Sandown 500 race thread

Porta loo edition, post streams ect


ace stream c/o livetv

start imminent

Rip the 242

> volvo

Oh jeez that's not the start you want. Legit surprised to see him get up out of that so easily.

Feel sorry for the kid


What's the hard time limit?

One lap after 4:48pm EST.


Damn it i miss the start, just saw the crash on facebook, is the driver ok?

is this like aussie nascar but better?

Its not really like nascar but it is arguably the best motorsport category in the world

Yeah he's fine

Green flag

Hoping for an unlikely Ingall/Nissan win lads


rofl waffles


Fucking banger of a race so far lads

Weather forecast championship

Mark "I called it wrong again lol" skaife

Neil "I somehow managed to figure what's going on a minute before everyone else" crompton

> Can't-O

In respect to them great banter

Oh look Prodrive once again proving Frosty's Championship was a fucking fluke.

Why is Tim Edwards such a retard?

Yeah they managed to put together a good commentary team, although skaife can get a bit too hyped up at times. That chick they brought in is surprisingly good aswell

Yeah I used to not like her but then I realised shes better than all the other chicks they have had

Not looking forward to another Whincup/Dumbrell by 40+ seconds lads

>Ford motor company

shit missed all of it, any memes so far?

>anything with a ford badge

Will umbrella and wingecup do it?


>Whincup drive-through penalty

thank fuck for that

Not anymore


Not any more.


also ty senpai

is this consistent for all races? I coudln't find a streamn last night

How long until the inevitable Volvo choke?

Bargwanna Morris and dumbell have won Bathurst, Seton has not. Rlymaeksuthink

Lap 1

Paul Morris winning Bathurst was one of the best things in the last few years desu

Old mate was slow as shit all weekend and still got his name on the trophy, I love it

You missed it at the start

Don't remind me of 1995. So fucking bittersweet.

He also binned it mid race

only bargwanna won it before the current co-driver rules, right?

fuck I forgot about that, kek. What a champion.

Yeah, 2000.

>mfw Paul Morris' co-driver let it happen by taking out Seton and Skaife mid-race

Fuck Matt Neal.


Fugg Sweden no

That's the Volvo choke I was waiting for lads

Also >Lowndes





dat build quality

How does this always happen to hrt, they mustn't be putting these panels on well

Shane P L S



The Giz is going to catch him desu

may have to shove him off the road to get the win though


fug one more lap plsss

>Shane has the provisional lead in the Champion's Hip

I'll take it.

So hype for Bathurst now.

Good race, good thread see you cunts in a few weeks

Who going to >Bathurst?

any of you yobbos have a webm of Golding's smash?


choice bro