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Hull City 1 - 4 Arsenal
Leicester City 3 - 0 Burnley
Manchester City 4 - 0 AFC Bournemouth
West Bromwich Albion 4 - 2 West Ham United
Everton 3 - 1 Middlesbrough

>City eight wins from eight in all competitions, five straight in the Premier League and 25 goals scored

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>yfw that hendo blooter went in

retard that was for last year's cl away game, the plane ticket is to this years home league game

i'm also going again this year to monchengladbach away

>tfw 5th

our year la

I thought Xhaka's today was a bit better, although completely irrelevant in the context of the match

doubt united would ask for much

Who let the autism make the thread

hendo's was better for me, right in the top bin

both great though

>tfw dodged a bullet not signing poopba

>not a pre-match of the day thread

>at the pub with some mates watching the game
>chatting about Henderson and how bad he is at shooting
>5 minutes later he does that

Was hilarious

how's fat camp, nasri

>30 hidden threads

really needs to be seperate board for american sports. getting fed up of this posh every day.

>doubt united would ask for much
wages be the issue luvver

I can never stay awake for motd these days desu.


Still more than most German clubs can afford. Not to mention his wages are massive, aren't they?

>streaming motd in shit quality
>not downloading it tomorrow morning instead in full hd

alright nan

To be fair the FSU loss to Louisville that's happening right now is historically bad

It's the 7-1 of amateur handegg

>downloading motd
are you autistic?

completely clueless as to his wages

>only 30

get on my level

why would I stream it you wanker I'll watch on telly

Any other Lesterl/a/ds over here?

>being this autistic

I am getting old.

Drinking from lunchtime and carrying on at the game leaves me very sleepy by this time at night.

good boy pay that tv licensing

90 grand a week

chump change lad

nice little earner

Anyone else fed up with the city circlejerk going on in the media?

They have literally played one decent team all season in United and looked good for 45 minutes - are people really that impressed they put 4 past Bournemouth, some German shitters and Stoke?

Meanwhile, Liverpool have turned over Chelsea and Arsenal at their own grounds, dominated Spuds at the lane yet somehow only drew and completely drubbed the current champions 4-1. They are also playing good football to boot.

Not even a Liverpool fan either before any of you start memeing


feels nice for a change after 20+ years of shitting on us

still an agenda against us though

>I don't understand jokes

starting to think city might challenge us for the league lads

Liverpool also looked defensively frail and lost to Burnley

p.s. BT are bigging up City because they're the best English side in the CL, which they have rights for. Last year BT slagged City off all season and got lots of cancellations from city fans

i just think its in bad taste

maybe for a little while but it won't be enough lad

Doubtful la.

It's lucky that the Championship is looking so good this season since you lads will have the PL wrapped up by Christmas.

good to know lads

I get that Burnley result was a shock, but was a freak result like when Celtic beat Barca that time - that shit happens from time to time

As for defensively frail, that's literally every supposed "big team" in the Premier league these days, and I think Matip and Lovren played really well against Chelsea personally.

Except that Liverpool have conceded more than all the top teams
here's the teams who have conceded the same or more
>Watford 12th
>Burnley 15th
>Bournmeme 16th
>West Ham 17th
>Sunderland 19th
>Stoke 20th

>tfw I thought Mane and Wijnaldum were average signings that cost far to much
>tfw I doubted based Klopp

Never again lads t b h

matip, karius, and not starting moreno should help on that front

They're the natural successors to Keegan's Newcastle la.

And Ferguson is gone now, no one can stop them.

thought gini was really good last night tbqh

Still winning those games though lad, and the Chelsea game was a much improved defensive display

Pool are glass cannons. On the other hand Man Shitty look the most robust defensively and offensively, and are the only team still with a 100% record. Plus they have Pep, who has a far superior record against Mouyes. It's entirely justified.

I hope Klopp can make >us better defensively. I'm not even asking for

What is it about Liverpool chat that scares away the Dutch bandwagoner?

I was fully expecting us to fuck it up but they didn't really trouble us after the goal at all

Scouser's breath probably

That Liverpool are a bigger club with more history, better fans and world wide respect than his meme oil tycoon '''(((club)))'''.


it's funny witnessing the scouse boom bust cycle up close each year

you just stand back and laugh at how pathetic the livershits are

He's scared of actual prestige and history lad

he's probably out with his mates and/or gf

>Wenger retires the year his invincibles record is matched
its like poetry

elite opinion: Iheanacho is better than Rashford

>a bigger club with more history, better fans and world wide respect than his meme oil tycoon '''(((club)))'''

tbf half the clubs in the Championship can claim this


how much of a flop is this guy?

>Man Shitty look the most robust defensively

Meh, Otamendi looks like the Argentinian Martin Skrtel, and it remains to be seen if Kompany comes back the player he was - certainly before he went down with his current injury, he was nowhere near the level he used to be.

I'd still have doubts on that keeper as well. United definitely showed you can get at them

is there anything left?

iheanacho > rashford > martial

Remember when City fans tried to compare Kelechi to Martial, then realised Martial was too good so they compared him to Rashford instead?

Neither here nor there really.



>guaranteed goal a game
That's disgusting

It's nice to finally replace Dzeko with a super sub/backup

Yeah but he's not English so the press can't meme about him being World Class every week, therefore Rashford is better

Well it wouldn't be fair given that Martial is a winger

I'm not the only one who thinks Iheanacho keeping 72 even though he's a member of the senior squad now is weird, right?

Compared to Rashford who went from no. 39 to no. 19.

I was meaning more of overall. I'm aware they don't have the meanest defence in the league, but their attack more than makes up for it.

got a confession to make lads
Stuck a tenner on Liverpool before the season started

Don't think City give a shit about squad numbers. Yaya had 40 something and kept it even when he was good

Martial is way above those two

>you will never get a hug from kloppo

what's the point lads

That's yaya's lucky number
Although Angelino is 69 which is amusing for a meme youth player
he didn't want to change

nice try anthony

clubs should make players take lowest numbers available, this shit looks like a basketball game

Think I probably could get a hug from David Wagner though, just as good desu.


what odds you get pal?

we're at 7s now I think

except Iheanacho plays with de Bruyne, Silva, Gundogan all world class midfielders

while Rashford plays with Rooney, Lingard and Fellaini

>he didn't want to change
if that's true then fair enough but it looks completely out of place


he's doing a cracking job.. do you go to some huddersfield games then?

Imagine having your own "brand" headrests in your car, but being a flop last-choice player for your club

well rashford should move to city then


(nearly) All of them la.

Everton are gonna win the league.

Different user

Yeah, he's going well, but >we will be fucked when Ward, Mooy, Kachunga and Palmer go back to their clubs because there's no way they could afford to keep Palmer and Mooy especially

Only problem with meme loans


good lad

how is ward doing?

Cost us the game against Brighton, but he's been excellent otherwise

Unironically would say he's better than Mignolet

>5 games into EPL

Uh-huh. Just like Lester weren't going to win last year and so on.

>it's a shitzien shitposts episode

And he was great against Hull. He's played 3 games.

By your logic, shitzien, Mane is literally Messi tier.

think you're right, was impressed with him after the few games he started for us last year.

We've got an option to buy Kachunga.

But anyway it doesn't matter too much, we won the loan lottery this season, if we can turn that into a promotion then we'll actually be able to buy good players.

He's been great.

Bit of a howler against Brighton but tbqh we made the mistake of playing for a point and got nothing as a result, if we'd been braver then letting one in might not have mattered.

Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten he exists

>Mane is literally Messi tier.

spot on lad

you have ten seconds to prove that Bolaisie hasn't been signing of the season so far

>who is idrissa gueye

You're wrong

It's Gueye

He hasn't dabbed on the pitch yet, no new signing has.

Wait until we beat City, Cred Forums will be BTFO forever. The butthurt will be immense.

City have played literally fucking whos. Plus their players keep getting banned, so it's going to be even easier.


Biggest waste of money since The Sun.

>Bolaisie and Mane were not actually meme players

Who would ever have thought?

Xakah did a blooter today. But I'm going with Pogba. Just for memes.


Mane is miles better than Bolasie lads ffs

Bolasie has about 12 league goals in his entire career

I was expecting both to have no impact whatsoever. Mane has been class really added what liverpool desperately needed, a lot of fucking pace, but Bolasie still has a few more good performances to win me over as a signing who was worth it. This is coming from an Everton fan.

>one is a wide man
>the other is a striker

Makes you think

milik looks a good signing for napoli

>holding a shirt
>whilst wearing the same shirt
What did he mean by this?


they're both wide players

mane can do a job up front but he's a wide player

I saw Mane in preseason and I was like, wait is this guy actually really fucking good.

I think it's two different shirts lad.

Kolarov easily

yea hes quite good



>we are living on a planet where £28 million for Yannick Bolasie is a better deal than signing Pogba

>It's a Algerian gets triggered episode

Top kek.

He has so far, yeah. Surprising, considering he sucked for Leverkusen.

>signing of the season

he's like a new signing

>this picture perfectly encapsulates Shitzien and City Proxyfag

Has Pogba played at all?

Why would anyone hate fitty la?

Because he shitposts while he faps to scat?

Hope Everton can keep themselves in the top 4, but the season is a marathon not a sprint. They'll probably gonna get beaten by the usual top four contenders.

Bargains of the window?

Gueye for £7.1m
Mandanda for £1.5m
Holding for £2m
Nolito for £13m

t. increasingly worried Liverpool fan

It's literally just lighthearted funposting lad, nothing edgy, offensive or controversial, if that's really upsetting you should book an appointment with your GP to get yourself tested for ABLism.

Boro getting Valdes and Negrado just for how above them they are


their fixtures are pretty easy for a while, bit of a tough run in come December

nah dude I'm a neutral, I just like underdogs

matip on a free
ibra on a free
defour 7.5m
lewis cook 6m
gundogan 20m
hojbjerg 12m


>city away



>ibra on a free

350k a week is hardly a bargain

>everything is fine

City is pretty big but then the next big game would be United. I'm not too sure which Chelsea turned up this season.

maybe he has trouble with girls. all his coaches & teammates describe him as some very shy & humble guy who doesn't talk about anything

as a package it's still good value

no but every other game around that period is easily winnable

Hojberg will be signed in the summer by someone bigger. Probably not liverpool this time. Maybe Everton?

The @BBCMOTD running order: WBA/WHU, ManC/Bou, Hull/Ars, Eve/Mid, Lei/Bur plus last night's game, Che/Liv. 6 games 25 goals @BBCOne 10.30.

>liverpool last just because we played friday

Is lewis cook actually good?

midtable clashes usually end up last

yeah I could see that

>game with least goals on last
Makes sense

I rate him

plus he's 19 and English so it's pretty low risk, they could easily get their money back but if he's a hit his value will go through the roof

boring shit game

shut up



how much

>there are people who don't rate Martial
smfh tbqh

Mou's system needs shit, workrate babby cunts like Willian and he's killing my nigga Tony Marshall


martial will be PSGs new CF on loan next season dw lad

>it's a mane looks good in the warm months episode
start of every fucking season


>ABL delusion

>b-but he was good against Barcelona this one time 5 years ago

>tfw wary of Norwegian, dutch, aussie (usually stays out of epl due to being a wop), flip and Irish flags in /epl/ or /trans/

Malaysian and South Korean Everton fans are my niggas though.

Nicki Pedersen is the 2016 European champion in speedway.

on a similar note
>yfw walcott has spent a decade at arsenal and hasn't progressed one bit


only >moyes is lower

80% of that is adam lallana

>you now remember Morten Gamst Pedersen supposedly being just about to move to every single big club every year

>Mou's system needs shit, workrate babby cunts like Willian and he's killing my nigga Tony Marshall
He was playing Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria, Hazard, Joe Cole and Robben on the wing at various points in his career.

And he started the season with Mata as the first choice RW. The same Mata whom he booted from Chelsea for not defending.

who's going to win the sack race lads?

going to be close, my money is on Bilic though

Moyes will get right up until the last 2 months of the season and only get sacked if they're dead last.

mou just cant into attacking players recently

>coached all the flair out of willian, hazard and oscar now theyre shit

>sold de bruyne and mata

>bought cuadrado and pedro

what did he mean by this?


Evens - Moyes
Odds - Hughes
Dubs - >Mouyes
Trips - Pep

Tony Pulis or Pardew

Hopefully Mata will move again in January.

>pulis getting the sack any time soon

West Brom aren't sacking Pulis to spite him

He needs to get sacked to pay what he owes palace and they won't let him

New owner situation, possible he could walk anyway

West Ham win papers over the cracks

has mouyes lost it? thought he would be motivated with poop's arrival but the team simply doesn't seem to play anything at all, united looks like a turd in the pool


he lost it a year ago though


he's a busted flush


Be funny when its breaks down between United and Mou and they cant sack him so soon so have to trudge along until the end of 17/18

tears SAF left United after 20 years without leaving any particular foundation in terms of club identity. the man player 442 for 20 years
just a trophy case and glory hunter fans.


what did he mean by this lads

Match of the Day threads have been utterly ruined by autists

does martin tyler actually support united or is it just a meme

nah its real

fuck off normie


No site has napoli-bologna full game, anyone got any links? I shall be very grateful lads


>Raheem Sterling had 8 goals+assists in the entire 15/16 league season
>Raheem Sterling has had 5 goals+assists in the first 5 games of the 16/17 league season
wew lad

Is >mouyes shit now?

Seems so since last time he won the EPL with Chelsea
somehow it seems that his squad is also always against him and he makes some weird decisions like disposing players almost before he even joins the club(most recent example is schweinsteiger)

read somewhere some man u players are fucking him up and feyernord game seems proof

That's not the full game . thanks though.

He's been getting progressively worse since his Inter treble win

A great team would've won the Spuds game, and that win over arsenal came at a time where they were literally starting a championship player and claim fucking chambers, yet they still let in 3 goals

>Chelsea bought a better full back and midfielder yet have barely improved
>West Ham fallen apart
>Liverpool have improved
>United looking the same they have had for the last 3 years
>Arsenal will never win anything
>Leicester fallen to midtable
>City looking fresh as fuck

Only City and maybe Liverpool and Everton have improved significantly, every year and the standard of the teams gets worse

what went wrong

>Being so desperate for an atmosphere you hire robots to get the crowd going and fill the empty seats

the madrid years broke him as a person and the last chelsea season killed him inside. He's a carcass

The future is now

City has to lose at some point r-right lads?

Can't have them winning all the points.

Truthfully the only team that looks like they will win the league atm, Liverpool has a winning offence but lacks elsewhere. Similar story with other teams desu.

This. I think it all went wrong during his Madrid years. His teams always displayed incredible unity and devotion and at Madrid he had to deal with a locker room full of primmadonnas, moles and toxic press.

At this point isn't Arsenal more married to a delusional boom bust cycle?

You mean Schrodinger Wenger? Is he "In" or is he "Out"

Fat lesbian camp is in Sevilla this year

How many goals will rpppmey score tomorrow lads

You forgot Conte.

>The mysterious Mr X who had sex with Katie Price was Liverpool footballer John Arne Riise, according to new reports.

>Describing the intimate details, she wrote: 'If I’d needed a shelving unit erected, he’d have been perfect. Instead of handling me gently and passionately like most women want, he was like a cordless drill on a multi-speed setting!

>'He reminded me of a red Bosch that I have in my garage. Bang . . . bang . . . bang, bang, bang. At one point I panicked, thinking, “S***, if he doesn’t stop soon, I’m going to be permanently attached to the bed!”

>'My heart sank. Mr X wasn’t having sex with me, he was having sex at me.'

Southampton or Swansea senpaitachi?

Kinda cute desu

Southampton, Swansea is shite

>I evaluate Martial

Are you the Madrid supporter? Always one this time of day in the thread

>Di Maria
>Not defending
At Madrid he run all the fucking game to the point of exhaustion. Maybe he became a lazy bastard after leaving a demanding club for meme clubs like United and PSG

He lost it in his last year at Madrid. Even his last Chelsea run was total shit. Even the year that they won the Premier
>since his Inter treble win
His second year at Madrid was brilliant and the team was rolling all over their rivals to the point of just walking through Barça's Pep without doing much. The team was just unlucky against Heyckens Buyern missing lots of chances

>he had to deal with Casillas
Fixed. The guy chose to implode the team when he was benched.He coherced Florentino through the press and his buddies to kick Mourinho

Christ, is this spastic going to read the entire thread and make a stupid reply to every post.

What is trying to have a discussion

It was really just Casillas and Ramos.

his first year teams are always shit

he'll clean out laang baalls flops and have a contending team next year, literally the exact same happend at chelsea

Casillas mostly with his whore gf tv reporter and his connections to the Spanish press.

I thought that he Played Klopp's Dortmund? Are we talking the year Bayern won the Champions League?

Not really. They are usually above average and he always managed to sneak a title in his first year

In his second year he lost against Bayern in the penalties. But the team wasted lots of chances both at Munich and Madrid. That Madrid looked unstoppable. His third year was a debacle though with Topillas imploding the roaster for his personal gain

Wheres the pinoy united fan?

Venting his liverpool frustrations
>tfw you will never be a drill

Kante is too innocent for a gold-digger.

Fuck this shit. As a Chelski fan I'd rather get the big game out of the way and then watch comfy thrashings by big clubs. The fuck cares for Salmon London? Or Chadli Penalcock

>that bologna blooter
better than xhaka and hendo desu

he's also 4'10" and ugly as sin

>be mourinho
>sell lukaku and de bruyne

>still play rppmey
>Spend £90m on the black cleverly

they're talking about liverpool next on the sunday supplement lads

...that was the joke.

barkley is quite shit

I dont understand how Ramos is still in Madrid

most overrated defender ever and he always shits the bed

>He doesn't rate Ramos

Morning lads, what matches are you looking forward to?

>tfw missed Friday's and yesterday's football action

RIP Skripnik

Watford - ManUnited (will we finally see him dab?)
Augsburg - Mainz
Hertha - >Schalke

why are west ham fans such scum lads

He scored the goal in the CL final.He would probably be out by now if he didn't

PSV - Feyenoord and the Derby D'Italia 2bh
This weekend only had 1 decent /epl/ matchup and that was on friday

Have a feel that Watford will win today.
Gonna be fun watching de Gea hoof long balls to Zlatan for the afternoon.

that is messi you fucking liverpool mong

that is ramsey you fucking liverpool mong

Is there a reason pep is so much better than any other manager?


that is insigne you fucking liverpool mong

he was a flop at bayern

he literally has autism

He knows how to treat his players.

He won the league every season, what more is there? The champions league has knock out games and I will never regard them as measures of ability

I think it has a lot to do with the legend built up around him.

When you play for pep you know he doesn't mess about and you need to be at the top of your game, his absolute trust in his style passes to the players who feel unbeatable

Winning the league in germany with Bayern is the minimum

he was brought there to win the Champions league

you only have that feeling because you're an ABU
watford have been absolutely terrible this season

watford v man utd thread


I'm sick of this put fast strikers out on the wing meme

ibrahimovic isnt really fast t b h

>sunderland will finally go down

Craig biggio, GOAT Houston Astros


>His second year at Madrid was brilliant and the team was rolling all over their rivals to the point of just walking through Barça's Pep without doing much. The team was just unlucky against Heyckens Buyern missing lots of chances
I didn't say he's become a shit coach who's never had a good season since then.

But just compare his record and the decline is clear
>8 seasons
>6 league titles
>3 domestic cups
>2 CLs

>6 seasons
>2 league titles
>1 domestic cup
>0 CLs

His 11/12 Real team was fantastic but pre 2010 his teams looked like that almost every single year. Another important thing is his player relations, remember how the players absolutely adored him when he was leaving Porto, Chelsea#1 and Inter? And now compare it to the end of his Real and Chelsea#2 stints with multiple bust ups and locker rooms full of infighting.

classic, been a while since I last saw that



I think Casillas killed him. He singlehandedly destroyed Mou's passion for football.


soton swans

>leeds win
>da blades win
>wimbledon win
>manure lose
>chelski lose
>da massive lose
>millwall lose

Who /perfectweekend/ here?

and on a similar note - palace-stoke is here:


what's his re-sale value now


Dabbing skills are worth more than goals


>Being happy about the Blunts winning anything

you were saying?

Are football fans RACIST? Why are they laughing at DABBING? I think they really are.

>leeds bandwagoner hates the deluded side of sheffield
I don't get it either.

Stoke are seriously fucked

Sparky or Mouyes to be sacked first lads?


stoke's transformation into qpr is complete

well done sparky!

it's our year

18 West Ham United
19 Sunderland
20 Stoke City

Just end the league now its perfect

can still get 5s on sparky being sacked first lads

Where are Leicester

i want moyes to do well so replace sunderland with bournemouth and then end the season

Anyone else constantly getting connection errors and Cred Forums in general being slow as fuck?

Augsburg vs. Mainz for some non-shite football now.


>Anyone else constantly getting connection errors and Cred Forums in general being slow as fuck?




Let's kill moot


unfortunately burnley, hull and bournemouth are really bad so sunderland are gonna stay up again

>augsberg without klavan

>really bad


tbf Townsend has actually scored

Remember the beginning of the season when Manchester United were back?

More like without Weinzierl.
>probably going to end up with 3 points after 3 matchdays
>best Schalke can get is 3 points after 3 matchdays
>Darmstadt losing 6-0
It seems nobody has profited from that manager carousel.

I don't recall


>the commentator literally willing rashford to score

paddy power have done it again lads

Pepperidge Guardiola remembers

Lloris (C); Walker, Alderweireld, Dier, Vertonghen; Dembele, Wanyama; Sissoko, Alli, Son; Kane.
Subs: Vorm, Davies, Trippier, Eriksen, Lamela, Winks, Janssen.

>that BBMidfield

Pickford, Manquillo, van Aanholt, Djilobodji, Kone, Cattermole (c), Kirchhoff, Ndong, Pienaar, Januzaj, Defoe.
subs: Denayer, Khazri, Watmore, O'Shea, McNair, Gooch, Mika.

>Only time Pep has came close to dropping points was v Moyes

Dier at Rb?


CB with Vertonghen at LB is my guess

I meant Lb


So now that united have been completely exposed can we all admit that pep hasn't faced a real test yet?

Mourinho has been tested 5 times
Pep has been tested 5 times

Jesus, the one before that as well.

I feel like this is all so unprofessional.

Makes me sad we will lose two established PL clubs like Stoke and Swansea this season


Mou post match conference:

>"In the first half for about 25 to 30 minutes we didn't play well and that is something that we can control. We can improve, we can work on it.

>"Then the referee and the linesman's mistake is not under my control. I can't do anything to improve it.

>"In the second half we were much better. We got the equaliser and after that we were the team. Gomes makes a phenomenal save and the lucky moments again are not something we can control.

>"We cannot control the referee, we cannot control the lucky moments. The only thing we can control is our individual and collective mistakes."

And what team qualifies as a real test? Every PL has looked inconsistent as fuck

I'm a Celtic fan but I like Liverpool as my English team. Any chance we could meme it this season?


it's literally our year


nice digits la

every team in the current top ten besides united


Remember when clubs kept hiring Mark Hughes? What was that all about.

What the fuck is habbening to Stoke

>Willian is good la at least he defends
>Matic is good la at least he defends

Biggest difference is Henderson will get praised by Klopp while Wenger will bitch at Xhaka and start him on the bench next match.

He has had three 9th place finishes before this season

>We cannot control the referee
Not for lack of trying
>we cannot control the lucky moments
>the other team scoring twice due to atrocious defending are 'lucky moments'

Sure, he always starts off well, then he crashes the club with no survivors.

So he's Mourinho level then

>implying that isn't every managers career in a nutshell


Just for

>entire thread of liverpool circlejerk
>paddy alcoholic comprising almost 25% of the posts
Fuck, this collapse will be hilarious.

Fergie is the exception and Wenger would have been sacked years ago at any other club


your thoughts on the table going into the international break?

oh fuck off there isn't another break is there


>almost 25%

It was over 50% leading up to the slip la.

yes after the first games of october and then there's another one in novemer

Southampton Swansea ruining a streak of high scoring games this weekend.

Not for another couple of weeks

Fuck off you autistic cunt, it's coming, it will be hilarious, and I cannot wait.


ffs Cred Forums been acting up for hours now

Will mark hughes be the first manager sacked?

But I thought there were no easy games in the Premier League

been fine for me if that makes you feel any worse


>3 - Crystal Palace have scored 4+ goals in a Premier League match at Selhurst Park for the third time in their history. Fab.

And two of those under Pardew

Same here.

190kg btfo

it depends
if you're chelsea or man utd, arsenal is an easy game
if you're a bus parking team, liverpool is an easy game

Who does this yank support?

hughes first to be sacked is just easy money now

i can't imagine the odds being worthwhile

>Schuster fucking up away from Darmstadt
>Darmstadt fucking up without Schuster
Glorious desu

True, which is a shame. I thought he had taken them to a different level than what they were under Pulis, but this season has been dreadful.

mark hughes + money = DISASTER


18 West Ham 3
19 Sunderland 1
20 Stoke 1


pretty high scoring weekend desu

time for a 0-0 spurs sunderland thriller

>shitizen back in full delusion mode

thought you fucked off forever after >they let it slip

west ham are in big trouble

they could easily be on 1 point considering they barely managed to beat an awful bournemouth side

r8 my OC

In a few leagues too.

Rate my WC senpaitachi


Has Townsend tattooed his head? The hairline looks like it's come forward.

well i'd more than double my money right now

>should we let Pulis spend all this money we have sitting around?

>nah, fuck it, why have a Three Mile Island when you can have a Chernobyl? get Hughes on the phone

pretty good tbqh


he was balding af before he got it done

Compare it with this.

Everton wont drop points to Bournemouth or Palace.

He continuously lurks almost any sawker general/thread on the board.

fucking hell

I can't remember them being this bad before

looks like he did, a bit strange but the result is not bad tbqh. It must look crap the days he doesn't shave his head though. I guess he'll get his remaining hair lasered off

>International breaks

ridiculous how close i was to actually giving away 100 dollars rn
thank god i have some willpower


>trusting australians

goalkeepers play with their groins a ridiculous amount

hey im not gonna shit up this thread, here I am if you want a fucking have it off you cunts

Llorente :^)

just came home

how was the united match? was it just unluck or are they finally playing like shit

we were pretty fucking shit mate

Newsflash, mouyes and United are shit

there wasn't, until pep came and put that retarded opinion to rest

top lel hes having a meltdown already.

Glorious, crashing two clubs in the span of 3 years would be amazing

What team shoukd I bandwagon guys? I like white english people and hate London


England's brave Southampton



I'm just sad that it's Augsburg who's suffering.


Yeah, it sucks for them. Darmstadt fully deserve it though. At least with Schuster their scummy challenges had a point.

Well he literally has no football brain, only played well in that 1 game v Costa
>City paid £43m for him


>United vs Hull and Watford: 2-3
>Arse vs Hull and Watford: 7-2
>united fans still think they're a top team

this is good can we stop here

Mangala was never good
only in a country like France he could succeed. He's just big and strong, but he moves like a headless chicken

I would love it, love it, if West Ham got relegated first season in their new stadium.

Okay I looked through the lineup and if that's the best we can do than I'll take it

>m o y e s

imagine calling Otamendi a bad defender because he wasn't doing well under Pellegrini's City last (and worst) year

he's nothing special

very prone to errors

>tfw I wouldn't be able to tell if you meant moyes or mouyes right now

>all these home wins
We should introduce away goals rule for PL matches

Gonna keep Kompany out, mark my words.

Yeah we really should consider a total rule change based on one day's results.

why was he subbed so early against bournemouth?

And yesterday's

Jesus, this change is already long overdue.

Hilarious Full timedevils fancam:


injury problem mby

never rated him

Yeah, maybe it's karma.

What part of Manchester is this lad from?

>this useless cunt will never get dropped for Utd and England


what does he do that tricks managers into playing him? is he literally messi in training?

300k a fucking week


Apparently the mod just deleted a >Schalke thread


>nobody will go studs up on his knees and end his career there and then

Might kill himself after that performance desu.

>talking about sports on Cred Forums

What's next for his career?


darmian 2.0

is there anything worse than twitter accounts with footballer avatars and '''witty''' usernames

Corporate accounts that engage in bant'a

no, but genocide is a close second



>darmian 2.0


shoegaze and misuse of the word aesthetic

Bought the national anthem of the USSR today at a record stall

No idea why

>shoegaze is bad

I won't have an argument about it but yeah its shite


tears only mongs from Cred Forums could shit out stuff like this

>ftd censor swearing

france m8 do you rate PNL

good post

It's glorious.


kinda mixed about them. the atmosphere and mystique is very polished and clean but in terms of rapping its really mediocre
but its okay anyway

>be moyes
>spend 8m pounds on Djilobodji

>neo folk
>fat old self pitying neo-nazis who can't sing
>or write

>David "I could have won the Premier League with Everton" Moyes

I'm just glad that Blunderland will finally fuck off desu


they deserve relegation

ahh yes david tibet cannot write indeed

Same. i'm ready for death now.


you never stood a chance after giving it to moyes

i'm surprised stoke's decline hasn't had more recognition

they're utter dog shit

no one cares about stoke mate

sparky is 100% gone

based CP fans

similar feelings desu

listening to their most recent album and it's all competent and nice, but not particularly integral

been really enjoying the xvbarbar I'm listening to though

Litteraly who can stop us?

whoever you're playing next

Doesn't look good for Harry Kane. Leaves the stadium on crutches and wearing a protective boot. #thfc

evenings are fucked lads

i met xvbarbar outside once. funny guys.
Instinct Animal is very good, Le Gun ou la Rose is a bit whatever. they went towards the pop route instead of doing trap songs after trap songs like they used to


I think it's Sunderland m8.

Everton for top 4
Liverpoop for 5th

Can't wait lads

I dont think so

alan pardew

Pulis will takeover at Sunderland when Moyes is sacked

oh the week after in that case

love a good managerial merry-go round

Sunderland is the perfect job for him desu.

Imagine the wages and bonuses he could get out of them, and the fans genuinely don't care how dire the football is.

soo are united out of the race?


were never in it. between city, liverpool and everton

people keep going "yeah but easy fixtures" about Everton but by the time they face better teams, they'll have tons of momentum and confidence

was key for leicester

>in the race

>Liverpoop are going to be the good guys this year

Jfc lads

yeah but they're still everton at the end of the day

honestly, seems like momentum is more important than having star players

>rashford and martial on the wings they said

martial was bad but rashford did pretty well I think. He just needs to work on his accuracy but he's so confident and brings a lot of energy to the game

wtf even is that midfield and attack


not a clue

martial's position is mental

probably because he was only on when they were getting dominated


I'm trying to wrap my head around it, and it's giving me a headache.

it's quite funny that united fans think all their problems will go away when rooney is dropped

not really, it would just be a big help.

literally 0 chances created and he's a #10. it's a fucking joke.

what did he mean by this

humorous seeing calls for the same midfield that was so shit vs feyenoord

>Generic nignog gets a silly trim



This fucking guy

you're right they should just bring a world class midfielder

carrick, herrera, schneiderlin, mata are not really better than rooney

Is this to celebrate his brilliant start to the season?

Has 190kg killed himself yet?

Also, Spurs and City to do unbeaten season and BTFO ARSEKEKSANAL FOREVER.

They're all definitely better than Rooney m8

spurs look shite

If you are feeling confident bet365 are doing a special on city to go unbeaten at 40/1

nah rooney isn't actually THAT bad. none of those players adds anything to the game, just like rooney. All of them are frustrating to watch.

And yet they're ahead of everybody bar City and they're unbeaten, funny that, huh?

>b-b-b-ut they're not winning by 4-0 and scoring BLOOTERS LIKE HENDERSON SO THEY'RE SHIT

Can only beat what's in front of you lad. They had the best defence last season and won't allow a collapse again. They have no rivals bar City. Liverpool are glass cannons.



Rooney actively detracts from the team because he fails at the fundamentals of football

Anonymous would be an improvement

He really is THAT bad