Is there any that can stop us now?

Is there any that can stop us now?

Alaves desu senpai


I miss the old Messi



we didn't want to win anyways




is there a version of this shield with JUST hair?


> no more Otamendi
No chance


Inb4 Messi nutmegging Man shitty to death


>that little "7" on Cron's underpants

Every time


Muh score from 5 years ago. Kill yourself you sad fuck, since Zidane went to madrid they outperformed Barcelona

They've only played once since Zidane took over, and it was in a situation where barcelona was: the middle of their worst performance dip that season (I think they lost like four games in a row).
B. They had to reserve players and stamina since they had to play Atletico for the UCL's second leg, and even then they lost by a one goal margin.
C.Before that game, the last antecedent was el clasico which finished 0-4, with basically the same madrid team save for the inclusion of casemiro (who admittedly did manege to balance out madrid's miedfield).
As for my opinion on OP, I think both Madrid and Atletico stand decent chances if they choose to play as defensively in their direct match ups against BCN as last season, but the latter will most likely ultimately win the league title on account of being a more reliable team in the long run.


Rotations or team death by March due lack of rotations
>The combined GDP of Tuvalu and Monserrat for Alcazer,Gomes,Digne and alex Sandro

>Showing up against a decent oposition
Kek.This isn't 2011.Suarez,Neymar and Iniesta are the only ones that show up in big matches

>a more reliable team in the long run
They are just reliable with the MSN.Their bench is garbage.If Suarez gets injured Barça will wi nothing or just la Copa del rey

Citeh la.

>Implying that Zidane actually did something good.
>Actually believing Zidane acomplished ANYTHING even though everything was basically left for him by Ancelotti.

No. Zidane is to Ronaldo to what Real Madrid's Champions League win is to Portugal's Euro win...absolute bullshit.

Hes still injured and won't play any time soon


man city can stop them

Pep guardiola just told me that Kevin of Brown is second best player in the world so it must be true

lel mad