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Coleman or Sproles?

Moncrief, Tajae Sharpe, Travis Benjamin.

Pick 2.

>tfw you drafted Keenan Allen and Sammy Watkins

Quads deserves a proper answer.

Benny all day! Flip a coin for Monie and Sharpe

Luck or Stafford?

Stafford has an easier match up, but Luck had more points in a head-to-head match up.

Pick 2

DeAngelo Williams vs Bengals
Spencer Ware @ Texans
Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman @ Raiders
Doug Martin @ Cardinals

Always bet on the easiest matchup

Ware and Coleman

Maclin vs HOU or Marvin Jones at home vs TEN?

Doug Martin at Arizona or TY Hilton at Denver?

Stafford is already in the starting spot, I figured that would be the best.

1 ppr

Larry Fitz
Doug Baldwin

the fitz

Alshon Jeffery **
Willie Snead
Adrian Peterson *
Jeremy Langford *
Rashad Jennings

Marvin Jones Jr
Devonta Freeman
Michael Floyd

Should I play Marvin Jones over Willie Snead, or move around them in flex spot?


Coleman @ raiders
Moncrief @ Denver
Rawls @ Rams

Pick 1 for standard

my gut says Coleman

Marvin Jones or Will Fuller
>the state of my flex

Phillipe Rios or Famous Jameis "I don't take 'no' for an answer" Winston?

Someone just dropped Coleman in my league, is he worth dropping Allen Hurns or Marvin Jones for?

Evans @ Arizona
Jordan Matthews @ Chicago
Hyde @ Carolina
Ware @ Houston

1 from each

Ware all day that's not even debatable to me.

No idea on the receivers, seems like a complete toss up.

PPR choose 2.

D. Thomas (Den)
T.Y. Hilton
Melvin Gordon
T. Sharpe

Thomas and Sharpe Gordon is a meme and Hilton is hurt

Evans and Ware. I do believe Ware is a guy to sell high soon cause Andy Reid switches RB like they are nothing.


WR pick two: Snead, Landry, Crabtree
RB pick two: Gurley, Woodhead, Yeldon
TE Barnidge or Thomas

zeke, lacy, hide? pick 2

Flacco or Roethlisberger?

Everyone is saying to play Flacco this week but I'm having trouble sitting Ben

Flex PPR:
Jeremy Maclin
Sterling Shepard
Tajae Sharpe

Jeremy hill or charles simms?

Play flacco, matchups don't lie

Literally not a single ass among them.
Also Snead and Landry, Gurley and Woodhead, Thomas.

Zeke and lacy, don't over think it

St Louis defense =/= Panthers defense

What do you guys put as your ESPN League Manager's note?

Matt Ryan or Drew Brees?

Zeke and Lacy

Flacco. Feels like a Deangelo Williams week for PIT.

That's tough. All are solid options. I'm slightly leaning Sterling Shepard over Maclin because NO's defense is just utter trash.

Hill. Always a TD threat.

Drew Brees. Threw 7 tds vs giants last year. It's not in the superdome so that won't happen but it's a floor of 2 with a ceiling of 4-5. Giants D not great.

Choose WR Flex, PPR:
Tyrell Williams the new Chargers guy
John Brown




Pick two
Doug Martin
Shane Vereen

pick 2
Hurns, Crabtree, and Eli Rodgers?

Brees full stop.

I reluctantly go Moncrief. Love him but awful matchup with Denver this week. Think he probably slogs out 70 yards and a TD or so though.

Martin & Ware, no question.

I'm not starting Brown, but thanks for the input I guess

I think I'll go Moncrief as well, thanks. I'm thinking that Williams might go off, but it's riskier

rashad jennings or tajae sharpe for flex ppr?

>go to make my Saturday night roster edits that mean jack shit when guys get ruled out while I'm asleep through the start of the morning games
>see my starting QB is started in 1.5% of leagues
I will never lose faith in you Cutty

Who win, left or right? Standard scoring


Antonio Gates va JAX or Gary Barnidge vs BAL, PPR?

You guys should start Tom Brady. He's going to throw for 500 yards and 6 touchdowns this week.

Willie Snead vs. Giants or Jordan Mathews vs. Chicago?

Barnidge has 0 catches and has a McCown throwing to him. Take Gates.

Didn't Barnidge kick ass last year specifically with McCown throwing to him?

Right is gonna get BTFO

No, that was money manziel.

Theo Riddick or Melvin Gordon?

Snead vs Giants

Brees is gonna light this shit up. Snead is a decent route runner too so he's not a boom or bust deep threat.

Which Defense should I pick up. Baltimore, Giants or Philadelphia

Witten or Gates. My QB is Rivers.

for what purpose?

Playing Brees outside of Dome is why. I don't think it would be a shootout

Witten easily

Gints secondary is ass Brees is gonna hang at least 35 on them

Ravens are playing the Browns this week take them N O W

standard scoring who takes the spot?

Ppr dez or diggs?

This guys right averaged 12 a game with mccown gronk averaged 11.7

I had him last year, this is true. McCown had a connection with him. GOAT waiver wire acquisition.

Hyde or Rawls?

>Mccown vs Ravens

Carr or bottles??? It feels like a toss up either way

All day Adrian. Easy

>Not believing in BASED McCown
BAKA SENPAI he's lowkey elite

>the filters for desu senpai still exist

Flex standard: Edelman, Gio Bernard, or Crowell?

Mobile edition, responding to others in a bit.

Do I start Kelvin Benjamin or TJ Yeldon in the sloot--the slot.

0.5 ppr.

Tell me I'm crazy for wanting to start the rams d. They were embarrassed and shit on all week. I sense a return to form. I drafted ravens defense and have them slotted but LA plays seattle tough traditionally.

Of course if the rams can't move the fucking ball again I'm in trouble.

Langford, Rawls, or Marvin Jones

Consensus is Langford but Jones is really tempting

(Standard scoring)

Carson wentz or big Ben?


You're crazy


Big Ben

Marcellus Bennett or Jason Witten?


I just accepted a trade to recieve Doug Martin and give away Jonathan Stewart. Been burned by Dougie before but I got faith this time. Lel.

TY I needed that. I benched Woodhead last week cause he had previously been shit against KC and it cost me my match up.

I still have a feeling LA will come out big and McCown has been good against BAL for w/e reason. I always have to be a fucking stat reading contrarian nerdface.

Get Sims if you can.


Gronk or Jason Witten

1/2 ppr

Which doug do I flex in PPR? Baldwin or Martin?

You're nuts. JStew will bounce back

Who do I pick for my flex?

D. Moncrief
Ryan Mathews
S. Diggs

Standard league

Forte on opponents team, how fucked am I? .5 pt ppr

Witten got over a dozen targets last week. Gronk might not play

Both Dougies? Lol I'd go Martin. But yeah I just think Cam is too selfish to let JStew thrive. He'll have some good games I'm sure but I like Martin right now.



Moncrief is playing DEN, Diggs is not gonna do much with Shaun Hill.

Keep up, Bradford is starting. Not that it means anything for diggs though

Mike Wallace
Randall Cobb
Emmanuel Sanders
Julio Jones

Which 2 do I sit and why?

idk why you even listed Julio, you're not sitting him ever

I would sit Wallace and Cobb personally

I don't like the Cobb matchup either. But Mike is a deep threat which Flacco loves. And they play Cleveland

maclin jeremy or Jeremy Langford

Cobb v. tough MIN defense?
T. Benjamin v. "ehh" Jags defense?

Atm leaning on Benjamin due to Cobb's matchup. He happened to struggle v. Jags defense in Week 1 too, which isn't a good sign to start to season, though I'm hoping he improves. He usually does.

Fuck I forgot but from what I understand, with Keenan Allen gone, Benjamin also has to step up as the WR1 on SD's depth chart.

here's a tough one for you Cred Forums

Emmanuel Sanders or Victor Cruz


That's not tough at all.

Start Manny.

ok, but I'll lose my shit if he gets 70 yds and 1-2 tds in the points bonanza that will be Saints/Giants game

D-did I do ok?

For my flex, I have a few options: Riddick, Tate, Steve Smith Sr, or Jordan Matthews?

Pretty good team desu although I doubt fuller will do nearly as well this week but still probably good. I'd put in Dez even though people are down on him, (although I'm a biased dallas dweller) you'll probably do fine either way with your matchups

Oh and Jeremy Hill, if that's even an option.

Yeah, I originally wanted to go with Cobb or Dez as they'll probably do steady numbers but I want to take some risks and do more exciting (dumb) shit this season. Also, based Forte gave me a little bit of cushion to risk starting Fuller.

Standard. T.Y. Hilton vs Denver or Golden Tate vs Tennessee?

For what it's worth Jerry Jones said he wants Dez to get lots of targets even in double coverage, although he talks out of his ass a lot.

How do you guys feel about Eifert? I drafted Bennett and dropped him, picked eifert up, and plan on streaming TE's until he's going to play. I don't know though, theo riddick is a FA right now and if he blows up again someone's gonna drop a waiver on him. Is Eifert worth the stash?

Eifert got me into playoffs last year, the bengals have less stud receivers this year which would make me very hopeful when he's back but tight ends not named gronk are always inconsistent

Should I start Victor Cruz over Travis Benjamin? PPR scoring

sanders no question - DT isn't 100% and the colts pass defense is abysmal

read that wrong. don't sit manny sandy

Spencer Ware or Will Fuller in Standard Flex spot?

I've got keeper rights to treadwell in the 8th nexxt year if i don't drop him. Strong chance he's not by best keeper option - should i pick up inman for him right now?

Pick two:
Dez @ was
E Sanders @ indy
Ryan Mathews @ bearc
Rawls @ LA

Mathews and Rawwwwls

Aaron Rodgers of Philip Rivers?

Packers play the Vikings today but Chargers are only against the Jags.

ESPN standard

Riddick or Chris Thompson?

Edelman or Tate?



Moncrief and Benjamin


Williams and Ware. DeAngelo Williams for sure.

Maclin and Martin

Doug Baldwin, but they are both great starts.


Definitely Marvin Jones.


Rodgers definitely.

Flacco vs the Browns or Luck vs the Broncos or pick someone else up?

Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans?

Is the Rams defense a good start against Seattle?

Should I bench Gurley today?

Dez or Michael Floyd?
Is it worth anything that I am facing Carson Palmer and already have fitz going?

If I truly believe that Patrick Peterson is shadowing Mike Evans today then I HAVE to sit him for Michael Crabtree... right?

I'm losing it over this one

It's a coin flip but with a Fisher coached team who always play the Hawks hard and a wounded Wilson there are worse choices.

*ESPN standard

PPR league looking to select a flex this week

Mohammed Sanu
Lagarrete Blount
Dante Montcrief
Julius Thomas

thoughts? standard

49ers destroyed them last week so i wouldn't coutn on it

depends on you have to replace him

the cardinals dc said they're going to use a combination of corners on evans, but who knows if that'll actually happen. I'd still start mike evans regardless though

Pick 2:

Maclin, Marvin Jones, Fuller

.5 PPR

I would go crief

Blake Bortles or Philip Rivers

Currently have Bortles in the starter spot because Rivers lost Allen and the Chargers will probably learn on the running game, but the Jags won't have their top corner, but Chris Ivory is still out and TJ Yeldon sucks, am I making the right choice?



Floyd, but I'm biased as a Floyd owner

Don't sit Mike Evans


Maclin and jones

Pick one in ppr:
desean jackson vs Dallas
Marvin jones vs tennessee
Jeremy maclin vs houstom

who do I keep looking past this week because the one I drop is getting waiver snatched

Donte Moncrief or Travis Benjamin

I guess keep in mind I have ty Hilton so moncrief has good handcuff potential

Marvin Jones

pick two

edelman vs mia
cobb @ min
sanu @ oak

Floyd will have a better week than last. Cardinals were all off except the immortal fitz.

If you take nonsense into consideration then this is a contract year for Floyd so he's going to be pressing hard.

Wat do?


Carr vs ATL
Bortles @ SD


Wilson or Flacco?

Thanks, reaffirming for me. I wonder about matching QBs with their wide receivers, though. Is it beneficial or doesn't make much difference? I have John brown, too, but I have a ton of WR options this week and he isn't on the field as much as Floyd and fitz. I've never really had an opportunity to cover a QB's options quite like this so I don't know if it will doom my matchup or help to keep it close. I am starting sterling Shepard over dez and Evans and I won't be talked out of that.

Rudolph or Celek?

Fucking Ertz with that rib injury.

Gurley or anyone else?


I need a WR and a FLEX, Standard

Marvin Jones

My only backup RB is Javorious Allen and I was thinking of dropping him to pick Jalen Richard (15 points last week). Really unsure about this one. Javorious looks abit like dead weight really

My alternative would be dropping WR Devante Parker or Marvin Jones (bench, lol) for J Richard, thus keeping both Allen and Richard as back up RBs.

My main RBs are Ingram and Matt Jones
WRs are Julio Jones and Brandin Cooks

Rivers or Winston?

Rivers this week.





Jalen doesn't warrant a roster slot yet. He is the 3rd option and Latavius is a stud.


Also Jesse James is available

Imagine a world in which everything is garbage. You have no choices but garbage. Pick 3 from the following assortment of garbage:

Mohamad Sanu
Will Fuller
Mike Wallace
Travis Benjamin
Duke Johnson Jr.

.5 ppr

Also Stafford or Plmer?

Standard? Shit, I'd lean towards Jax. If it was ppr then definitely Landry

Fuller, Sanu, Benjamin


Sit one
Doug Martin
Ameer Abduallah
Willie Snead

Sit Abdullah

Pick 2, 0.5 PPR league:

>Corey Coleman
>Sterling Shephard

Think of going Crabs/Shep because I'm real worried about a 2 catch 22 yard game for DT

Celek or Rudolph?

Jesse James also available

Who do I put at the flex? Demarco, Ware, or Woodhead?

M Floyd
W Fuller
M Wallace
A Hurns
T Williams

pick 2

Fuller and Hyde

Thanks. I just wish I ha more RB depth. Specially after what matt Jones did last week.

Cobb/ Wallace

The outlaw, Jesse James.

Edelman or Tate in standard?

Willie or Marvin Jones?

Fuck 12 team standard league

Matt Jones at the FLEX

If I were you I would be doing everything in my power to ensure I never had to play Matt Jones again.

Wrong, manziel was giving it to travis benjamin when he was in

What? Why Matt jones? He didnt look great last game and hasnt seem to lock up the starting role.


Bench Ware, play Jones and Woodhead
Hurns and Cobb
They only ran like 14 times. Lowest total in 5 years and Matt Jones did run really well. I think they will rely on the run more often going forward. He has potential.

M.Ryan or R.Wilson
Will the ankle be a factor?

He looked great last game, just the Redskins didn't commit to the run. Lowest number of rushes in 5 years. Thompson isn't an every down back, Kelley isn't even active. He is the starter.

Marvin Jones Jr or Willie Snead?

Marvin got a lot of targets last week, but saints are still facing easy opponents.

Devonta Freeman or Arian Foster?

One's in a RBBC and the other's hurt and my 4th string guy is James White

Snead. That game could get wild

Rawls or Arian Foster (Q)


Standard, please help.

Johnathan Stewart or Theo Riddick?
Tajar Sharpe or Arian Foster?

Hmm interesting. I didnt watch much of the skins game. Is Dallas' run D any good?

Rawls might see more runs with Wilson hurt.

hey guys what do you think:
1. Osweiler vs Chiefs
2. Rivers vs Jaguars

who? thanks!

Texans D or Baltimore?

Doug Martin on the road vs Arizona
Melvin Gordon at home against Jacksonville?


Reason to be worried about Russell Wilson? My backup is Cousins

% chance ESPN servers cuck out in an hour and ruin my Sunday?

2WR, 2RB, 1 Flex, 0.5 PPR

>Julio (locked in WR1)
>Kelvin Benjamin
>Doug Martin

Standard scoring flex, do I go with golden Tate or Isaiah Crowell??

4.7 yards per rush last week against a shitty Giants line

Id go Foster he did well against Seattle D he should do the same against the Pats.

>Rawls or Ameer Abdullah
Last week Abdullah pit up 19 but now they are going against the Titans who held AP to 34 yards. Rawls is now getting the start but against a Rams D they always struggle against

Who to start?

Crowell easy

Riddick or Freeman in standard?

10 team, Touchdown league (higher risk/reward players), who to flex?

Jordan Reed vs Dal
Emmanuel Sanders vs Indy
John Brown vs Tampa
T.J. Yeldon @ SDG

Denver or KC defense?
Blair Walsh or Dan Bailey K?


Need to choose a flex'

Steve Smith sr
Julius Thomas
Doug Martin

Julio, Kelvin, TY (Luck is gonna throw 45 passes today)

Ware, Hyde

Riddick is only a factor in the passing game. Last week's long TD was a fluke
Cousins MVP
Benjamin, Hyde, Martin, Hilton
Steve Smith

Who do I put at the flex? 8 team standard

Standard scoring 12 teak league

Who to start at FLEX:

Right now I got Blount

Rawls or Abdullah

I'm worried the Browns are only good for a few FGs this week with a backup QB going against Baltimore. I feel like Tate is a good idea with Stafford looking at a favorable match-up.

any dfs guys here? figure everyone is gonna be on the giants and saints game, so that makes me wanna stay away. plus it's supposed to be raining during the game. i get the feeling oak/atl and sd/jax could be sneaky shootouts so built a couple lineups around those.

anything look wrong here?

Standard, pick 2

>Arian Foster
>Johnathan Stewart
>Theo Riddick?
>Tajae Sharpe

I think I might just drop Javorious for Tevin Coleman then... dunno not alot of options. Lets see what Matt Jones does... he's starting again this week (no other option yet). It was a close one last week, all because of him

for whatever reason the Browns always play the Ravens tough. would expect that to be low scoring and tight.

Would anyone play a WR over Gurley today (he's going against SEA). Its a 0.5 ppr league and I have people like Edelman, Hurns and Shepard on the bench.

Murray, otherwise keep Ware.

Or be a real man, and start Gurley. Don't be a pussy bitch now, faggot.

Standard, pick 2
Nelson, Sanders, Moncrief

Pick one,
Barnridge or Witten

Pick 2 WRs

Evans vs. Cards
Cobb vs. Vikings
Benjamin vs. SF
Cooks vs. NYG

I like Riddick and Sharpe, but Jonathan Stewart is always a safe play early in the season cuz he gets so many carries.

But w/Tits vs Lions you know Sharpe and Riddick will get lots of targets.

I benched Gurley in my league. I like Fuller

Stewart and Sharpe would be my picks, but I could live with Riddick too.

Murray vs. ATL
Rashad Jennings vs. Saints



1 point PPR

Tajae Sharpe or Eli Rodgers?

Remember Markus Wheaton is out.

Johnathan Stewart and Tajae Sharp. Foster probably won't play as many snaps. Kind of doubt Riddick will make as many plays as Sharpe.

Edelman for sure. Even more so if a PPR league.

10 man ppr, pick one Jonathan Stewart vs sf, Spencer Ware vs hou, DeSean Jackson vs dal, Michael Crabtree vs atl.


It's been drizzling all morning here in Pittsburgh if that helps. These games always look like a shootout on paper but don't always turn out that way.

IM already up. Dude had to earn my trust.

I like Jonathan Stewart but the no name 49ers d-line shut Gurley last week. Be careful.

PPR league
I need a RB and a flex

Thomas Rawls vs LA
Melvin Gordon vs jax

Flex: the other of the two above
Michael Crabtree vs Atlanta
Allen Hurns vs SD
Julius Thomas vs SD

Pls Cred Forums you're my only hope

Rawls. At flex I would say Allen Hurns.

I like Diggs and Fuller. Blount could be the horse, but in New England you never know.

for PPR, should I start any of the following players in the flex over Rawls:

Randall Cobb
Eli Rogers
Tyrell Williams

Sanu v. Oakland
Diggs v. Green Bay
Garcon v. Dallas

pls help


Blount definitely won't get more, but he has a really good chance to get 60-70 yards and at least 1 td

I'd probably go with Fuller. Miami probably won't box him, but their defensive line will likely give the patriots some trouble. They don't always like to run him much either.

I don't think Fuller is going to have a repeat of last week though.


Julio is going to be double covered all game and Oakland can only stop one WR at a time.

Diggs has big play potential. Garcon is consistent. But they won't throw as much this week.

Garopollo or Wilson?

Also have andy dalton on bench who I might drop for garo

have Baldwin/Landry/Marvin Jones

PPR need 2

Standard league
Pick 3:

Steve Smith
Victor Cruz
Michael Floyd
Will Fuller

Fuller, Cruz and Sanu are set right now. I like Steve Smith against that Browns defence. I don't like Floyd against the Bucs though.

I'm worried Wilson might get knocked out of the game. He is playing injured supposedly and the Rams are going to being hitting him there. If he does manage to stay in he will likely destrot the Rams and they will have to move the team again.

Garo is likely to pick apart the Dolphins secondary.


Pick 2 for PPR

Melvin Gordon, T.Y. Hilton, Devante Parker, T. Sharpe

Could also pick up Terrance West in waivers cause Allen is inactive and it will just go to him and Forsett


Denver, Dan Bailey

Denver and Dan Bailey

PPR its a toss up but I would go with Rawls

Smith had 9 targets last week. I like him.

Should I start Devante Parker? He just got off the injury list and might be ready to explode.
Only thing I'm worried about is that Tannehill still looks like a QB in training.

Nah. Malcolm Butler is good. Patriots will find a way to keep the black man down.

Jameis Winston or Carson Wentz?

Jameis is a stud with great targets.

Much harder matchup today than Wentz though

Tannehill is great, except for when under pressure. Then he turns into a little girl. The Pats know this.


thanks m8s




That's true. But Pat P can only cover one guy and the other rookie CB got torched last week. That's a toss up. Chicago is the better match up

Melvin Gordon or Arian Foster?

Russell Wilson full go, no swelling!

Who do I sit?
Lamar Miller
Jonathan Stewart
Deangelo Williams

Drop andy dalton for Matt ryan as Russells backup?

Pick two

Lacy, Murray, Foster


Go with Winston, I think we will start to see the decline on Wentz


Gordon, Foster is still banged up


Lacy, Murray

Deangelo. I know you all won't agree but Redskins defense is bad. Don't expect that same performance against the Bengals.



Demarco Murray vs Detroit.
Spencer Ware vs Houston.

who should I speculative add? 12 man .5 ppr

Brandon LaFell - on the field for 96% of snaps legitimate WR2 will probably have more opportunities

Jeremy Kerley - only played 66% on snaps but had 11 targets = could mean he gets more playing time

Jesse James - my TE is Dwayne Allen who is ok but James is on the field more than Allen and could get more targets

>Go with Winston, I think we will start to see the decline on Wentz

Thanks, I do have more faith in Winston than Wentz.

Lacy, Murray
Lafell definitely

>Garo is likely to pick apart the Dolphins secondary.
lol wut? dolphins held the seahawks to 12 points, their pass rush can get to garo all day. plus pats are missing their best offensive weapon, wilson is a much safer pick.

Flex Doug Baldwin or Rawls

Abudllah, Gordon, Crowell.

Pick 1. Non-ppr

Blount or doug martin?

I agree with you that resakims defense is pretty bad compared to
The bengals but tomlin feeds Williams the ball regardless of whether or not he's being productive. I speak as a guy who had him and bell last year and this year. Also Big Ben will
Always hibe dlo the dump off especially teams with a nice pass rush. I will continue to treat dlo as a rb1 and start him every game until bell comes back

>Tannehill is great, except for when under pressure.

that's objectively wrong tho, he's actually better under pressure


Fleener of Doyle?

doug martin don't be stupid just because he had a bad week one. never trust patriots RBs.


I agree never trust Pats RB's but Cardinals could be tough to run on.


Blount vs MIA
Rawls @ LA

Doug Martin. Bucs pass attack will open the run up and he will get goal line

I need a RB2 start. I have Freeman, Langford, and Blount.

Dwayne Allen or Jesse James?


Gronk killing me.

While both dlines are mean, the Rams already showed how weak the rest of them are. However, Rams do always get a win over Hawks for some reason.

Can someone else put some input? Is Sharpe just a PPR player or is Hiltons match up just that bad this week

I might say blount because the SEA committee might still be split and the LA DL are mad as hell.

So, I'm having trouble deciding between T.Y. Hilton and DeSean Jackson. T.Y. is the favorite target for Luck and the Colts are 3 - 1 against the Broncos with this combo. BUT, Broncos defense is...the Broncos defense.
Jackson is the Redskins leading receiver, they face the Cowboys today.

Thoughts on who will put up the most points today?

Wilson of jameis guys?

Dwayne Allen easy. He will get goal line targets from Luck and James us currently just a 3 yards a catch dump option right now.

I don't think the ankle will be a huge factor but I am being the Rams' D will be better than last week.

Jordan Matthews

Which 2 do I play

That being said, should I risk playing Gurley over DeMarco Murray?
Murray put up some sweet numbers last week that I missed out on for Gurley (still kicking myself on that).

Pick 2 PPR
Evans vs Arizona
Cobb vs. Vikings
Cooks vs. NYG
Benjamin vs. SF

Also Murray vs. Atlanta or Rashad Jennings vs. Saints in standard scoring?

Luck or Dalton?

Standard 14 team.

Freeman or Langford.

Maclin and jmaths

Gordon vs jax
Tevin Coleman vs raiders
Jennings vs saints

I need help deciding who to start. They all have nice match ups

Standard, pick one

>T. Riddick
>M. Crabtree
>G. Tate
>D. Woodhead
>D. Johnson Jr.

Luck. They seem to be kryptonite for the Broncos.

Is this lineup any good? I've got:

QB: Bortles
RB: Deangelo Williams
RB: Eddie Lacy
WR: Jeremy Maclin
WR: Travis Benjamin
TE: Jason Witten
W/R/T: Jonathan Stewart
K: Blair Walsh
DEF: Packers
DL: Eric Ansah
DL: Aaron Donald
LB: Sean Lee
DB: Ha Ha Clinton-dix

On bench I have:

1. Russel Wilson
2. Devontae Booker
3. Shane Vereen
4. Kamar Aiken
5. Tavon Austin
6. Demaryius Thomas
7. Jeff Heuerman

PPR League

>playing in an 8 man

Evans and Cooks/Benjamin

Agree with: Jennings and Coleman


T. Sharpe or Melvin Gordon



fair enough, I just wanted to confirm my thoughts

Chiefs D or Pats D?

Muh D

Would it be dumb to start Will Fuller (vs KC) over TY Hilton (@ Den)?


sanu / shephard / landry

landrys the best player, sanu has biggest chance to pop off and shephard might score one TD. leaning towards Sanu but everyone says Landry, thoughts?

10 team PPR keeper league

What to do with my flex spot. Put a QB in like Prescott or Garappalo? Take out Alex Smith for one of the above and get Ware or Cooks involved?

AP, Lacy, Hilton, Maclin or Hyde at the flex?



TJ Yeldon @ SD


Latavius Murray vs. ATL

Standard scoring, I have Murray in right now, but I keep second-guessing myself

>HC spot
every fucking time it gets me

chiefs D is going to get lit up meanwhile the dolphins are scrubs

I mean, did you really have to ask? why do you even play fantasy football?

Not necessarily, fuller has gotten a good amount of targets in both the preseason and week 1 so he's definitely involved in the passing game as the #2. Go with your gut on this one

Fucking TEs are the worst positions to pick.
Gary Barnidge or Kyle Rudolph?
Both are capable TEs but their QBs are shit
Standard 10 man

Anyone's thoghts are welcomed.

Kelvin in @ the flex and Jennings at rb2. You have a fine line up and team tho


Dolphins always do decent in division matchups though

Todd Gurley vs. SEA


DeMarco Murray vs. DET

Blount or Freeman?
Carr or Bortles?

Should not be starting Raiders D/ST against ATL this week? There aren't many good streaming matchups...

FML DT is still questionable and Gronks out again.

Should I keep DT? If not

Pick 2

S. Shepard

Appreciate your input.

Go Gurley. Didn't he guarantee a W this week?

Quick friends, Golden Tate against Tennessee or Allen Hurns against San Diego?



I think you'll get 6 points at least

Go with dt if you're feeling crazy start fuller

keep crief


Standard Lacy, Latavius, or Jstew?

Why do you need to drop one?
Travis Bnjamin is good trade bait right now with Keenan ded. He won't be as good as some might think.


2 QB League

Alex Smith @ HOU
Carson Wentz @ CHI

Should I start Luck, Dalton, or pick up Wentz and start him?

Chiefs beat Houston in Week 1 last year in Houston and 30-0 in the playoffs, also in Houston.

If the Rams win it'll be thanks to the defense. But still, it's Todd Gurley. Gaaaaaahhhhh idk

Which two WRs should I start? Standard scoring.

Michael Floyd
Tajae Sharpe
Will Fuller

I have Floyd and Sharpe in atm

Quick, should I make any changes?

Wentz for sure.




Fuller and Floyd

You're good

Barnidge. McCown loves him.

I'd put in Fuller for Sharpe, but who knows what'll happen

>mfw Demaryius Thomas or Tavon Austin

>DT a true game time decision and the Broncos Game is at 425

PPR 10 man W/T FLEX

Tyrell Williams vs JAX
John Brown vs TB
Tavon Austin vs SEA

Thinking Williams but looking for some confirmation

If Tavon is your only other option, I'd stick with DT. The Rams are just that bad, I don't think Austin is even worth a roster spot.


Fuuuuck, I went with TY, and Fuller already has 70 yards.

Play the Ravens D they said. Flacco's big game they said.

Fuck the ratbirds

Ravens D was a mistake

>Crowell just sitting there on my bench

>tfw have Ravens D, Flacco and Mike wallace.

I could have signed the Giants D

>everyone says to start Stewart
>gets negative yardage and is already going back to the locker room

>I started Alex smith



know this feel

Domekid pls

> started Arian foster
> dolphins are down 21 in the first quarter

Well shit

Post yfw Coby Fleener

>started kelvin benajmin
>started sterling and eli
>benched matt jones

Fucking A, I have Arian Foster, the Ravens D, AND Joe Flacco playing

Just kill me please

Matt Jones bros. Told Ya'll.

God I fucking know the rams d will be fired up and I started the fucking shitbirds

Fucking christ, Alex Smith looks horrible. Between two teams, I'm starting Maclin, Kelce, and Cairo Santos, and Alex Smith is ruining it all.

> starting 4 players on worst offense in the NFL

tfw your bench is lighting the fuck up

>tfw you fell for the AJ Green and DeAngelo Williams meme this week

>eli and sterling are a great pair thids week

You did man. You did

He can blow up my bench this week, Ill put him in next week

What were you planning on benching Green?

>dat reading comprehension

I'm not starting Alex Smith

>have Crowell in both of my leagues
>benched him in both

>ware is top 10 this week


This sucks. Literally all the advice I followed for this week has fucked me over.

God dammit Eli, will your autistic ass just throw a fucking touchdown already? I was promised a damn shootout here

Bump for this

>mfw greg olsen is carrying my team

Week 2 is a goddamn shitfest so far

Where the FUCK is GOLDEN TATE?

Least he's scored more than Week 1

Finally Flacco and Mike Wallace connect.

Load up on the saints they said.

>mfw my opponent has Crowell on the bench

>tfw I benched crowell in favor of yeldon this week
man...cant wait till Bell is back. My RB roster is going to be sick.

>tfw starting Eli, OBJ, and Sterling Shepard and the game isn't a shootout

i know this feel

Stefon Diggs vs GB
Travis Benjamin vs JAX
Tyrell Williams vs JAX
who to start for ppr?

So Brees being bad outside the dome is true

>started eli instead of aaron rodgers

Michael Floyd, T.Y. Hilton, Tevin Coleman. Pick two, 10 man half PPR

That is just dumb, I could understand if you had Matt Ryan or Flacco but Rodgers is top 3 not 11-15

fell for the saints/giants shootout meme
i deserve to lose

>tfw Eli and Fleener are going to make me lose this game

>i fell for the Foster meme

>You didn't sit Mike Wallace

>ask Cred Forums if I should play Wallace or JStew
>Cred Forums says JStew
>start Wallace anyways

But Antonio Brown shitting the bed.

>playing against Big Ben and DeAngelo
>Started Jesse James

Feels good

Brees is also a terrible person

>sat Marvin Jones over Willie Snead
>Jennings at flex

What poop

>Projected total for the week has dropped from 125 to 103
>Opponent's total is at 90 and slowly climbing
>mfw I benched Crowell in favor of Yeldon
>mfw I benched Hilton in favor of Sharpe

>Started Ravens D
>Debated whether ravens giants or eagles

At least I got 10 pts so far. Although I was leaning more towards Philly over NY. Just because I think Cutler is trash

Why is breez passing to Coby? 8 targets, 1 catch. STOP IT BREEZ

What the fuck is going on?!?
Virtually every fantasy team in my league is getting fucked hard right now
Everybody will finish below initial projections

What is going on with AJ Green?


>Corey Coleman sitting on my bench


>you have kelvin benjamen

same f a m

>Green goes for 24 points in week 1
>lose game because other guys shit the bed

>Green sucking ass in week 2
>other guys doing good but possibly going to lose game because of Green

life is pain

>Kelvin Benjamin essentially cancelling out your Matt Forte

>once again everyone said to sit Blount
>once again start him and Blount is killing it

kek get fucked experts

>I know this feel
Blount is my dude

>Fleener scored more than 1 pt

>Riddck doing jackshit after going ham last week

I had Blount last year, wished I picked him up this year too. Assuming you don't start him in a bad match up, he rarely disappoints.

>tfw you fell for the Barnridge meme


Moncrief or D. Thomas?

>AJ Green

Fuck you Bungles. You always find a way to disappoint.

>all of a sudden Sterling fucking Shepard is the Giants top receiver

What bullshit is this?

wait until he gets a TD in 2 minutes
cap this

Moncrief, Demarius isnt healthy at all

Great call, stupid faggot

This is what Im thinking. Im waiting for word on Thomas to see if hes going but Moncrief is in the Flex over him right now

AJ Green take my power

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

>Have D Will & Big Ben
>Get TD points for both


>Saints defense sucks they said
>start Giants players they said

Dereck Carr or Philip Rivers.

>tfw eli and shep are doing ok
at least they aren't dooming me

> Kelvin Benjamin having another 20+ point day

Well, atleast my whole draft hasn't gone to shit yet

Who woulda thought I should have started Gio over Ingram?


mfw i have ben and brown, and my opponent has williams

>it's an every player on the opponents roster in double digits episode
Man I saw this episode last week.

Please Eli throw some dragon tds. I don't pay you all these shekels for nothing

AJ Green take my power
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


Ben avoiding Brown too I hate my life rn

> dalton throwing to literally everyone besides AJ Green

Well your average is still pretty high after last week

>Giants didn't even try to get me a Jennings TD from the 1 yard line
>Dalton throws to retarded fumbling receivers instead of AJ Green

Fuck my life

Damn. I had Melvin Gordon as my RB2 but then switched him with Crowell yesterday.

This morning I switched back to Gordon.

I should have known Green would shit the bed today. Bungles just always fucking suck against the Steelers. Every fucking time.

AJ Green has BTFO the Steelers the last couple seasons

>Was projected to win by 25 pts
>Now projected to lose by 17

What do you guys think? Do I still have a chance here? Hoping Denver shits all over Luck at this point. Really hope Yeldon shows up to make me starting him over Crowell worth it...

Bortles or Carr?

>have Denver D
>opponent has Luck

I'm so fucking nervous right now

>tfw opp is projected to finish with as many points as I currently have

>5 players left to 4 down by 30. My big player is Rivers and Gurley. He has Rodgers

Going to bench Kelce's ass, don't know what I saw in him and what came over me, and I have M. Bennett on my bench.

Also, Edelman or Torrey Smith?

My week is basically riding on this decision: Should I swap out Eddie Lacy (@MIN) in my lineup for Ryan Mathews (@CHI)?

Edelman my dude.

>opponent has Cardinals D
>Winston decides today is the perfect day to be an interception throwing sack of shit

>started Jameis
kill me

Thanks bro
Kek, I have Cardinals D

lol, Winston had negative points throughout the first quarter last week, he ended up with 4 passing TDs

>traded charles and rawls for woodhead

doug martin done for the day

>plz comeback Woodhead

What kind of last player left on your team do you want to play to potentially secure a win?
say no more senpai.

t.woodhead starter

>Woodhead is ded
>Coleman with 22 points on my bench
>Wallace with 16 points on my bench
>Down by 30 points
I hate it

>guy who was in here Thursday having an autistic fit about how CMike was worthless because Rawls was going take control of the Seahawks backfield

Just looking at the box score I assumed Rawls was taking the BLM protest to another level by kneeling every time he got a carry.

Almost wish he'd stay like that for next week. Melvin Gordon really proved himself (10.20) will have no problem starting him instead of D. Martin next week against the Colts

When would be a good time to start panicking, fellow Gurley owners?

>not a single running back or wide receiver has more than 5 points in one of my teams


That's why you have to take anonymous advice with a grain of salt. Although that guy was clearly full of shit

Hopefully soon. If I can swindle his owner into trading him for Murray or Langford I'll be thrilled.

>seeing all these carries and targets to Gordan that Woodhead would be getting right now

>Having Julio Jones in one league and playing against him in the other


>started Jameis
>kill me

the same feels here m8

A TE can put up 20 points ..r-right lads

greg olsen did 18...

Kyle Rudolph ;_;

Had Gronk, have Woodhead.

>allen robinson
>amari cooper
>alex smith
Man, I'm just cleaning up today.

Rudolph? Against the Faggers?... gudluck my sempai. Sure wish they had a good night though

I had to pick up a TE at 2am last night, it was slim pickens. No way he covers 20 points, looks like im 0-2

>mfw i had allen, ertz, rawls, and woodhead

Lets see how Bradford plays, maybe he won't keep shoveling the ball to AP. But yeah, 20 it's unlikely

I also had a huge parlay that would of made me a few G's off a few hundred dollar bet. The last thing I needed was the match that had by far the best odds of my parlay, was basically counting my money already and then Great Britain lost the Davis Cup.

I can't pick a winner to save my life. Hope you have better luck user :D

>abdullah died against titans
>jennings pooped against the aints
>benched gio against steelers
>robinson invisible against chargers
>gostkowski missed


what the fuck was I thinking

12 man standard league

>Started Yeldon over Crowell (20.8 pts)
>Started Sharpe over Tyrell Williams (11.6+ pts)
>Fleener only 2.9 pts
>AJ Green only 3.8 pts
>Eli no TDs

I need Fitzgerald to get 1-2 more touchdowns. Yeldon to get a touchdown, and Crosby to kick 50 field goals.

Last time I listen to the """"""""""""""experts"""""""""""""""""

Time for Woodhead garbage time points

I'm fucking done with "experts"

d-does he know?
should we tell him?

IOh don't have him I was just memeing. Just went on twitter though, that sucks for woodhead

>ertz, rawls

I didn't have allen but I know that feel.

I also had Gordon and I thought the RG3 gordon would be good.

But that went away beucase RG3 is a dumb bitch who couldn't wait till Gordon came back too try hard.

trust me, if rudolph did have a 20 pts night the both of us would be happy. One of the teams I'm facing is mostly made of packers players anyway.

I don't believe in luck really, just research and effort and commitment. I don't risk too much and it's just like the other said "winners are losers that didn't give up."

who /2-0/ here?

>opponent has Vikings defense last week
>opponent has Cardinals defense this week

This is the biggest sack of bullshit I've ever seen. Both weeks my team is clearly better but I lose because Mariota and Winston are absolute shit for quarterbacks.

Will I go 2-0?

I wish my Cred Forums league team was doing as well as my work league ;_;

Allen Robinson garbage time TD for the love of god please

Least I'm winning ~$28 so far on FanDuel

>Allen Robinson garbage time TD for the love of god please

Hasn't done shit, my bench did better.

>it's a russell wilson plays like shit at the beginning of the year and fucks you over episode

>drafting meme quarterbacks

Hes killing me. Did i fall for a meme?

> tfw my Rivers and Gates QB/TE combo is STILL working on 2016

I love it, nobody ever fucking drafts them and it works literally every year.
Rivers is fucking slinging today

Only two fucking targets.

ay lmao

Fuck everything, why do I even play

Denver just got a pick 6 lol

I fell for the meme, too bros.

Allen Robinson got a reception!

Its fucking on!!


>tfw up but only by 17 with Rodgers left to go for my opponent



>beating this guy 99 to 43 in Cred Forums fantasy
>projected score is 105 to 57


Am I still fucked guys?



Is Julio Jones limping?

Well unless Lacy is injured on the first snap, i'm fucked this week ;_;

1-1 and I'll be in the market for a new TE cause fuck Fleener.

These are the options in FA...

Dennis Pitta
Jordan Cameron
Jacob Tamme
Jimmy Graham
Virgil Green

Slim pickings...I originally had Graham but dropped him from my bench.

>tfw still have Eddie Lacy and Packers D/ST left

who /sweating/ here?


>traded DeAndre Hopkins and Tyler Lockett for DeMarco Murray and Corey Coleman
>benched Arian Foster because of >muh injuries
>started both Murray and Coleman
Feels good bros. I always make terrible trades that end up working out.