>Main Card (Fox Sports 1) 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT / 3:00am BST

5 Round Lightweight Main Event:
Dustin Poirier (20-4-0) vs. Michael Johnson (16-10-0)

Uriah Hall (12-6-0) vs. Derek Brunson (15-3-0)

Evan Dunham (17-6-0) vs. Rick Glenn (18-3-1)

Roan Carneiro (20-10-0) vs. Kenny Robertson (15-4-0)

Chris Wade (11-2-0) vs. Islam Makhachev (12-1-0)

Chas Skelly def Maximo Blanco via rd 1 Submission

>Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1/2) 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT / 1:00am BST

Gabriel Benitez def Sam Sicilia via rd 2 Submission(Guillotine)

Belal Muhammad def Augusto Montaño via rd 3 TKO(GNP)

Antônio Carlos Júnior def Leonardo Guimarães via rd 3 Submission(RNC)

Jose Alberto Quiñones def Joey Gomez via unanimous decision(29-28,30-27,30-27)

>Fight Pass™ Prelims 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT / 12:00am BST

Randy Brown def Erick Montaño via rd 3 Submission(Guillotine)

Albert Morales (6-0-0) vs. Alejandro Perez is judge a Majority Draw(29-27 Morales,28-28,28-28)

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Schaub bless

schaub is a gay nigger

Schaub is God

Bruce Lee Roy


nice thread

neck yourself

I'm a real fite fan

chebs yeh


based skelly

nth for fastest submission ever

also, titties

requesting those titties


my boi choi

Americans don't say that, faggot


Got a better view of those titties?

Skelly is alright

I suddenly need a glass of milk

god's work user

I could heem everyone here and twice on sunday


are we comfy or nah?



jon jones is a pussy past his prime

schilling wont be able to talk over theres guys why is he even there?



I wonder who paid for these

jon jones is weak, could barely win against that can of a fighter OSP


he should move to hw and get heemed by a jacked firefighter


take care of your underwears, I'm gonna fuck you, man

>teleports into a guard pull on you
>arm drag
>quickly takes the back
>both hooks in

You were saying?

>On the left side of my chest I have the Bushido code
>I'm a modern day gladiator

>the fat check at the top noting the tits and turning to look at them

Jon jones 205

Fuck FOX cards and their crowd shots

jones couldn't finish the man harambe finished in 13 seconds

>the fat girl in red with even bigger titties

will you even get in my guard you lank

stupid faggots like schaub are going to hold back progress for humanity. Fuck that guy.

>there are people who have MBs worth of Schaub photos

heem yourselves






>talking to humanoids

as autistic as it may sound, These guys literally are modern day gladiators


>islam vs usa both in hidalgo and ny

i want to see haramble beat jones' mishaped head into the ground

Yeah man


remember what I said twink

sleep with one eye open


Brendan "I disagree" Schaub.

Wade looks like a marine. Got him against Khabib .5 there.

Haramble is a lame fuckin name. Rumble is already perfect.


Islam split DEC


>those are all from instagram
>sometimes he posts them before they come out in instagram

>New Yorker vs kebab

DAE feel like herb dean did nothing wrong lol

>when your titties squeeze off the canvas

Schaub btfo

Islam Sub

>jerking it over Dodge Vipers

I hate Wade. Hope he gets heemed

rumble is a gay name

he should just call himself Anthony Johnson

dunno why everyone wants a fucking nickname, makes them sound like edgy 13 year anime characters

This is a tough guy without a lot of technique, do you think he will move up in the 170 ladder?





how does islam fight and is he any good?
t. never heard of him

very good webm

Sambo is a meme.

What 18 year old is buying a Z06

sambo aint no joke bois, never bet against sambo russians

islam airlines incoming

>needing to tell herb "he's out" 5 times before he steps in


>Islam means submission
>Islam loses by submission

Lina Lansberg, should I be pumped?

Who /StrongIsland/ here?

>Do it for me Chris
>Do it for your God Emperor

most nicknames are garbage yea, but Rumble has a simplicity that fits



>never bet against sambo russians


he's for sure got that power, and his cardio looks like its gotten a bit better than in the joban fight

has a lot of potential


if this fight companion doesnt get any better I'm shutting this shit off. They are all dick waving over how cool their cars are

Tan Dan is still my favourite ref

Vanessa > Chrissy > Brittany > Chandela > Aryiani

This is the 3rd fight Khabib is cornering tonight.

He took that single like it owed him moneey

I wish I could have a nice haircut like that

>betting against a guy that looks like Khabib

islam vs khabib

who wins

schaub pulling a callen making up fake stories who will he not steal from?

my niggas


being this fat should be against the law

he looks just like khabib except he has knees


be cautious

>actually listening to a podcast

AKA has the most elite wrestlers in MMA

Prove me wrong.

do russian muslims suicide bomb?

I thought wade tapped for a second there, weird.

no one?

sounds like a setup for a corny joke

Interesting to see a sambo fella go for the triangle pretty hard

depends if putin wants them to or not to be honest with you

What you doing in mexico Reem?

dunno m8, i like sambo, especially no gi sambo

allows for throws/slams making them superior than freestyle wrestlers in the clinch and of course with their submission game

what i dislike about BJJ practitioners is that they are waaay too comfortable on their back. if the ufc were to allow stomps, we'd see a lot less of that for sure

what I like about sambists is that they tend to

Ben Askren and CM Punk

That was a nice round and all

But I saw a tap.

>let's take a look

It's genetics user, she can't help it.


I don't think they do

Fighting tomato cans so I can better my record, and if someplace is filled with tomatoes it's Mexico

I am lifting for chrissy

at least it's diet coke.

I can't even say who won that round.

>diet coke


>DC gets hit one time
>immediately tries to grapple

you're not fooling anyone tubby

They do.

he would win the lifetime andy wang award if he stands with rumble

vanessa best girl

Stop going for the meme choke

lol yea plus he almost lost to Anderson's liver shot in the 3rd round

this russian is not khabib

why is DC always so homo-erotic?

>Wouldn't even stand with old man MW Anderson
>Will stand with rumble

Yea rite

>Rumble hits hard
I love this meme, he couldn't even HEEM Arlovski.

shit you are right

>That thumbs up to the ref

I'd much rather listen to brian stann call the action than schaub's stupid ass.

he trains like a normal fighter unlike nokneeb


>rumble doesn't hit hard

aussie level shitposting

>>heems texiera in 13 seconds
>> doesn't hit hard

Spicy rolling

What a faggot, using his strengths to win.

webm when?

>mfw grappling with a D1 wrestling champ at my gym

This is Dagestan MMA

anderson almost got him, he will not stand with rumble lmao



Very high level grappling exchanges on exhibition

he is ded


Yeah that was a decently spicy roller.

Why is Khabib cornering everyone tonight?

That nigga doesn't know how to heel hook. Dumbass putting it in his fucking elbow..

Was this an overall bad display of ground game from both fighters? Mt fag here only bjj related thing i know is rnc

who the fuck is chandela? Other than that, spot on. Arianny a shit

Wonder how Wade's gas tank is gonna be in the last round

he doesn't train with bears and is not part of the "be careful" team


Who the fuck names their child Islam?

to be fair comparing silva's striking to johnson's is like comparing a surgeon to a chainsaw

20-18 ISLAM


when the fuck is khabib fighting

>there are kids named christian

Can we get a Islam thumbs up webm?

Is the word 'sambo' Russian for 'wrestlefuck'?

never again

islamese people

when you get them like this, why not drop them hard on their ass to fuck up their tail bone?

Islam needs to explode from the bottom here


Probably never. He doesn't need the money, and doesn't have the willpower to properly rehab injuries.


wrestlefuck+armbar yea

Wade gassy

as soon as alvarez stops running from him

its still ramadan inshallah

>bad display of ground game

Quite literally the opposite. Good reversals and exchanges.

The equivalent of that would be naming your child Christianity.


it's actually an acronym that means "self-defense without arms by wresltefuck"

she's tiny too

whenever he feels like getting ktfo by McGregor

inshallah the judges score this one correctly

literally spit my drink onto my screen


Are Dagestanis the niggers of white people?


that's exactly what he did though.

if you mean drop by "let go", it doesn't work like that.

"securing armbars: my based offense"

nice fight even though it's mostly wrestlefucking, actually looks interesting

fun sized

no, its a foreign fighter gets robbed episode

He isn't the number 1 hardest hitter in MMA history and he doesn't KO everyone but he does hit extremely hard.

He still broke Arlovski's jaw though if I remember.

brock lesnar just passed away, according to thread on r/mma/

They're not white, they're pretty much middle easterners.

Dagestanis aren't white


So Jamie of Joe Rogan Experience is browsing here right now right?

hello where is ground strike?



Khabib sucks just like this guy sucks.

Don't get the booing, that was a decent last round too


thats very unfriendly and disrispectful of wade

>this fucking shit pleb crowd booing

fucking niggers

He usually is.

Hey Jamie. Schaub talks too much and I'm not listening as a result. Tell Joe to do an episode with callen, schilling, and edgy.

in b4 29-28 Wade

V v boring fight

>judges be careful

Hi Jaime

I didn't get any mcdonalds monopoly stickers with my hash browns or orange juice =[

29-28 Wade

i order some chinese food /heem/ is called "tallarin taypa"

At least they're not at Cleveland tier shittiness yet.

Poirier vs Ferguson would be bombs

I swear there's a recent trend of crowds booing fights that aren't even shit

How do you guys think Lansberg will do against cyborg?


>mfw Wikipedia changed

Did you know the UFC was around before Brock Lesnar came in?

me too lad 3bh

>pull that up for us jamie

>10 minutes into Ramadan and chill and Khabib gives you this look


Is UD by wrestlefuck the shittiest way to win when you thought you were going to be in a fight?


Who /roancarniero/ here?
>Wins a 8 man 1 night tournament and comes to the ufc
Who /rickthegladiatorglenn/ here?

Should I add that fight to the spicy roller list?

>mfw casuals cant into grappling
ive enjoyed this fight

Why is Khabib so based




Longer cut so you can see the fly land on Makhachev

>He still broke Arlovski's jaw though if I remember.
And? He's been getting knocked out with by small shots by HWs and Rumble couldn't HEEM him in 15 minutes.

I actually feel a bit embarrassed to admit it but I'm a polite canuck so I'll be honest, I kek'd

>did you just drink a cup of water


Russian Muslims look like cavemen.

that was a refreshing fight
actual groundwork instead of just get one down and hug until the bell

Because you were primed for confirmation bias.


>72 strikes

literally when

tell him we all hate Schaub and are tired of his shilling

oh fuck. is that why they are up to 204 when there's only ~1 ppv a month?

Who's kitty that is

Anyone have the goofs

I forgot who I picked

they eat sheep eyeballs and shit

Those were exciting grappling exchanges.

Is Rick Glenn still with Roufusport?

thats a smile boys


KHABIB needs to get back into the octagon before the end of the year to compete inshallah

Do you think jaime has the balls to interrupt them just to show them this?


i'm azerbaijani and nobody has ever not called me white here in the US

Schaub is life.


kek I didn't even notice that



khabib is swimming in free reebok gear lads

>Rumble couldn't HEEM him in 15 minutes.
still HEEMs a lot of other people though

Islam wins again

it was on reddit.

my sides you faggot

Do you do it for free?

Dat primal power

takbir my friend

Don't forget Rachelle

Apparently he wanted Alvarez in August but Alvarez said nah because it was too quick of a turnaround for him or something

>a leaf

Be careful.

how much do you get paid to schill for schaub?

Top tier stuff, thanks love

another giant head

>>it was on reddit.

Stay there please

based Mario showing mercy.

you mean sambo

Was that the last fight he was cornering? All his guys won tonight.

fuck off

if one of the fights in my parlay is a draw it goes on as if that fight doesn't exist?

Poll to wake the Schaubfags up from reality

vote now

Why would I need to pay to share Schaub's love?

he was intelligently defending himself ffs

>The only fighter to lose legitimately to Travis Browne in the last 2 years

No wonder he retired.

Yeah becomes void

ez pz

Might be the last one desu, fight's have been getting better

Lol at his reaction, seems like he is just chilling there. Did he win?

Michael Johnson a shit


First vote for Schaub. Schaub bless.

>hating schaub
you 203'ers are so easy to spot

The Prophet Muhammad was the first Sambo practitioner, you fool


how much does schaub put into your butthole for you to post on here

Why does joe even invite other people when brandon talks the whole time?

I'm a Rick Glennfag. He trained like a madman when he was with us and somehow turned into a new age hippie weirdo in the process. Cool guy.

Joe just confirmed Alvarez vs Mcgregor

Rogan basically confirmed MCG vs Alvarez @ ufc 205

No need to get all insecure about your sexuality, my man. For sure stay in your lane.

how many inches does schaub give you for you to post here every day

put 1 ball on either side. either there is an unbalance and you spot the heavier one, or they are balanced and the untested ball is the heavier one

Because either they weight the same or one is heavier. Stupid.

Cool. Are you a milwaukee dude too? His sherdog profile says pura vida

put 2 of them on the scale, will show which is heavier, if neither its the one that ins't on the scale

Just compare two.


Schaud looks like that guy from TWD

Black chick that "didn't get fired due to porno past".

Cheers la

On the fast track to not getting goofed

I was going to bet against skelly but decided against it


this 204 promo is fucking great, im hyped now

>bragging about beating up children

manlets..when will they learn

Why did you say this?

I'm leaving.

The nerds are out in full force tonight.

See you all later.

How the fuck do you lose that fucking exchange?

Do you guys think chin strength goes up with weight classes? Fedor says everyone has around the same chin but surely it would be easier to knockout a flyweight than a heavyweight.

slag sighting

Yeah Roufusport. He literally worked harder than anyone else at BJJ when he was here. Left like a year ago.


Chill dude they're for kids

his hands are made of paper

>ever picking against based mr skelly

be careful


How the fuck do you think? It's heavyweight.

What did he say?

no being heavier helps with limiting motion of the head/neck due to momentum transfer

why the fuck is this so funny, i'm giggling like a retard over here


tfw when your timbomb muay thai fightfu is fighting in Invicta on friday


why didn't mcgregor fight khan? dude literally publicly said he would be willing to fight mcgregor under MMA rules


Oh nice. Are you pro or ammy? What weight?
>tfw might know someone on /heem/

>Why use a knife when no man can take dat leff 'and shot?



oh fuck off lol

Can anyone explain why the UFC insists on these fucked up hours? It's 11:10 right now and the main event will probably roll around 12:20 AM.

Damn these people both look like they are probably huge pieces of shit

just write it inside the label on a water bottle

ez pz

oh fuck off lol

> U S A
> U S A

ufc fighter need to improve their striking. mid level fighter's striking is sloppy.

That literally looks like they photoshoped his face onto some concept art

lots of sluts in Hidalgo crowd tonight.

It's the future mane, they could be fighting ALIENS

Joe droning on and on and on about no cage...

liking these latino slags.

that's nothing bro, i have a 300 word essay due by friday im so fucked


Schaub just told a weird story that met nate at the grocery store and he told him that knockdowns was all part of the plan to trap Conor go for GnP and submit him

Are we supposed to believe that retarded shit?

as luke thomas would say

We have to tear off our labels on water bottles and keep them on the ground during exams.

These guys should fire their striking """""""""""""""""""coaches""""""""""""""""

Yeah but would you?


Relax nerd

It's saturday

t. nerd

are they streetwalkers or just average sluts hoping someone with dosh notices them

Almost everyone in a UFC crowd looks like an unpleasant human being.

Dear whoever the hell u are

i'm upset the brown skinned fella isn't taking advantage of the bald whitey's dropped hands

It's in Texas so they're 1 hour behind schedule

>trust your uncle vito

this white guy is fucking SHIT

I can't believe these guys have had so many fights in the ufc, I've never heard of them.



Aren't they're both white, in the eyes of the law?

need a webm of that sweep

Good card so far?

can anyone explain to me why this shit is on the main card?

i thought this was in mexico, wtf?

No he isn't.

I wish I could pull off Schaubs haircut but I am not handsome.

I think they were dancers for Mayhem Millers entrance if I recall correctly.

need some mommy zingano


Ah screw it, I've posted this before too but have it

Sam Sicilia got choked the fk out? Niiiiice

I shitpost too much on here to say but I'm a retired shitty pro fighter.

Signing a deal with FOX ruined the UFC

figured. might just watch smith canelo then come back for poorier johnson.

>that trigger discipline



You're in luck, neither is Schaub

desu my expectations were so low I'm finding this decent

pythons arent venomous and neither are the other animals

Why dislike him of all people?


But that was good trigger discipline you noguns euro

Pythons aren't venomous, they are constrictors

3-D bio printers don't exist

Saturday or not there's no reason for this. The Canelo fight, who a lot more people are watching right now is about to wrap up soon. UFC still has a lot more to go. I love MMA but I just don't get this from the business stand point. But this night is a hell of lot better than Fight Night: Maia vs LaFlare and Fight Night Machida vs Mousasi. Those were the worst.

20-18 Kenny

the other guy in that fight had ridiculous leg kicks

heem you'reself

these guys fucking suck

Thanks, wanted to see what he did

shit match tho

Great, now I'm fapping to traps again.

what did he mean by this?

just in:

"At least 1 killed, several injured in Minnesota mall stabbing"

So today we have attacks on:
New Jersey

Be careful burger bros.

Got Roans sweep to mount?

Johnny Hendricks


last night i james bond burgered your sister

why are those goofs in the ufc?

West coast is best coast I'll be fine

I'm glad we have men like Tim Kennedy out there

i am literally raging that this fucking beaner can't knock this cracker out, how are these shitters in the ufc?


Probably a Somali

Do you have a better explanation for the flying fanged pig?

I was waiting for her to accidentally fire a t-shirt into her face


On a main card no less.

At a sad local pub watching the fights liddos. This fight is shit but the bartender gave me a free orange juice.

Carneiro's sweeps was neat. Fence fucks with webm quality though :(

careful hockey boy is watchin u, how can u allow this hockey boy

Cred Forums is comfy as fuck tonight

stupid BR has no fight iq

save us trump

Didn't even hear about this till now and I live on Long Island.

this fight or this card?

his team are total fucktards

Kenny "The Crabwalker" Robertson

this card is so fucking shit. Porier better bring the spice.

Powerful rat-guard

texas and cali used to be a part of mexico

This card

This fight is worse than I expected

good lad


my eyes are bleeding

because there are a lot of bums in the ufc

at least the skelly fight was good

Yes yes, good job lads

platinum_fli1 (Platinum Mike Perry)
When life is fuckin you up but you manly as fuck so your emotions never show ! #Platinum #iswhatitis #godisgood

who is the most ratchet fighter in the ufc?

Shit fight

And people complain CM Punk is taking up someones spot.

You boys are upset that the card has been slow, but Evan Dunham has your back

Kenny "Default Create a Fighter" Robinson

bec rollins

Platinum Mike

you're mum

Me and my boys go harder in sparring

what a guy

Pour out a cold one for the boys who didn't make it through that fight

really makes you think

29-28 Robertson


he gon decision the fuck outta that boy



Fuck Mexico tßh.

I'd guess who you are but I'd feel like it would be an insult after you said shitty pro. If you've been around since 2008 we've probably rolled at least.

Well he is

lol what the fuck was that


Wasn't that a clear Carnero win?

cut them both

Is Robertson mentally handicapped?

>Had my back but couldn't choke me out

Not a good sign

uriah hall gives us a boring counterpunching fight or do we get TUF-essque spinny heems?

get your predictions in /heem/

you can't use ratchets in mma fights

New bread?




>Clean-shaven Chiesa

I reckon CM Punk would have done better against one of these guys.

tfw random reporters, individuals, and non american news organizations are doing a better job of reporting the carnage than cnn/nbc/the corpse of abc/fox/???

Hidalgo is in Texas dumbass

Brunson knocks him out in the first

my stream was kinda laggy dont really know

he won't be awake long enough to throw spinning shit

Glenn should've been in the ufc a long time ago.

boring counterpunching

>One judge has 2 rounds to the loser
>Another judge has 3 rounds to the winner

god damn joe schilling is a boring fuck

That's the fight to make Kenny Crabwalker Robertson vs. CM Punk!!!!

fucking retard

i dont blame the judges, that fight was shit

why did this fuck go to bellator






Reebok and usada

you didn't think the 2nd time he told the antidote about his kid and batman that it was interesting?

Couldn't pass the USADA meme tests.


In That Order

These 204 promos are ridiculously top tier

They build a story when there isn't even one and the dudes like each other

Alright, my wife asked me to rub her shoulders, and I immediately agreed and was very willing because I had a plan.

I did her back and her shoulders for this entire piece of shit fight, it was boring as fuck which I felt a bit bad about because she was forced to watch half of it.
She was topless, and I asked to take a pic of her tits "for the boys online", and she seemed a bit curious, but she said no. I said I would make sure her face wasn't in the pic and that I would make it was safe and everything, and she seemed interested in a goofy way, but she kept saying no and then went to bed.

I think I can maybe convince her if I get on her good side this week. I expected an angry no, not a goofy curious one. Might be plausible.

his piss would literally melt USADA's test tubes

>Living in New Pakistan

always bet on boring

three stakes a day minimum

At this point it's about proving that you can embrace the grind and survive the card

and then we fucked lol



lol did u fuck doe?

It's scheduled to go until 1am New York time

nice bro. let us have a look at Sarjita Singh's brown nips

there should be "i quit" matches, if a guy loses he's fired from ufc and has to move to lellator

ufc is shit right now t b h

two hours to go m8

He's gonna last a lot longer in Lellator at WW or LHW

No you're lying I don't believe you liar liar liar

That whole card is full of literal whos lmao

no didn't fuck tonight


she says she's worried that people would find them

sorry adam