Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera feels "disrespected" that the NFL schedule makers didn't allow the defending NFC...

>Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera feels "disrespected" that the NFL schedule makers didn't allow the defending NFC Champions to open at home.

>He called it a "pain in the ass" to spend the entire offseason reliving the 24-10 Super Bowl 50 loss to Denver so the league could schedule a rematch at Denver to kick off the season.
"Forget the fact that you're the defending NFC champs and you deserve to open up at home in front of your home crowd on opening week," Rivera said on Friday, eight days after a 21-20 loss to the Broncos. "We're going to make you guys relive it for five more months. That's how I felt.

>"So for the next five months I've got to put up with it, deal with it, answer the questions and relive it constantly over and over and over. Honestly, it became a pain in the ass."

>The subject came up when Rivera was asked if there would be a moment before Sunday's home opener against the San Francisco 49ers to honor last season in which Carolina had an NFL-best 15-1 record during the regular season and won the NFC Championship.

>That led to Rivera getting on his self-proclaimed "soapbox" about having to open at Denver.

>"I struggled with that," Rivera said. "I really did from Day 1. There are so many things they could have done to honor us and honor our team, our fans and our city that I thought this would have been a great opportunity to show it.

>"I feel like we were robbed of that. We had to wait a whole week to do it. You can tell, I'm disappointed it didn't work out that way."

The amount of butthurt this one team has caused the Panthers is astronomical.

Surprised a coach would be this immature. Expected more from him.

>Expected more from him.
Look at who he is coaching. The whole team is really immature and whiny.

>honoring a team that didn't win the bowl

wew lad

>we're the second best team in the league
>the nfl should have scheduled us at home vs the Rams in week one
>we deserve to have wins handed to us

Rivera is being a bitch.

If they had just won the fucking super bowl this wouldn't have happened

There's no precedent for this. Seahawks started on the road the previous season too. Rivera is just a whiny babby.

Hasn't the Super Bowl champion always hosted the opening Thursday night game for the last 12 or so years?

Why would that change other than the fact this was the first year it was a rematch? Did he want it at Carolina?


He thinks the runner up should get something special. Seattle didn't last year. I don't think thats ever been the case.

The Panthers just happened to play the AFC West this year, so a rematch was what they went with as the Broncos opener. Pretty sure they wanted to save NE/DEN for later in the year.

Did he feel disrespected when his franchise quarterback quit on the team?

Every team gets screwed by Thursday night football because they have a short week leading up to it. Starting the season with your Thursday game is a very nice advantage. Is he really bitching that the Broncos benefit slightly more? This is worse than when Seahawk front office people bitched about early away games.

>coach acts likes a whiny bitch
>team follows suit


That's his Puerto Rican part speaking. Don't think Mexicans are this salty guys p-pls.

this spic and the nigger qb make me embarrassed to be a Panthers fan since 95. I'd rather have Fox and Delhomme back, at least they didn't chimp out and bitch about nothing all the time

naw a mexican would have been like "fuck the donkeys." which makes me respect you guys way more than PR's

So confirmed suiced if the 49ers win right?

Nice to see the bitchmade mentality runs through that entire team.

Ban all spics from being coaches

I'll take Rivera and cam over fox and duck throwing delhomme.

>you are given the chance to make up for the super bowl humiliation
>complain about it
beta bois