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>leave the New York Mets to me


>1 post early

Must keep playing spoiler





It makes 2015 hurt even more know these playoffs look way tougher

delete this


The the Mets manage to crawl their way into the NLDS again I'll fucking kill myself. How are they still in contention?

Colon + Thor, that's literally it

based bosox



Holy shit kill yourselves


Cannot stop

Will not stop

>4 Eries wins in 12 seasons

Feels good

>Justin Verlander has struck out at least 1 batter in 312 consecutive games, tying Tom Seaver for 9th-longest streak since 1913.

>Pedro goes down
>el duque goes down
>have to rely on John Maine and Oliver perez

Its 2006 all over again

>red sucks
>3 last place finishes in the divison since 2012



When they make this proclamation, what was the meaning behind it?

put your trip back on

That's 1/3, famalamb.

>striking out one batter in a game
You may as well post how many consecutive games a hitter got an at-bat.

>red sucks
>3 wins in the last 3 games since thursday

>living in bombston
>celebrating 85 wins
>getting destroyed by leaveland in the DS


and they still made it to gm7 of the NLCS


the yankee assmad in this thread is astounding

Ortiz is dynasty?

it's literally just me and we had no hopes of making the playoffs the entire year.

although i hope betances fucking kills himself soon

>implying most of it isn't false flagging

>Gardner, Ellsbury, McCann, and Tex still allowed to hold a bat on this team
Just let all the young ones play instead and bench the old farts.

>i'm not mad
>i hope betances fucking kills himself

Gardner can be crazy clutch sometimes

Hey Tom!

deGrom & Rex Ryan!

Your city is hilarious. Should I feel bad?

meme magic

Are you seriously laughing at someone's season-ending injury?

HOLY FUCK, 'BAMA 'BOUT TO GET HOUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>the hopes of all new yorkers BTFO within 1 hour

>Radio was invented; Cub fans got to hear their team lose
>TV was invented; Cub fans got to see their team lose
>Smartphones became a part of daily life; Cub fans got to find out of about their team losing from anywhere on Earth
>Baseball added 14 teams; Cub fans got to see AND hear their team lose to more teams
>George Burns celebrated his 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays
>Haley’s Comet passed Earth… twice
>Harry Caray was born… and died
>The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league
>Man landed on the moon, as have several home runs given up by Cub pitchers
>16 US presidents were elected
>There were 11 amendments added to the Constitution
>Prohibition was passed, and repealed
>The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, was discovered, and became the subject of major motion pictures… the latter giving Cub fans hope that something that finishes on the bottom can come out on top
>Wrigley Field was built and became the oldest park in the National League
>Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team’s future World Series pennants. Those flag poles have since rusted and been taken down
>A combination of 47 summer & winter Olympics have been held
>Thirteen baseball players have won the Triple Crown; as have twelve horses
>Bell bottoms came into style, went out of style, and came back into style
>The Boston Red Sox won 4 championships, traded Babe Ruth, were cursed for 86 years, broke the curse, and still had time to win two additional championships
>The Ottoman Empire still existed the last time the Cubs won
>The last time the Cubs won, former slaveholders had front row seats
>Arizona became a state, got a baseball team, and won the world series
>My grandchild will post this copypasta in 2080 and the cusbs will still suck

nobody cares about college foobaw

fuck outta here

yankees have been out of it for a week you literal idiot

we're stuck with ells and no one wants McCann. More-so, blame the fucking bullpen instead and Girardi overmanging. I'm fine with the rookie starters only giving up 3 runs to an elite offense. This bullpen's luck has run out.

Too bad my shit was /ck/ related & I'm a Red Sux homosex.

never seen this name in any red sox thread though

I created it out of thin air.

You can do that, you know.

i filter this


>implying you will ever have sex

>3 games out of first place when the series started
>out of it

The yankees were 1 game out of the wild card a week ago dumb ass

way to follow your own team

>cusb """"banter"""" ladies and gentlemen

nigga wut, they were right in the race.

lol you've never had sex

>the ghetto of new york
>this desperate damage control
holy shit how does new york come back from this?

he's never had sex lmao

i've never had sex rofl

i meant with their schedule and with the pitchers they put out there. """Technically""" yankees are still in it now but they've been out of it for a long time now.

Listen to new york sports radio sometimes.


well yea, no shit. They've overachieved all season but still doesn't negate that they were still in the race a week ago.

why would a radio show hosted by sweaty retarded dudes have any more insight than a 12 year old can offer me

They still are by that logic you fucking idiot. They were never going to beat a much better Red Sox team, and then AL over .500 teams the rest of the way.

Holy fuck how retarded can you be.


As if it wasn't obvious

He's had sex as many times as the cubs have won a ring since the titanic sank

elbow/bone spurs/Tommy John/shoulder
elbow/arm fatigue
elbow/shoulder/bone spurs
elbow/Tommy John/forearm soreness/ulnar nerve
shoulder/labrum tear


>inb4 FSU bullying

>by reasonable logic yeah sure they were but I'll be damned if I am going to admit I was wrong!

grow up

Leaveland season over, Carrasco broken hand

Hasn't even had x-rays yet, dumb detoilet

Thanks for posting this. Gotta take 2 of 3 from the t___s.

I guess the Mets are winning tonight now

>florida ottoman fans

So who wins the NL wildcard spots?

Who wins the NL wildcard game?

It had to be updated.

The Gints are going to bury the Cards and face the Mest in the WC game.


Then the Giants get BTFO's in the division series and the even year meme finally comes to an end

Thank you dg, you're really dedicated

I'm not DG. Just an user who cares.

broken, already noticeably swollen before he even walked off the field

Metacarpal IV and V

Your 2016 American League Champions!

Good thing you're a doctor.

>this is the actual highlight of the Tigers' season

>implying I'm a detoilet fan

Yeah, it's a good thing I am

Justin Verlander has a no-hitter going through 4 innings

No cares until the 8th

Seth Lugo will pitch a perfect game against the t___s tonight

Or his elbow assplodes
>50/50 either way

>4 walks

Well you can fuck off either way

Justin Verlander has a no-hitter through 5 (five) innings

I hope the Pirates look like this next season.

SP - Cole
SP - Taillon
SP - Nova
SP - Glasnow
SP - Free Agent/Trade (Lefty)

RP - Kuhl
RP - Hughes
RP - Nicasio
RP - Bastardo
RP - Feliz
RP - Rivero
CP - Watson

C - Cervelli
1B - Bell
2B - Harrison
SS - Mercer
3B - Kang
LF - Marte
CF - McCutchen
RF - Polanco
BN - Diaz
BN - Freese
BN - Hanson
BN - Frazier

Our starting pitching has been complete balls all season. Hopefully Cole is ready to go next season and isn't pitching to contact for some reason. Same with Glasnow. Taillon has impressed me. I'd be fine giving Nova 3 years at $36M. We need a left-handed SP though, I don't want to see Jeff Locke back. I could see the Pirates either making a trade or trying to sign some retread like Derek Holland.

Our bullpen looks decent. I'm not worried at all about the offense. I'm hoping Hanson can take over Harrison's spot at 2B and we can trade Harrison for some assets. Realistically, I don't see the Pirates making the playoffs next season either, but hopefully they won't collapse as hard as they did this season. Holy shit.



I love Trea Turner

shit bullpen

me too. if he had been called up earlier, he would be the unanimous ROTY.

Does anyone remember the cubs copy pasta with the end line being, and when all is left is to count the stars they'll still lose

>tfw no MiLB gf

Cubs vs Red Sox in world series

Screencap this

1918 part 2


>tfw no thicc gook catcher gf

am I the only one that remembers her

No hitter!!!

Please, present me pics.

Justin Verlander has a 1-hitter through 6.1 innings

They will spend hundreds of years scouting the world.

They will draft every bust; overpay every free agent.

They will spend thousands of seasons in last place.

As World Series are played, and playoff games won, and lost, and won, lost, and won, and lost, and lost, and lost.

Failures built upon failures until seasons run on an endless loop.

They will disappoint millions of fans whose own exponential offspring will slowly give up hope through the years, whose millions of pitiful lives will eventually be swept again from the Earth.

And still, the Cubs continue to lose.

They will play more games than any franchise in history, yet a championship will forever be a stranger to them.

Expansion franchises will come and go.

Cities and mascots will lose all meaning.

Until Major League Baseball vanishes entirely from the world.

And yet, the Cubs will continue to lose.

They will join the league of a popular futuristic sport.

A sport where the ball is made of pure light and played on a field of energy. Where the Cubs moniker is revered as a nostalgic god.

And the Cubs will never win it all, for millions and millions of years.

Rebuilding, playing, losing...

...until the Earth is swallowed beneath their feet
...until the Sun is long since gone
...until time itself loses all meaning

And the moment comes where the only game left to play is to guess the positions of stars and the ages of galaxies.

And still, they guess wrong.

I'm honestly okay with this
>as long as Yu is healthy

You may only reply to this post if your team has completed a no hitter this season

>tfw no team

Oh really?

>Victor Martinez is still batting 4th over JD Martinez


No he doesn't, he's only pitched 6 innings

kek, that picture

I've just come up with a good analogy. The Red Sox are like the New England Patriots of baseball. Because they always win and they are both from the Greater Boston area

>Salazar dead
>Carrasco likely dead

Where were you when the 2016 Indians season was kill

does it count if its under conditions DG deems fair?

>Carrasco has non-displaced fracture of fifth metacarpal on right hand. He is likely done for the regular season

>Carrasco has non-displaced fracture of fifth metacarpal on right hand. He is likely done for the regular season

>Carlos Carrasco has non-displaced fracture of fifth metacarpal on right hand. He is likely done for the regular season

>mfw Colon wins one for da citi

RIPIP Cookie

Windians amirite

Absolutely desperate

this is an incredible, sadly overlooked post

Absolutely mad

umm... why are you posting pics of me on this website...

They lose, and they lose, until all the lights go out




>Just Verlander: 7 innings, 1 hit, 4 walks, 7 strikeouts.

>Run support: 0

Mets vs. the Twins

>This will be the 20th consecutive game in which the Tigers starter did not record a win. Last was Verlander on Aug. 26.

god the Cusb got fucking embarassed


>ottomans can't even beat the brewers
>fans seriously think they'll make a deep postseason run
Holy lol

Absolutely crushed


Bad teams always do this in September though

t. not a cusb fan



>chris carter has a .222 avg
>with a 109 wRC+

is he the ultimate le strikeout or dinger man

he's a big guy

For Brews

Todd Frazier tier

white sox royals

that's good

>add a team in Carolina
>add a team in Montreal
>divide the leagues into four divisions of four
>get rid of the wild card
>stop playing interleague games
this is about as non-controversial as major changes can be, right?

so the implication is that he's going to crush her pregnant belly with that bat?

Except that's East heavy, how do you divide them?

NL sucks desu

>implying fans for either team exists

>being this upset

fewer people live out west and games with 10:00 p.m. starts are unwatchable. to be honest my third choice would've been San Juan
I don't wanna figure out how to divide them rn. that's a lot of teams and I've got a game to watch. it'd just be common sense geographically.

we had a pretty active game thread last night

white sox have more fans here than the cusb

Of all shitposting this is the dumbest

hey what was the score of the yankees game earlier i'm still at the hospital visiting my mom a big yankees fan i've got to tell you guys it has been a really tough past couple of days she really needs some good news

All this butthurt for irrelevant teams


>Rajai Davis is the first MLB player age 35 or older with 40+ steals since Ichiro had 40 in 2011.

>still this upset

nice .500 team you got there

Oakland A's @ Texas Rangers Gamethread

>no fans


what's your team friend :)


Windians btw

Apologize >rags and detroit shitposters

Why? The Rangers still have the best record in the AL.

walk-off windians!

lifelong bluejays fan since august 15

I'm appreciating him more and more.

THANK YOU BASED BRAD for ending the season a little earlier for Lions football

I'm learning so much from you daily and you have truly changed my life forever

I know your time here in Detroit is winding down, but I know you have changed the culture here forever

One love, Brad



i can't read lips



Mets getting no hit the fuck out


Walkoff Windians 2bh

Please refrain from bullying in the future



They have a hit

>tfw got kinda drunk earlier in the day but have since sobered up

Now it's game time and I'm not feeling so hot, wat do? Coffee or more beer?

be productive and take care of your responsibilities

I don't have any responsibilities to take care of for the rest of the day and only a couple of things I need to take care of tomorrow.


So coffee first and then more beer?

must be nice i still have to cook for my wife's son she's going out with friends again tonight i hope she at least checks her phone this time

anyways does anybody know what time the mariners game starts?


Get some coffee. No alcohol. Think on your sins.

i second this


>minor league team has a going out of business sale
>buy two baseball pants for $1 each so I can be a full kit wanker on Halloween

>minor league team going out of business sale
>not buying up the contracts of prospects at bargain basement prices

you idiot you could've owned some immigrant baseball boys

Stop giving me these feels

rip bako blaze

Fuck I better make a Fresno or Lancaster wojack since they are my closest minor league team now

you were the first thing I thought about when I saw the blaze were moving

Good taste btw


tell me tell me
are the minor leagues /comfy/?

Why is this a thing?


>Cubs senior VP Jason McLeod (whose mother is from Samoa) is the only known minority candidate in the Twins’ front office search.
>Rosenthal figures more are probably in the mix, given that Minnesota has hired the same search firm used by Major League Baseball itself last year to prepare female and minority candidates for baseball operations jobs.

There were comfy in that I paid $99 for an 11 game mini plan and sat in the first row and got to shit talk faggots as they walked up to bat. If I shit talked too much they would start kicking up dust at me

STL Cardinals vs SF Giants

9:05 PM ET | 6:05 PM PT

I like this shit.


trying to make girls and niggers like baseball.

>FO jobs are going to nerds with PHDs in statistics and economics
>women and niggers hate math
>institute a meme rule where you have to give some token coon an interview
only a re re would actually hire a non white

Where do you guys catch the games online? Don't have cable.



I have MLB.tv but I find local ads cozy and I hate the dead silence that happens when mlb.tv cuts to commercial

>de grom
>de mest

I've been to a few, good times. Smaller crowds, small lines for food/drinks, cheaper beer, cheaper tickets, parking isn't crazy, fun atmosphere all around.

I like going to MLB games but it's kind of an ordeal parking like 1 mile away from the stadium and then dealing with a crowd of 30k+ people and waiting in endless lines for the bathroom or concessions.

>When Carrasco went down, Francona called the bullpen: "Tell them to put their seatbelts on. They're all gonna pitch and we're gonna win."

Fuck yes, Tito is the best manager to get through this shit.

i can see barry davis the cameraman in darwin barneys sunglasses, fuck those are great shades


Indians set MLB record for most pitchers used in a shutout (9) in 1-0 blanking of Tigers. The previous record of 8 happened 5 times

I was too stoned to take a pic ;_;


your drug habit has caused you to let down the people who depend on you

Astros @ Mariners

luckily I am still there to never give them up, run around or hurt them, but I'll see about a screenie if they release the interview later

well it makes sense that black baseball players that aren't latino are usually dorks like dexter fowler. exceptions like milton bradley exist but non latino blacks dont like baseball unles they're oreos

Any Brewers fans here? When are the Brewers supposed to be competitive again?

Thank ye kindly.


You have no right to be smug after last night's performance, Chokeland.

except when the rags' """""ace""""" is getting lit the fuck up

Yes, that was unexpected. The score is the exact opposite of what I thought it'd be.

lol your team is eliminated


FFS Reds, just give them a playoff spot while you're at it.


Fucking Rays


move this post to the gamethread please

Red Sox fan here. Thank you based Rays.


>Joc Pederson hit a wheelchaired woman in the face with a homer

Was it this one?

Probably not just found the video and it looks like a fatty.






>handicapped people fight for legislation requiring prime handicapped seating at sporting events
>lazy fatty with an "eating disorder" takes advantage of this
>fatty gets destroyed by a home run because they're too fat and lazy to move out of the way



was he ok


Dear Mets,


poor man's trout


yes undoubtedly, maybe mookie should get on them too (unless he already is)

>implying no walkoff
the game isn't even over yet. don't you have to go jerk off to gifs of kris bryant's ass in slow mo ottomon slave?

What did Joc mean by this???

MMR i owned you, please address this

Is there any better, closer video of it hitting the fan?

He hates fat people

No. That's as hi-res as it gets

direct HQ video is

The top picture really bugs me. The neck and the head are way too big for that body, almost as if the body was photoshopped on.

i blew it up a bit

I dunno, seems like his body was a LOT smaller when he first entered the big leagues.

oops it didnt keep the definition.

No, Im laughing at how your season is over and your pitcher is ded

Phillies all the way.When they make the WS it won't be a fluke like yours.



Neither of these look weird like the other one.

Probably just a combination of different posturing (hands clasped, shoulders rolled forward vs shoulders rolled backwards) and a different focal length of the camera lens.

how is the season over? mets were doing just fine without degrom.. enjoy 5 more years in the cellar phil phag

keith hernandez called the twins the twinkies


in my imo they've been pumping him full of roids and hgh since he was twelve



Oh shit he got me

>11-2 against the A'ss
>the township of Yu Darvish

>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G
>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G
>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G
>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G
>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G
>R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S
>A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R
>G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A
>S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G S R A G

pure autism

pure rage

>complete game shutout
>16 Ks
>4 hits, no walks

Jon Gray just had the best start in Coors Field history. That was absurd.

>who is hideo nomo


16 Shades of Gray.

>going to an MLB game
>not having a glove to catch foul balls
>not having a hat to catch foul balls
slut was asking for it

Based JoKKK thinning out the unfit

mets win

>go ahead homerun in 11th
>walkoff homerun in 12th
Based Grandy

i appreciate this btw your team's game thread ended with ten (10) posts

every day you post this the mets win
it's like pottery

Other than Ubaldo's no-no, that was probably the 2nd best start in Rockies history. The fact that it was at Coors is even more impressive.

lmao all threads v the Rays are like that, no matter how good or bad the Os are

totally unrelated question but why don't orioles fans watch the games i mean just recently i saw an orioles ''''''game thread''''''' and it must've had like ten posts total, for the whole game, just ten (10) i mean aren't there any orioles fans that like to watch the orioles play baseball?

>3/5 starting pitchers dead
>Starting 2B, 3B, 1B all dead
>10 games over .500

>the city of you

All the orioles fans abandoned ship weeks ago. Bandwagon as fuck.

also our manager is senile and our general manager has cancer and we lost all of our money to bernie madoff

>54 games played against the Barfs, Marlels, & Lillies


the marlins were ahead of us until like 2 weeks ago

>yfw we make to the WS with 9 players on the roster


>tfw you miss this

fucking terry collins ruining him :(
is there still a chance mets bros? or has TC ruined him

Got back home from work just before the end of the game. Couldn't even turn it on before I saw the final score. Oh well. Feels good.

ITT: Players you want to see get a career ending injury

>finally have a night off to watch the game live
>Jays end their 8th inning trailing the Angels 1-6
Our year's going to end the same way as last time, isn't it?

>the lastros are now ahead of >us

>al wild card race is nothing now

Terry has completely destroyed the kid's confidence

dude is completely lost
he needs to relearn how to read major league pitching, in particular breaking balls
if he can lock onto breaking balls again there's a hope

It's over lad. Watch Pomeranz pitch a complete game shutout tomorrow on this weak offense and/or the bullpen giving up 5 or more runs.

Bochy has lost his fucking mind

The Mets are now in the first wild card spot


>tied for the first wild card spot
who has an easier schedule from here on out, Giants or Cardinals?

Mets have HFA over SFG already since they won the season series


This fucking year man

Thor at home vs Bumgarner confirmed

He's such a smug annoying faggot on Twitter, fuck I hate him


Giants aren't making the wildcard

I've been telling you faggots for weeks

nordic autism

delete this please

they are winning the division because dodgers are trash against LHP


honestly I'd prefer the cardinals because they never steal bases, he has a small problem with that

what if lugoat lowers era to under 2 or something crazy.. maybe they wouldn't start syndergaard cause of base stealing(i know they'd never do that)

Giants have an imploding bullpen every other night. I would rather that tbqh

>all these casuals shitposting
>mfw they dont know about Gazelle Man and Lugoat.

it was a nice little "run" i suppose.

>the anti mets shitposter was right all along

why are the rags so bad?

GazelleMan is fucking based

People have to make a whole list for shit TC has fucked up. I'll start
-starting clippard and reed in game 3 WS and using them next day and having them fuck it up for familia
-not challenging in detroit
-no pinch runner for familia
-bad bullpen decisions(i have taken mercy on him here)
-leaving in montero
-destroying conforto (btw is me - i spoke to him once in spring training last year, he's dad) which is the worst one imho

etc etc. Add on if you wish
>tfw you contemplate even needing harvey or degrom when you have lugo
I appreciate Gazelle Man but Lugo is god tier. Could be a #5 or #6 if Mets even think about that. Maybe bullpen but idk. He's a god.

idk why terry hates Flores so much, he never starts him
Lugo is nice but I'd much rather have degrom lol

Why is yu dartboard the most overrated starting pitcher of the decade?


didn't George work for the Yankees

> Reddick

>have nearly 200 ABs
>don't drive in a single run
>the city of Caleb Joseph

>RBIs are a relevant stat

lrn 2 reverse google search

omg imma watch this shit right now from the first inning.
Super dominant start. Against the greatest Rockies lineup..... EVER. But he walked 4, so idk.
Why do dumbasses think the ubaldo nono happened in Colorado? It happened at Turner the only nono to have been pitched in Coors is the 1995 Nomo nono.

Caleb Joseph is an awful hitter by every measure, the absurd RBI thing just drives the point home

>It will never be 2014 again
>Baby will never eat

why does the rest of the al east want the red sox to win the division?

did you ever get a ball from your favorite boy?

Can one of you fucks tell me if I should make the trip to vancouver to Seattle to watch the Bluejays by myself?

I fucking love baseball but would I look autistic sitting by myself at a game?

>a game in seattle

out of literally hundreds of people do you think anyone is going to be paying attention to what you're doing

Literally no one will notice or care. Even if they do, who gives a fuck? "Oh no, a couple of random people at a baseball game will think I'm a loser for 5 minutes then forget I even exist right after".

not even a red sox fan but they're the best team in the division

SF is done for the next decade.
That bullpen, that outfield, that starting pitching. Wow.

What a CUTE bunny ^_^

Going to a baseball game by yourself is the best experience honestly. Get to walk around and check out the stadium and enjoy the game without having to have someone else dragging you down.

You only got one right

thanks famalama

>starting pitching

yah, giving up 1 run is surely a sign of doomsday

You know Cueto is leaving for a real contender next year right? He's going to opt-out and leave. Bumshit will sign for 190M-200M and Posey will sign for 180M. That ties up SF for a while. That samardzija contract is AWFUL. 90M for a 4+ ERA? Span is the only good outfielder.

Lmao. The kicker is this tho :
The #1 SF prospect is the #91 overall.

You just can't make this up man.

do you have a single fact to back that up?

baseball isn't about facts Tbh

>mfw Bochy brings in Casilla in the 9th again tomorrow and I finally snap

It's almost 3 in the morning and I'm watching a Japanese show about golf while I wait for a baseball game.

no more baseball until tomorrow

You cant have huge RBI numbers if your teammates are too shit to get on base

Fuck my life

How can you be so obsessed with a team yet know so little about them?

Feels good to be in first place and on pace to win a World Series.

Literally nobody can beat Kersh/Hill/Kenta in that order, in a short series, with the best bullpen in baseball and Yasiel Puig.

I wasn't expecting a chokejob this evening. Shit like this makes me think Bochy was never good. F.

>tfw dodgers fag
>tfw forever in the shadow of a deluded trip who things the team is not dogshit

the Marlins beat Kershaw in 3 innings

what is better japan or america

answer carefully [hovers hand over 45% of world's nuclear arsenal]

Hey piss boi, who do you think chokes harder against the Cardinals? Giants or Dodgers?

America is greatest country in the world

Really makes you think.......

senpai I was watching gook dramas all day today after my ventures into korean television the other night.
/mlb/ is ruining me

also there's games on right now, jap and gook. If you want
hibox3612.blogspot dot tw/
bookmark this site, it's probably the best for jap games

korean games also here, there's a bunch of gook channels on the drop down list, based gook internet tv. Check mykbostats.com/ to see what channel it's on, a few of them are in list. also the best site for live gook box scores

best site for live jap box scores

this site has all jap and gook games, but annoying gambling site streams, good quality though

there you go, your asian baseball fix

an immigrant invented baseball

Reminder that a modern day Mickey Mantle is having his career wasted in the shithole known as Los Angeles.

Thanks senpaitachi, the golf show was comfy though.

/r/ing that card fag hitting a 3 run playoff shot during kershaw 6 years ago

umm kole calhoun is a decent player but i think calling him a modern day mickey mantle is pretty ridiculous

thank you based Kenley for being w us.

fuck disneyland

Come on bro, just type "Kershaw choke" on YouTube and it's the first thing to come up (I'm serious btw)


>tfw you notice that you make a post at 00:00:00 but no one else will notice because no one lives in mountain time zone

>tfw not as shit as the anals


>posting at 02:00:00

lol, you act like Janssen doesnt have half a dozen blows under his belt, either.

what the fuck is it with dodgers and 7th inning playoffs

Andrew Fiedmen is too jewish to pay Jenson in his FA year. Jenson will be a giant by the winter

i'd rather get Melancon

theyre not Blown Saves based on the conditions he deems fair


you will take whoever we are too stupid to not resign

Kenley Jansen blew 4 saves with just 1 run leads. Among all relievers with a minimum of 60IP only 3 have less ER than him. His WHIP is literally the lowest of all time (real shit). The guy has 99K/9BB.
Hes the Kershaw of closers bro. Have some respect

I don't know, but Kershaw really loves getting his shit pushed in by the Cardinals in that inning


So he is a regular season baby with no rings?

Mets fans really think they can knock out the cubs this year

so why does he have the second most Blown saves in the league?

>cubes thinking they wont get swept again

waitwait, my mistake

third most


>people literaly mad an Kenley for being better than Mariano.

>comparing a closer to a starting pitcher

I think this might be one of the stupidest things you've ever said

>when your team is such a joke that you have to turn yourself into a joke to try and save face because you'll never be taken seriously

sad stuff mate


What the fuck are you talking about...

Mariano Rivera...was a closer...

So mad at Kenley that you're now resorted to making shit up?

He's taking a page out of your book

What does that make you so mad?

thanks for the rare dodgers QT

>Mets winning any post season game with inj & no Daniel Murphy

Dont get attached to Koonly. Friedmenstien is gonna offer him 5 million a year at most

>cubes winning any post season series after the invention of electricity

are there any good baseball snapchats





That K/9 is like 5th all-time

otani is huge


You sound nervous

hey what kind of retinoids do you guys recommend for basic under-eye care

>Wake up
>Casilla blew it again
>Go back to bed

>his team's closer unironically blows saves

>his '''''''''''''team''''''''''''''' plays in front of empty stadiums and empty game threads


wow nice hey listen i have this weird thing with muscle fatigue on one side of my face what do you think's going on?

Teams who concluded their season today:



yankees (to understand this joke pretend i am posting on thursday )

the Wednesday game against the dodgers had a brutal ending as well. they had 2 brutal back to back loses


they suck and their fans should k*** t*********

LA is going to love him.


oh baby


>the jays lost to TLAAOA
Now I don't feel bad I went to sleep.

Can tonight please be the annual 18 inning Yankees-RedSox game?

Filtered 2bh.

>through May 23
Get the fuck out of here

The good thing about baseball stats is that you can always manipulate or create one that was never seen before just to praise a certain player.
My favourite stat is BJB (Being Joey Bats), which Bautista is leading the league 1.000 and no one is even trying to beat his record.

Fuck off

Page 5 save.

You Motherfuckers.

Here we go again with Casilla going to get blamed for everything, Fucking Booed by his poser home fans instead of being supported.

You Motherfuckers are taking the piss, and I'm sick and Fucking tired of it.

Stop Fucking putting him in positions to fail! The game tying run wasn't even Fucking Casilla's! He should have been given the entire inning if you want to close, otherwise Fuck off!

Also he gave up a Fucking weak grounder on a good pitch! Where the Fuck was the shortstop to turn that play? And then that Sac fly to shallow center, and you can't even make a Fucking throw on the plate to get that 2nd run charged to Casilla?

Yeah, Fuck this bullshit.

I don't understand. What is JUST about this pic? That's a beautiful dress and the shoes look fine.



It's the mounds' fault! Why does it have to be in the middle of the diamond?

Why can't it be off-center and closer to 1st base? Why can't the mound be in the dugout?

It's not Casilla's fault! It never is! IT'S EVERYONE'S FAULT, but not his! The equipment manager shouldn't be in the dugout, because it bugs a """closer""" to have a good-looking mustache staring at him from the dugout!

Did you see how Romo was Fucking laughing? Like why are you setting Casilla up for failure by brining him in with a runner on already instead of the beginning of the inning.

Pick a Fucking cat to close! You can't do 9th inning by comittee!

An injured player is literally the highlight of his life, really does make you ponder.

>instead of the beginning of the inning
Oh yeah ... that worked the more than 4 times he blew a lead in September alone.

Why is Casilla like 7-11?

They don't close!

>this dumb fuck Lost Again Doyers trip actually doesn't know what a perfect game is

>Like why are you setting Casilla up for failure by brining him in with a runner on
He wants a ""closer"" **with pre-conditions**. LOL.

Here. You deserve one, too.

>dodger's fans excuse Jansen's high amount of blown saves just because he has a low WHIP

You can't make this shit up.

Yeah but it doesn't matter because they have Clayton Kershaw the best pitcher of all time, that's why he has all those post-season wins and rings.

Put your trip back on.

Which team is yours again, HUEbro?

What if I don't have one?

The couple Hues I know are Windians

Curtis Granderson last night became only the eighth player in Major League history to hit two homers in extra innings.

The Jasy and Dodgers have Hues too

I thought one followed Royos since they had a Brazilian player on the roster this year.

They play on minor leagues.

I'm aware there's one Windians fan, and he's a really nice guy.

I'm one of the two Jaysposters, but I'm not really a fan.
>no point on calling yourself a fan if you never went to the ballpark

why did you think it made sense to use greentext there?

I'm quoting.

>no point on calling yourself a fan if you never went to the ballpark
Normally, but I think an exception can be made for people outside the country

the red sox have passed Texas and are closing in on the indians for the best record in the AL

this feels very much like the 2007 season

whichever AL team is doing good that particular year

Would you go to the ball park given the chance?

No matter the team, there's no feeling like attending church.

What's the logic on that? And why the AL?

Of course. Not just that, once I finish this nightmare college, I'm going to NA just to watch a few ball games.

>the red sox have passed Texas and are closing in on the indians for the best record in the AL
Check the standings again

check again

check mind

Josh Donaldson used all those steroids and didn't even get to the postseason

quoting who? I can't find that anywhere else in this thread

Good to hear. You choose a spot in the country to take in some games/stadiums by chance? Depending on the overall goal of your trip, the northeast US is packed enough that you could catch MLB action at your pick of fields within 2-3 hours of each other easily throughout a weeklong.

Haven't picked a place yet, but it's certain I'll be going to both Major and Minor league games during the stay.

Good man. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Northeast is super-packed for both majors and minors teams, but if you want real deal American tailgating culture and shit like that, the midwest will be your goal. Hands down, they do it the best.
West coast will sink into the ocean in a year, so if you want to explore that bit, please do so sooner than later.

Agreed although I haven't done it yet. I think I will this week .

Let's go Mets

>Normally, but I think an exception can be made for people outside the country

I agree, there are significant monetary, geographical, and political (passports, visas, etc) hurdles to jump over in order to attend a sporting event in another country (if we're talking about coming to the US or Canada from another country at least, Euros can visit other Eurozone countries fairly cheaply and easily it seems). The travel expenses alone (airfare, hotels, transportation, etc) can be in the $1000's which is hard for many Americans to come up with much less someone from a less wealthy country. I think in cases like that a person can still be a "true fan" while never having attended one of >their team's games in person. Be sure to buy at least a hat & jersey though so you can feel like you've supported >your team.

It is a common sentiment / saying, I've heard it before. It's usually in reference to people wearing Yankees, Dodgers, Lakers, etc hats/jerseys when they live in a different city and have never made the effort to attend a game.

My cousin's husband has lived in Dallas his whole life but hates the Cowboys (as well as the Rangers) and roots for the Redskins because "his dad was from Washington". The man is over 40 years old and has never even been to Washington DC, he just wants to be /that guy/ who shits on the home team any chance he gets.

and he also sucks Tom Brady's dick (metaphorically speaking) any chance he gets

He's a shitty person to watch sports with overall for the most part.

What are the chances that the balls haven't been juiced this year?

You mom juices my balls every year if you know what I mean.


The bullshit is off the rails this season.

>Mets concluded season by winning

Windians thread?

Make one and we'll jump in right away.

Tigers @ Indians

Twins @ Mets???

watching giants too so ill be in and out


>twins fans

I hate football sundays.

braves vs. nats

watch football it's fun





dumb nigger lol

>he took the time to type this out

you seriously don't think the Lastros are in contention right

Phillies will make the wildcard next year

I feel it in my lions

More so than the stankees, roylels, or m's


no, false hope isn't healthy.

BlowJs and Orilels it is.

whos royals where?

the monkey can count

Impressive, huh? Took me 16 years to learn how many 1s have a 500.

>giving up hope before the very minute your team is eliminated

>Took me 16 years to learn how many 1s have a 500.



It ain't over 'til it's over bruv.

as a yankees fan i admire you

depends on your schedule desu

Nah, crazy things happen during the tail end of the season and the postseason.

Well we play the M's and A's, and Anglels the rest of the way, so it's not like I'm grasping at fairy tales as much as it seems