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Amari Cooper vs Falcons or Spencer Ware @ Houston

Justin Forsett or Jeremy Hill?

Shiieet. I think either way you'd be wrong. Go Jeremy Hill, he could get lucky and punch one in on the goalline

Cooper I would think

Our secondary is trash outside of Trufant and he hasn't been himself lately. I'm

Pick 2:
Gurley @SEA
Eddie Lacy @MIN
LeGarrette Blount VS MIA
T.J. Yeldon @SD

Lacy and Yeldon.

10 team PPR, standard otherwise. Luck or Carr?

Also for Flex. Crabtree or DeSean Jackson. I'm playing Ware if Charles is out.


Thanks, I was wondering if I was over thinking that.

He plays at home and the Falcons have a terrible defense.

Your second question will be easy considering it's very unlikely Charles suits up.


Wilson or Winston?

.5 PPR/.5 Rush Attempt Scoring

RBPick 1:
Sproles @CHI
Coleman @Oak

WR Pick 1:
Edelman @MIA
K. Benjamin@SF

Grahm is back

Should I start Sterling Shepard?

The Giants are playing New Orleans so I think he would get something

am I an idiot for even asking?

If you're in a deep league where you start 3 receivers I don't see why not. Depends on the size of the league also.

Give it to me straight boys.... is Carl's Stone Cold Lock of the Century over?

It is

Is Demaryius Thomas going to suck this week with his injured hip?

Raiders get to rek shop against a shit nfc south team.

SD. TWill vs Diggs Flex option


>implying I'm not Dan Quinn


Coleman and Benjamin

TRADE: 10-team, Standard

I get Tajae Sharpe, I give Tyler Lockett

Do it?

Drafted Adrian Peterson as my first pick am I fucked?


PPR league, I have Fitzgerald, Marvin Jones, Edleman, or Riddick as options for my Flex. Who should I go with?

who wins, left or right? standard scoring



10 man Standard
Should I trade Zeke for AJ Green

My RB's are
-Derrick Henry

My WR's are
(RIP mybbyboi Allen)

D Thomas vs Eli Rogers? Who start?

J.Stewart v SF
C.Hyde @ CAR
TJ Yeldon @ SD
Emmanuel Sanders v Colts

10 team .5PPR

I got offered Gronk for delanie walker and mike evans.

I have Dez Bryant and alshon Jeffery on my roster, and ive got tyler eiffert on my bench waiting. Would i be smarter to counter offer with Dez? or take the trade straight up

>Eli Rogers
Broncos Rookie QB is gonna have a tough time with the Colts in the air. So Broncos ground game should be were its at. Also is he actually playing?

Rogers should put up decent points. Bengals gave up 50yds and a TD to Jets Slot Receiver last week

Dez at Was or Emmanuel Sanders at Indy?

Imagine a world in which everything is garbage. You have no choices but garbage. Pick 3 from the following:

Mohamad Sanu
Will Fuller
Mike Wallace
Travis Benjamin
Duke Johnson Jr.

.5 ppr

Who should I start at flex? PPR

Sterling Shepard
Tajae Sharpe
Jeremy Maclin

Currently have Maclin in (sat decker like a dumbass), but am leaning towards putting Shepard in due to the Vikings defense.

Stewart or Yeldon.
Yeldon is going against SD, and Ivory is going to be out. However, Panthers should torch the 49ers

The top three


>Gronk will sit out again against Miami


anyone? Or Zeke for Mike Evans and Ameer Abdullah

12man PPR

FLEX pick 1:

Tajae Sharpe @ DET
Tyrell Williams vs. JAX
Stewart vs. SF

For WRs I'm starting Antonio Brown, Jordy, and S.Shepard.

Who flex: Moncrief, John Brown, Diggs, Tyrell Williams the new Chargers guy



Willie Snead or Jordan Mathews?

T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Jones? Standard scoring.

I'd go T.Y. no problem any other matchup but it's Denver but I'm leaning toward sticking with my guns and going TY anyway.

I thought Hilton was injured?

So should I go with this line up? PPR

Should I drop Fleener for Tajae Sharpe?

I just snatched up Ebron and I feel like he's the only TE I'll need.

I also have Thomas from the Saints.

.5 PPR

Gurley will get stopped as long as Keenum is the QB. Start Hurley.

probably going to be able to move jamaal charles to my IR tomorrow so I can pick someone off the waivers and hope they go off. Between Tyrell Williams and Dontrelle Inman who do you think will have greater value in .5ppr??

Other options include cole beasley, brandon lafell, jaremy kerley and terrelle pryor

.5 PPR
I really wanna sit Gurly because the Seacucks D is gonna fuck the Rams.

go jones, its a good match up, plus this is not a hilton match up, denver is going to be a dwayne allen or jack doyle (if the universe hates fantasy football) day.

roll with gurly, don't be a pussy, plus the rams always fuck the sea hawks. Jeff fisher saves all his coaching skills for this game.

me on right, feeling really good about this week but i have second thoughts on Sanu at flex (if he's even 1000% healthy)

I was thinking maybe Foster/Landy, Jones perhaps but he's dogshit. 10 man standard scoring

Ebon vs. Titans or Whitten vs. Redskins for starting TE in PPR?


I'm goin with Ebron.

ebron 10000%

I would play Gordon over TY

on left, I think this week is a toss.


Should I start Jeremy Hill over Devonta Freeman?


Given an autodraft team after the fact. Let me know how bad I'm fucking up

any thoughts on this?
team is fine

sit gronk, and consider shepard over sanu

If Gronk is playing I'm fairly confident he'd nab more points overall than Walford given his performance last game, maybe I'm wrong though.

Shepards an interesting option, do wonder if they'll feed him many balls since Cruz looks like he's going to come in stronger this game

all signs point to gronk is sitting out. and I would not be surpirsed if he is fine but they are saving him so he is fresh healthy and rested for brady. And the amount Eli throws they have enough room to spread the targets and balls.

You got a good point about Eli, now I'm curious whether to take a chance on Larry Donnell and see if he can nab a reception or two. Between either him or Walford it's going to be a bust at the TE spot this week again.

Thanks bro

why does every fantasy site rank Landry so high even in standard formats? dudes garbage

walford is better than Donnell stick with what you got.

would you take a chance on a player thats on the field for a majority of the snaps (brandon lafell/kenny stills) or someone who got a ton of targets on less snap counts (eli rogers/jeremy kerley)

depends on the team they are on and how they are used. Are they a redzone TD target so they are only on the field then? Or are they almost on the field every play but mostly used as a blocker. it just Depends.

Thanks, faggots

It sucks now, but he'll probably save your ass in the playoffs.

yes do not play him

>only TE I'll need

better hope he doesn't get injured... considering his history

I am the only one who things Vjax will have a good game with Pat Pete shadowing Mike Evans?

sure but I feel like it will actually be an ASJ and The muscle hamster and Sims week.


RB - Forte - locked
RB - Theo Riddick
Flex - Emanuel Sanders

Bench - Matt Jones
Bench - Isiah Crowell

Am I doing it right sp?

yeah, thats fine, there is word about wanting to feed Crowell more, but...the browns.


Demarco Murray vs Detroit
Spencer Ware vs Houston

Have a open spot in my rooster for today.

I have either Sterling, Sanders, Fuller, or Golden Tate. Which should I choose?


Pick 2 Abdullah J.Stewart M.Jones D.Freeman

Is this lineup any good? I've got:

QB: Bortles
RB: Deangelo Williams
RB: Eddie Lacy
WR: Jeremy Maclin
WR: Travis Benjamin
TE: Jason Witten
W/R/T: Jonathan Stewart
K: Blair Walsh
DEF: Packers
DL: Eric Ansah
DL: Aaron Donald
LB: Sean Lee
DB: Ha Ha Clinton-dix

On bench I have:

1. Russel Wilson
2. Devontae Booker
3. Shane Vereen
4. Kamar Aiken
5. Tavon Austin
6. Demaryius Thomas
7. Jeff Heuerman

Todd Gurley
Rashad Jennings
Jonathan Stewart

Pick 2. Ppr

Stewart and Gurley

1 PPR, 12 team

Tajae Sharpe @ DET or Theo Riddick vs TEN?

10 team PPR

We run an Offensive Player spot so I can put anyone there.

Garappalo or Ware or B Cooks?

FML DT is still questionable and Gronks out again.

Pick 2

S. Shepard

Luck @Den
Dalton @Pit
Or pick up Wentz @Chi and start him?

Luck @ denver

I just started Victor Cruz over Emmanuel Sanders and Ryan Mathews in my flex. How badly did I just fuck up?

Tavon Austin or Rawls in the Flex? PPR

Rawls is a solid play obviously, but Austin gets so many little plays ran for him if he were to break just one off he'd have a huge day

this is not even a question start rawls.

Riddick. I don't know what people see in sharp

>all those people who thought mike wallace was a 1-week wonder

baka family

>I started Alex Smith over Cam

post benis

Fuck fantasy football I give up


..why tho

Who /started Alex smith/ here

>Somehow manage to have both Green and Brown
>Start them both
>6 points combined


First season, how am I doing? lost my first game but I think I got this one

Traded away Jonathan Stewart for Doug Martin this morning and BOTH those fuckers got hurt. What the fuck lol.

>woodhead with a bad injury


>projected 21 points this week

just end it all pham

damn, how shitty is your team?



This week sucks. 0-2 incoming

Who /gonnabe2-0/ here?

>Facing worst team in the league
>every player decides TDs are overrated
>get BTFO
who else fucked by star players

>benched benjamin for cobb at the last second
"eh it'll be fine"
>woodhead injured on the play
>gordon and benjamin starts having big games


Woodhead got injured early in the game, so nothing more from him. D. Johnson is a beast so expect at least 15 in your scoring format from him. For Evans really that's a tossup due to Arizona's offense, and then Seattle is getting meme magic'd again by the Rams.

>Dwayne Allen will never touch the ball again

>Tfw fell for the jags meme.

Why do I listen to sp

Who fell for the /Giants will put up points on the Saints meme/ here?

I fell for the /Alex Smith is a competent QB/ meme

what QB should I target off waivers this week after I bench Bortles?

I was laughing when my opponent had Christine Michael and Terrance West in their line up, both of them up out scored Antonio Brown.



>opponent has Rivers, I have Bortles

I'm getting triggered.

>tfw cutting everyone on Tuesday

Fuck this team

why do the broncos hate emmanuel sanders

>my team isnt being total shit this week, maybe the other guy is sucking too?
>nope, he's got cards D
fuckin a jameis stop raping people and practice ball security instead

I fell for the Rawls meme :(

I have both of them. Guess who I started?

Who /WinningInSpiteOfBortles/ Here?

Is there any chance the Vikings could keep Rodgers from scoring tonight, or am I fucked?

>mercedes lewis


>crowell and benjamin on my bench

God fucking damnit

You don't even know man...

me, but I still want
sheperd and eli gave me around 20 points so it's fine I guess

wtf espn, for a minute there it said matty ice had 510 yards and freeman had 161 rushing

This early in the season im just more happy to have them.

who still 2-0?

>rams meme magic and Gano's miss last week sees me eliminated from my survivor competition in week 2

it was never going to last

I'm going to be memed out of a win by Bortles garbage time

Pls Robinson get me a TD

>blake bortles pass incomplete
>blake bortles pass incomplete
>blake bortles pass incomplete
>blake bortles pass incomplete
>blake bortles pass incomplete
>blake bortles pass incomplete

>benched Latavius Murray for Rashad Jennings
>benched Joe Flacco for Russell Wilson
>benched Corey Coleman for Tajae Sharpe

Literally every decision I make is wrong

I fucking should be

who wins? ppr, me on the left.

So exactly how valuable is Tevin Coleman right now?

>tfw started Doug Martin and Jonathan Stewart
>tfw both left their games injured in the 1st quarter never to return
>tfw Demarco Murray and Matt Jones on my bench
>tfw my opponent has a shitty team but is racking up garbage time points with Blake fucking Bortles and will probably beat me because injuries

and there it is

>have Broncos defense
>opponent has Andrew Luck

>up by 16
>he has AD and Jordy
>I have Crosby and the Eagles D

How fucked am I?


J. Langford
R. Matthews
B. Walsh
+10 points


A. Rodgers
A. Peterson

There should literally be an "Oh no, your QB played like garbage and you get no points" rule in fantasy.


10 team 0.5 ppr

Feels good m9s

>Winning on all my leagues by at least 40 points
Thank you based Miller and Forte.

I sat the Cards DEF because I was starting Doug Martin
I started Shepard over Decker
Matt Jones and Tevin Coleman sitting on my bench like fuck you popeye

I have D'angelo Williams, Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill, and Duke Johnson as my RBs. I'm all set at flex. Once Bell comes back should I just roll with both Cinci RBs?

will jordy nelson go off and get me like 30 points?

>played Ravens DST over Arizona
>played Flacco over Tyrod
>played Robinson over Evans
>only saved so far because opponent's Garoppolo got heemed before he could throw 6 tds
Every week I have the projections and statistics on my side and every week I get raped

Nice move sitting Sammy Watkins. I didn't.

12 team standard. Who else /2-0/ this week?

>benched Melvin Gordon
>started Rashad Jennings, A.J. Green and Raiders D

Fuck my life...


Fuck you Cred Forums

You told me to start Russell Wilson instead of the Wop


i have jordy on my team and I hope he breaks his neck after the first snap and crosby breaks his foot on kick off
cancer trump name

Allen Robinson is starting to worry me.

Me on the left, how fucked am I?

>rawls and martin both dead

nice four man league you fucking shitter

10 man standard amerifat

Down 56 to 86

Have Alshon Jeffrey, Adrian Peterson, and Jeremy Langford left. He has Cobb.

Have to put trust in bears :(

8 man league senpai.
Won last week by 3 points thanks to DeAngelo

>it's a "played against the highest scorer in your league again this week" episode

i guess canadians are that bad at drafting

I'm the only canadian in the league.

I don't know how you would come to the conclusion that it's a 4 man league unless you're autistic.

>had benched watkins, started snead at WR and bernard at flex
>decide at last minute to play watkins for thursady night, move snead to flex, bernard to bench
>watkins got 4 points. bernard got 25, so lost 21 points
>surely going to lose tonight


Carson Palmer, Graham Gano and the Broncos defense are all single-handedly reposible for TWO victories this week, assuming i can survive the Packers D and Jeremy Langford.

Ajayi worth anything now?

I don't know what to do with him. I could dump him for Fuller but that's risky.

Is Riddick a meme or would I be smart to dump Ware or Hyde for him?

rate my elite team

>tfw you fucked up
good thing I got Josh Gordon in the 6th

Ei vittu miten paska jengi

rest in peace woodhead

God I hope Woodhead doesn't miss a game. My backup choices are West and Michael.

Though these are my options on waivers:
Jay Ajayi
Deandre Washington
Charcandrick West
Chris Johnson
Travaris Cadet
Shaun Draughn
Jalen Richard
Chris Thompson

wop is ded pham, Brady put a contract out on him

Am I gonna make it bros? I need the Vikings D to work magic again tonight.

All shit. Ajayi was outplayed by the scrub practice squad RB behind him.

Is Spencer Ware droppable at this point?

up 20 and my opponent has Eagles D/ST and Adrian Peterson
standard scoring
who wins?

your opponent will probably win unless AP has another shit game

>Losing by 6 points
>I have Jordy Nelson and Mason Crosby
>He has Randal Cobb

I'm going to do it ...right?

my draft

>allen robinson
>jamaal charles
>keenan allen
>TY hilton
>russel Wilson

How fucked am I??

10 fucked out of 10


>My opponent got 18 points from Grahm Gano

I'm still going to win, but what the fuck.

Fuck you Matt Forte
Fuck you LeGarrette Blount
Fuck you Carson Palmer, why can't you throw it to John Brown every once in a while?

How long until the 30+ year old running backs dominating meme dies?

>tfw starting Doug Martin and Jonathan Stewart
>tfw still BTFO my opponent by 40

>tfw Hyde
>tfw Rawls
>tfw barnridge


Mother fucking Raiders defense fucked me yet again. I need 10 points from Ryan Matthews tomorrow night to win. How fucked am I?

>Started Tyrod week 1
>Switched him out for Winston week 2

what's going on with allen robinson?

10 points for Matthews is not out of the question, especially in PPR.

Is he hurt?

Unfortunately it's not a PPR league, but I still feel like I have a decent chance. If the Raiders could just have managed 0 points, I'd only need 4 to win. That -6 is fucking killer.

He needs a TD then. Or an Eagles blowout. Certainly possible.

10man Standard
My Lockett and Wallace for his Langford

My WR are
-Allen Hurns
-Josh Gordon

My RBs are


do it

>drafting two black QBs

I think your real problem was Luck choking ;^)

> Lost Allen last week
> Lose Garoppolo, Woodhead and Foster(this one is pretty expected)
> Its only week 2

Get me off this ride

at least woodhead isn't a season ender

At least you didn't lose by 3 because AJ green only had 3 fucking points.

>tfw started Rodgers over Matt Ryan

Kill me


Also he was shadowed by one of the better corners in the league this week.

I had both. Fuck both of them in their necks

>Winning by 90 points
>The other guy last player is AP
Feels good man

Drew brees shit on my entire day. Worst part is that some guy flew into a rage after week 1 and got rid of Carson Palmer and their defense and I left Palmer on waivers.

>week 1
>start corey coleman at flex, expect him to have a pretty good game
>he barely gets anything
>week 2
>bench coleman because I didn't expect him to have a big game
>2 TDs, 104 yards


It was a tough matchup and you're retarded

you think hes worth the start next week against Baltimore?

>matchups and home games
>target count, YPC
you deserve it


if i'd played him at flex instead of crabtree i'd have won already. instead i'm at risk of losing if jordy nelson has too good a game.

>Eddie Lacy and Mason Crosby aren't doing anything and I'm down by about fifteen points

>it was a tough matchup

Literally every fuck on here and the Internet said play your saints and giants guys no matter what.

Enjoy being a faggot.

It looked pretty bad though

bro he's starting the players from the same team

>have a seahawks team
>winning by ten points
>opponent has 3 Iggles Wide recievers
>my last points need to be set by lacey

oh god can lacey give me enough points to keep me going?

>dumping Palmer for posting a respectable stat line
>One of only a handful of players capable of delivering 300 points

What a fucking retard. Is this some 8-person babby-league?

>as a Broncos fan I'm quite happy with this
>as someone who owns him in a free fantasy football league on a Cambodian dating forum, I am fucking pissed

>someone dropped Carson Palmer
>no one picked him up
I'm not sure which part of this is more retarded.

Not if you keep spelling his name wrong

>tfw only smart picks could save your draft with all the top players already off the board before it started
>managed to put together a frankenstein team full of potential keepers

they are coming through......I don't know how I'm winning but I am


I mean I got snead, jackson, and diggs. I just don't like how low of a floor robinson has.

>there are anons who didn't start deangelo

Where's the moron that said Williams wasn't gonna replicate what he did the previous week? Kek he may not have gotten 30 but he sure as heck got more than David Johnson and Lamar Miller

Kek it wasn't you faggot. What this user said literally everyone was saying to start them (admittedly so did I).

I don't own any Saints players, so I wasn't thinking about it.

Who else going to trade AP here? Guy is clearly done

Post team.

Is it too early to panic with regards to Allen Robinson? Fuller looks tempting but I don't want to get memed.

Also, is Riddick going to replicate what he's been doing? I don't think Carlos Hyde is going to pay too many dividends for me.

Good luck trading an injured player. :^)

AHAHA Please die AP. I might just win my match up.

his leg snapped like a stick


>AP officially HEEMED
Who else just won the week, lads

>tfw drafted Jerick McKinnon

I got diggs soooo i might replace diggs w robinson

I don't like how low robinson's floor is

Also, jacksonville's play calling is SHIT

>diggs with a quarterback who can throw it
who saw this coming

>just picked up carson wentz

is he gonna be good?

>opponent's TE, Defense, and Kicker score 57 combined

>my total for the same positions is 2...

>demarco murray gets 20 points in the first week
>proceed to bench him
>for jonathan stewart of all people

youre fucking retarded and deserve your loss

Well I'll just go fuck myself then

>Lost last week by a point and this week by 4 points while scoring 118 points or more in both games


>that feel when you're a Georgia Southern fan and you always want to draft Jerick McKinnon, but it hasn't worked out yet because people in your league reach on him

Cred Forums am I a cuck or was this week just a bad week

Did you draft on a fucking Death Note

I had woodhead and martin too. I know that feel

Can Adrian Peterson just do something?




he was just declared out for the rest of the game


was he even in the game? /s

>owning J-Stew
>benching Diggs
>starting Riddick to chase points off the literal worst RB defense in the league

I carn't trust bernard man...
his floor is too low
I might have to against denver

Start him against tough run defenses that aren't generally that tough. It's that simple. Also, Riddick had an insanely soft matchup with amazing game script week 1, so Bernard is definitely worth the start over him in week 2.

Me on left

hold me Cred Forums

God damn it, why does Lacy have to get stuffed every fucking play?

I'll start bernard against tough run d teams. If Hill get stymied they'll start passing out of the backfield. There's no way tho I can expect him to get 9rec + 100yds + td. This week is an aberration imo. On the other hand, I expect riddick to get 9-18 points each week

McKinnon or Asiata? Who's gonna be the starter now?

>after 2 weeks have no reason to believe 0-13 is impossible

>but at least I have baseball fantasy playoffs
>going to tie in semifinals, arbitrarily chosen and completely nonsensical tiebreaker is in opponent's favor

fuck virtual sports I'm gonna go throw the pigskin around

>Rodgers fumble

Throw a pick and I'll win

must be dark where you at m8

Don't. Riddick is the same kind of player with less talent and a QB less likely to throw him the ball.

> drafted Peterson
> people in my league laughed when I grabbed McKinnon a little early

>he doesn't have the Vikings defense

>How low Robinson's floor is

He might lead the NFL in targets this year. I'm going to be pestering the Robinson owner in my league all week to get a trade done.

please respond I'd rather not carry 3 fucking Viking RBs on my team if I don't have to

McKinnon will be the workhorse but Asiata will be the guy who cucks you out of points once the Vikings are in the Red Zone

- t. owned McKinnon in 2014

mm i see.
4 points in week 1 sorta turned me off. I might have to start him against denver tho

Targets =/= points. Talk to me about 11 targets to AB today, only 7 points. I'[m gonna kill myself doing it but I'll probably start robinson against baltimore and snead against atl at home

There is no answer. It will be a committee until AD is back or one of the other two are ded
or all three

Targets don't always equal points in individual games but they do over the course of the season.


While I prefer getting bootyblasted over a close, second-guess and regret filled loss, losing by a combined 100+ points in the first 2 games does not bode well for my team

Got offered DT+Melvin Gordon or DT+Jamaal Charles for OBJ. My RBs are shit, should I take it?

This guy is correct, but I blindly assume most people here already know that.

fair enough...

I just hate having digs or snead on my bench

>tfw cobb has to suck for 2 more minutes to win

Down by 23 and I have Jeremy Langford remaining. Can I do it?!

I'm not sure I'd take it given how valuable OBJ is, but it's not a bad trade if you're really hurting at RB.


>ahead by 0.24
>opponent only has jordy nelson left

I've got Ingram, Woodhead (LOL), and Carlos Hyde at RB and OBJ, Sanders, Moncrief, and Jeffery at WR currently.

Then trade them for something you need. Finding a buyer for those two players should be easy given the starts they've had.


Oh and John Brown and Tajae Sharpe at WR too.


>traded Larry Fitzgerald for Eddie Lacy

NEVER trust eddie lacy

>no tiebreaker procedure


lol good luck user

I wouldn't do it. You've already got one Denver WR and they aren't going to pass enough to support both on a regular basis. Not to mention generally it's the side that gets 2 that loses 2 for 1 trades. There should be starting RBs available on the WW with all the injuries today. Otherwise try to trade one or two of your decent receivers for a decent RB.

>lost 103-105 last week
>win by 4 this week

we did it lads

who /1-1/ here?


lol I switched my league to decimal scoring after we had 3 ties last year. I sure hope that doesn't happen.

>You've already got one Denver WR
That's what I was thinking. Thanks for the input. Anyone on the WW worth a look?

>Saved in 2 leagues because Vikings D
>Won 1 game by 1 and the other 4

>drafted Peterson first
>did it too in the year where he got suspended for spanking his kid

I had benched sammy watkins, but decided to put him back in the lineup at the last minute on thursday
>benched giovani bernard for him
>21 point difference between the two
>lost by 0.8 points

we did it user

I miss it so much.

>Up by 6 points thanks to based Diggs putting the team on his back after Ware, Luck, Green, Cooper, D. Johnson and Barnidge shit the bed
>he has Alshon tomorrow night

how fucked am I bros?

pretty fucked

>tfw was also playing against the forte owner who had 30.9 points

>get 35 combined from watkins, lesean mccoy, AJ Green and eli manning
>i end up losing by only 0.8 points

praying for smokin jay to lead alshon straight into a season ending injury on the first play la'

Kenyan Drake, Jerrick McKinnon, and Fozzie Whittaker could all be out there.

I did this too. Switched Watkins in for Travis Benjamin.

Cost me a win

If I'm 0-2 and have lost both my matches by 7 points or less, should I be hitting the panic button or did I just get unlucky?

How do I fix this?

Looks great to me as long as everyone is healthy.

play ppr and start bernard

I'm 0-2 and Doug Martin is injured.

start diggs over lacy

NEVER trust lacy

0-2 with a good team is better than 2-0 with a bad team. Don't panic you've got a good team.

Can someone explain Yahoos matchup rankings?

Matchups in red are bad for the WR, and matchups in green are good?

>Fleener has a whopping 2 points
>Antonio Brown coming through with a solid 3
>Eddie Lacy still fat
>Still manage to win
Little miracles.

I have Travis Benjamin on my bench. Should I sit Michael Floyd or Edelman for him? Neither have put up good fantasy numbers for me.

start benjamin against good matchups ie jacksonville
cmon man this isn't brain surgery

>put Rawls in instead of Melvin Gordon
>end up 6.02 points back with only the Minnesota defense left
>Min D gets me 9 points
People in my league were trying to get me to drop Minnesota this week too.

yes. red = tougher matchup

My season is already over.
First Keenan Allen, then Woodhead, abdullah and doug martin.
Golden Tate is a giant piece of shit. My life is over

should I blow this shit team up.

feels good man when you absolutely destroy your opponent


honestly gets pretty boring after the 20th listen

Is it crazy to want to start Cousins (@NYG) over Wilson (vs SF) next week? Seattle's o-line's a fucking mess.

>last game ends
>both scores final
>lost by 3 points
>just rechecked
>yahoo adjust scores and now I win by 0.1

>tfw your only healthy rb is Mckinnon
great week of fantasy football

Pick up Alfred Morris and leg Blount. I doubt anyone in your league has picked them up.

Holy fuck what a shit team you drafted. PPR and how many teams?

kek holy fuck

How many of you fell for the Fleener meme?

After watching Josh Hill fail I stayed away.

Jeremy Langford v Eagles
Over/Under 11.5 points?

>Sit Benjamin and Rivers for Hilton and Eli because Benjamin was only supposed to be a WR3 and Saints "defense"
>Both them flop hard
>I couldve been 2-0 if I hadnt second guessed myself

Should I try to trade away Golden tate and Doug martin while I have the chance?

I dont trust 2016 Stafford desu

>down 30
>have Langford and Philly D

I'm fucked

>was down 40
>had AZ defense

Feels good man

>tfw I picked up Tevin Coleman and Jesse James. Solidifying my week 2 victory. Feeling like a waiver wire autist king.

Sat Rivers for Flacco so I fucked up there. Any other good waiver pick ups out there?

I have to drop the Chefs defense. I have no faith in them to get points and the next four games are:

>Big Ben, return of LeVeon
>Bay Area Jesus

Iggles or Vikes?


Tannelel, he gets rushing stats so awful decisions are often mitigated and he plays in a pass orientated offense. I've been riding him until Brady comes back.

I would keep riding Rivers. His o line is healthy, which was his issue last year. Benjamin, Williams, Inman, Gates and Gordon will make up for the losses on offense. His schedule for the next few weeks is awesome.

If you mean generally speaking, Pitta and McKinnon would be guys I would targets.

Opinions on Clive Walford in PPR? Hes in Waivers and I was considering dropping Kyle Rudoplh or Dwayne Allen for him.

Kyle Rudolph has had 8 targets both games.. Is it time after all these years?

Should I trade...
Latvious Murray
Donte Moncrief
Jordy Nelson
AJ Green
TY Hilton
.5 PPR

TY is getting targets out the ass and Moncrief is possibly hurt but I feel that Latavius is probably the best RB2 outside of melvin gordon right now so I wouldnt

>1-1 on my 4 teams

I'm ok with this

Would trading Doug and Decker for melvin and Fuller be a bad idea? I'm nervous about that injury and I want to sell in case it turns out to be bad

any buffalo bros know what this OC change means for lesean's prospects? should I be worried or excited?

so what are the odds cody kessler is a god?

So if you start Terrelle Pryor at WR next week and Cody Kessler goes down so they have to use Pryor as an emergency QB how does that get scored?

Same as a normal QB. Like when Sanu through some passes last year it was normal QB scoring

th-thanks winston

you winston you lose some


>Lost woodhead in 2 leagues

Fuck me.

Who do I get to replace him?

Woodhead torn ACL. Fuck me in the ass.

Who do I replace him with?

Ajayi (LOL)?
Deandre Washington?
Charcandrick West?
Chris Thompson?
Shaun Draughn?
Travaris Cadet?
Jalen Richard?

Should I just kill myself now and get it over with?

Do you think I could put Tevin Coleman and Randall Cobb together and get Melvin Gordon out of it?
.5 ppr, 12 team
My RBs are Doug Martin, David Johnson, Matt Forte, and Matt Jones.

standard ajayi then deandre. lions dwayne washington could be good if ameer misses time could be good. or matt asiata

ppr chris thompson and keep an eye on cadet

10 man 0.5 PPR

Current RBs:
Le'veon Bell
Duke Johnson
Spencer Ware
Devontae Booker

What the fuck do I do lads?

D johnson and Forte are good enough to start every week and idk what your other recievers are but cobb is good to have in .5ppr

Draft better

Decker, Shepard, and Marvin Jones
I expect huge things out of Melvin Gordon now and Im trying to get him cheap now

I lost

>Adrian peterson
>doug martin
>doug baldwin
>danny woodhead
>jonathan stuart

In a single fucking day. Fml

>tfw Keenan Allen and Danny woodhead
Pls kill me

>traded for Woodhead this week

Did martin go down too??

Tweaked hammy
Nothing huge

Is Whittaker going to be picking up all of Stewart's snaps?

Should I drop Arian Foster for Crowell? Or McKinnon?

Is Christine Michael worth a look?

For a trade that isn't straight swaps of positions, it really depends on the rest of your team. Do you have RB's to slot in for Lat Murray?

Post yfw Bell comes back and him and AB combine for 4 TDs against the Chiefs


How did Week 2 of Fantasy go for everybody, have you already won, lost, or still waiting on specific players?

For me, I'm up 8 points, friend has nobody left to play, I've got Jeremy Langford. So barring anything crazy like 4-5 fumbles happening, which I highly doubt, I should be good. Starting the season off a nice 2-0 and around 240-250 points for the season already. Not bad, gotta defend my title.

>my RBs are dead already

I was debating starting Diggs over Moncrief in my flex position.

I started Moncrief and it cost me the game. Also Antonio Brown had a shit game. Currently 1-1 in my first fantasy league ever, PPR :)

DeAngelo had 32 carries this week. 32.
Can you imagine what Bell would do with 32 carries (assuming he wouldn't die, of course)?

Doug Baldwin went down for me. Hopefully I can grab Mike Wallace off the waiver wire for a week or two until Josh Gordon (Mr. Irrelevant in my league) gets unsuspended, and hopefully it torches some defenses, Browns or not.
I had that happen to me last year with Diggs, I find him inconsistent, especially without Bridgewater.

1-1 isn't bad though, better than my first year in a league, I was had like 4-5 wins total a few years back.
He'd get me a lot of fantasy points is what he'd do.

Is this a bad trade or am I just being retarded? Someones been trying to trade me Ryan Mathews and Fitz for AB because I lost Woodhead, and now the only rb I have other than Charles/Ware is Sims.

>getting rid of AB


Thats what I figured, but he's really trying to sell it to me.

Is dumping Woodhead and picking up Kenneth Dixon a good idea? I don't exactly have a wealth of options. Right now I have to replace Woodhead with Michael.

I had AB last year and garbage RBs the entire year, I ended up winning my league. Granted I did eventually manage to trade away Greg Olsen for Matt Forte (and picked up Jeremy Langford) towards the end of the season, but AB is too precious to give up.
Ravens tend to use Forsett over Dixon, and then they still have West behind Forsett.

Depending on who is still on the waiver wire, Spencer Ware, Jalen Richard, Fozzy Whittaker (depending on JStew's injury). There might be other players or two that haven't been picked up yet.

Down 2 points with Langford left to play. Team is p solid tryna get rid of Gio maybe. Drafted McKinnon for an occasion such as this and I'm ready to wreck some assholes.

I could pick up Richard. Other than Ajayi, no RBs are available who are owned in more than 20% of leagues.

I'd definitely pick up Richard over Dixon, and this is coming from a Ravens fan. We just don't really utilize him enough to be worth a pick up in fantasy.

hey amerifats!
I'm new to this fantasy thing, I have a question
I've drafted Rawls and he is pretty disappointing so far
do I drop him?

.5 ppr league

Im down by 3 points, but I have alshon jeffery to play tonight. My opponent has Jeremy Langford playing.

Am i gunna make it bros?

I'd give it one more week, but otherwise his fantasy value is dropping, he doesn't seem to be 100% and Christine Michael (if he's still on the waiver wire, pick him up, but I doubt he is).

Otherwise, we'd need to know your team, who is on the waiver wire and such to be able to determine whether or not you should drop him, and whether its a standard or PPR league.

Probably not, but you might be. Hard to tell honestly, I'm gonna go with a no though.

2-0 in both of my main leagues and will have the #1 spot based on points. More importantly, didn't have any injuries this week other than Abdullah on one squad where he's nothing more than a bench spot anyway.

Feelin' good so far.

PPR league, and want to pick up Christine Michael but who do I drop?

Joe Flacco (Wilson is my other QB and Flacco gets JAX this week)
Rashad Jennings
Spencer Ware
Michael Thomas

If Wilson were 100% this would be a no-brainer.

Abdullah or Michael Thomas

I could pick up Melvin Gordon, Woodhead is out so he might be a safe bet right?

If Gordon's not already rostered, he is worth a waiver priority immediately.

4 man league shitter pls go


6 man league

Pick up Gordon immediately.

Don't worry about it Germanbro, we all gotta start somewhere and learn.

Make sure to fuck all the qt short haired german and french girls too, they're always glorious when they talk.

I have Adrian petershit and davonte freeman. Would trading Freeman for blount be worth trying? I love in Atlanta and the guy is a homer

get out

ok, bye!
and thanks

B- E- A- UTIFUL!!!

I'm down about 14, still have Jordan Matthews and the Eagles D to play against my opponents Alshon Jeffrey. Do I have a chance? I played this guy week 2 last year and beat him by a fraction of point when Maclin when on a tear. I just wanna be a heart breaker again

if it's ppr you have less of a chance, but you definitely have a chance

Well you're gonna be down 24 when the Eagles D kicks in. Assuming Jeffrey scores even on a 1 yard TD, you'll be down about 15 then.

Its gonna be tough user, you have a chance, but the Bears have to play well and the Eagles to not play well at all. Last time they played Bears got BTFO.

>Up by 22
>opponent has Jordan Matthews
>I have Langford
>bout to go 2-0

inb4 40 point stunner from Matthews

not for blunt, maybe for gordon or some other top 20 rb

>Was up 25 heading into SNF
>Have Randall Cobb, opponent had Diggs
>Now Down 7.4 points
>Have Eagles D playing tonight

Any chance I pull this out?

Definitely a chance, but its gonna be a close one regardless.


yes there's a chance if the eagles get a turnover or 2

bearsfag pls


Consider it a win

Im down by less than a point, I need the eagles to not get blown out tonight

I need 25 points from Jeremy Langford tonight. Does he do it?!


Against the Eagles D, doubtful, but possible.

He gets 12 tops


All I need is that chance, and it's non ppr as well. If it pulls off, I'm off to a 2-0. Tonight I'm an Eagles fan...

I think you misunderstood, I have Eagles D and Matthews.

Should I do Jamaal Charles for Christine Micheal and John Stewart?

My other backs are Matt Jones, Rawls, Latavious , and James White. .5 PPR 12 Team

Up by one and he has zero players left. I have Langford. Do I bench Langford on the extreme offchance that he scores negative points? Or do I leave him in to put salt on the wound?

You're right I did misunderstand, then you'll be down 4 once the Eagles D kicks in. So there is a chance assuming the Bears never score and Jordan Matthews gets points.

You probably have less of a chance this way honestly.

All it takes is a fumble, don't risk it. Beating your opponent with fewer players is satisfying enough.

The Eagles d gave up 5.6 yards per rush to the fucking browns

Leave him in.

Potential point corrections, all that bullshit could happen.

Leave him in. when playoffs come you might need points scored as a tiebreaker mang

>I lose unless Jordan Matthews gets 25 points
Rip me

Should I just go and bench Cobb for Mike Wallace next week?

>I lose if Ryan Matthews gets 23+

Oh boy, time for him to go off

>tfw 2-0
>week 3 is me versus my father

I have woodhead. How fucked am i

Yeah, it's a tough one. I wouldn't be in this situation if Barnidge and A. Robinson didn't shit the bed again. It's gonna make watching the game tonight fun as hell, though

Leave him in.

>I lose if Matthews gets 23 + Langford gets 0>

Oh boy, time for a catastrophic Langford ACL tear on the first play from scrimmage that makes him fumble from the pain

>down 7
>alshon still to go
Please dont let me start 0-2 :(

Should I drop Spencer Ware for Fozzy Whittaker?

Before tonight's game is over make a plan for who to replace him with

You'll be fine

Its still 25 points and that is assuming that the Eagles don't go into the negative so its even more. A lot of players don't get 25 points often. Its possibly, but doubtful like I said.
Yeah I'm not sure what the Browns were doing, they went up 20-0 against the Ravens, then it was 20-2 and they just collapsed in a heartbeat.

Stewart will be out 2 weeks max. Ware will still get a decent amount of snaps on Sunday. It's a wash desu.

This is coming from a Charles owner too

Drop someone else.

Don't wish that evil on me Ricky Bobby. Langford will be fine.

Ameer Abdullah is the only other person I have that I could drop.

Need a white RB, guess im going with jay prosch

Give: Antonio Brown, Eric Ebron
Receive: Lamar Miller, Le'veon Bell


I'm amazed you're winning.

Fucking stacked at WR(Fitz, Benjamin, Cooper, Diggs, and Baldwin) but my RBs(Martin and Gurley) are disappointing me, am I crazy for thinking about starting Theo Riddick over one of them next week? Should I try flipping one of my elite WRs for a stud RB?

>all white team
>don't have Harrison Smith
utter garbage

Should I get Fozzy, McKinnon, or Asiata off the waiver wire? I lost Woodhead.

Why? Im 2-0. Going to be tough to make the playoffs with no more woodhead tho. Im gonna deal thielen for Johnny hekker and try to bundle barnidge + defender for a higher upside white te

If you need RBs I'd do it. Ebron sucks. Brown is elite but Bell and Miller together are worth it.

Its an all white league, he went like 3rd round. sendejo has outscored him anyway

how the fuck are points scored for head coaches? challenges won and lost?

Impossible to say without knowing your other wrs and rbs

You might want to consider Jay Ajayi too.

+3 for win, -3 for loss, +5 for win over 25pts, -5 for loss over 25pts

Woodheads coming back r-r-right?

My RB's are Woodhead (F) and Hyde (!!) but I'm solid at wr (Marvin Jones, Travis Benjamin and Alshon Jeffrey)

bruh he's on IR. he's done

McKinnon is gonna out-snap Asiata. Asiata will get the goal line work but McKinnon is a dynamic player and also catches passes if you play PPR.

>tfw up 33 pts with Jordan Matthews still to play

I have Foster too, who's probably going to be out for a week, but I just don't like how Ajayi looks at all.

Nope, out for the season.

Yeah I'm still leaning towards McKinnon.

>solid at wr
That's not a bad group but I'd be hesitant to trust any of them long term outside of Jeffery. Still think it's worth it considering the ROI and the Woodhead situation.

Is Mike Wallace legit or just a fluke?

>tfw up 30 but opponent still has Mathews and Matthews tonight
>left Diggs on the bench for Baldwin
>started Ben over Matt Ryan
I deserve this

I need Zach Miller to get 8 tonight in order to win, Standard scoring

What are my chances?

.5 ppr Matt jones and corey coleman for Doug Martin my other WRs are a. robinson, ty hilton, marvin jones, mohammed sanu

my other RBs are Jamaal Charles, spencer ware, rashad jennings, charles sims and chris thompson

Do I trust Isiah Crowell to be my flex starter week to week? So far he's out scored any other player on my bench by a lot. His volume should be enough to get him some points a week. I just know he was shit last year and the Browns are shit as well.

Do I want to pick up McKinen or is he not worth it? Idk how long Peterson is out

With both RG3 and the Clown out, they'll be running the ball A LOT. Dude is my #1 waiver priority atm


he's literally scored every ravens TD this season and hasn't just been used for bombs

Yeah but they'll be down a lot too which is bad for running.

Thinking of trading my Antonio Brown and Devonta Freeman for his Le'Veon Bell and Julian Edelman/Micheal Crabtree. After losing Woodhead yesterday, I'm down to DeMarco Murray, Freeman, and James White. Besides Brown, my WRs are Jordy Nelson, Emmanuel Sanders, Steve Smith, and Victor Cruz.

Is this worth it, or is Brown too good to let go (even after that pooptastic day yesterday)?
I'd prefer the Edeljew but might have to


I remember when i chose Gordon in the 6th round I was getting so much shit. Now all these trade offers are coming and I would be sitting him to spite everyone if it wasn't for Gurley being on a shitty team

Does anyone have any prognosis on who will lead the vikings backfield?? I've got waiver 1 here.

Do I give up on Markus Wheaton? I've been stashing him on my bench but Mike Wallace and Tyrrell Williams are both on waivers and I might want one of them. Also McKinnon if Peterson is out for a while. Any of them worth dropping Wheaton for?

I wont get penalized for not playing a defense, right?

Also, rate my shitty team

>I wont get penalized for not playing a defense, right?

>Also, rate my shitty team
How many teams in the league?

what about giving Antonio Brown for Forte and Blount in .5PPR? last one was declined


I meant Gurley. Probably won't get Forte off him.

So, how many points is Matthews going to do tonight?

Bump. Any thoughts?

>tfw you waste your first round pick on Eddie Lacy and are still 2-0

Feels good man

jesus you deseve to lose

>tfw wasted 1st pick on gronk and still 2-0

>1-2 picks were AP, keenan allen
>kill me in my sleep

Yes he's worth a pickup

Yes start him every week

>need 10 points from Ryan Matthews tonight to win

I got this, r-right?

12 team league

>tfw the Raiders D has gotten me a combined -10 points in two weeks

I'd be 2-0 right now if I had left my defense empty. Kill me now.

Need 14 points from Langford. Am I gonna make it?

> up by 10
> opponent has no one else in play

Who else /comfy/ tonight?

I need to salvage this season, don't care about the risk...

C.J. Anderson for Jordy, standard scoring? Only other RB's are D.Murray, Hyde and Coleman.

>up by 54
>i have jeffery, opponent has ryan matthews

i almost feel bad how much i'm BTFOing them

Should I trade Odell for Gurley? I can possibly get a low end WR packaged with Gurley too.

i hope you're shitposting

>second lowest point total in the league
>still 2-0

same famiglia

>drafted Carr and Brady as QBs
>Carr tearing shit up weeks 1-4
>those double Brady/Gronk points weeks 5 onward