Stadiums General

Stadium Autism General: post your home stadiums, favorite stadiums, good views, cool architecture used to host sporting events.


Mountain views hnnnggggg

beautiful park. Tactical warehouse to hide the urban decay


SF says hello

Century old building incorporated into the design of Petco Park, San Diego

This photo triggers me, pls delete

-rags fan

Wish the quakes weren't fucking shit

minor league baseball stadiums are the comfiest.

Wonderful stadium, real shame about the city though.

Corpus Christi here

How's the new stadium?

Hell yeah, cheesy sound effects and cheap tickets

Pretty nice, the bar is ok but always packed. Too bad the team is shit so the fans don't see a good performance most of the time.

Do the airplanes fly right over?

obligatory largest outdoor stadium in the world :^)


>not downtown

i find this the most creative

>all those racists standing up
Shameful 2bh.

Great incorporation of nature

>mfw I've still never gotten to go to a hooks game


Not that big a fan of it. Transport isn't the most convenient either.

Why is the terracing so flat?

Who /gong/ here?

Sorry but the largest is in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Objectively the coolest stadium in america

Not me but it looked good on tv during the FFA cup

The very best. Like no one ever was.

last season at the joe

also the ugliest

>they're getting rid of tal's hill this offseason post this

>Oriole Park at Camden Yards, often referred to simply as Camden Yards or Oriole Park
>often referred to simply as Camden Yards or Oriole Park
>Camden Yards
>Oriole Park

Fuck off America.

marathon stadium

Can you imagine the carnage is some drunk, fat fuck fell over and started rolling down the stands? At that gentle gradient, the fat fuck has more a chance of rolling to a halt than just outright crushing anything in its path.


I was at the game, it was good to have soccer in town again.


Best facade in the world. They just finished rennovations, so I can't find a professional photo of the finished product.

Doak Capbell Stadium (Florida State Seminoles)

One of the largest stadiums in the world, I live 10 minutes from it.

Adelaide has a decent oval too

The Gabba in Brisbane



The Gabba is shithouse. I used to work there for the Lions. Never again.

Etihad Stadium Melbourne.
I've never been there, but like most things in Brisbane I just assumed it was a mediocre version of it's Sydney/Melbourne counterparts.

Is Aussie Rules played in a circle because of cricket?


That's correct.

It's an oval, not a circle. And yes, it was originally developed as a way for cricketers to stay fit in the off season.

>post your home stadiums, favorite stadiums, good views, cool architecture used to host sporting events
>people didn't read past "home stadiums"

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>chimp thinks people care about what he thinks
fucking lol

Lel I know, I've been to the Oval in London countless times

Same thing really

It was based off Gaelic football.

I live a 2 minute walk from the stadium I posted m8

Nice, that's where the Aussie Rules exhibition matches are played. One of the main problems with exhibiting the sport is you can only really do it in countries that play cricket.
It was also influenced by a game played by a local Aboriginal tribe.


which city is that

sandy eggo

t. a black abo

This might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but most American cities look exactly the same

San Diego

Do you get exclusive kinds of deadly animals roaming each city so you can always distinguish each shithole, fucking abo?

Regional wise, yes. One must remember USA is only 240 years old and is generally one culture while Europe has been a center for civilization for at least 3000 years and it has very distinct cultures closely packed together. One can tell New York from San Fransisco from Miami fairly easily but Dallas to Atlanta can be a crapshoot just by looking at the skylines.

>tfw you clearly have no idea what the cleveland skyline is supposed to look

Yeah, shit's weird. It doesn't help that in relation to sports there are like 40 cities to remember the appearance of.

>Qualcomm Stadium

looks a bit like Perth

I don't live anywhere near there but in a sense they are similar in the way that they are both built on the Southwestern corner of the country and are pretty much in deserts

Yep, mid sized coastal cities situated in a little oasis surrounded by desert.

its shit.

> No one posting Bobby-Dodd Stadium
it has a really weird upper deck in the endzone, and is in the center of the city.. Not to mention Grant Field is the oldest in the USA.