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why so intimidated by canucks?

Far too many pakis in this lounge for my liking tbqh

reaching comfiness levels that shouldn't even be possible

Thats nice senpai, whered the zipperhead go?

v v good photo pal, pretty cool how you captured the lighting like that. You into photography or something?

whites are blown pmsl

Sure hope you guys got on the brewers tonight, cant keep giving these away for free.

What lounge is it?

thank you comrade. I didn't get on til the 7th inning. Better late than never!

good karma for you ;)

Give me a (you)

Good stuff.

More for you my man.

I said it before and I'll say it again;

99% of games you believe to be "fixed" are not fixed at all.

Not a single game today was actually fixed. Things that have low probability of happening WILL happen once every now and then, i.e. lots of late goals. Big lumps also doesn't mean something is "fixed", it more often than not means speculation.

This is not meant to be a rebuke - this is meant to be a reminder. You are following anonymous claims of fixes with your real money. On fucking Cred Forums of all places. This was especially incredibly sad back in February/March with that Georgian guy and then in May/June with the Albanian proxy - they won 1 (ONE) bet with odds around 2.50-3.00, claimed it was a fix and then post some more brilliant "fixes" that lost in the end. Obviously.

If there is ONE rule /bet/ should have carved in stone it should be: "NEVER FOLLOW ANY TIP THAT CLAIMS A GIVEN GAME IS FIXED". This is the easiest way to lose everything you have. This is more important than "NEVER CHASE LOSSES" and more important than "AVOID BETTING ON HUNCHES".

Stay away from the allegedly "fixed" games and in the long run (which is the only run that matters) you'll be better off.

Also, anyone who posts anything along the lines of "tears at anyone who didn't back..." AFTER the actual game WITHOUT posting the tip before should be shot. If you have a good tip to share then share it - otherwise it means fuck all and your presence in the thread is pointless.

Been a long time since I've seen this copypasta

Sounds like you missed the fix buddy

>Euan outing himself as being THIS new


Hey Juve, don't make it bad
Take a bad slip and make it better
Remember, to let Toras into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

just been on skype with my gf, shes gone to bed now

im here to banter with the lads, oi oi!!! :P

whats going on then? Hass you madman! out tonight?

strange post this

>tfw 80% of posts in /bet/ are made by me

Who's your BEST character?

Good advice pal

Not sure who all my characters are honestly. I make so many posts about so many things. Constantly bringing fresh ideas and memes to /bet/.

Plus I dont want to spoil it by revealing who my characters are.

There are 1 or 2 other real thread architects in /bet/ who have similar power to me.

Absolute SUMS on LDU

Moving into uni tomorrow and then it's gonna be DRINKS DRINKS DRINKS ;) ;) ;) oi oi!
>pretending to be me

Drinking is haram m8

Please have sex

Through laying favourites for a month I have found out that it IS unprofitable. SURELY that would mean, conversely, that backing favourites IS profitable?

please do a highschool level stats course and then try again.

/bet/ meet gonna be surreal, actually excited af dont care if that sounds gay lol

printed out t shirts for us all too, my sister works in a t shirt printing place so get discount

got 10 cause didnt think there would be any more than that but can always get more if needed

they just say;

the fix is in

on the back so far

can get them personalised too

anyone know what name they would like on theirs like?

Nick Goff on mine pls m8

Would like "MASSIVE DANGER" in all caps on yours

can Canada come, you guys seem to love us

Finger me


Proper comfy lads sitting in bed updating my laptop with Bombay mix

Who needs a shag when you have a mix of tasty nuts at your disposal

>Moving in on a Sunday

bet365 bookies TREMBLING with fear.

Every single underdog odd in this parlay has dropped.

Could this be another classic metaKnight NFL parlay?

Why does no one bet on South American football

Can a long distance relationship ever work lids?

How long distance and how often do you see each other?

Yes m8
used to since I enjoyed watching Serie A but its lotto shite m8.

Because it's rigged af and there are NO GOALS

TorasDevil on the back of mine please

Serie A is Italy you fucking melt

i second that. I'm going to fly to London (should cost me about a day's worth of betting profits).

Can you print a personalized metaKnight text onto my shirt please?

>implying yours isnt already 'PERMa DAC'

Different countries; 3/4 times a year.

I can probably move over there and live pretty comfortable but it'll take 2/3 years to get my shit together first.

Want TT on the back of mine

pmsl then no

why are you wasting your time on that?

is she in south america?

Probably getting blacked right now lid tbqh

She in South America?
Me Gusta?

just had a startling revelation during my meditations

will post soon

"Berankis = stat padding bitch" on mine please m8.

She's better than anything I'll ever get here.
Doubt it lid, but muh memes.


>Having a girlfriend

So so -ev

Need to learn punctuation, lid. Unless you actually have some comfortable men in your bed, and your laptop is being updated to include Bombay Mix

>they don't have my Bombay Mix on spotify

>needing punctuation
>on Cred Forums

You are an odd little man.

>She's better than anything I'll ever get here.

Do you mean because you think every girl here is bad or because you dont have enough confidence to get a good girl here?

How is someone you see 3/4 times a year good for you? You are supposed to have intimacy and contact with your girlfriend. You cant create any memories or just do normal couple things weekly because of the distance.

She WILL fall out of love with you and leave you for someone better or someone like you thats close to her.

Exactly so why dont you just bet under 2.5 goals in every game ?

Can all those who replied to this actually turn up then?

I am going to be in Manchester on Nov. 26th, no joke. If you guys are just fucking memeing then I wil be upset.

The /bet/ meet is confirmed for Pitcairn Islands


can someone send this to Goffy and ask him to give an opinion

Get @basten11 to do it, kek.

Some of you guys are alright.
Don't go to Manchester on November the 28th.

Mixture if both desu, it's complicated, I don't really get out much here as I work all the time but then I also use that as an excuse I guess.

I do get a lot of time off but use that exclusively to travel as I hate living in the UK.

3/4 times a year is better than 0 times a year pmsl


Good value bet:
No 4th goal in the Portland timbers game in play 5/2

its the 26th you fucking prick

ooh look at me im brown and drink WKDs!!

ooh freshers week gonna bag myself some fresh meat haha such a lad XD


/bet/ meet up needs to be in London. All the lads live down south. Only Euan lives up north.

Pretty sure it was 28th... v v confused now

/bet/ meet up should be in Nottingham

Why the fuck would it be on a Monday?

Worst idea I've heard in a long time pal.


Gonna turn up to the meet-up and hour early and lurk in the corner of the pub with a trenchcoat and a broadsheet newspaper with carefully cut out eye-holes to watch the cringe unfold.


No. Most of the influential and powerful anons live in the north too as far as I know.

have sex

with me

You'll need a mirror for that, not a newspaper . PMSL.

It's in Manchester because I literally cannot afford to travel elsewhere ftr

>tfw can never turn up to the meet up because /bet/ will find out about my ethnicity


V v concerned about my flight dates now

Instituto DNB?

Same lad





/bet/ meetup where?


We know you're a shade of brown.

>making a strawpoll when it was already decided to be manchester THREE MONTHS ago

I swear you said you were a sandnigger several times lid?

Go to London if you want a fucking paki party

North if you want a good honest drink with the lads

Im not changing the meet lad. Just curious where people live.

racism is the sauce of the neanderthal


Reminder this isn't the real Juveguy. And that's pretty sad

TennisTipster insists he is white.
At least I think that is what his clicks and grunts on the Discord were trying to communicate.

Pitcairn Island lid

It is. Can confirm.

>another Liverpool user

Want to meet up mate? Which character are you?

London for the actual /bet/ characters meet up and a crazy night.

Manchester for a bunch of professional gamblers sitting around drinking whisky and going home at 10 cos the wife's sons got a footy match tomorrow.

All me.

Why isn't the meet up in Scotland? V v confused that we aren't meeting up closer to the leader of /bet/ home

Why does Yorkshire get it's own category pmsl

Apparently Pitcairn island used to be a Loli paradise. V v interesting en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitcairn_sexual_assault_trial_of_2004

No, you can't

liverpool uni oi oi big up kebabs

*slow clap*

Considering 80% of the characters and gimmicks in /bet/ are created by me and another 1 or 2 anons this is completely false.

Because it''s God's own country

If you boys can get a bet in on Christian McCaffrey tonight, id get on it. Tune in to watch some magic.

>and another 1 or 2 anons
please stop

>this faggotry

I am the most famous because I introduced Africa by Toto to /bet/


ONLY reason to have /bet/ meet in London is the tiny chance of the original Hass turning up and beating the shit out of current Hass.

Still prefer Manchester though.

Original Hass is Scottish, you thicko

>original Hass turning up and beating the shit out of current Hass
original Hass is a Scottish twink pmsl

TT says he is white and has posted this pic as proof

>2 Birmingham votes

Who's the other one?

what the fuck? No he isnt.

I am the one who has been tracking the original Hass, I am the one who knew him... before.

He is from London, this is why at first I thought 'Hass' was him.


Absolute TEARS if you weren't on

Me lid


>the banter bus STILL hasn't been hired
zzz who's on it

Newcastle is the best city in Britain and it can't be beaten except maybe by San Diego.

Would love to have a Montreal meetup. FAR better city than anywhere in England. In fact it has the best nightlife in the world IMO.

When did you last see him post?
He was in a Vanbanter snapchat slide in video a few weeks ago

Nice try Goffy

why would you need a bus when you live there? odd man

original Hass far precedes any VanBanter videos being posted here, thats all new Hass stuff

original Hass may not have posted here for well over a year

What's so special about San Diego lid? Seattle is the best American city in every way.

>pretending to be me

Or are you seriousl suggesting there's a 3rd Hass

>tfw can't take my trip off in real life

>why would you need a bus when you live there? odd man

Imagine not knowing the full itinerary. We're meeting up in Manchester and taking the banter bus to Amsterdam. This was decided ages ago. PLEASE catch up with the times.

Look mate. I am the one who has started this whole original Hass thing, looking for him.

I assume you are just looking for nibs. Please explain who this 'scottish Hass' is.

Profound post




Me on the right.


What's pmsl mean?

Down so much that I'm not even enjoying this exceptional thread

baka lids this isn't
is it?

Punching my son (ludicrous)

Please make sandwich lad

Praise be to Allah.

Won the 3 cheeky multis I put on before going to sleep the past 3 nights pmsl.

this is a very enjoyable thread

if /bet/ was a coin this would sum up one side of said coin

the other side is great tips

Saving this. Not even going to ask for permission.

M8 you're clearly clueless if you don't know who original Hass is

Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to /bet/ on weekends

Appreciate it

I just posted a winning tip and everyone ignored it literally fuck you all


Do you watch Neighbours?

philthy mugs so lueless

>fractional odds

have sex

This is giving me a slightly worrying erection

pooped my shorts, lol

>decimal odds

literally fuck off you foreign cunt, disgrace to england


no ty

my gf is really smart lads, loves a levels so far :) x

No, only watch some sports, news and National Geographic on the TV. Neighbours is any old generic relationship drama crap that I used to watch years ago before realizing just how worthless these types of shows were.

WHY does /bet/ hate them so much?

thanks for the tip mate :)

Would love to tutor her


its okay lol! enjoy your winnings :)

It reminds them of the winning slips Dave down the Queen's Head shows them every weekend while they're DAC from "value""" bets pmsl

please dont think about my princess like that pal x

Please stop pretending to be me. Won't ask again.

First good post by you in this thread. Keep it up.


>"Newly Initiated Brother." Used by Fraternities to describe pledges who have recently been initiated

>A British slang term used, jokingly, to refer to someone who is a bit full of themself, snobbish, and/or aristocratic. Who, basically, has an over-large ego.

which is it?

Enjoyed this post

More awkward to calculate in your head and difficult to instantly see the ev

not being big headed guys but I have the only winning tip ITT and with amazing odds too

10/10 post

New in betting scene

literally want you to die

>tfw tried to explain this to someone

b-but muh 8/13 odds

It's simple, you fucking moron. Just divide 8/13 (off the top of my head, that's 0.615) and add 1, so 1.65. What could be easier?

IMAGINE not being able to do simple sums in your head. Uneducated idiots.

there's no point arguing with these decimal retards, they're too lazy/dumb to do simple math

50th >you today. cheers lid.

This post is Euan's LIFE

i first started reading /bet when i was about 12. by 14 i got really obsessed with the concept of “irony” and tried to channel it constantly, until my thought process got really bizarre and i would repeat things like “nigger balls” and “i love shitting inside nigger assholes” in my head for hours, and i would get really paranoid, start seeing things in the corners of my eyes etc, basically prodromal schizophrenia. im now on antipsychotics. i always wondered what the kind of “ironic” style of /bet/ humor was all about; i think it’s the unconscious leaking in to the conscious, what jungian theory considered to be the cause of schizophrenic and schizotypal syptoms. i would advise all people who “get” /bet/ to be careful because that likely means you have a predisposition to a mental illness. peace.

Lets settle it


And thank you for my 82th

oh boy surely everyone wont just vote fractons for nibs right? XD

>Don't Cherry going off pregame about how Petr Mrazek could steal this game for the Czechs
>he's not even the starting goalie tonight

I still love the man

I AM /bet/

Strange man


Also I URGE you to tune into the hockey game. Gonna be a barn burner.

I like to think of /bet/ like a fire. Sometimes difficult to get going. Worked really hard at the start of this thread to set the tone and its worked a treat, fantastic posts left and right. Really what you need on a saturday night.

Other times when its roaring I enjoy to just sit back and relax in front of it, as I am now. I dont do much in these moments.


Hassan prefers bum burners.

>not watching the best show on tv


Thoughts on new Hass?

He is a good guy but suffering from the Euan curse.

Dad slays

Cherry is mentally ill.

Tried to find the +3AH but best odds were @1.66. Worth taking? Also, is there a stream?


Yeah I like +2.5 should be close ish.

Also on o1.5 first period. Gonna monitor the game totals.

Cbc might have stream on their website.

He paints the town brown

Worried about his mental health. Spends too much time on /bet/.

Thoughts on Juve?


Honestly he reminds me of myself 2-3 years ago.


Never mind, I was hoping for a youtube stream like the IIHF, but I guess Bettman wouldn't let that happen

Reminiscent of original Hass desu. Feel like Juve is the key to all of this

Good banter, but a bit clueless. Keeps /bet/ healthy

Thoughts on Maple?


You know it to be true.

Fat dirty and dumb.

There's definitely some on the illegal sites i guess.

Makes a good syrup.

who are you, you talk about bettman like you watch this shit....


1 more this period and then no more pls.

Reminder I am the alpha and the omega of /bet/. /bet/ is merely my toy to bat around like a cat with a ball of yarn

Thoughts on TT?

PMSL, you cry in the mirror every night.

Wish they'd have verified odds for inplay tips

You put the bet in beta.

miss this Euan desu, been too soft lately

PMSL how will he recover


Any UFC fights worth betting on?

So while meditating, /bet/ came into my mind and I realised something.

The reason why you would never guess TTs nationality is because TT isnt a real person.

He is a character created by another /bet/ user.

THe question is, who?


does anyone remember what my trip was I forgot lol

very interesting. Kinda like Fight Club

I've doxxed TT, he is very much a real person.

kek, didnt realise Euan greentext'd me


Important poll about some characters

TT is a 21 year old Somalian living in London. Really not too exciting.

Didn't he say he was Moroccan several times?

Juve is SP. They have the same weird and creative imagination.

Albania is a different person.

Algerian mother and Somali father iirc.

who was SP again?

Could really use a goal in a few games right now

was about to ask this

>le newfriend maymay

Go-go canada

Would recommend a little bit on o5.5 canada vs Czech.

2nd period o1.5 goals.
Small on Canada to score in every period.

Lads I may be a genius. You can buy three seats in a row for half the price of a first class seat and it is far comfier. I have ridiculous legroom and can even lay down and sleep if I want.

Where are you going?

If it's single figure hours it's so -ev

Everyone and no-one. The hero bet needs

>stop posting
>thread suddenly grinds to a halt

I hope /bet/ listened to me on Christian McCaffrey tonight.

is canelo by ud THE bet?

Canelo by points. Parlay it with Henderson if you are feeling risky.

need someone to score in this hockey match

there you go.

Maple such a judge

Thought Czechs would keep the game closer but at least we can gauge the next games better because of it.

52 (You)s in this thread. No one has more than me.

Warm glass of milk and off to bed you go then

May as well get on either Canada to win all periods or Canada 3rd period ML....whichever you can find or has better odds.

You got greedy and are chasing now, should have just took my tip pregame and went from there.

I'm not chasing. Already up from o1.5 1st and 2nd periods, cancelling out Czechs+2.5.

where's that strange irish man that said robertson u2.5 was THE BET?

got on, ty for free money

c9 @ 1.53 against envyUs is even more free

cash out or keep?

what's with brits drinking warm milk? that's disgusting.

Can't cashout, won't cash out

Most riskiest left is prolly Crystal Palace and maybe St Et

worst time on /bet/

everyone's sleeping


>implying I'm not livebetting on japanese league 2

These types of markets are just too funny sometimes.

You could have posted on my bet

this will come through

Stoke defense looked absolutely dire last week.

sorry lad, rude of me ;_;

Any bets going for yourself? I'm just a soccer/nrl punter myself.

Hassy you up for global?

im a clueless mug

just scab on bets but maybe i should start betting on my own tips

It's worth getting into it if you genuinely enjoy a sport so it's not tedious to research etc.

metaKnight so DAC


>all these cash outs

return of the cashOutKing

>it's an "rball guy falls asleep and it's stuck on "dangerous attack" for five minutes" episode


apparently c9

odds shifting against c9

V V worried

are there any CS:GO Judges here? have they altered the CT sidedness of cobble, overpass, train and nuke?

>c9 winning easily (10-4) now
>but my bet lost already because I combined it with dustin pooirier
baffled on how I bet against the blacksplosiveness

C9 is getting fucked up

Absolute kek if you aren't on Southampton spurs and Madrid triple

>aussie tips


Watford are @6.2

Best odds you will ever get bookies are having a laugh m8

>Explosion in New York
>Stabbing in Minnesota

This has to stop


>toras tipping +


What about btts? I think it might be alright

The value is in Watford win or double chance/dnb

A degenerate is a compulsive gambler, an addict. Its a disease. Some common traits:

1. Will watch every game wagerd on, from start to finish, or if unable to watch, will watch online scoreboards, or score pagers, or call score phones.

2. Will often say, I NEED this one.

3. Takes into account how his current wagers are doing in order to decide on how many, and how much to put on upcoming wagers.

4. Other areas of life are all drastically affected but the obsession to gambling.

5. Has the ability to lose entire bankroll on one little bad streak.

6. Has no concept of "big picture" or "long term"

7. Mood is unbelievably altered by wins and losses.

I just like losing money

That's why if you can't handle losing stop straight away

everything aside from
>5. Has the ability to lose entire bankroll on one little bad streak.
>6. Has no concept of "big picture" or "long term"
>7. Mood is unbelievably altered by wins and losses.

does that make me an addict or not

1 and 3 with a hint of 2

love watching cs go, dont even play it but its so thrilling.


if you have a small bank roll does that count

really like the look of this bet desu
Both Teams to Score + Win Double

17:00 - Inter Milan vs Juventus [Serie A]
19:45 - Espanyol vs Real Madrid [La Liga]

£10 returns £142

That's what you get from betting in meme sports

lids lids lids ;)

not sure about this

mugs. Man utd is THE BET

BTTS is the bet if not Man Utd SW. Then again, so many possibilities this match so it'll be enjoyable nonetheless.

disgusted with you all.

make noise in the discord if theres a toras tip ffs

Dont you wish that you would've bet more?

>not having tipster tube open at all times

are you retarded?

yeah they will probably win but their odds are shit and they are away, did you even watch them on thursday?

@6.2 for watford at home is amazing value

t. mug

i was taking the piss.

rate watford very highly. capoue, ighalo, deeney are a nice bunch of lads.

>amazing value

>I only bet on yogoslavian transgender under18 football :>)

>I mock people for making more than me

Virtus Pro - Dignitas o2.5 maps is good bet

t. e-meme pro

Over 9.5 corners Watford and Manure

You don't though tbqh

post roll

may be worth doing a small on fernando alonso for first retirement. his car fell off the jack and it has possibly damaged it.

have sex

he can't, he's an odd little man

ABU's about to get BTFO

are any of you lads auslit?

are you the canadian that said imperial -1.5 was free money?

Doubt it. Don't know who Imperial is.

Want sex

thought dignatas is decent?

poor fellas

have sex


juve should make use of it imo.

want to do a both teams to score stupid coupon

thank u


Watford just missed an open goal

if you aren't on watford you are an idiot

have no money


Watford DNB will come thru


Excellent post

>They just scored
Need Man Utd to score too and I'll be a happy camper.

he wasn't on london united


tfw all your bankroll was tied to c9 so you couldn't get on


very tempted to put some money into bet365

But C9 settled a few hours ago, dumb cunt

hm? the match finished 10 mins ago

didn't settle for some season

even watford double chance was 2.5 before the match

there's no value betting on them now tbqh

Bunch of dirty little addicts in this thread, fucking disgusting. Fuck off

have sex

PLEASE have sex

O2.5 cards absolutely yuge right now.

seems like an absolute mug bet

are you making good profits?

just spoke to a girl lids

I hope to, too many meme bets atm

It doesn't count if she's related mate




Watford will cum back



Just need one more card cause I followed that user like a mug.
And no more goals, that would be nice.

oh dear oh dear


want deeney to pull off an absolutely brutish tackle on rooney

tailed it anyway


********OFFICIAL****** /bet/ accy starts soon hope you get #ON




>o2.5 games

on a csgo match, how?

Applauding whoever got on Watford, only did btts for this one.

Fucking lol if you weren't on Watford seriously



Me also I was the guy who gave out the Portland timbers bet last nights got at 3.50

Follow my tips if you want srs money lads


not nearly cheeky enough

love defoe

ronaldo and bale's out lid

>Betting on le short black man with a cool head in the box

Would already mark that down as a win tbqh.

>this mug gets fivers thrown at him


PLEASE tell me a fellow canuck got on C9 with me.

Everyone won yesterday and I only made one bet, fml

Cash out for god sake

Bentekkers anytime lads you heard it here first

is this really a 10/10 m8

Won 2 multis over the weekend, might try pushing my luck again.

>inb4 shit odds
Don't care, will hopefully wake up with the tripled I won from btts earlier.

Night lads

an AZ SW and PSV SW double just doesn't lose btw

>fags keep nuking lines before the draft is over


AZ 1111

tipped linfield slags worldie, maybe worth rebacking.


What you doing in Bulgaria pal?

Just setting up some networks

Just backed torino to win to nil
# Englandsnumber1

>cashing out thirty quid from a cheeky tenner
pmsl, if I wanted a safe profit I wouldnt have made a mainsteam treble

cheers lids, wish me luck, got another fiver on the treble @97.5

Crystal Palace raping 2-0 12 mins in

Thanks to whoever posted the E Sports tips, very sweaty but all good in the end.

Need /bet/ lads to spring to our defence

dont you mean EASE sports? LOL

>dont you mean EASE sports? LOL

SUCH a character

need psv to score

surprised anyone wants to network with you mate

PSV looks so toothless without Jassen

he should have stay there tbqh

c9 worth a bet?

>people aren't on the OFFICIAL accy pmsl!

>4 goals
>not one was bentekkers
not a happy bunny lads
stoke consolation goal could cheer me up though

who /upinsane/

v v enjoyable lay

Get the fook in lads that arnoutavic goal done me a world of good

I'm outside TT's house. Can see a Somali-looking man inside. Wat do?

LAUGH with MIRTH at the fact that he cannot post on /bet/

WHO the fuck is MIRTH?

Don't wanna get Lee Rigby'd.

Tell him to have sex

Anyone on Moscow? My butt is sweating

>he's not in Mirth's group

>he's dac and likes men

what is THE nfl bet tonight lids?

Colts +6

on absolutely SPASTIC


NEED o/u market on black players not standing /doing black power salute during national anthem

My picks for today .....

>steelers -3 buy the half point get them at 2.5 or don't either way they should win by 8 ish .
>packers -1.5 Rodgers on prime time yes please . They tryin to scare People off with the line this low .

Bets on which one do you guys think gives better head?



hey TT, link me to that bit about that tennis player having a foot injury.

>They tryin to scare People off with the line this low
Do Americans actually think like this? Being an American bookie must be like taking candy from a baby

Ravens -6 vs the poops



Deliveroo so world

both look equally hungry

Let's go C9!!!!!!!!!

jew365 getting ready to limit my account sub-edition

Do you even NFL bro ?
Were you the one giving out free money winners ?
I said bet the house on steelers week 1. Cigar game.

>Not available in your area

How does it work anyway


It's made dominoes completely irrelevant.
Why spend £17 on a pizza when I can get a massive BBQ platter from bodeans for the same price


The correct answer is the girl on the RIGHT.

Congrats to the winners you get 1000 Internet points and another pic of her. She loves giving head.

Not wearing a choker .

>american cuties



Who here /Tottenham/

She's cute and has a very fuckable Mouth.

Is Patriots spread easy money?

>Malmo goal disallowed
FFS. Now also on -0.25

who here /bothteamsscore/

yeah nah, not into non whites

looks like some poointheloo mongrel

But Tottenham will win r-right?

who here /layingthedraw/


They might lose . Trap game alert. Deff won't cover.


Well, that's too bad Germany. Sorry to hear that.

As a man you should regulate every shade of the ass. It's what your ancestors did.

who is this semen demon

Please take me under your wing

Bastia defintly bought off this ref

Hey, legit question, what are your parents doing? Retired, working?

Don't like where this is going

@71313327 such a dangerous individual

His dad's an ENT doctor.

what do you mean they might lose ?

She's mexican. Same thing i guess.

0-o after 45 mins at spurs atm

Have a smed on a Lions Patriots and Seahawks treble. Does NOT lose.

70min 0-0 at St Etienne. Tears!

LONG story

I have a weird feeling that it's gonna happen . No way they cover .

Jags +2.5 is non ironically a LARGE. Shaking as I type this.

Her name is Nikki and she is literally addicted to cock.

Why is there an attention seeking, mentally ill American posting some whore he wants to cuddle? Why does /bet/ attract these people?



I'm at my mothers place. Can you please refrain from posting pictures of sluts, she's getting the wrong idea what kind of board I am browsing.

Sorry. I'll stop now.

wondering where janny is

Id say the over 48 points in that game is the large.

What's wrong with slag posting mate? It's no different than tinder posting.

Prestaking overs is NEVER a good idea mate



enjoyable picture


Almost certain I posted this many many many months ago

Who else /milfs/ here?

Having lunch with my family now. Keep the posts reasonably clean

Got an XL on spurs -1 handicap
th-they will score again right lads


why are girls such hoes though?

is it really too much to ask for a good chick to settle down with?

Every bitch is a fucking disgusting whore.


>St Etienne scores in 90+4, mugs win AGAIN

>ywn buy a house on the coast of Oregon with your /bet/ money and settle with a farmer girl

You realize you can get better odds on overs In game 95% of the time right? Fucking pseudo shrewdie

want death

You probably did pal, saved it from here before.




Good girls are boring. Nothing like a dick sucking hoe who will let you cum straight down her throat.

Also if you guys want more pics of her email me [email protected]

got a lot of pics, some really hot ones too.

v v v v v v vv v v v v vvv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v odd post this

my gf was a virgin and I have cum down her throat

sounds like you are just trying to rationalise being with low quality women

strange results when i google that email. very very dangerous person.

Aussie shitting his pants. Spurs won't score pmsl

Dangerous man

Strongly bothered Spurs have only scored once this game.

Someone post the Belgian doctor post.

Honestly worried that someone like this is allowed in public

He'll get his shitty 2nd goal. So sick of mugs celebrating their winning Prem league accas when I just can not win a single bet.

thought i had it saved but cant find it

Patriots so so easy

What is le result?

I believe the term you are looking for is Beta Orbiter. They are pretty harmless and good at collecting fap candy. They are native to /r9k/.

>6min injury time
on spurs 2nd



Aussie face down on the floor right now.

Getting your eyebrows threaded is not worth it lads. Had to have her wipe away my tears.

Accy mugs won't and will never profit


did not see that coming.

Post eyebrows NOW

not everyone is a bushy eyebrowed paki though

odd ,man

One of the worst """tips""" I've ever seen PMSL

I strongly urge you to put shekels on Canada to win the World Cup of Hockey. Odds right now @-150 which is an absolute steal imo.

Also Finland vs North America o5.5.


Made me money last night.


Get fucked, an 85 yard td run and flacco picked, no tip could foretell that shit

PMSL, I have it on good authority that this lad is juve.

>tfw started Blount and Lamar Miller over Crowell in fantasy

account cunted after that infonet ii game ; ;


>being blind

>Patriots won't cover the spread

what did he mean by this?

>your """""""""""humour"

>tfw all the sheep itt
I knew from the start that I was different, special

trip on Euan

very "special", indeed.

Colts +6.5 simply wins.

World Cup of Hokey starting soon, anyone else interested?

Found a new model. It's simple, just bet against everything tipped on here. Very very profitable

Yeah cos you should have bet against Watford PMSL

DELET, I don't want everyone to become a millionaire, only ME!!

hi, we are 2 brothers been betting for many years with expertise in kazakh horse racing and underarm baseball. i would like to inquire about your model.

Would be down today without mainstream bets

Anyone else who hits update very often?


Gonna jump on o1.5 1st period once game starts and if it loses I'll reback for 2nd period.

I'm addicted to blackjack online, how do I stop? In between sports matches il play blackjack because it's pretty much instant, what do

go outside

realize you don't have an edge and what you're doing is -ev

It's ok for you, you have the beautiful canuck wilderness to explore

Tomorrow is a v v big milestone day in Ladbrokes """"""investigation""""" very excited tbqh

have sex

Does having sex count if it was in your dream?

this is going to win

So redpilled right now.

>tfw virgin in my dreams because I always wake up before I get to stick it in
can't even get laid in my dreams

Where's the new thread lids?

who /watchingVanBanter/ here?

Kumz lad

G-Go over 1.5!

Thought it was for the Finland game lid?

Just choked up a pill. Breathing v v heavily. Looks kinda reddish.

Yeah I'm definitely hitting some overs on that game but NEED to bet on this game too.

Better be a Vitamin D tablet lid.



Never, we have moved full time to discord.