Remind me again why college sports exist in the USA?

Remind me again why college sports exist in the USA?

Do you enjoy watching amateurs play sports?

Do you go watch little league sports for entertainment?

Do you enjoy watching low skilled people attempt to play sports?

t. Roger Goodell

Because they don't play NFL games on Saturdays and you don't have to pay college players.

what small liberal arts college did you go to?

Remind me again why amatuer porn exists in the USA?

do you enjoy watching amateurs fuck?

Because some people just like watching American Football and the NFL doesn't play on saturdays.

because slavery was so much fun

>muh school spirit
>muh literal shit degree from hillbilly U
>muh great football team

its so fun admitting low iq athletes thus tuition has to be increased to pay for their scholarships and all the bullshit related with their athletics (clothes/facilities)

good time



>implying these athletes dont bring millions of dollars to the university through tv deals and booster money while you and your art degree arent a financial drain to their bottom line

>tuition has to be increased to pay for their scholarships
their scholarships are paid via athletic associations which operate independently of university budgets

Amateurs are noble, they are students first and athletes second. They cram for finals on the bus that takes them around the country.

They ask not for money, they ask not for fame. They ask only for you to watch them play their game

There is nothing more romantic than the student athlete. Watching amateurs is far better than watching professionals as the Amateurs do it for the love of the game.

>they are students first

Because you're watching future NFL/NBA players there. It's kinda like how Junior Major hockey leagues in Canada work. Seeing future stars playing is great. I remember seeing Crosby playing against my local team back when he was with the Rimouski Oceanic and that shit was great. Biggest hockey attendance.

Then are all Texans pedos?

What are the 1950s like grandpa?

College sports are where basketball and football first became popular.

>Liberal going to college to get a useless gender studies degree and tries to have an opinion on something he knows nothing about.

Because the NBA and NFL had found a way to make a farm system that pays the players the same amount as a janitor on a french animation discussion forum makes.

It's brilliant!

Alabama could literally beat any NFL team. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Every school wants to have fun more than they want to go to class, your average student would rather play the opposite sex than they would play school

I see the comedy of a young person, you're just unfunny

I really hope Nixon gets in over Kennedy, can't trust those Catholics


NBA/NFL get free farm systems. NCAA makes bank. Universities make bank. Only people that get screwed over are the really good players because they can't earn their real value

>low skilled amateurs

I've seen some great SEC football games over the past decade all over the southeast. The environment and tailgating is unparalleled to the pros of any sport. Also seen and met some great players that are great in the pros now too. Guess it would kinda blow watching the Mountain West conference, hell you could probably walk on the team tho.

This is bait but they actually do ask for money (and get it) and ask for fame. If they get famous they get money, and a bigger chance of being drafted by a pro league.

Also, the athletes who are good enough to draw millions of people to watch their games are not students first. See: Cardale Jones, UNC as proof. You think Cam Newton at Auburn was a student first? Kek. The only ones who are students first are division 3 athletes who play sports for fun and D1 bench warmers/walk ons.

Oh look it's this shit bait thread again. kys, OP

>art degree
implying it's not a gender studies degree