Washington-Portland State GameThread

Slaughter: Week3 Edition
Get in here huskybros for comfy. Portland welcome too.

it's already over

Is Washington a good school to go to? I mean I know its vaguely in the top schools, not a Harvard but floating around the UCLA level.

I am more just interested in going there, is it a fun place to be, friendly people, girls are cute and friendly or good school spirit? Has moving around the campus all right and tolerable or pisses you off because its too close to downtown traffic?

Yes, you're right on, not ivy, but a top tier. Up there with UCLA, Michigan, OSU, stuff like that. Good school spirit. Pretty expensive living, especially housing and stuff because that's downtown Seattle. Tons of asian students.

Pretty comfy weather. Best time of year

its all good until 13 in a row

go huskies

In the lasr college rankings it was top 10 public schools

I don't see the huskies having issues today

Goddamn conference play needs to start

its right around the corner

I know, I seriously can't wait. As much as I love these huge wins, I can't buy into the hype until we are finally tested

that wont happen until they play stanford

I am so fucking hyped for that game. Next week will be a good start though I think. It will at least be nice to be done with cupcake teams

well the way arizona has played lately they could be considered a cupcake

For a Pac 12 team yeah, but not compared to Portland State

I want to see how we match up to Stanfurd


poor portland

Im worried Peterson might pull the starters before we get 40

he wont do that until the 4th

>there are people here who've never had an all-access pass during a Husky game

what a sad existence.

thats a circus catch

Wait why was that not an interception?

I don't know

no shutout today



portland can be happy that its over