Tom Osborne Edition

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>Nebraska will never be as good as they were in the mid-'90s

maybe but that doesnt mean they cant win a title

>oregon o-line coach named tom osborne

maybe we can hire him if riley doesn't work out

I wish Nebraska would accept this fact.


Any streams? I'm stuck just listening to radio. Oregon won the toss, it seems.

my stream is still showing the fsu blowout

I live in Omaha, and they're making us watch the fucking FSU-Louisville postgame. What the fuck ESPN.


It's started on WatchESPN!

so its not just me

god damn white men used to dress so splendidly

I'll use this then


Unless you pay for satellite or cable and have espn you won't.

well I pay for dish but I didn't have to type in any info to use it

I also only have the spanish espn with my package

I found this just in case people can't use the espn link that was posted


Riley on suicide watch

they're using meme plays early too


Finally. A simple player that doesn't hijack my browser with ads

Ducks will gopher too until they're it stops working

need to open up the passing game a little

>2 three and outs
Fucking kill me
We are going to lose by 50 at the rate


he's the tight ends/special teams coach

my mistake


Stanley Morgan is a fucking stud

keep it moving



Fucking jews. I have it on the TV, but they won't let me stream.

so the espn stream is a few seconds behind



that bites

Yeah. I'll just have to watch it there and shit post from my phone.

Not with that attitude they won't faggot

the defense is looking great right now

oh my

surprised they went for it this early

>Going for it on 4th and 8
>mid Field

Riley coaching scared....I don't like this huskerbros...i don't like this at all.

I think he wants to force his will on oregon

Big loss for Oregon with Freeman going out

We have no will to force right now...

Ballsy coaching on both sides, these coaches know each other and the staff too.

need to get the stop, huskers

>dat center literally tackling our safety
>dat no holding call


no 2 for you

hold onto the ball

kill me


stop fumbling

get it together nerdbraska

>its a neb fucking chokes episode

your kidding me

Why don't Big 12 schools have any really fast nigs like the SEC and Pac 12 do?

Stop going for 2 Oregon ffs


there aren't a lot of blacks


only big corn fed boys

It keeps going like this im glad im not in lincoln


are they gonna fuck it up or choke?

they will get it in

not the butt?


Who /oregon/ here?


>have only two feet to go
>can out-physical Oregon's run defense
>keep passing with your quarterback that has a 50% accuracy rate

touchdown but jesus, Reilly, get your shit together.

not bad, late rally

I think there are only 2 total today for some odd reason. I was expecting more of you guys

I don't know about the rest of them but I'm pretty hungover so I almost slept through this game.

im here



Who /listening to the game at work/ here?

I get to watch it

Fuck you too man

chugga chugga choo choo


Now that's a solid drive.

If we keep this up and play clean, we win.

If we don't, we lose...simple.

Its tied. lets see how we can fuck this up


>It's an Oregon has shit defense episode

Every damn year.


every year the ducks linebackers are terrible

just keep it moving

2 score lead

huskers got away with that

It feels like if we don't have a 15 point lead going into the half we're fucked.

Also why did we run every single 2 point?


Auburn fan here. Who should I go for?

pls be okay armstrong

you guys are bold apperently

Tommy probably not returning for a while. Bring in the fighting Ginger, the lighter of Lincoln, the day walking destructor, Ryker Fyfe. Lend him your meme magic boys

No clue.

And yes offense has to score 40+ a game to win. Been this way for fucking ever and they keep that shitter around coaching the linebackers.

Then this year hire a meme in Hoke.


damn husker d isnt looking bad

You should always go for Nebraska. Oregon is a meme team and like all good Cred Forums brothers, you should hate meme teams

big stop

and its neutralized

eh, i retract my post

come on guys


Buckeye fan here, go Big Red!
Cuck the ducks.

good point. Go Huskers

Anyone have the remove kebab image, cornhusker edition?

afraid not

Tommy is kill. Pucker your buttholes boys, things about to get hairy


this is bad

How badly would Pelini be getting rekt right now if he was still HC? Oregon is like his nightmare

down by 1 down and a field goal

Go Ducks!


just great

>Tommy is obviously not 100%. So let's call a designed qb run.

Genius coaching

need the blackshirts to step up

my high school did this meme

its been well established tradition at nebraska

needed that

I love them good german folks
> lets put a helmet on this SS skull

I'm not sure if it is helping one team or the other, but this group of referees has been shit for this entire game




>the city of eugene


jesus this game is going to give me a heart attack.


>the city of 2 point conversions

As a Nebraska fan, I can say the refs have been fucking over Oregon.

It's been shit for both teams, but admittedly Oregon has been fucked a little more than big red. This coming from a husker fan.

put this away huskers

All you had to do was kick the damn ball

Heart attack incoming


What the fuck was that playcall

What fucking playcall was that?








Good game ducks! Best of luck in Pac play. Classy move with the flowers. Even though you're /meme/ dream, much respect

>pac 12 refs

It's their own fault if they can't figure out how to properly rig the officiating crew

>meme for two

Its a pac12 crew were used to getting randomly boned.

It's not even like they intentionally favored nebraska they're just retarded

Was at the game, it was ear-splitting loud at the very end. I go to a lot of games and must say the Duck fans are some of the nicest visiting fans I've ever been around out if the probably 50 plus Nebraska home games I've been too. Several of them high fived me before the game, one saw me hitting a joint and ran up and took a couple drags, lol.

Refs seemed kinda bad both ways. Oregon had several stupid penalties and apparently couldn't figure out that if you hit the receiver a second before the ball gets there they are gonna flag you every time.

Had fun, wish the Ducks the best this year.