to help the defence.

>not a onesie

Ireland you don't know SHIT about being comfy

>"I'm sorry your son has died, Mr Cartwright."
>"Now if you just wouldn't mind fielding phonecalls from stroppy teenage twats who don't want to play age group football with dead end turds from the Birmingham City youth team that would be great."
Really putting the boot in there, Wrighty.

fuchs just btfo handegg lmao


they have this position where all you have to do is kick a ball far and accurate

he kicked it better than most of them do apparently

55 yard blooter

Imagine having tinnitus but it's the sound of a mosquito

not a fan of this

Chappers literally looks like a homeless man who has somehow wandered on the set

Does he get dressed in the dark?

>home team on the right

absolutely disgusting