What is the saddest moment in sports

what is the saddest moment in sports

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>On 14 April 2012, while representing Livorno, Morosini suffered cardiac arrest and fell to the ground in the 31st minute of the Serie B match away to Pescara. He stumbled on the ground, trying to get up, before losing consciousness and receiving medical attention on the field. A defibrillator was used on Morosini, who was conscious when he was taken on the stretcher. After Morosini was taken to the hospital, the match was abandoned with Livorno leading 2–0, and some players reportedly "left the field in tears"

>Morosini was rushed to the Santo Spirito hospital, but reports later indicated he died before reaching the hospital. Italian media reports were alerted of Morosini's death after an "explosion of shouts and tears" by his teammates who had gone to the hospital. Morosini's sister, who is disabled, was left with no family. However, Udinese player Antonio Di Natale confirmed that he would financially support and look after her.


>From across the country there were reports of players collapsing in team hotels and meeting rooms as news reached them. Morosini's life was one already marked by tragedy – his mother having passed away when he was 15, and his father at 17, while his brother, who was severely disabled, had taken his own life in the intervening year. His one remaining sister is also physically handicapped and is reported to require constant care.

>And yet the accounts of Morosini told by his many friends in football are all of a man who was one of the warmest and most cheerful they had ever come across. The Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo described him as a "model professional" while Marco Andreolli, a Chievo player who knew him from the Italian youth team, said: "He taught us how to smile every single day in life, even when the latter seemed to have turned its back on him."

>Morosini had acknowledged the difficulty of his circumstances in an interview with Guerin Sportivo back in 2005. "I have often asked myself why all this happened to me, but I never get an answer and that just makes it hurt more," he said. "But life goes on. These are things that mark you and change you. But at the same time they give you the drive to do everything you can, and in my case to realise dreams that belonged to my parents as well as me. I want to become a great footballer for them more than anything, because I know how happy they would be."

>Recent messages posted on his Twitter account tell of a happy young man who seemingly found joy in everything – be it an energetic dog, a Tuscan sunset, or an old man singing in a supermarket. In one tweet from just last week he is pictured grinning broadly with his arm around his girlfriend Anna Vavassori, a volleyball player from Bergamo, with whom he had been making plans to buy a house.

Probably when that locust guy died on the firld

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When Serginho had a heart attack in the middle of a match and died in 2004.

São Caetano never recovered since then, went from being runner-up of Libertadores, runner-up of the Brazilian league, to being punished for lack of infrastructure, losing points and sponsorship, ending up in the 4th national division and 2nd state division.

When coach didn't put me in during the fourth quarter

>"He taught us how to smile every single day in life, even when the latter seemed to have turned its back on him."

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Now. Now I Am sad.


This was just like a week after the Muamba incident as well.

This shit was fucking terrifying.


nothing of value was lost

Today an Iranian paralympic cyclist died in a road race accident.

Life is so unfair to some.

>tfw sadder than a soccer player dying


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God damn it Germanbro why did you remind me of this

How can people still believe in a just god after shit like this happens? What could he have possibly done to deserve all that shit?

1950 World Cup match between Brazil and Uruguay. Maracanazo.

It's just celestial banter m8


He was sacrificed to test your faith user. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

When Alex McKinnon got paralysed in a tackle.

He just lay there screaming, and before they cut the broadcast away from him you could see he couldn't move anything below the head. Before they muted the refs microphone he was screaming " I can't feel my legs, help help". He couldn't even spit his mouth guard out properly. He's a quadriplegic for life.


Cause others have to suffer so I can live comfy

wtf I actually cried

Based Di Natale

That was scarier than seeing a person die, it still fucks me up thinking about it

July 9th, when LeBron left.


When PJ Hughes got killed by a bouncer, playing the sport he loved.

I always had such comfy memories of the griget. Binga abusing the currys like a true Aussie, Clarkey doing us proud. Sitting in the lounge took during the school holidays on a 40c day with the air conditioner on, with the gentle calming buzz of Richie Benaud and the frisson inducing sound of an English wicket being struck on the telly. I still love cricket, but since that day it's lost that childlike innocence and nostalgia.



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try to watch the whole thing and not cry

protip: you can't

what language is this shitter speaking?

I came pretty close to being teary eyed to be honest.

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Thanks God!

>sister is now brother
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this past manure match