/wcoh/ - USA vs Europe

How can a country that has the state of hockey lose to a team that isn't even a country??

reminder that NA is the real team for Americans


How will the american'ts ever recover from this? Will they ever be able to post here with that flag in peace again?

US goal incoming

So why the hell are there Russian ads on the boards?

4th for matthews has been invisible

inb4 salty americans hoping for injuries in the canada-czechia thread


CGI eyerape magic

What did they mean by this?

>my visage when the NHL have decided that our away jerseys are our home jerseys for this meme cup

>Matthews has been the 2nd best American player this tournament, Gaudreau is 1st

Stand tall ameritards, the Olympics might be nice to you if NHL players go

On ESPN the ads are CGI, not sure if other broadcasters are doing it but that would explain it

>it was 0-0
lmao what happened??

>tfw dubs republic will beat Kanada for da 'rope

yeah, i'm thinking about that too

kinda tired and i gotta do stuff tonight, better to get more rest since it's a guaranteed canada win

tomorrow's match ups are better tomorrow to be honest with you

>sweden v russia
>na v shitland

thanks, lad

>shitland is a cap team
>if it was an NHL team it'll probably be worse than the shitlers

czech tv has it too

It looks like team europe scored three goals

Sportsnet have it

>we're playing in blue

this meme tournament wasn't even worth following anyway


Enroth is probably our least bad goalie right now desu

what the hell is this thread about? is there some tournament?

weak penalty

these refs are such a joke

American grit couldn't stop 3rd line europeans

No that would be Markström who has 100% save percentage and looked unbeatable vs Finland

who /playing wow until the next game starts/ here?

>tfw cold wind outside when you open window to fresh the air in room
>tfw no fireplace and comfy couch >tfw no blonde austrian gf in wool sweater

>another winter coming, life is the same empty and sad

The gay sex championship is in full swing.

USA are currently being ass fucked by team europe.


You can only reply to this post if you are from Europe and therefore not an American aka a loser

World cup of hockey. Opening game is USA vs Europe.

>live in a rural area
>rednecks are always burning leaves
>can't open the window to enjoy the crisp air without dealing with the fumes
sucks man

How old are you?

Me refreshing int


Kane trying to stir up some shit.

Live for Kot

why do swedes like gay sex so much?

>Halak spears Kane
>Kane backs off

lmao what a cuck


>tfw days are getting darker



>WoW in 2016
You need to be 18 to post here

This is what you get for electing a nazi like Trump as your president.

>tfw you're a fucking moron who can't coach for shit

I love when people burn leaves and sticks at autumn and spirng.

>american hockey

No, he's a nationalist fascist . Think Mussolini

Hillary would go full Saddam and have players who don't perform disappear.

Rate my snacks.. Went grocery shopping yesterday

>looking for deflections

it's fine on occasion, if I am sitting outside with a beer or driving with the windows down, but where I live it is literally every day that my neighbors burn once the leaves start falling .

US doing now what they should have been doing all game..

empty calories/10

>Like the 4th time Kesler has lost track of the puck in comedic ways



Pls dont kill Halak we need him for the season

how much do those cost?

No, this is the lip-wrested rollovers you'd expect from electing a criminal like Clinton as our president.

Trump will make Team USA okay again

How long do you play?

>tfw feeling too sick to eat

>oreo churros

How fat are you

>Europe's ahead but not out of the woods yet
>4:31 minutes left
I wish there was a no commentator option

>no frozen enchiladas or taco bowls
>no tombstone pizza

looks like bettman called in the fix

lmao @ quick

>oreo churros
Jesus america... Oreos aren't even good cookies

I only remembered the game now. Can someone tell me why the team Europe jerseys are from the year 1993?

>placing CGI advertising on top of advertising
>donut cheeseburger

I think we've gone too far

You gonna catch the 'betus son.
Those tater tots look pretty good tho.

>yuropoors will NEVER know how good AMERICAN bbq taste like

espn doesnt want there team eliminated

i mean THEORHETICALLY usa could meme their way back

but haha noooooo


I honestly wish you could buy snacks like this in Sweden as well. Our unhealthy departments are not nearly as big as yours. I've seen it for myself at Walmart.

>cheeseburger that is premade in a box

you are not a real american

>34 vs 16 for your tem
>still manage to lose 0-3

How is this even possible.

oh look; Kanes back to do nothing

>Oreos aren't even good cookies

I almost can smell the freedom from my 4" screen.

Btw we dont have non of these products, only orions - as a small crackers. Pretty expensive btw

>eating burnt shit

enjoy your cancer


By having Quick instead of Schneider

They're not. They are really bland tbf

Rate my fridge bros

That would look good if it wasn't burnt

Stay mad losers while I enjoy my donut cheeseburger

>wine in the fridge

Please support fennoswede Fazer and buy their products. And some pågen gifflar

oh look. it's the catastrophe on ice team 2016

Is that red wine in your fridge?

That's not your fridge

What if instead of 8 teams, there was a 32 team 2 game aggregate tournament?

Even then the bad good countries would get to win a few games.


quality over quantity

How much did you tip for all that pizza?


>hot pepper berry bacon jam


whats wrong with that?


Ballerina kladdkaka is 10000 times better than pooreos

fazer was swiss though

>1 minute left

can the USA catch up?


I jelly. Do you have a car? R u a student?

I am 21 y.o. and i still ride bus like a fucking schooler

Wish i was in murica and could ride 2005 f-150 or 2007 corvette cabrio...

no he was fennoswede

You need to learn to cook my friend.
Save some money and it can be relaxing.

Nice joke.

>not Disko

>those hands
>that chin
enjoy this last decade of your life

Here is the comeback

Good post

don't even pretend you swine

Just started watching. How is our roster in this tournament? Do we have a chance on the gold? Is Lundqvist still good?

by christ, even your fucking HAND is fat. how fat do you have to be to have a fucking fat hand?

>there's a minute left
>we need a goal

kill me

No he wasn't, they came here in the 1850s.


>be american
>cower in tower

We're gonna finish last in our group



ballerina a shit
oreos aren't meant to be eaten straight out the box. they're dry and shitty. you have to soak them in milk and that's when they become GOAT



Will this be Torts best ever press conference lads?


>Is Lundqvist still good?
>implying he ever was

What did USA mean by this?


USA got fucking obliterated
what a joke

>How is our roster in this tournament?
great defense, okay forwards but nothing special

>Do we have a chance on the gold?

>Is Lundqvist still good?
he's still pretty good, not near as good as he has been

>(You) S A BTFO

It's meh
A small chance I guess
We'll see about that

I know. I still think they're pretty bland.

Feel proud to be European.

What language did he speak? Oh, he spoke Swedish? Im sorry, but that makes him Fennoswede. Lots of german, swiss, french, valloon immigrants here but they are still Swedish

probably no speed cap

You're pretty fat m8.
You do have the freedom to get fat but for christ sake frozen cheeseburgers are no way to do it. Make your own beetus burgers

>oreo churros

jelly tbqh

Lmao what a shit game. This jew tournament is cancer. NA teens will tryhard and win it all

sure whatever

>no english player

Nice "european" team

>internet cap
Why are anglos so third world when it comes to technology?


I can buy 0.5 kg of chicken meat(clear met no bones no skin) for a price of small pencil-box pqck of orios

we're not good enough

maybe in a decade once the khl pool elevates our homegrown talent


Brexit desu le Satan

>This jew tournament is cancer
>best out of 3 final
It's made up in a way so that Canada will win.

A team might beat Canada in one game, but not in a best of 3

It's ok pekka. With enough pakkoruotsi, you can also one day become fennoswede. When that day comes, you will baptised as Cai-Peter Pihlström, Fennoswede.

dastardly brilliant post

probably because they make oreos in Mexico, and pesos are worth a lot more than rubles

Brit-tards are useless at any sport
They're even horrible at their own national sport

How fkn bad is last seasons Hart-winner?

I have a feeling this is happening because America is literally a nation of cucks. Ask any American their ethnicity and its usually something like "1/8 Ukrainian, 1/8 Mexican. 1/8 French, 1/8 Scottish 1/8 German, 1/4 Italian" or something therabouts.

BO3 is 100% canada against anyone with a coach like babc0ck

half of team europe isn't in the eu ya spacker

ummn where's your khl team sweetie x


uh, americans have european heritage so they win too


This generation of team 'murica peaked in 2010. A few years down the line when Team NA boyos make it they might be good again.


Nation of immigrants you mean.
I'm an American first I still know where my family came from.

wait a minute

why isn't Kessel on Team USA?

Too busy eating hotdogs ut of stanley cup

because torts is a retard

>Nation of immigrants
Is USA like Sweden?

We place a premium on assimilating and not being muslim, so I like to think we're slightly better then them.



Americans got destroyed today.

In don't think this semen slurping tournament is for me

We've beaten them twice in the last ten days when it was a tournament that mattered. The players probably just fell asleep.

Tony Hand tried to make the team but he couldn't get a leg up on younger forwards and foot the bill associated with the NHL insurance issues. Vagina

WE fucking did it lads


fucking terrible coach.

Just fuck my team up...