Houston Astros @ Seattle Mariners GAMETHREAD

Paxton vs Fiers


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g-go m's

Do you guys still have hopes of making a wild card spot?

yeah. we had to lose a game sometime. weren't going to go undefeated until october. just sucks that it had to be a felix game

Just reminding you divisional peons who the Kong of the Hill of the Division is going to be for the next decade at the least

astros are already WS 2017 champs though???

>Rangers win WS 2016
>Astros win WS 2017

I'd be okay with this.

perfect placement

will the offense show up tonight?



I do. anything is possible until the team is eliminated

based Pax. if we meme our way to the WC i hope he gets the start



seth smith is dumb

pitchers rarely throw a strike on 0-2 count. Idk why he went up there swinging at bad pitches 2 times in a row

ballsy move, dhl


If and when we take this game, were in good shape, every other WC contender is losing or lost

m's need something to break in their favor. tonight would be good

What up fellas? Your tripgod has arrived... Don't know why I said that, just sounded funny to me.

I like his style today. btw, where is everybody? Yesterdays game must have scared off all the fairweather M's fans


>13+ straight innings without scoring

its cfb night. there wont be many posters until monday

It's saturday, they're presumably off doing normie things.

>tfw objectively the unluckiest team in baseball


most pathetic

same thing, really

Man, there is no one in the Husky thread, don't know what games they would be watching instead.

Wow, great D by Zunino.

Paxton fuckin elite

Its a cupcake game so if they aren't at the stadium they are watching other college games

>If a pitcher throws a perfect game, but no one is there to see it, did it really happen?

Some folks gonna be feeling real foolish.

Man, I was gonna go in there and talk some shit about the fact that 90% of them probably never went to UW, super bummed.

even if it was a curse the team couldn't fix it because no one would know what it is


You've never heard of the Duwamish curse? Some claim Safeco is built on a burial ground.


great job paxton

fuckin mariners

mariners fans suffer more than cubs fans sometimes i think

of course

Let's go Mariners. Turn this thing around. All the other teams are losing or lost tonight.

pls come back griffey

When was the last time the Mariners made the playoffs?

I really wish we'd see more of Herredia, O'Malley and Gamel this weekend.

Man, I don't know what ya'll expected from a Mariners Astros game, we're snakebit when it comes to them.

Man, we're in the hunt for the post-season, your run your best guys out there, not defensive replacement guys.


I was hoping for Dave Neihaus' statue to come to life, strangle Jose Altuve, throw Dave Sims out of the booth and then call the game.

Also, I think it would be a good idea to see those young guys that are better at fielding and haven't been destroyed by the Astros all year long. Mix it up a little instead of just doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

Man, I met the Astros' 3rd base coach once. His son plays for UW.

how was the conversation?

He seemed like a nice guy, I used to work for the Athlectic Department at UW, and had to help him get into football practice to watch his son. We didn't talk for long, just some basic small talk.

I fucking knew it


smoke it z-man

hey somethings happening


lol nope



martins fielding is a very bright sport

yep. it was fun when he was a power hitter early in the season

Turn on the news, literal happening in NYC

Edgar needs to hug him more, that must have been the secret to Martin dingers


I want to protect that smile

>Nori on base every PA tonight
good shit speedy seaweed man



two hundred and forty million united states dollars

I only wanted to post this after wins but I'm desperate

Cotton candy girl please save our mariners

Time to put on yer rally caps folks

Quads for Martin walkoff again dinger like




gg astors

mariners disappoint again tonight

its over

Late to the party, just got off work. How was it?

fucking mariners baseball

they'll always break your heart

Oh wow it turned out pretty good! Gg guys

It was a pretty close game. both teams were strong defensively.