In modern American football, the quarterback is usually the leader of the offense...

In modern American football, the quarterback is usually the leader of the offense. The quarterback touches the ball on almost every offensive play, and his successes and failures can have a significant impact on the fortunes of his team. Accordingly, the quarterback is among the most glorified and scrutinized positions in team sports.[2] Prior to each play, the quarterback will usually tell the rest of his team which play the team will run. After the team is lined up, the center will pass the ball back to the quarterback (a process called the snap). Usually on a running play, the quarterback will then hand or pitch the ball backwards to a half back or full back. On a passing play, the quarterback is almost always the player responsible for trying to throw the ball downfield to an eligible receiver downfield.[3] Additionally, the quarterback will often run with the ball himself, which could be part of a designed play like the option run[4] or quarterback sneak,[5] or it could be an impromptu effort to avoid being sacked by the defense.[6]

>their sport is literally heroball: the game

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>football threads 22 weeks out of the year
>eurofags post shit like this nonstop for 22 weeks straight when everyone has to put up with garbage SOCCER threads all year round

the real heroes are the offensive linemen. the center touches the ball on EVERY possession. without a competent offensive line nothing you just rambled about can happen.

This post makes Trent Dilfer feel important

90% the MVP is the quarterback. they are the MVP by default.
This is the second most embarassing thing about this "sport"

Name the last defenseman who won whatever the fuck soccers version of the MVP is

>The most popular sport on earth is the most popular sport in the world

American has shocking relevation that shocks the entire nation.

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Is this why no one gives a fuck about American coaches? Because they're irrelevant?

>missing the point of a post this bad
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>in sawker every player is the qb

>have the most popular sport
>still complain about other sports

Kompany won the premier league player of the year in 2011-12
Year before that Vidic won

Cred Forums - soccer posting
deal with it

Who was the last non forward to win the Balloon Door?

Cannavaro is the last defender

Kaka won it the year after but his position is pretty similar to ronalmessis

and get this, quarterback was reserved as a whites only position for years even though there's literally no reason why black people couldn't play it

wtf I hate america now

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In handegg, the QB is the everything of everything: the origin of each action, if he screws up his team lose, if he does a good passing it's not the WR who is praised, but the QB

In futbol a pure striker is merely the finisher of a collective action. He can't win a game alone, he must have guys who get back the ball, pass it around to move the opposing teamblock and create spaces, and finally do a superb 50m cross to him

>he needs a quarterback

That's not the ballon dor. Its literally a heisman, where only QB or Rbs win. Woodson is the exception, as is Cannavaro.

No the MVP is the best player in the league, that's the best player in the league

It's not my fault you only have one leage

Not true though, the WR also gets praise

it's literally setplays: the sport
imagine if soccer only had corner kicks and FKs, that's the level of depth handegg provides.

yeah but without a good QB, you can have all the GOAT WRs of the world, your team will never win

in futbol everybody can score. France even won a WC without a striker

Except American football has much more depth than that because there's more possibilities than just booting the ball toward the goal and hoping it pinballs in


you mean setplays tactics? your game even has a manual for them

Come on now outside of options and rare laterals there's no intricacy, it's a one pass then dead ball sport

What's your point?

You don't actually think there's more possibilities for "set pieces" in soccer than there is in football do you?

You can just admit you don't know anything about football now, it's okay

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You can't run the ball? You can't play action and take a shot at the end zone? You can't fake deep down field and throw a short pass for a first down?

This is all news to me

there are more intricacies in futbol free kicks than you may think


If you watch college the British dude isn't far off though, soooo many receiver screens. The power running game is on the endangered species list, thats part of the reason the games are so long now because there's 25 incompletions a game and the clock stops. There's not much flow or improv involved in football at the higher levels, thats why when a play breaks down and a guy does something with it, he'll make sports center, it's rare.

running is a single handoff that stops when the runner is down
play action is literally identical to faking who is taking a fk

They're all single dead ball plays

>0-0 scores is common
>90 minutes of """action"""
I'll take hero ball over semen slurping anyday

Not really

>Yuros (especially French and UK) choose to watch soccer when they could watch the vastly superior sport of Rugby

What's your excuse?

Kinda like how football is more intricate than y'all are making it sound, right?

Some Americans use this to say "soccer" is socialist and therefore unamerican XD

is it a joke?

You ever see a black QB play? They're mediocre throwers who always try to run the ball like an all-star. Michael Vick ran the ball half the time and he barely has more than a 50% completion rating.
It wasn't until recently we started getting some good shooters.

handegg would be way way much more interesting if the game would go on after the ball hit the ground, like in rugby

But that doesn't answer my question

Then it would be rugby

rugby has a strong following fanbase, mainly in southwest France.

football is the real deal tho. It nearly gets all the money here

have you actually watched rugby? at least the union version is decided by freaking penalty kicks all the time, everything is a penalty. And that's without mentioning the collapsing scrums. Rugby league may actually be good though, I don't know.

Union has no strategy at all. You get the biggest/fastest/nastiest guys to get the ball without commiting fouls, the best kicker to convert penalties and it's ok

league has no strategy either: wide spaces everywhere. imagine a football game at 5 men on a full-sized pitch

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The issue is no matter how good a QB is if his O-line can't protect him he will get sacked and not do shit if his WRs are shit he will never make a pass. If the defense isn't good no matter how many points the QB scores the opposing team has a high chance to just outscore. A team can still be great without an amazing QB, ex the Broncos right now as they lack a great QB and are one of the best teams in the league right now.


Offense sell tickets
Defense win games

it doesn't make soccer any good
it's garbage compared with american football, absolutely degenerate

it doesn't make soccer any good
it's garbage compared to american football, absolutely degenerate

America Football is not a team sport. It's right below Baseball in that regard

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Povertyballfags mad as fuck that all you need is 2 rocks and a dead cat to play their so-called sport

>Team sports
>Ball sports

Both are contrived, silly kids games.

>can't pass to any teamate or it's foul: the game
>players who never touch the ball in their career:the game

this is next level retardation

that's a good thing, that way you don't see people passing back and forth waiting for the defense to make a mistake like you see in soccer.

>his "sport" is popular with third worlders in South America, Africa, and middle east/india

Wow so great

What's the problem? This is pretty weak banter desu


>everybody disagree with us but somehow it's them who are wrong



You're right.
A qb cant do his job without good linemen blocking for him. And the rb can't run without blockers either.

What you mean no reason?
Quarterbakcs have to be cold, smart and their job is to pass the ball, not steal it.