Jays desu.


>martin stealing bases now

my body is ready

Did ya see that clown in the Bautista jersey drop that easy foul ball a few min ago

Made me cringe 2bh



its time kneesman

fucking smoak

Classic SmoaK


The jays uniforms are just beautiful

>2 innings
>0-3 risp


im pretty okay with liriano being >our 5th pitcher next year. thats pretty good for a 5th.

Am I the only one who hates alternates?

jynxed it. sorry brehs

Pujols hit that off his shoe tops lmao

no its buck and pat, literally every fucking time

pat in particular is a jinxing machine

>poo holes

Yea probably. I love the blues. The road greys are my favorite, though.

Road grays always look good
>when the team is not a disaster and put shit other than the name of the city on the chest

Trout did the same to Estrada. Ball was almost touching dirt when he slammed it.

Fuck Tulo makes it look so easy

lets get some run(s)

Can I have runs, please?

25th for Vernon Wells

I find EE hits a lot of dingers like that. Bigger guys can do them, arms are so strong that they can make up for the lost power on those low balls



4 inches off the plate

>that called strike
The fix is in


Someone tell the ump that strikes are INSIDE the imaginary area.

in a couple years i think he will be pretty good. needs to get bigger, sharpen up his defense, work on watching the ball better since he hardly ever walks. he can hit singles really well. he will never be a big time power hitter but he could end up being pretty good.

also, 0-5 with RISP already. probably about to be 0-6

why isnt martin 4th in the lineup? fucking retarded. in what world is autista their 2nd best hitter? just because he can hit dingers?


>jays "offence"

>0-6 w/ RISP, 5 LOB
>its the 3rd inning

>3 innings
>0-6 with risp

fucking hell

those are good numbers retards


Means they're due :^)

Retard is good now

fuck off pessimist

>no runs

>roulette logic

>ben francisco
>frank francisco
>juan francisco
>frank thomas
>jeff francis
>francisco liriano
>francisco cordero

He's definitely not a power guy but I can see him hitting round 17-20 dingers if he stays healthy for a full season. The pop is there but improving his defense is more important.

he reminds me of a pint-sized Eric "Black Dynamite" Thames

2lo 2based 5me

>that inning

Eric Thames is my favorite fringe Jays player. I always dug his facial hair.

>mfw he's a 40/40 player in Korea now

Holy shit

>that's a popout in the angels park


fuck off that's like the 15th dinger this month that missed by a hair

flyout* but still yall get my point



Pillar is such a free swinger that I'm surprised his average isn't .210
Nigga needs to learn to stop hacking at junk.

is there any way sans injury that mike trout doesnt go to the hall of fame?

>3.8% walk rate

No it makes sense

Some kind of Tim Lincecum type drop off in ability.

Maybe if he Andruw Jones's himself and his production falls off a cliff. I highly doubt that happens though.

yeah. technically hes probably a worse batter than smoak, but at least pillar's issue is fixable because the fact that he bats .268 just means he needs to connect on the ball a bit better to get extra bases and pay attention to the ball to get up in the count. smoak cant hit the ball so hes fucked, he will forever be a dinger memer.

Haven't watched any Angels game because of football. I'm assuming the Anaheim Angels blew it again? What will it take for the Angels to lead Anaheim to the promise land aka WS title?

well considering they have given mike trout literally fucking nothing, they will probably not win a WS unless they gut their management completely.


t r a v

Based devon

if they go 0-9 with risp ill cum

Fuck, that was a gutty play by Simmons

there's no chance that was going to be overturned. sometimes I just think the players push for it to save face on their bad decision

>stranded 7


more autista and eddie spaghetti


>man on 2nd, 0 outs 3 times
>0 runs

Yup, see you guys tomorrow

which squeeze did he do brehs?

What are yall niggas finna drinking while watching the game

lmao thers about 10 posts in this thread (excluding me) all with usa flags

why are you canadians out partying?


tu ere morocco

Enjoying some delicious landshark lager

Probably watching hockey. TV crew just said canada is blowing some team out 5-0 right now.

look another base hit

maybe...just maybe

>5-6 with leadoff batters
>no runs

>naming your republic after a cereal


>another DP

holy fuck this is just annoying at this point. 7 LOB, 0-7 with risp,

>Baltimore lost
lets go jays

it will come back to haunt them. it always does

>Boston won
Pls don't lose tonight, jays

Can you fagbots imagine when Jays face the Yankees and Boston?

They're gonna lose, little Jimmy.


Your defensive 1st basemen ladies and gentlemen

Bustin SmoaK does it again!

>tfw no run support

white sox tier offense

Gosh the Blow Gays are terrible

Life is a ballgame
Bein' played each day
Life is a ballgame
Everybody can play
Jesus is standin' at home plate
Waitin' for you there
Life is a ballgame, but
You've got to play it fair.

First base is temptation,
The second base is sin
Third base tribulation
If you pass you can make it in
Ol' man Solomon is the umpire
And Satan is pitchin the game
He'll do his best to strike you out
Keep playin' just the same.

Daniel was the first to bat
You know he prayed three times a day
When Satan threw him a fast ball
You know he hit it anyway
Job came in the next inning
Satan struck him in every way,
But job he hit a home run
And came on in that day.

Prayer will be your strong bat
To hit at Satan's ball
And when you start to swing it
You've got to give it your all in all
Faith will be your catcher
On him you can depend
And Jesus is standing at Home Plate
Just waitin for you to come in.

Moses is standin' on the side lines
Just waitin to be called
And when he parted the Red Sea
He gave Christ is all-in-all
John came in the last inning
When the game was almost don
Then God gave John a vision
And he knew he'd all ready won.


jesus christ.




thanks SmoaK for the 2 unearned runs

reminder optimists think this team is going to make a deep playoff run

>shutout by rickey fucking nolasco
>like a 2 ERA this season against jared "just batting practice meatball my shit up senpai" weaver


sad jays? sad jays


Isn't their ace getting blown out by the Ayys? That's not even close to getting beat by pooholes and trout when your number 5 guy is on the mound.

honestly im glad we are losing half the offense next year, these fuckers are fucking past it and our hitting coaches should all be fired

bring up tellez, give pompey a shot at least his defense and speed makes up for his shit bat. Trade for Puig or schwarber, and throw bautista and edwins money at some decent FAs

Sad as in pathetic

>bring up Tellez

not ready

>give Pompey a shot

He's AAAA, just like Travis Snider. Time to move on.

>Throw money at decent FAs

You haven't looked at this offseasons free agent market, have you?

I swear I heard the hitting coach talk about how he doesn't coach when guys are slumping because "they'll work it out" and I know Smoak has said he has no control over the ball and doesn't know how to change that.


>travis hits every time he leads off
>one time a hit would get a run he doesnt hit
this just isnt the jays game

>Smoak has said he has no control over the ball and doesn't know how to change that.

jesus christ

>gain height
>have sex

>used to have godly hitting coaches
fuck me


tellez hit better than ben nintendo in the same AA league and bennytendies is contributing at a major league level

>pompey has speed and he has defense, and who else is there? You wanna resign saundshit now that hes back to being a .230 hitter?


You know Jesus is standing at home plate, he's waiting for you there.



>Player A is having some small sample success, which means Player B will be just as good

Dont be dumb.

And Pompey might have speed but that doesnt mean shit when he doesn't get on base. his career .289 OBP is fucking abysmal. Literally Anthony Gose tier

Hi. Currently watching my 15 games over .500 team in a playoff spot :^)

welp goodnight bros work in the morning

maybe the jays will win now :3

its all ogre

What's more pathetic?
>Blow Gays
>Their Fans

looks like its gonna be DickGOD starting the wildcard game :^)

take 3 outta 4 tomorrow.

>O's lose
>Blow Gays getting BTFO
thank you

End this suffering


>3 hits with no runners getting out
>no runs


wish i could get excited right now

mfw clicked the wrong board


hey the blue jays scored, did anyone notice? is that enough runs, will they win now?

Oh yeah it's gonna be a classic Blue Jays rally in the 8/9th for the win, as usual.


wow what a comeback definitely a clutch game

Kek Romania with the bantz

why are the bluejays even around? seems like such a huge meme.

omg how new are you

omg this fags gonna ragequit omg



Red Sox fan here. Thank you based Angels. Its nice to be bros for once.


Who here's a Gays fan?
The time is now, kill yourselves.

me the red sox fan

i'm an angels fan btw

Hi. Currently watching mt 15 games over .500 get raped by a .429 club :^) I'm such a dumb faggot

Fuck off asshole. You're a fag and you came to the right board.

>Jays announcers talking about how good the Sox are

oh nice, another 0fer night for '''''''''''mvp'''''''''' josh donaldson hey he's really performing down the stretch isn't he? when it matters most he's the man right???? canada???? the pride of canada big boy josh donaldson trailer trash chimpout pride of canada josh donaldson how's he doing down the stretch for the blue jays????

now that the dust has settled on the blue jay's unsuccessful 2016 bid for the playoffs, what do you guys think about their chances going forward in 2017?

Shut the fuck up

what's the matter? now that the season's all wrapped up it's time to reflect and look ahead

What do you want them to do, talk about how shit the Gays are? I'm sure they're tired of it.

excuse me, where the F*CK did you find this pic

First of all, fuck you. You're the scum of the earth and you know it.

Second, the Jays are irrelevant to everyone and everything except trolling stupid faggots into spending money and investing time with that faggot club. They get exposed almost every night and those pathetic fucking faggot losers so desperate to win vicariously through a team of molestation victims keep deluding themselves in spectacular fashion.

Also, fuck you if I wasn't clear about that earlier.

Shut up.

no. look at this

fuck off idiot

Whelp fuck you all, you can all eat shit.