Start in 25 mins get in here

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Some get at me with a decent stream/vlc link


This race should be maximum comfy, lads.

Hoping toyota sempai can make a good show

Try this in vlc, might not work outside Europe


Eurosport stream:

Works in USA

this is good

thanks m8


>"and taking the lead is Roberto Mehri for Manor racing"

WEC is a strange place

FYI: These are exactly the same.
One is just the video URL ripped so you can watch it with VLC.

Thx m9

Well if going across pit lane exit is a good show...

He was forced over by Dumas though

>that defending maneuver

Is Verstappen driving?

Typical Audi driver

dat GTE Aston is sexy af

That Alpine is gorgeous.

Those spotlights tho...


>American WEC race isn't available on TV in a majority of the US

Fuck you, FIA

where is everyone

So then watch the stream you fucking normie


kek that 911

Already been streaming on VLC. Just annoyed that we get shit on constantly by the FIA all the time when they don't even try to play nice with us.

>tfw not going to get dark for ages

(race started at 5pm local time)

I am so much more content to pay a reasonable yearly fee to get great quality, reliable streaming with good commentary and no commercials.

>"let me explain, again, why WEC is better than F1"
>good commentary
pick one

>getting this buttblasted by Hindy
Kek. I don't always agree with him either, but he understands racing.

>Doing a brake change in pitlane during qualifying
Damn, I love Indycar.

we got a fight now boys

>anthony davidson
pick one

>current year
>not watching in HD

plebs :^)

Who'd you sell your soul to for that

>vlc stream linked in this very thread upscaled to 1080p

Yeah you're really living it up Bruce.

What is the status of GTLM? Where are the Corvettes?


Wrong thread, m8
We WEC now


You're watching the wrong series.

Yeah, I even added a "LIVE EUROSPORT 1 HD" logo to fool you

>tfw watching it on a french broadcast with based Henri Pescarolo as a commentator.

Top comfy


>American knowledge of geography

Yes Bruce, because the stream linked above is a Eurosport stream. I posted it.

>Henri Pescarolo
>Tfw grew up in burgerland so don't know french
You lucky frog

>Tfw watching on my Sky+HD Box.

Crystal Clear.

The funny thing is, I was going to post the stream for everyone, I just wanted to have a bit of fun first.

But since you're being such a faget, I'm not going to anymore

fucking hell, you on nbn or something? surprised you can manage 1800kbps

Any PC games where I can drive them nice Audi and Toyota Prototypes?

Yeah, I'm on fiber.

From this year? Not that I know...
But GTR2, rFactor 1&2, Project Cars, AC (and a lot more probably) got some nice models from 2015 and before.

Like I said, upscaled garbage. It looks no better than the regular stream on fullscreen.

Your shitty garbage board for unfunny faggots is this way

>toyota turbo technology

Damn'it, again.


somewhat, but I don't think any of the usual suspect sims have the ability to properly model the ers and hybrid systems

>Toyota Hybrid

Hybrid of working parts and broken parts





Still hurts.




pick one



>missed two hours of the race
Fuck's sake.

What happened to the Deltawing this time?


>missed 2 hours

Sure it wasn't 2 years?

Wait. I watched the IMSA qualifying. Wrong bloody championship.

Dat sunset...
It's 2 am here, but that shit is absolutely the best.

Man, I still love this race. I need to get back to this next year.

Hope it still happens.

I'd pick Sebring over COTA, tbqh.

I've been to Sebring three times already, lad. It is awesome. Probably going to do Daytona next year instead.

But I'm talking about the WEC side of things anyway; I'm between Mexico and going back to Austin, depending on what the WEC does next year schedule wise.

jelly as fugg
I've only ever gotten to see trucks at Mosport.

One day. ;_;

You'll get your chance, m8. Keep saving up! It is 100% worth it.

On the plus side, Mosport is an epic track. Of the ones to see, that ain't bad.

Let me also add you can get one way flights and rent cars for WAY less than you'd think. If you already own camping supplies? You could do Sebring for like $500 easy

>FERRA... ....Wait...

>camping to save on accomo
Not a bad idea senpai.

What's on y'alls bucket list? Pretty much everything for me.
24h Spa/Classics
24h Nurburg
24h Lemans
Lime Rock IMSA
Mosport IMSA
Laguna Seca IMSA
Road America IMSA
Laguna Seca IMSA/Classics
Fuji WEC

lmao what


>Lead Audi BTFO

It's the ONLY sensible way to do enduros, m8. Everyone at Sebring, Daytona, and Le mans camps.

If you're into Thunderhill, you should really check out the SCCA runoffs. They'll be at Indy Motor Speedway next year. I plan to be there.


>ctrl alt del

24hr Spa, Nurburgring, Daytona, and Le Mans for enduros.
Monaco for F1.
Goodwood Festival of Speed.
If they have endurance events at Suzuka then that too.
Pike's Peak.
Nevada Open Road Race.


24H - Le Mans, Spa, Ring
America - Sebring, PLM, Road America, Pikes Peak
Asia/Aus - Suzuka 1000km, Fuji 6H, Bathurst 12H

I'll add in Indy 500
Maybe Fontana or Pocono instead would be acceptable

>Bathurst 12h
Right on m8

The start of the race with the cars hurtling up the mountain in complete darkness is amazing

Forgot about Bathurst. Whack that one on the list too.
As long as I get to see Bentleys bullying people around for 12 hours I'm happy wherever it is.

I can't even imagine. If i had more money I'd go there next year instead of Daytona.

Spinning again





Lotterer can only do so much.
He's being handicapped by the car.

I wonder if the drivers get distracted by the fireworks

>Larbre Competition might switch to GTE Pro next year
They've been so loyal to Corvette it's nice to see them get some recognition.

So who else is doing the double?
Taylor is in the AM Corvette, Dalziel for ESM, so where are the other two?

I was playing GT5 and it got me on a couple of different instances.

Richard Bradley and Ben Barker

Based Pippo is driving the #31 but he can't fight for first place in P2

kek KEK






That's the problem with multiclass racing.
It's always been that way.
You're supposed to share the track.

I never feel sorry for the prototypes, they're also sticking their shit where it doesn't need to be and feel entitled to every inch of track. In this case, he could have waited an extra 1/4 second before swerving back in front


Was that Rob Zombie?

Irrelevant, but still funny.

Could Toyota actually win this race?

It's still relevant for Lapierre, that's why he's been in LMP2 since.

>Yellow Flag

Did he just not know?

No. Stop asking.


It's a replay of what caused the yellow flag. If you look at the marshals they're all waving greens before the crash.

Well, he's doing a good job with Alpine,

magnus walker


>"let me explain, again, why WEC is better than F1"
yeah sometimes I wish they would tone it down on the F1 bashing. It looks like an inferiority complex.

Being team proton is truly suffering isn't it?

wrong, it was the beginning of a code 60 zone, they installed big flashing lights that year to indicate them. he should have known

>Aston on the loose

If I remember correctly, there was a miscommunication to either the drivers or the flag marshals about the sector that was the beginning of the slow zone, which is why you had the marshals waving green flags while a handful of GT cars were going slow.

>Aston on the roose



Go on.



That show is underrated

Thank you for the kek, Australia

Got any close ups of the welds on the exhaust?

l.. lewd

>catalytic converter shots
not on a work safe board user

How's the race been?

Take an educated guess and you'd probably be right.

>Audi leading and then choking

...Porsche gonna win.

You didn't miss much.

Pretty much. Not a BAD race, especially before the sun set. But Audi had quite a few mis-steps that put them out. Toyota still nowhere to be found.

Bad End


>Toyota still nowhere to be found
They're trying !

>tfw it's my webm

I know, lad. I know


An almost faultless run from the #6 and they're 3rd, behind an Audi which needed an extra stop to close it's door.

It's not laps behind, but it's still not enough

I just actually scanned through the thread to catch up with the race (as nobody gives a fuck about any other racing here except for F1, and the other channel that used to show off endurance racing in our cable provider doesn't do so anymore).

They still gotta keep on trying, man.

Now this was a bit more of a heartbreaker if you were rooting for the Nismeme to be competent.

hattrick for #1 porsche

And this one was the very start of my sadness for Toyota in Endurance Racing (and probably the first one where I actually managed to stay up watching a lot of the race)

I remember being extremely butthurt on how the BMWs beat it.

NB for double

That monster was a GT1 in 98.

>First race ever is a 24 hour enduro
Shouldn't be a problem, right?

If you expected it not to be a trash fire, you were delusional. That it was as big of a trash fire as it was is still amazing.

While I was kind of hoping it did at least survive, I had much more enjoyment in laughing at it botching everything off the get go on that race (and felt bad for Tincknell, he did good in LMP2 prior).

Now I wish I had the webm of the engine and door covers blown open right at the early parts.

The Porsche GT1 was so sexy. Toyota cheated, the Toyota GT-One wasn't even a real GT1 class but a pre LMP1.

Agreed, lad. Agreed.




>Porsche garage blasting Metallica

Signatech wins in lmp2.
Good job.

Aston wins in GT/GTE

Meh, good race

B-but Toyota totally followed the rules though and they even had a road car and everything.

Kidding aside, wasn't it these (kind of thinking of the GT-One and maybe the Porsche and Mercedes before it) that kind of killed GT1 in general but eventually paved the way for the LMPs? I'm kinda curious.

Sleep, shower, Blancpain, catch up on IMSA COTA race, F1 highlights. Shame Speed With Guy Martin isn't on tonight.

Yes it was, completely.. Somehow.
Until 2004, and Maserati coming with that MC12


Entered the thread because I saw COTA.
Are these races any fun to attend if you're not into racing? I live in Austin and my parents are always getting extra tickets.
I'm more of a 1/4 mile drag fan.

The toyota did 90 seconds less time in the pits than the audi. Still not enough.

go to f1 for taytay

GT1 was a joke from the start.

There's really nowhere to have top level supercars race without opening yourself up to homologation specials and other shenanigans.

>I'm more of a 1/4 mile drag fan.
I. Uh. Huh.

you should absolutely go

>these happy frogs

Trying to find somebody with an extra ticket mate, definitely want to see Tay and all the inevitable titty flashing for The Weeknd.
I'm not a redneck sister fucker I just like drag racing I promise.

>There's really nowhere to have top level supercars race without opening yourself up to homologation specials and other shenanigans.

not that there's anything wrong with that, to spectators. It's just their opponents get a little butthurt

>yfw even the 962 is a gt1

Yes but I love these GT1 car

It's a bit disappointing watching the world's fastest street car get shrekked by a car that doesn't exist.

>ironically it was the one that looked the most like a race car

That's okay, lad. I just don't think anything could be more polar opposite to drag racing than a 6 hour endurance race.

Besides maybe a 24 hour endurance race.

See you in Japan

Hindy is the fucking worst commentator out of all of the RLM team. He's blind as fuck, never gets what's going on at the track, and talks so much shit that is just plain wrong too.

Anyone has webms of the crashes of Audi/Ferd and Manor/Ferd?