UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Johnson Gamethread #2

>Main Card

Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Johnson

Uriah Hall vs. Derek Brunson

Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn

Roan Carneiro vs. Kenny Robertson

Chris Wade vs. Islam Makhachev

Chas Skelly vs. Maximo Blanco

>Preliminary Card

Gabriel Benítez vs. Sam Sicilia

Augusto Montaño vs. Belal Muhammad

Antônio Carlos Júnior vs. Leonardo Augusto Guimarães

José Alberto Quiñonez vs. Joey Gomez

>Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Randy Brown def. Erick Montaño Submission (guillotine choke) 3 0:18

Alejandro Pérez vs. Albert Morales Draw (majority) (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)
Pérez was deducted 1 point at the end of round 2 for hitting Morales after the bell.

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Schaub is God


Good thread thanks





ngodnou bless

can't stay awake someone goof this

>They do it for free

Do you think Schaub is a gentle lover?

legit, do you think schaub even know what Cred Forums is?

what is that schaub thing? i really dont get it.

brittney looks like joan rivers

We should blow up Young Jamie's twitter tonight and tell him to ask Schaub if he knows he has a massive fanbase on Cred Forums

He's for sure got a piece on him.

It's 8 PM nigger do you live in Hawaii

>tfw missing 205 because of fucking British Airways

people made reddit accounts and told him about heem during his ama. one of the posts got like 30 upvotes, so probably

Are you religious?

is this norton and serra podcast worth it? Or is it just pop culture garbage

He's literally the boxxy of Cred Forums

Cancer: the thread


Hawaii would be earlier, dummy

204 promo is pretty top tier

anthony got fired
norton wants to get away from opie



>Whole card on fight pass

Why dont you plebs have fight pass yet?

meant 204 btw

Its not though

unless you have a weeb vpn

Post 1 ufc fighter who looks scarier than this dude.

Boxing > MMA

literally the greatest man of the 21st century

ill have your back faster than you can take off your pants you fat fuck, come at me faggot

I try to come on /heem/ to talk fights and martial arts, but all I see is nerds.

Where did all these nerds come from?


It literally is though


What a time to be alive.

I dont know, this place is unrecognizable compared to even a few months ago

>Saturday Night

Anyone grab a web-em of brown Randy's knee?

Heem incoming this fight

Turn your glossy display on kid, that's your reflection


Not for me, the rest of it is on bt sport right now.

that fag would be washing his drawers

main card is only on BT senpai

just caught that point deduction, holy bud what a bizarre fight

>bottom of the 10th


Flying back home from the US and they don't have internet on board

Is this on BT now?

All at for #UFCHidalgo at the FS1 desk, with the @UFC Welterweight Champ, @twooodley and the wonderful @kbheat


>$60 for an eighth
>paying tax on something that same government would gladly put you in a cage for


Gomez literally looks like RDA and Cub Swanson had a son

I'll be surprised if this goes past round 1.

Its working for me for some reason

I said Scarier not more impoverished..

Btw USYK would destroy that faggot in a Stand up fight.

does anyone have a higher quality gif of this?

its browne vs schaub

tyron is so fucking based its not even funny

Nerd alert

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. No one likes Schaub. The only reason they do it is to piss people off.

The tax goes to the state, who's made it legal you fucking idiot.

is that a lot of weed

>buying sativas instead of indicas

Stay lightweight, faggot.



this ref again.

>The only reason they do it is to piss people off.

all the prelims are available on fightpass, main card is too if you use a proxy

>didnt think he cud get it

People actually liked Boxxy.

Not sure why.


leave him alone

indicas are no fun

>60 for an 1/8
i got a 1/4 for less than that a couple of days ago kek

good thing real fights aren't boxing matches you lowtest cuck

He reminds me of that older guy from that World Peace sketch show


That fucking referee

>implying I didnt get a bonus gram of indica dominant hybrid
>implying my vape pen oil isnt indica based
>implying edibles dont give me a better couchy body high

Just who did you think you were speaking to, son?

did this guy try to pull a travis browne?

3.5 grams

unorthodox banger right there

No, 3.5 grams.

>he thinks a real fight is MMA

A real fight everything goes.. Weapons.. headbutts... eye gouging..

Dumb casual.


she's still literally spammed on Cred Forums 24 hours a day every day

@bellatormma fighters @PhilMrWonderful and @mattmitrione enjoying some TMNT + #NASCAR!

Good OP, top lad.

I get an ounce of top shelf for $180.
Real connects will always shit on dispensaries and delivery services

don't worry dude, I think sativas are better too

that tryhard faggot would get obliterated in a fight with rumble you're literally retarded if you think otherwise

That guy looks like a gust of wind could knock him over.. What's scary about him?

Damn MMA has such a low skill ceiling it's a shame.

nice sweep

t. yokel in a flyover state where simple possession is a misdemeanor punishable by a year in prison

>italy in charge of knowing about weed

>It's an Anik bot and jarhead Stann commentary event

Both of those guys need to fuck off, Stann only has a job because "muh desert nigger war veteran."

who /smoking a bowl/ here? i have to now

is half a pound of weed for 700 dollars worth it? How much could I flip it for?

What are you guys getting into tonight?





that "tryhard faggot" could devote his life to JJ and wrestling for 2 years and clean out LHW + HW.

Dumb casuals man jesus.

Well no he's right. Sativas give you a happier "up" high.

Stann is a good lad be quiet

/heem/ is a drug free sports general thanks

>asking what is scary about rory

lmao bud

he was also a fighter and he's a great commentator

what shame its keku
get any guy off the streets and pay him a few hundred for our memes

Depends on the quality but if it's good you can triple that.


>they mention protein quantities in advertisements

thats pretty cool desu

Shut the fuck up. You wish you were a tenth of the man Captain Stann is.

Southern Europe has better weather, which leads to better weed. Italy is right.
Spanish weed is great too. Believe u me.

Indicas make me antisocial and tired
Maybe just been unlucky

depends on strain and how good it is, but 700 is good for half a pound regardless


No, he's fucking lifeless and boring, why would I want to listen to commentary from a c tier fighter who could only win punches at people like a fucking hick?

Fire him and get Murr in there.

Buzzier, not happier. Indicas don't make you paranoid.

i would choke that rod ferrell looking cunt out in 30 seconds you're a fucking idiot

>I know Im a dumb faggot getting fleeced so Ill pretend hes from Iowa or something lol

Nope, the exact opposite: NYC, you Califaggot

DUDE WEED BRO the thread.

>not knowing weather can be simulated with lights and atmosphere generators

We've moved beyond tilling the earth to grow plants, Jorge.

Will he come back to UFC? Heard he unretired.

Nah Italian weed is shit
Been to Amsterdam several times though


Is the fight companion on? where?


Mir pulled guard on Brock Lesnar, he has no insight to offer

>getting paranoid from any strain

That only happens when youre new to smoking, which is what you seem to be. Please stop commenting on the subject.

spicy fights so far

he just watched narcos and is going follow in his footsteps and get killed by a wetback

Seriously this. Indoor is what it's about.

>it's a two literally who spics episode

not true, they make you more energetic and open to do shit. indicas are if you need to eat some food, play video games and chill

honestly you're just smoking too much


Quinonez has some great volume and combinations but man does Gomez deliver some power in that right hand

1:45h away

>Mir pulled guard on Brock Lesnar, he has no insight to offer

He won more ufc belts than Stann ever got to even look at.

He also didn't pull guard, the threw a flying knee and got taken down.

Stann's shit, he got subbed fucking Chael Sonnen lmoa.

Tell me more about your cool drug connections in NYC please. Is it like I've seen on TV shows like How to Make It In America? I bet youre really cool and get laid all the time.

depends on the person, it induces psychosis in me (in the literal sense of the term)

hoo wee this is getting spicy

Watch your mouth

>people ITT like smoking weed and watching full grown men in pants rub against eachother until the other taps out in submission

You're totally not fantasizing about your sexual desires guys don't worry.


Please educate me, young one.

lol the fights moved to FS1 in between rounds.

Probably not. He might fight for ACB in Chechnya, but I doubt that he will make a comeback to UFC

technique pretty shit though if we're being real

>the boxing troll didn't go anywhere i'll try this

cornball subreddit, bitchmade niggas on there let me tell ya

Mike Perry isn't a spic, just an American


i've never seen anyone smoke weed, always hash

fuck me ad pizza looks amazing. shame irl looks like absolute trash though.



I sure do like smoking those marijuana cigarettes like those cool kids on heem
>d-do I f-fit in yet

So you just like the semi naked guys without the weed and it's somehow better?

Yeah bunch of faggots desu


UFC Fight Night 100 is just a few months away.

Who should main event?

My stream host hasnt changed the channel

It was flag banter bro! Flag banter!



>rd3 is an F1 race

well ok then

who /float tank DMT jre/ here

>stream switches to racing

how do people enjoy this shit


weed is the most retarded thing ever, literally "yo fuck fun I just wanna get dumb and hungry"

He held a belt in the HW division in the mid 00's, the sports has passed him by. If you actually listen to Stann you will hear concise technical analysis

I'm here stating the case that Boxing is a superior sport in all aspects.

1, Skill
2, Entertainment
3, Prestige

McGoober Aldo rematch for belt

lol sure it is bud

A dedication to all the fighters who made Fight Night great

>hes never got high and played laser tag

spain-posting is still alive and well

Everyone relax

>passed him by

I'd sooner listen to a former wolrd champ hasbeen than a retarded jarhead never was.

Stann can't even get excited or sound like he's enjoying it.



It's a hue card on the same day as the belfast card

29-28 Quiche

Best fight of the night so far


Faber vs. an actual bear.

More of a MotoGP guy myself (F1 lasts way too long and there isn't enough activity for my taste), but when those shots from the cars going at 350km/h are pretty amazing, really get your heart racing

MMA is only popular due to faggot ass WWE fans tuning in, that's your main audience..

When your sport shares it's largest crossover apeal to WWE fans you know it's shit.

Good fight, quinonez takes it.

Nice comfy fights

Khabib knows a guy who would be perfect for that

stfu moctezuma go behead children in your pyramid

Why are you here?

that man just snorted blood out of his nose to the ground

29-28 30-27 x2


to get your (You)s, stop replying to him

at least all the fights have been well matched

the mexican was pretty damn good, just imagine him polished more in what he was threatening

what kinda bear? i bet urijah can take a small black bear


no laser tag in my hometown (700k people), I've played it in france and it was insane, I can't understand how it hasnt caught on in spain


>tfw fight pass subscriber and vpn access but i can't use it because vidya
>tfw FS2

Hispañeco hijo de puta comemierda


>tortilla boy needs a translator
just get him out and start the next fight pls

What did we think of this album?

Waiting for Canelo vs Smith.. Why else.

And it's fun to educate dumb casuals.

pretty racist boys

>because vidya


Reminder to all kids smoking weed

You have to step to more fun Joe Ronesque drugs at some point,do stupid shit,heem your gf ,fall on k holes etc etc


how? he's gonna be embarrassed by wonderboy

Piss off knobhead

It's literally half one in the morning in Bongland and he chooses to tell people to stop liking what he doesn't like

/heem/ getting cholo tonight

Aw fuck, just realized I'm gonna be on an airplane for Penn/Llama.

Wanted to see BJ get btfo again.

i dont respect albums that dont put the artist and name in the cover

You're not education anyone though, you're just shouting "Look at me, the boxing fan! Aren't I great?" Just be honest, you're a dirty attention slut with a lust for replies.

if i change my ip i'll get locked out of my account because '''''security measures'''''

can't stop lisening to guwop

If you smoke weed you're a weak willed lay about who won't accomplish anything with their lives.


lmao the instant regret

Get into heemspeak lads

Remind me and I'll post a webm of the heem the next day

Not to my taste
Can't stand modern rap style

>shit card so far
>Antonio Carlos Junior fight next


Nerd alert

where are ya goin bud!


What's your biggest accomplishment in life?

Just watch it on your computer.
Also what is it, PS4 or Xbone?


but there is no single modern rap style, user

is this a trap [Y/N]?

you don't need to use a system wide proxy you dummy


someone please post DUDE KETTLEBELLS LMAO pasta


Not like a grizzly or polar bear or anything. That would end too fast. I think a black bear. Or maybe a panda. A panda would be fun. I'd like to see someone get fucked up by a panda.

Get in the new heemspeak bud


What fight kit is that? Cain's?

Making my first million by age 22


no we are there for every card

openvpn sadly

so what does HE stand for anyway??

No, but there is a more popular one.

Nah, wanna post on heem

>Phil Broke

When it's impossible to get a perfect photo because you're having too much fun! Finishing a great day at the Olympia expo. Thank you @hitechpharma #iaskedforhisphoto #tokenenglishguy

why are you trolling?

Will do

Amsterdam, so I'll be temporarily Dutchposting. Gonna fuck bitches all day ery day.

bumping this top lads here

>Nah, wanna post on heem

can't post on /heem/ and use teamspeak at the same time lad

shitposting on heem

If you enter the room, you'll have to talk with a bunch of obnoxious /heem/ users

Its not that I like to be in nature, I am nature. It's just nice to be fully in.
That's a great way to get in balance and sharpen up our instincts. Fight has a lot to do with that it is in our nature never lose that.
Workout and nutrition it's going right. Thanks @intensity_nutrition!
Now is time to watch my brother @menace155 do work at @ufc.


why does he have the lines

OOHHHH fuck yeah bud, that sounds unreal

are you gonna eat some space cake

why does lawler speak so slowly and weird? Does he have brain damage?


The next fight is

>a 2 literally-who hues episode

I don't think this "sport" is for me, lads

>tfw successful electrician
>smoke weed every day

I saved a family of 4 who were unconscious in a house fire.

They all survived.

Hes autistic

I ate 104 chicken wings once.

thanks bro. you're the man

Good, get out casual.


Wonder if he'll do a walkout dance moment again

Not being a drug addled faggot.

I always root for the lighter skinned fighter except if he happens to south american, in that case I'll root for the other one
If both are south americans, then i just don't watch

i said Accomplish something with their lives, not become a middle of the road worker till you're 70 and die from lung cancer due to DUDE WEED MAN.

I actually believe that Poirier will hold a belt at somepoint


I was phone.

leleco vs kekeco

/heem/ vote now

Fucked my girlfriend after fucking my side chick without washing my cock. Also smoked weed literally every day through all of college and med school.

Man United were linked to this lad

Maybe. Got two weeks, so I'll see what I feel like doing. Usually when I go there, I just kinda wake up, head out, and just do whatever the fuck I want. Pretty great being within easy walking distance of guaranteed blowjobs whenever you want.

Also got this chick booked: societyservice.com/escort/louise/

>Spamonkey discriminating

Doostin and his wee lil glass chin will be exposed tonight.

I want to hear this story.

>those tits
>that massive head

For sure he's used some cheap shitty PEDs.

Fellow oldfag, salutations!

mike "beat ya momma's ass then go get a six pack" perry

no one on this board is going to "accomplish something" with their lives in that way, including you faggot

my repeating digits can confirm


Surprise cameo by Josh Samman?

I don't believe it.

"successful electrician"


>less than 1 mile from the border

this card makes so much sense now


i've already accomplished more than you ever will.

Lads, I think Junior is still shook from the dirty boxing clinic my man Dan put on him

This orange nigga gonna gas in 3 minutes.

yeah I just explained that to my wife

it's funny actually lol

i thought that was jesus

"Shoeface" vs "Leleco", just how retarded can hues be?

Sorry sir, you are truly an epic individual

How about a season of TUF where all the competitors are coming from an athletic non-combat sport background, then you put CM Punk in there and hope he doesn't get killed.

I bet I'm the only in here that's seen Fightville. That documentary is why Poirier is my boy.

Can someone teach these fucks how to throw a jab?

is anyone having trouble downloading webms? I keep getting a "failed downloaded" when I try to save a webm to my computer

>its a two BJJ black belts have a kickboxing match episode

I'm fading...

Seen it breh

MMA fighters dont go and train from real boxing coaches because they're insecure faggots who would get beaten up in the Ring by an experienced 17 year old Amateur.

Their striking is WSHH-tier

haha only 8:45 here bud

I just opened the jamesons

They should do a crossover TUF/Battlebots season. Have dudes fight Battlebots.

I'd watch.

Setting open course
On the virgin seasssssssssss

Fuck what is this, Metamoris?


well I know which guy I'm rooting for

I think I'm going to go have some Doritos

Maybe their Spiciness will help keep me awake

>it's a two roidy Brazilian grapplers get USADA'd and gas halfway through the first round while having a sloppy kickboxing match episode

Or Team Faber vs. Team Bear.


Taking a point? Wtf that's bollocks

What? He didn't have his hands on the ground did he?

>when suburban white boys have better striking than UFC 'pros'

Damn Urijah drank his milk

We need to build a WALL.

team ufc washouts vs. team bush league prospects

What is it with the refs tonight?

>take point
>fight gets exciting

I like it

that hasn't started yet.

>wondertwink heeming a nonusadad god
cry more witeboi

All MMA refs should be taken out back and shot.

None of them do a good fucking job anymore.



Not even joking i could ref a fight better

They need to start doing what the nfl does. Have a ref watching just the monitor who can use replay to make sure the right call gets made. Nevada actually allows for refs to use replay but I cant think of a single instance where it's been used.

is that a bucket of tenders for $20 with sides? Americucks have life easy. Everything is so cheap.

this desu stop bitching lads

Ref knows how much of a sleeper the fight is so he forces action

if I had to choose between nuking latin america or canada, i'd nuke north korea so they'd nuke america then americans would nuke the entire world

i am beyond done with ''''''''''ronda rousey''''''''''

Fuck this shit.

Just legalize stomps, soccer kicks, and knees to the head of a grounded opponent and this won't be a problem.
It's a fucking joke that they are illegal to begin with.

>i get punched in the side of the head for money

whats your hourly rate lad i had to pay a guy $160 the other day to check something stupid with my furnace

one thing I've always found odd about them is that when the fighter doesn't speak english, they don't do a very good job in making their intent clear

it's not very hard lol

Use your phone to shitpost dummy

These are mexican refs though

I thought they were still going about implementing the use of replay

Which UFC fighter has the worst cauliflower ears?


Woodley had flashbacks from ingrained genetic memories from his ancestors receiving beatings from massa

He's going to get the same feeling when he loads up on a punch and Wonderboy hits him with a stiff 1 2

2017 lad

>casual pretends he knows stuff

stomps are legal and these rules go into effect in january. for sure stop complaining

if you're referring to a kfc commercial i think they're more about chicken wings/thigh/breast, but i could be wrong

popeyes is better teebeeaytch


>It's a fucking joke that they are illegal to begin with.
you think that because you're stupid though

so you would just be ruining it for the smarter folks

Not the same
I'll go on discord if you guys go there


Jesus Christ I looked and it HAS been used... by fucking Mazagatti to DQ Jones


>calls people casual
>thinks head stomps are legal

back to plebbit, migrant cunt.


>knees to the head of a grounded opponent
they tried allowing this and it was fairly destructive to the talent they rely on having to make money, lad

bad idea jeans

>german captchas


i appreciate your posts aussiebro


Have all of them been this shit so far or have there been some spicy ones? Got held up on the road and just tuned in.

why do you keep posting useless tweets?
are you mentally handicapped? I swear to god I would open your head like a watermelon

The refs should be able to cut these cunts from the UFC for being shite

>not being able to finish a guy who gives you his back for 3 minutes

this is shit

why doesnt shoeface just keep punching his head and make the ref stop the fight?

>LELeco using the Brendan Schaub Shutdown technique

It looked like he was asleep.

The set-up for this evenings show. #Knowledge #AllSeeingEye

10-8 round for sure


>gassing out from dancing down to the octagon

lmao. My guess was Dan Mirg when Koscheck faked getting hit by an illegal knee

I remember reading somewhere that its use wasn't explicitly mentioned in the rules. maybe that's just the unified rules though

is that some illuminati shit or what?

No way mario

lets drop some doodies

How can you have a physique like that and have such limp wrist pillow fists

Fight before this was good and there's been a decent round or two in other fights but that's about it

k then

Will there be a kid nate 6th round?

Leleco's tits are gross.

Dude's whole body screams of BR favela PED usage.

That first replay of the Daley/Koscheck knee incident was a great moment. The boos at Daley's "illegal" knee turning to boos at Koscheck's overacting and flopping about

Only nevada has it. It's not in the unified rules.

welp thanks to carlos junior my old lady just gave up on the entire card thanks to him

Could 5 CM Punks beat either of these guys?

Dannyboy is pretty smart, I love his fight previews, wouldn't surprise me if he was a freemason or someshit

Alright lads, time for some puzzles

I know I've posted this before but whatever

post her feet

Will there be a kid nate 6th round??

Why do most grapplers have such horrific cardio?

She's clearly not a FIGHT FAN

post her tits

>These cage grabs
>"d..don't grab the cage"
>Continued grabs

Holy shit Stann getting livid here, you tell em lad

Weigh her

Don't be so difficult luigi

weigh her?

This is worse than that HW draw in Hamburg

Ive always thought about taking roids when I get older, but I am always scared of doing it wrong and winding up like leleco. I get so confused by timing, amounts and PCT

Leleco's coach is funny

Weigh her.

lol no dude

he weighed her and compared the weight to the weight that the doctor had just posted

it's a physical, you get weighed before they finger your butthole

Smack her in the stomach with the reflex hanger and see if something clangs.

I'm actually enjoying this fight.

it makes your head bigger

Post tits,
Carls Jr deserves it

She's probably just frustrated when she sees you ogling these real men.

listening through it now, and honestly it's kinda shitty. stuff that's only palatable as background noise at a club/party or while driving maybe.

doesnt even matter what hes saying, or that he has nothing interesting to rap about, but that the beats just are lame.


post fight jams

>inb4 '''''CRAWLING IN MY SKIN'''''

Thanks god

*reflex hammer

Fuck's sake, I haven't even started drinking yet.



Another easy one




no u

heem tappy, finally

That's a satisfying win.
For us though, we finally get to move on.

>listening to '''''''''music'''''' involving non-humans


Nice crank

threaten to put her in the MRI machine

you're welcome


Good job.

that guy was brazilian dude not hispanic

We tried discord it didn't work bro

Everyone loves ts

Just do it
We having fun

Well I guess because the other drawers are all the way out, and the top drawer is the only one you could take shit out of.

the folders in the top are all forward.


Jihadi Vs Spic

Which brown person will prevail?

The real question is WHO CARES?

pretty dumb one

less folders in the top drawer, all drawers open meaning top drawer was the last to be opened, to get a folder from the other drawers the top drawer would've had to be closed

If they wanted to take something out of the other drawers they'd have to close the draw above it.

>nelson vs bigfoot

intruder went bottom to top

I meant people watching the fight, canuck, not "us" as in, mexicans.
Dude how good is pulled pork? Is it a meme or is it actually good? Genuinely curious.

Clatter her head of the canvas while telling her to give the shit back

Yeah, I'm just posting some easy ones currently

Wtf lad

wtf that's a big fuckin bee

That was actually a pretty good commercial.

you guys can figure it out if you want

The folders are standing straight up. When you close the drawer they will fall down on an angle because the drawer is not totally full.

> to get a folder from the other drawers the top drawer would've had to be closed
Damn youre right. This is the correct part.

should i bother watching this shitty card


Belal's cool, he showed a tonne of heart and grit against Alan Jouban

reminder jon anik got 209 tatted on his fucking wrist

how're your pants doin bud?

Look at this man and laugh.

Piece of mail

The letter has an address

nah go watch mandrama instead


milk and fish if he wants to racially profile
letter if he wants to be a good detective

pulled pork is delicious

Are you a fightfan?


it's a texas card, shitty commission, it's like seeing good matchmaking and fighters on a bellator card

Tight as fuck.

that's cool and all, But why would i support the literal Enemy.

Fuck both of you, I'm the champ of this shit. I ogt the first one right and I got the last one a few seconds after the fin

lol I knew that I was just making a joke

and dude it's fucking amazing, but you have to do it properly. never order it from a fast food place

I've made pulled pork before at family events that I ended up eating like five sandwiches out of lol it's can be so godamn good, def not a meme

its delicious, especially when smoked

You know what's delicious too. Cole fucking slaw.

why did he have a palestine flag

be very careful




Pulled pork is one of the best things ever. Had some last night, actually. Platter with pulled pork, brisket, rib tips, and hush puppies. Fucking fantastic meal.

I could heem everyone here and twice on sunday


>You now remember when CM Punk actually wanted to fight Cathal Pendred

>pink haired mexican vs generic muhammad #89793


good man, I'm glad

your new job end up panning out?

yep, smoke it and homemade BBQ sauce

Yeah you all got that one right, sorry no (You)'s

Another easy one

You're not talking about the seesaw one are you?

>jihadi vs spic with the gayest hair I've ever seen

Can't they both lose?


cause the other guy looks like a poofter

Belal have a great chin jouban hit him with everything

"Remember the name Muhammad"

yeah cole slaw is good too

just ordered a pizza and smoked a joint, lifes good my friends

that augusto guy has always seemed like a gay dude to me

Angles don't look right to try to pull anything up, let alone a statue that heavy.

>mfw I moved to NC and all the pulled pork here has a vinegar based BBQ sauce instead of a tomato based BBQ sauce

guards supplements were clearly tainted

There are no missing items

Canelo vs Smith instead tßh

Trump's wet dream


>implying any of your shit countries have a better breakfast.


It was the other way around.

Rope is under the statue

fuck all you nigs, belal is my boy

I'm enjoying your replies Greece, might not be getting (You)'s but I thought I'd let you know


I'm talking about weighing the kangaroo, but I did get the seasaw one right last time, and a bunch of other ones.


It's literally impossible to have a better breakfast than that.

Although I'd switch the beans up with homefries or more meat/eggs.

Augusto is unreal on the ground and is going to tappy Belal unfortunately

fuck bud, thats tough
I'm sorry to hear that

Reported to DHS

His last fight was actually a good showcase of heart iirc

I hate you

How about you post yer lunch. Or any other meal, really.


Wtf i love Canadians now

why dont they have an unlimited weight class i could beat all these fruits and eat a sandwich at the same time!

should be spicy af lads


Post your fight snacks lads

This guy's hair has forced me to cheer for the kebab. Fucking ridiculous.

Finland gets it

who is the guy in green? I forget.

Literally that

My Korean n*****r

I don't remember his name either

Belal Muhammed

he fought jouban. i think it went the distance?

don't recognize it, desu.

how many times did kick to the head hit its mark for fucks sake lol


Your continent's banter/shitposting never ceases to amaze me and I hope it never stops

love ya