The Great debate:


pull it sick

if he didn't want his name to be pronounced correctly he should've just changed it to Pulisick

how is marcus rashford a meme he's a top20 player in the world

el canadiano

Everyone in the states said Pulis itch until he literally told an announcer to say it "the American way". Kids got balls and nationalism, which is why everyone's on the bandwagon

This is a tough one.

Pulisic is american and everyone hates Americans.

Rashford is English and every hates the English.

I suppose skin colour is the only thing it can come down to now.

They're both black, user

>this is what man u fans actually believe

he's a stud. he's clearly the best player on the field whenever he plays for the national team

my fucking grandma would easily win against this too.

>parking the wheelchair

i think you meant
>parking the whole bed

Rashford is literally the best young player in the world right now. Get back to me when Pulisic scores against Man City and Arsenal.

They will be teammates at Sunderland, no worries

>this is actually unironically someone's opinion


What's up with those meme names?

pulisic is the better player

>american posting shitty stats
what a surprise, nacho had silva and debrown playing around, rashford had fucking rooney and fellaini last year

more like ginger James Rodriguez, he'll be exposed without poop spoonfeeding him with meme tactics

Pulisic did score against Man City though user